3mm Verse 5mm Labret Disk?

3mm verse 5mm labret disk?

3mm disk? where did u order from im not sure i understand. im thinking u actually mean the length? if it fits and isnt too short u will be good if not return it for a 5mm. if u mean the actual size of the round part on the inside which i dotn think u do it wont matter. no it wont have to reheal just because u got a different length. thats odd that it bled keep the gauge the same for a while im assuming u got a 16 gauge keep it that for awhile. u shoudl be fine i dunno why it would bleed. EDIT: no that wont matter it may actually be even more comfortable and not rub on ur gums much look into a ptfe bar tho omg are they comfy compared to metal.

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I have a "Small nodule adjacent to the distal aspect of the 1st proximal phalanx 4X5 MM in size" Help????

I would not worry. Sounds like something benign - maybe a keratotic cyst. They might have to cut it out

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I have L4-5 severe disc degeneration, with the same thing in L5-S1 a 5mm disc bulge at L4-S & L5-S1.cont'd?

It sounds worse than it is. The questions that must be asked are what are the symptoms you are presenting with? Is there muscle weakness or numbness in either leg? What are you having trouble doing? Are you overweight? How old are you and in what kind of shape? If the pain or irritation is limited to the lower back then it is going to be easier to handle. I recommend that you get a referral to a physical therapist that works with backs. You want someone that will work on you with their hands and not machines(ultrasound, diathermy, electric stimulation, etc). Talk to the therapist about this and find one that does this. You want them to free up the vertebrae and allow more room for the nerve so it will decrease the symptoms. You also want to work on your posture as this is of the utmost of importance. Strengthening the muscles to the correct levels to achieve balance between groups is also important. Proprioception movements are also essential to save the ankle and feet from becoming injured. In essence what you have according to the information that was given is two discs that are bulging and not herniated. The disc is made up of what are called anular rings. These rings are made like the walls of a radial tire. Each layer or wall is designed to withstand the a particular stress. There are between seventeen to twenty one of these layers. Inside of those layers lies a hard material almost like a ball bearing and that is the nucleus. That is not going anywhere but that ball is surrounded by a thick fluid material. It is this fluid like material that has caused the bulge as it pushes its way into and through some of the walls. If it goes through enough of the walls it will herniate out. So you want the therapist to work on moving the fluid material backwards and away from the nerves. That is where posture becomes very critical. Lastly all of the stenosis and foraminal stenosis is a fancy way of stating that the space or hole that the nerve runs through has gotten smaller. There is simply a lot of degeneration of the bones that is causing the problem. Again the therapy will help this and most important is to keep the joints movable. Doing those things will greatly help your problem

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Is a 5mm pre-cancerous polyp cause for alarm?

Without looking at your pathology report it is not possible to give you any kind of a time frame. I am assuming by "pre-cancerous" it was an in-situ carcinoma, which is cancer it is just not yet invasive. The pathologist would know how close the cells were to becoming invasive and that will give a general time line. In general colon cancers do not grow real fast. Your polyp is not necessarily cause for alarm, but it is a reason to make some changes in your diet. Try to stay away from processed foods and eat a lot of fiber this will help keep your colon healthy. Also, DO NOT rely on a sigmoidoscopy as a colon screening test insist upon a colonoscopy. Even though it worked out okay in your situation, it only worked out because of the location of your polyp. A sigmoidoscopy only views up to the sigmoid colon (just above the rectum). This is only about a third of your colon. A colonoscopy views the entire colon. Most people who die of colon cancer had cancer that started in or near the cecum or the beginning part of the colon. This is because by the time the patient has symptoms the cancer is usually in the advanced stages.

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