5 Things to Remember Before Buying a Baby Bed

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Since baby beds and cribs are the prerequisites to any parent-to-be, it is important to search for certain aspects in a potential choice of the crib before you invest in its purchase. Parents and parents-to-be should always be particular about some features of a crib so that they can ensure that their baby is being placed in a secure environment and is safe from harm during its time spent inside the confines of the crib.Five Things to Remember Before Buying a Baby BedHere are five things you must keep in mind before buying a baby bed.


Safety: Be certain of the safety of the crib, the bedding, and the padding that you buy for your baby's new bed. The crib must be solid and should not wobble or shake. The bedding must fit snugly into the crib, with not more than 2 centimeters of space between the crib and the mattress so that the baby cannot get its head or limbs stuck in the space.

The mattress of the cot must be firm, and the sheets soft and warm. Also make sure that you do not buy extra padding for the bed, as this is actually more harmful to the baby than beneficial.2. Durability: Not only is the durability of a baby bed necessary, but important especially if you are spending lots of money on it.

Always make sure you buy a safe and resilient crib that will withstand the time it will be in use for. How durable the crib and bedding is will extend the period of your investment and make it worthwhile. Having bedding that is easily washable also enhances your baby's safety from dust and infection.


Portability: Some cribs are designed to be light and are equipped with wheels to be easily portable from place to place. These cribs are often smaller than fixed cribs and are ideal for smaller spaces like apartments. They are easy to move around, and the wheels can be locked when the crib needs to be secured to one location.

The only downside is that older babies can shake the crib hard enough to move it around slightly.4. Convertibility: A crib's usage is usually quite short. Although the baby needs it extensively when it is only just born, once the baby begins to grow, it quickly loses the need to sleep in a crib.

Instead of making a huge investment in something that will only need storage after a short while, why not invest in a convertible crib that can be transformed into a small bed for your baby? This concept lengthens the timespan for which the crib is used and makes for a better investment.5. Additional Features: Some additional features can greatly increase the appeal of a crib. Adjustable mattress heights in some cribs make it easier to pick up the baby from inside the crib.

The mattress can be lowered once the baby begins to sit up or stand inside the crib so that they do not fall out of it.Some parents prefer to buy cribs with fixed railings, while others opt for ones with drop rails. Although having drop rails has been argued to be hazardous for the baby, it makes it easier for some parents to lower their baby into the crib with them.

Other features involve the teething toys attached to the rails, which babies can chew on when they begin to teeth. Some cribs also come with small drawers below the rails that are easily accessible and can be used to store some essential needs for your baby


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