65 Fun and Romantic Songs to Play During Your Bridal Shower

Sit back, relax, choose your favorites, and get ready to get married with our 65 best bridal shower song picks. Since bridal showers are traditionally brunches or luncheons with a mixed-age crowd, we included plenty of upbeat, classic love songs that will get everyone in the mood to toast the bride (you). We also love more up-to-date tunes to play as background music for the festivities. No matter what kind of shower your girls are throwing you-from a girly tea party to a relaxing spa day-these songs are just the ticket for a perfect time. If you are getting married soon, we can safely guess you can not wait for your bridal shower . It's the day when your closest friends and family gather to celebrate your upcoming nuptials and "shower" you with gifts. Even though this is one of the few wedding events you do not have to plan (phew!), it's still a joyous day in which you can fully partake. Most likely, those planning the shower are so wrapped up in decorations and games that they might forget an equally important aspect-the playlist. So, we curated a special list of songs you can cue up during the shower to take one thing off of your hosts' plate.

1. Where to get bedroom decorations for girls?

Walmart.... Target.... Big Lots... Dollar Stores.... thrift stores.... K-mart... try those lst

2. How can you plan a wedding under $5000?

I got married last June and kept the price of everything under $1500. I bought a $700 dress on clearance for $200. The place I had always dreamed of getting married at was only $600 for the ceremony in the chapel and to rent the place for the reception. I recruited my mom, aunt, and uncle to tell everyone to bring a dish or something. However, my mom, aunt, and uncle took care of all of the food and decorations. I made my own invitations on the computer. Pretty much for everything, if it was not on sale, I did not buy it. I only wanted close friends and family there so the amount of people you invite makes a big difference. Instead of hiring a photographer, buy a bunch of disposable cameras to give to everyone. Everyone snaps lots of pics, leaves the camera's behind and you get them developed. Do your own hair and makeup and nails. There are lots of things you can do to make it cheaper and still have a wonderful day. You just have to ask yourself where you are willing to cut the prices at and really really shop around. Look on Ebay and craigslist and your local classifieds for items. Go to garage sales. I hope you have a wonderful wedding.

3. Does anyone have any good

We had christmas wedding, too! Our colors were silver and navy blue. We bought the round ornaments (at walmart) in our wedding colors and put two or three of those on our table. Some of your art/craft supply stores will have sales in November on Christmas stuff so you can check those out. We also went to a fabric store and bought some blue cloth to set under the ornaments. We also sprinkled some confetti around it them too. Search the christmas decorations and you will find some good ideas. We borrowed some big and little christmas trees to decorate in the reception area. We also put penguin figurines on some of the tables to add to the wintery theme! For decorations in the church we used poinsettas and lots of christmas lights! The good thing about getting married at christmas is that many churches are already decorated beautifully for christmas so you only have to add a few things. We also had christmas carols playing before the ceremony and during the reception. We also bought little jingle bells for the guests to ring when we left! Good Luck!

4. Help with birthday party decorations...?

from ages 12-15, nothing u do will be okay

5. I want a ten gallon fish tank but.....?

I recommend getting 10 gallon from walmart, they are only 15 dollars at walmart, if you go to a local pet store you will be paying over 30 for a 10 gallon. also, what kind of fish are you keeping? fresh or salt? you need a at least 10 gallon filter, but aquarium enthusiatsts never discourage you to overfilter, because fish can get messy too. (recommend getting 20-50 gallon filter just in case you ever wanted to upgrade or ensure your aquarium will be pristine clean. you will need gravel and decorations, and an air stone for them to be able to breathe, and a water heater, your last option is your choise lights arent required but it makes easier for a viewer to see the fish, all this depending on what brand and type of equipment you buy should run up to 100-200 dollars

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