Analyzing Cartesiam Tools That Simplify Machine Learning

STMicroelectronics has released a free STM32 software function package, which allows users to quickly create, train and deploy intelligent edge devices for industrial condition monitoring with microcontroller exploration kit.

Fp-ai-nanoedg1 software package is jointly developed by Italian French semiconductor, machine learning professional development technology company and St authorized partner cartesiam. It includes all drivers, middleware, documents and code examples required to capture sensor data, integrate and run cartesiam's nanoedge library. Even if users do not have professional AI skills, they can work in windows ® 10 or Ubuntu PC, with cartesiam nanoedge ™ AI studio tools quickly create and export custom machine learning libraries. The function package can simplify the prototype development and validation test process on the STM32 development board, and it is free to use. When customers deploy the software package on the hardware, they need to charge the software license fee according to the charging standard of cartesiam.

This simple method developed in cooperation with cartesiam is to use onboard industrial sensors of exploration kits such as stm32l562e-dk to capture the vibration data of the tested equipment under normal operation mode and abnormal conditions. Sensor configuration and data capture software are also included in the function package. Nanoedge AI studio is responsible for analyzing benchmark data, selecting precompiled algorithms from more than 500 million possible combinations, and creating and optimizing machine learning libraries for efficient processing of training and reasoning tasks. The function package software provides stub classes that can easily replace the library, so that the library can be easily embedded into the target application. After deployment, because the function pack allows the mode to switch between learning and monitoring, the device can learn the data mode of normal working state locally at the initial stage of device installation and at any stage of the life cycle.

Developers can obtain data on the exploration suite, generate, train and monitor solutions, quickly create a cost-effective proof of concept model by using the free development tools, software and technical support of STM32 ecosystem, and easily transplant the application code to other STM32 microcontrollers. Unlike solutions that rely on cloud AI, intelligent edge solutions can process machine data locally, allowing device owners to better control potentially sensitive information.

Stm32l562e-dk discovery kit includes stm32l562qei6qu ultra low power microcontroller and inemo â„¢ 3D accelerometer and 3D gyroscope, as well as two MEMS microphones, 240x240 color TFT-LCD LCD module and on-board stlink-v3e debugger / burner. Discovery kits are now available for purchase from or an agent.

Analyzing Cartesiam Tools That Simplify Machine Learning 1

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