And They're Off! Julia Morris and Dr Chris Brown Fly Business Class As They Xa0 Jet Off to South Afr

They've been teasing Australia with clues and trailers since last year.

Now Julia Morris has finally hit the airport, ready to jet off to South Africa ... just as soon as her co-star veterinarian Dr Chris Brown joins her.

Taking to


on Monday morning, Julia posted a picture of her boarding pass, passport holder and a glass of sparkling wine, alongside the caption 'Just awaiting the good Docteur then it's off to Africa!!!'

Scroll down for video

While the majority of the details on the boarding pass are concealed, the destination can be made out as Johannesburg and that she was travelling business class.

Her beige leather passport holder is emblazoned with her initials in gold, with fans speculating in the comments on the post that it was an Oroton travel wallet.


I'm A Celebrity

host completed her post with a complimentary message on her meal, saying 'Champagne for breakky, thank you @qantas series 3 @imacelebrityau here we come jx'.

Her departure comes as the lengths to which the producers of the Australian version of the hit reality show have gone to in order to ensure the identities of their contestants stay secret.

Some of the contestants of the third series are being flown the wrong around the world before reaching South Africa to avoid potentially bumping into each other.

'They can't be on the same flights and they can't all arrive (in South Africa) at the same time,' Stephen Tate, Channel Ten's Head of Entertainment and Factual programs explained in a report by

The Daily Telegraph


'Some of them are literally flying the wrong way around the world to get there so they don't bump into each other,' he added.

This comes as a new contestant clue for the 'famous Australian actor' was released on the show's social media sites.

'He's a legend of the big and small screens and has played some very memorable characters,' the clue read.

The Herald Sun have indicated that star of Underbelly and The Wog Boy Vince Colosimo has been strongly rumoured to be a part of the cast for the third series of the reality show.

Having starred in Underbelly on television as well as Chopper and The Wog Boy movies on the big screen, he would certainly seem to fit the bill.

However he is also

set to front Melbourne Magistrates Court in February

on drug charges, which may complicate any involvement.

Fans have speculated on social media the famous actor could be star of The Wog Boy and Acropolis Now, Nick Giannopoulos.

Meanwhile, others are tipping it's Australian acting legend Michael Caton from The Castle and Packed to the Rafters.

Among the other guesses is actor John Jarratt, known for his roles on McLeod's daughters, the 1975 film Picnic of Hanging Rock and his most memorable, yet chilling, performance as Mick Taylor on Wolfcreek.

In December, a source exclusively reveled to Daily Mail Australia that Olympic swimmer Lisa Curryapplied for a South African visa.

The swimmer was at a post office in Victoria's Narre Warren South getting her photo taken when she was overheard telling a worker it was for the immigration document.

Season three of I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here, will premiere on January 29 on Channel 10.

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5-year Passport Renewal Combats Fraud
Q Could you please address an issue that has been in the news and that has always annoyed me? Why are Canadian passports only valid for five years when many countries issue them for 10 years? Couldn't we avoid these long lineups if we didn't have to renew our passports so often?A Given all the news lately about people waiting to get new passports, this is a valid question. Passport Canada also provides quite a plausible answer. It is not without reason that Canada issues passports that are valid for only five years (or in the case of children under 3, valid for three years).The primary reason is passport security. Passport Canada is constantly at odds with criminals and criminal organizations attempting to forge the Canadian passport.The Canadian passport has numerous security features, most of which you cannot see. Requiring a new passport every five years, rather than 10, gives the passport office more opportunities to upgrade security features on the new passports and outsmart the crooks. If passports were valid for 10 years, it would give criminals that much more time to perfect the counterfeit versions. For example, the newest version of the Canadian passport uses digitally scanned and reproduced photos, rather than the original photographs you bring in with your application.The digital photo embedded into the document also contains holographic images and a second photo hidden within the image that can only be seen under ultraviolet light. That innovation was introduced a few years ago. Before long, every passport holder will have one of these more secure passports. If passports were valid for a decade, it would take much, much longer to introduce the new technology. Passports that are renewed every five years also serve as more reliable identity documents.Have you looked at a decade-old picture of yourself lately? People change. You are right, some countries do issue passports that are valid for 10 years. But the passport office contends that the international trend is in Canada's direction, toward passports valid for five years only.New Zealand, Sweden, Singapore, Iceland and Finland have all recently moved to passports valid for five years only.Q Thank you for your recent article reminding me that I had to renew my Permanent Resident Card.It would be helpful in future articles if in addition to the Internet address you would also provide a mailing address or other way to get the required information.A Thank you for the reminder. It is easy these days to assume that everyone does their business online. Certainly the immigration department and other government departments are relying more and more upon the web as a way to disseminate information and to make application kits available to clients. Those who need to renew their Permanent Resident Card and don't have the option or the means to obtain the application materials online, should contact the immigration department's help line at 1-888-242-2100 and ask them to mail a kit.
Syrian Rulers' Global Property Empire 'up for Sale' As They Prepare for Defeat
A property empire including London flats and houses is being sold off and turned into hard cash by the dictators running Syria, it emerged today.It is thought to include a £10million townhouse in Mayfair bought by Rifaat al-Assad, the so-called "Butcher of Hama", who allegedly led a massacre of up to 40,000 people in 1982.Asma al-Assad, the glamorous Syrian first lady, is a UK passport holder who was born and raised in London, where her parents still live, and where she still owns homes.Her husband, Bashar al-Assad, is leading a ruthless and bloody campaign against pro-democracy campaigners inspired by the Arab Spring revolutions.The selling-off of the property is significant because it suggests that the al-Assads are liquidating assets in case they are forced out of power.London property belonging to toppled dictators Muammar Gaddafi of Libya, Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, and Zine El Abidine Ben Ali of Tunisia, was seized soon after their removal from power.French satirical and current affairs magazine Charlie Hebdo today said that Rifaat, Bashar's uncle, "has sold off his huge property portfolio in the United States, London, Spain and France", with the clan wanting to "liquidate" their overseas homes "as quickly as possible".The magazine, which has obtained official documents confirming the transactions, says that two huge lots belonging to the Al-Assads in Puerto Banus, the marina town on Spain's Costa del Sol, are on the market for up to £600million. Even this figure has been discounted by many millions, suggesting that the al-Assads are eager to get rid of the property as quickly as possible."Dozens" of apartments in Paris - a traditional home-from-home for wealthy tyrants - are also being sold, together with an estate in Bessancourt, north of Paris, according to the magazine.Asma al-Assad, 36, was said to have been spending time in London with her three children as the turmoil in Syria intensified.Her father, Fawaz Akhras, a consultant cardiologist, and mother Sahar, a former diplomat, live in a family home in Acton.Rifaat al-Assad, 73, the former vice president of Syria, moved into a Georgian house off Park Lane in 2009.He has never been indicted by an international court for the Hama massacre in 1982. There are numerous independent accounts of his alleged involvement, but he has denied the claims.
For U.s. Visa, Peruvians Try Lots of Ruses
By SHIRLEY CHRISTIAN and SPECIAL TO THE NEW YORK TIMESAUG. 8, 1990 This is a digitized version of an article from The Times's print archive, before the start of online publication in 1996. To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them. Occasionally the digitization process introduces transcription errors or other problems. Please send reports of such problems to . A notebook kept behind the bulletproof glass where American consular officers talk to visa applicants is proof of the desperation created by Peru's deepening guerrilla violence and economic ruin.It is filled with samples of fake employment letters, tax returns and bank statements that Peruvians have supplied in vain attempts to get visas to go to the United States.Lima's street-wise entrepreneurs also manufacture visas themselves, stamping them into passports at prices ranging from $500 to $5,000.''You get what you pay for,'' said Wayne G. Griffith, the United States consul general, referring to the quality of the fake visas. ''Some people believe they are buying real visas, so they think we are corrupt.''AdvertisementHow the Fakes Are UsedWhen the consulate came up with a counterfoil, a special sticker placed in the passport on which the visa is then stamped, counterfeiters began copying it as well. Mr. Griffith showed one fake so good that it could have gone undetected except for the fact that the counterfeiter carelessly used a Spanish-language date stamp.AdvertisementMost fake visas are likely to be detected by immigration officers at United States entry points, so a more common use of them may be to help the passport holder get a visa for Guatemala or Mexico by showing the United States visa and saying he wants to stop over en route. Once in one of those countries, he may join a group crossing the Rio Grande by foot.Over the last two years, applications from Peruvians seeking visas to go to the United States as tourists have nearly doubled, from 54,698 in fiscal 1988 to an estimated 104,500 this year. More than 40 percent are being refused because of suspicions that the applicants intend to stay and look for work. Two years ago, the refusal rate was just 22 percent.The applicants line up by the hundreds each day, despite the fact that there is no sign or emblem declaring the building to be the United States Consulate.'Critical Threat Post'Lima, afflicted by leftist terrorism that has put a third of Peru under emergency military control, is considered a ''critical threat post'' for employees of the United States Government. A package bomb blew out the plate-glass front windows three years ago.With legal immigration to the United States virtually closed to any but the immediate families of citizens, would-be Peruvian immigrants find the tourist visa their only option. But to obtain a tourist visa - what the law terms nonimmigrant visa - applicants must prove they have the means to pay for their trip and reason to return to Peru, like property, family ties or a good job.That's where the creation of fake letters and documents comes in. The consulate has assigned one officer full time to work with the Peruvian police in detecting visa fraud. Since January, Mr. Griffith said, three counterfeit visa rings have been broken up.Sometimes, however, the falsification involves something simple, like getting a friend who works for an established company to supply a piece of letterhead stationary on which to write an employment and salary report. #4 Do the Interviewing There are also cases of people who legitimately qualify for visas, then sell their passports and report them stolen. After obtaining a new passport, they return for another visa.Please verify you're not a robot by clicking the box.Invalid email address. Please re-enter.You must select a newsletter to subscribe to.View all New York Times newsletters.The four consular officers who interview the average of more than 500 daily applicants rely on their own admittedly subjective judgments and common sense in deciding whether the person is what he says he is and whether the documents are legitimate.AdvertisementThe interviewers, usually young Foreign Service officers on their first tour of duty abroad, run people through at intervals of one or two minutes each. There is no appeal from the interviewer's on-the-spot decision, unless the visa seeker wants to return with additional information.''Do you have children here?'' an interviewer asks a gray-haired woman wanting to go to the United States to visit a child there. He wants to know whether she has a reason to return home.A man is quickly told he cannot receive a visa because he neither owns his own home in Peru, nor has proof of ''solvency.''A man who presents the last two years' tax forms raises suspicions because his income has supposedly jumped from the equivalent of about $5,000 to about $80,000. The consular officer thinks the stamp on the more recent form is fake.''I am sorry, sir, but I can't give you a visa,'' he says, without hesitation or explanation.Some Are Quickly AcceptedPeople whose passports show frequent United States entry stamps from previous trips get visas quickly because it is obvious they have reasons for regular travel and have not abused tourist visas in the past. Likewise, people who bring statements from banks in the United States showing they have substantial balances are likely to receive visas quickly.A university student said she wanted to go to the United States for the reading of her father's will. He had died after living there 18 years. But the consular officer found that she had no close family ties to bring her back to Peru.''It's unfortunate, but I cannot give you a visa,'' he said, adding that the estate could be handled by mail.''Next,'' he said, motioning the next applicant forward.''This is a lousy job,'' Mr. Griffith said as he watched.A version of this article appears in print on August 8, 1990, on Page A00007 of the National edition with the headline: For U.S. Visa, Peruvians Try Lots of Ruses. Order Reprints| Today's Paper|Subscribe
Rapper 21 Savage Being Held Unfairly, Attorneys Claim
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Attorneys for rapper 21 Savage, who was taken into custody in Atlanta on immigration charges over the weekend, said on Monday that he had been arrested based on incorrect information about his criminal record and should be released while awaiting court proceedings.The entertainer, whose real name is Sha Yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph, was arrested on Sunday by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents over accusations that he had overstayed his visa by more than a decade. He came to the United States from Britain in 2005, officials said.An ICE spokesman has said that Abraham-Joseph, 26, was being held at a detention facility in Georgia, and faces deportation proceedings in federal immigration court. He was convicted on felony drug charges in 2014, according to the agency."ICE has not charged Mr. Abraham-Joseph with any crime. As a minor, his family overstayed their work visas, and he, like almost two million other children, was left without legal status through no fault of his own," the rapper's attorney, Charles Kuck, said in a written statement released to Reuters."This is a civil law violation, and the continued detention of Mr. Abraham-Joseph serves no other purpose than to unnecessarily punish him and try to intimidate him into giving up his right to fight to remain in the United States," Kuck said.Kuck also said that ICE was refusing to release his client on bond based on "incorrect information about prior criminal charges." The attorney did not elaborate on the information he believed was wrong.Media representatives for ICE could not be reached for comment in response to Kuck's statement on Monday evening.Britain's Foreign Office has said that it was in contact with Abraham-Joseph's attorneys and that it only got involved in such cases if the person involved was a British passport holder.An ICE official told the Atlanta Journal Constitution that when Abraham-Joseph was arrested in 2014, ICE was not aware of his immigration status. It only learned later that he was allegedly from the UK, the official said.21 Savage was nominated for two Grammy Awards for the hit "Rockstar," with Post Malone, including the coveted record of the year category, ahead of the televised ceremony on Sunday. His Facebook page shows that he also has several concerts scheduled in the coming weeks.
Three Plead Guilty in Asylum Seeker Passport Scam
Three men accused of using genuine passports of members of Sikh community in theUK to let dozens of Afghan refugees enter the country have pleaded guilty.Daljit Kapoor, Harmanjit Kapoor and Davinder Chawla pleaded guilty before their trial was about to begin at the Inner London Crown Court on Tuesday, The Times reports.They pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy to help asylum seekers to enter the UK illegally between May and June 2014.Harmit Kapoor also admitted booking flights between June 8 and June 21, 2014, for the asylum seekers to get to Britain and Chawla admitted hiring a vehicle to facilitate their entry into Britain when he drove to Paris. He had been jailed for his part in an identical crime in February 2011, along with four other men.The prosecutor termed it a "Sikh Conspiracy" and said thirty Afghan migrants had claimed asylum after they paid money to these three men to obtain documents that helped them to sneak into the country.The prosecutor said the accused, in their early forties, managed to hoodwink the authorities because it was very difficult for the officials at the border control to distinguish between the Sikhs who are allowed to wear turbans for their passport photos and illegal immigrants."We say these three men are facilitators in this organisation, this organised crime, where they are using genuine British passport holder within the Sikh community," the prosecutor said at an earlier hearing.The court will announce the sentence later this month.For more news and updates, followSBS Punjabi on Facebook.
Christmas Gift Ideas for the Jet-setting Traveler in Your Life
Have a frequent flyer in your life? Check out the following holiday gift ideas that range from scratch maps to an anti-jet lag light therapy device and an ingenious hoodie that could very well lay claim to being the world's best travel jacket. Frequent flyer yourself? Add these to your Christmas wishlist.Kate Spade Cedar Street Floral Passport HolderFor the jetsetting fashionista in your life, update their accessory wardrobe with this chic passport holder. The recipient will think of you gratefully every time they dig into their purse and spot the bright, pretty pattern hidden among their assorted sundry.$78 travel jacketIf you haven't heard about the Baubax travel jacket, think of it as the Swiss Army knife of jackets. A design so ingenious -- it comes with 15 features sewn into the jacket that includes an eye mask and neck pillow -- that nearly 50,000 contributors helped make the project the fourth most-funded campaign in the history of Kickstarter (out of 250,000 projects). The Chicago-based designers originally just wanted $20,000. In the end, they raised $9.2 million. Why the hype? The jacket is ingenious, with built-in pockets for everything from earphones, a can of soda, sunglasses, iPad, passport and phone. But wait. That's not all. Hand-warming pockets, a blanket pocket, gloves and pen and stylus are also built right in. Check out the video. Jackets are available for pre-order and start at $149.#/HumanChargerFrequent flyers who are constantly battling jet lag will thank you for this one.To use, flyers insert ear buds which beam bright light through the ear canal and onto the photosensitive regions of the brain for 10-minute light therapy sessions multiple times a day during transatlantic travel. Users have reported feeling less sleepy, fatigued, and forgetful. The device is also meant to reduce symptoms associated with jet lag including food cravings, low energy levels and lethargy.$269 MapIt's the pimped-out version of pinning thumb tacks to a map, to show off all the destinations you've been to. Covered with a removable gold foil print, once travelers get back from their holiday, they can scratch off the country which will reveal the brightly colored country that lies beneath. The more countries they visit, the more brightly-colored the map. Maps also feature global facts, figures and travel tips. Other versions that exist include adventure, gourmet and capitals Scratch maps.$29 USD Luster Mini 3350 mAh External Battery ChargerHere's a stocking stuffer that will spare your loved one from panicking the next time the juice in their phone runs dry. A sleek, mini portable charger that fits easily into any pocket or bag, the RavPower provides up to 14 hours of additional talk time or 90 hours of music playback from phones. The charger, roughly the size of a lipstick or roll of breath mints, comes in gold, black, blue or pink.$9.99
Hazarika Commission Submits Report to Supreme Court on Illegal Bangladeshi Migrants
Citing the causes leading to such an influx in Assam, the report said that a Bangladeshi passport holder can not only own land in Assam but can also contest Assembly elections, which shows that the illegal migrant lobby has struck deep roots in the state. A one-man commission, set up by the Supreme Court on the Indo-Bangladesh boundary issue, has recommended that a high-powered committee enquire into various issues relating to illegal migrants. Senior Advocate Upamanyu Hazarika, who was appointed by the court in May, has submitted the 53-page report also suggesting the shifting of cattle 'haats' 20km away from the boundary area and re-location of the villages from the border fencing area. Hazarika submitted the report, after extensively visiting the border area.Citing the causes leading to such an influx in Assam, the report said that a Bangladeshi passport holder can not only own land in Assam but can also contest Assembly elections, which shows that the illegal migrant lobby has struck deep roots in the state. Therefore, the necessity, for an independent investigation and an enquiry into these nexuses and all the facts in this regard, cannot be overstated. "Setting up of an independent inquiry/ investigation into the manner in which illegal migrants entrench themselves in the state, including unearthing of nexuses in this connection, examining electoral rolls for unnatural increase and growth in population, including entry of new households/ individuals into the electoral roll suddenly...." The Hazarika Commission further suggested that there should be a restriction in the transfer of land - whether by way of sale, purchase, gift or any other such transaction, or by way of allotment from the government or any other agency - only to those who have been citizens of India in the year 1951 and their descendants.In addition, the recommendations included creation of a 'sterile zone' along the Indo-Bangladesh border. Although the operational agency guarding the border on the ground is clearly in favour of the creation of a sterile zone, a policy decision from the Central and state government is still awaited. In the last two months, neither government has intimated its views in this regard and the Supreme Court may ascertain the same, the report stated. The Commission has also called for review of the 'Non-Lethal Policy' of the BSF, as it is obvious that this policy is for reducing the number of death of smugglers, which translates to encouraging miscreants and smugglers. It is suggested that the Supreme Court may ascertain the view of the Ministry of Home Affairs as also the implication of following a non-lethal policy.About the problem of cattle smuggling, the report said that it has shown a phenomenal increase this year and over the last few years, and it is therefore imperative that the cattle haats be shifted, customs impound the centre on the international border and there be a system of ascertaining credentials of auction and purchasers which ought to be implemented immediately.The Supreme Court, which is hearing a plea about the imminent threat of the indigenous population of Assam being reduced to a minority by the year 2047, is to take a call on the report on November 5.Citing the causes leading to such an influx in Assam, the report said that a Bangladeshi passport holder can not only own land in Assam but can also contest Assembly elections, which shows that the illegal migrant lobby has struck deep roots in the state. Therefore, the necessity, for an independent investigation and an enquiry into these nexuses and all the facts in this regard, cannot be overstated.
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