Application of Permanent Magnet Materials in Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor

Injection molding, bonding and sintering have different manufacturing methods, performance parameters and application characteristics.

Their performance is increasing, and so is the price, which determines their respective applications. Injection molding permanent magnet materials can be divided into injection molding ferrite and injection molding neodymium iron boron. Its adhesives include nylon 6, 12 and PPS. Nylon is slightly cheaper than PPS, but its surface finish, strength and temperature resistance are worse than PPS.

Their common feature is that they can be injected with various parts or shafts to ensure the quality of products. Injection molded ferrite magnets are divided into isotropic (equal directivity) and anisotropic (different directivity). The isotropic magnetic energy product is low, about 12kj / m3, and the anisotropic magnetic energy product is about 16.8kj/m3.

It is mainly used for products with large quantity and wide range, such as brushless DC fan, etc. The maximum magnetic energy product of injection molding Nd-Fe-B is about 48km3, and the high can reach 52kj / m3, but the price is high. At present, the application of injection molded NdFeB can replace some bonded NdFeB magnets with low magnetic energy product, such as injection molded rotor with shaft.

Bonded NdFeB is the most widely used in high-performance products. Its performance and price are between sintered NdFeB and ferrite. Moreover, it is isotropic and suitable for various multipole magnetization methods.

Its disadvantage is poor temperature resistance, up to 150 ℃, which determines that it is only suitable for small motors. Sintered NdFeB is widely used because of its high performance, but it is mainly used in DC brushless motor and AC Hefu motor, and mainly in tile shape. Because the current sintered Nd-Fe-B is mainly unidirectional orientation, that is, the magnet can only be magnetized in one direction, so it can not be made into a magnetic ring for magnetization of more than 2 poles.

The radial oriented sintered Nd-Fe-B has been developed, but the die of radial products is more complex and the cost is slightly higher. Radially oriented sintered Nd-Fe-B magnetic ring will first be applied in DC brushless motor and AC servo motor. Using radial orientation, the waveform after magnetization is close to rectangular wave rather than saddle shape.

At present, injection molding and bonding NdFeB can be used for multipole magnetization of magnetic ring. Multipole magnetization of magnetic ring can be divided into external charging of magnetic ring and internal charging of magnetic ring. The external charging of the magnetic ring means that the outer surface of the magnetic ring is filled with magnetic poles, which is generally used for inner rotor motors; The inner filling of the magnetic ring means that the inner surface of the magnetic ring is filled with magnetic poles, which is generally used for external rotor motors. Multipole motors use ferrite or sintered Nd-Fe-B, and multipole rotors are often formed by assembling multiple magnetic plates. At present, multipole magnetization of sintered ferrite magnetic ring can be realized.

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