Are Europeans Supportive of Trump?

white has sod all to do with anything as far as Europeans are concerned .Only racists speak that kind of language but the only race that matters is the human one

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Is it scary to experience a solar eclipse if you don't know what it is?

Anything unusual that we dont understand may be interpreted as a sign of good or bad fortune. My great great grandfather wrote this note in his Bible: A silver belt has appeared in the eastern sky. Some say it portends the end of the world. This was in 1835. It was Halleys comet.


What is the most unsettling truth about the Delhi riots that you know?

There appears to be a basic mistrust between the minorities n majorityirrespective of the fact that in normal times they appear to live comfortably together..maybe they r being victimised nmisguided by certain religious n political elements .ultimately it is up to the people themselves.


What went wrong for the Allies at Kasserine Pass?

I note with a smile that purely American mistakes are described as Allied yet on the odd occasions the Americans got something right ii is referred to as a great US achievement.Untrained, inexperienced US troops led by totally inexperienced commanders engaged battle hardened, better equipped, better trained , better led, German troops in battle and ran away like whipped dogs


How can I connect my Samsung J2 to a LED TV?

go to the settings and press conection settings, then press screen mirroring, assuming that you have a smart tv turn on your bluetooth and press start scan then as soon as your tv says your phones name on the tv click on it and a notificaton will pop up on your phone press accept


Studies have shown that most college-educated Americans are liberals. So is being liberal superior to being conservative?

No! Liberals want a free ride at colleges, then expect to be handed a job. Conservatives work for what they have, and will go out for an education, too, if they can find a college that isn't run by liberals, or teaching liberal arts


Is it possible that some of our myths date back to the hominid ancestors of humans?

It's possible, I guess. But myths require the ability to tell a fairly complex story: on that cannot be told simply using vocalizations commonly used by animals. So I guess the possibility only goes as far back as when hominids first developed speech and language. When Did Human Speech Evolve?


My teacher kicked me out of his class, attempted to throw a chair at me and yelled at me for talking in class. Do you think this is fair?

Appears a little bit rude, but yes talking while he is teaching might have resulted in this behaviour.I am sure he might acting in a similar with other students as well


What is the strangest archaeological discovery of ancient technology?

Not sure which is the strangest. There are lots of artifacts and archaeological finds that give clues to the superior technology of ancient races of men. Just to name a few: The London Hammer, the Dorchester vase, the Nampa doll, the Antikythera mechanism, the Easter Island heads, Mayan ruins in Palenque with perfectly designed air-conditioning architecture, giant remains of Tiahuanaco, massive remnants of Baalbek Lebanon, etc


Why do some people use the fact that Putin has been prime minister for 13 years, then president for 14 years as a reason to call him a dictator, but are okay with the fact that Merkel has been chancellor for 13 years?

It may have something to do with the shockingly regular accidents and odd untimely deaths of people who speak out or try to run against him. It is not just the length of time in office, but how he has stayed there the trail of bodies should be a clue


Why did France surrender during WW2 without fighting?

Imagine. You are an average human being and you are a new kid on the block. The day you present yourself , you slip in a banana skin and trying to stand up, you put your and in a nail ! Everyone laught at you. You already are the loser-in-chief. Do that make you a loser ?


Is it wrong for Americans to criticize the President when we're on the brink of war? Why or why not?

Is it wrong for Americans to criticize the President when were on the brink of war? Why or why not?Watch the movie Wag The Dog. The press and libs are the warmongers, so they can say, See, we told you Trump would start a war. To my mind, he just avoided one by not rising to the Iranians bait.


Was there ever a female character to lead a team in Marvel Comics?

Yup!Storm always led the X-men while Cyclops was away, and once they split into two teams, she was the leader of the Gold Team.Heather MacNeil was the leader of Alpha Flight even before she became Vindicator.Vindicator (comics) - Wikipedia


What are some examples of very smart people making very poor decisions?

Henry Gwyn-Jeffreys Moseley signing up to fight in Gallipoli.P A M Dirac taking a teaching position in Tallahasee FloridaMr Curie crossing the street without lookingSteve Jobs picking Isaacson to write his biographyPrince De Broglie marrying a dancer from the Follies Bergere- come to think of it he came off better than Einstein


Which gate is this AND, OR, NOR?

It cannot be XOR, XOR means either A or B is closed, which would create a open circuit.AND gates could replace the switches if the eq for the LED to be turned on is LEDABif A means closed switch and B means closed switch while A means open switch and B means open switch.I suggest making a Truth table next time you get confused.


How do I make people think I'm smart without sounding rude or conceited?

once you are smarter people who are more normal will feel you are rude or conceited even if you trying to avoid sounding like that, you get to a point where you are on a different wavelength


If Camilla were not in the picture, would Prince Charles and Diana's marriage have lasted? Were there other factors that led to their divorce?

I'm not entirely sure but it would surely have had a better start come to think of it. I believe though, that there were other factors in play as there always are in such cases but who's to say what outcomes the butterfly effect would have produced


Why isn't Bush held responsible for the 2008 financial crisis to the same degree as Obama?

Bush was only not held responsible by people who do not have the memory of a gnat since he was president in 2008 when it happened and had been for almost 8 years. The crisis produced the loss of trust in establishmet Republicans that made it possible for Trump win the Republican nomination for president


What were the biggest anti-intellectual movements in history?

Religious superstition and political perverted fanaticism are still with us, cursing the present, blighting the future, Economics ignorance is also a drag on civilisation. Socially aware, inclusive government, with broad participation and better information is essential


What Tribute Bands or artists have gotten a nod of approval from the artist they are paying tribute to?

The female Iron Maidens tribute band with Nina Strauss, US female AC/DC tribute band Hell's Belle's get the nod. Zakk Sabbath with Zakk Wylde doing classic Black Sabbath songs is highly regarded


Why is President Trump so mad at Goodyear?

If you look at the Internet reports, the Donald is very upset that Goodyear has forbidden its employees from wearing Make America Great Again clothing while letting them wear Black Lives Matter t shirts.The Donald will attack any person or group or company that does not share his point of view or support him


What were Charles Darwin's views on race?

Darwin regarded race as pretty much irrelevant. He certainly had respect for, and friendships with, people of all races.As a scientist and an extremely cautious man who would never make an assertive statement without evidence, he would not have made much comment about claimed theories on race. But he abhorred slavery.


Who were the leaders in Germany during World War 1? Like Hitler led Germany into WW2, who led them to WW1?

In the very last stage of the war it was Ludendorff. He was trying to salvage victory at the last possible moment. In a sense, no-one led Germany into war exactly. Once they had their troops on railway trains and the Kaiser sensed the folly of it there was no way to recall them.But then, I wasn't there


What is the most ridiculous thing you have heard from a creationist?

That the dinosaurs where intelligent but sinners and so god wiped them out as punishment. I normal try not to be rude to religious people, but when this person uttered I just started at them in shock and disbelief


Why are narcissists so vindictive after the discard?

Part of it is the fact that they project. They would pull out all the stops to devalue anyone who crossed them, so they think would too. They may even think you're scheming against them and not the other way around. Another part of it is their image is under more scrutiny at this time and your break up could possibly damage their reputation.


How did people call each other before we started using surnames. Wouldn't it be confusing if you have 17 Marks in one village?

How did people call each other before we started using surnames. Wouldn't it be confusing if you have 17 Marks in one village?Lets be realistic. How big would a village have to be to have 17 people named Mark? Probably pretty big.

Surnames developed exactly because communities had grown to the point that it did become confusing to have so many people with the same name


Do scientists believe that prehistoric dogs evolved into whales? If not, then what mammal do they think did?

Dogs are not very "prehistoric" - we domesticated Canis lupus lupus (grey wolf) into Canis lupus familiaris 10 to 30 thousand years ago. They can still interbreed with no ill effect to progeny, so they are still the same species


China is the only country not allowed to participate in the International Space Station because they were deemed untrustworthy. How does this fact speak for itself?

It verified 1 important ruleIf something is really important for human being, better engage China early, and talk about things sincerely.If so, China will be happy to participate in a win-win way. If not, China will make it ourselves, and the result obviously would not be the same win-win way.


India has moved additional troops into Kashmir and asked tourists and other outsiders to leave. What exactly is happening in Kashmir?

Let me answer this question in simple terms :Why troops moved ?So, around 1,80,000 soldiers are making sure, valley eats and sleeps happily .Then bill was moved in Rajya Sabha to revoke Article 370.And annoumced Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh to be separate union territories.

That's it.

As they say, That one who will be called as MAN, who never leaves his work unfulfilled.Jai Hind !!


What is the best sacrifice in the history of chess?

The Immortal Game

The Immortal Game was a chess game played by Adolf Anderssen and Lionel Kieseritzky on 21 June 1851 in London, during a break of the first international tournament. The bold sacrifices made by Anderssen to secure victory have made it one of the most famous chess games of all time.


Why do the Vietnamese always say their country is small, when Vietnam is actually bigger than Italy, Malaysia, and the Philippines, and just a little smaller than Germany?

Because what we compared to was china.most of VNese dont know about how big others countries is, they just dont care and dont remember if they learned or saw them on map, except USA, India or Russia, they may even not know Canada and Australia are huge


How do you overcome feelings of inferiority when you see what others your age have achieved? I'd be surprised if I am alone in this. Edit: I'm glad to discover that a moment of weakness led to the single question that has taught me the most on Quora.

Ironically, you will find the answer in this question:What has Elon Musk failed at? I guess that Elon Musk, pater creaturae of Paypal, Tesla cars, SpaceX failed inferior when rejected by Netscape , 'fired' from Paypal, etc.But now he is admired by everyone... (and envied by some, too)


What is the most depressing thing in BITS Pilani?

Dearth of good teachers and unconducive environment for research.And the fact that you won't be able to understand the gravity of above statement until you graduate and go to a decent univ./company and meet other people


What video game myth were you convinced was true as a kid?

That all video games were based on real people. I legit thought that Mario, Link, and Zelda were actual people and I dreamed of meeting them or learning about them at school one day


Should the crowd watching George Floyd being choked have interfered?

No.If they had interfered, the police watching the event would have seen it as an attack on a police officer. With possibly fatal results.The people who should have interfered were the observing officers. By not doing so, they are complicit


Why couldn't China defend against the Japanese during and before WWII?

China before World War two was fragmented, ruled by various Governments and Warlords, it also lacked infrastructure and industry, it was mostly a rural agrarian economy. The Nationalist Government of Chang Kai Chek spent almost as much time fighting the Communists as he did fighting the Japanese


Why is the Arab/Muslim world mum about Modi's visit to Israel?

Because they are fighting among themselves. Currently they are occupied with other problems in middle-east like qatar- saudi crisis, syrian war etc . So, the focus was not on modis visit to israel.


Were the original Jews black?

No, obviously not. Jews originate in the southern Levant and neighbouring regions, and looked very much like the neighbouring Assyrians, Akkadians, Nabataeans, Arabs, etc. Pick basically any extant or ancient ethnic group and Google x was black and youll get a seemingly endless list of Afrocentrist crackpots claiming just that. Such foolishness is not taken seriously in mainstream academia, suffice it to say.


Are patients in hospitals who constantly ask for "nurse, nurse" more likely to get attention than those who don't?

Yes. The squeaky wheel gets the oil. It does take away care from others. A better thing to do is to be very nice to your nurse and have a box of candy at your bedside for your nurses. They will naturally come in to see how you are doing and to get a couple pieces of candy


What is the most important belief that propels your life? Let's share what profound wisdom we have found in our individual lives.

Question Authority.

It's trite; but the fact is that idea is the foundation of everything I believe.

I fought with my parents when I was three years old, screaming, ""Because I said so" isn't a reason!"

I was right.

Also, Fma. always


Who is history's greatest traitor and why?

Jerry,I think it depends on what country your from.In America Benedict Arnold, in Norway Vidkun Quisling, and India Chandra Bose. Im sure there are more rats in different countries.

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Knowledge About Grandfather Clocks,Production of Grandfather Clocks
Production of grandfather clocksThe plot is a remake of one the greatest television hits of Benedito Ruy Barbosa, the novel Sinh Moa, which was shown in 1986. The author received endorsement to make a new version of the novel in 2005 after the great success of Cabocla, shown in 2004.The novel was recorded with an image, which looked like cinema or high definition TV, was edited with computer graphics in post-production, to gain a cinematic effect. Also it was the first Globo's that used the equipment of High Definition Edition, software able to leave the images closer to those of cinema. This fact, in the beginning caused a certain strangeness on the viewers. Also was used base light, a Dutch software, that gave to the novel ares of miniseries.The recordings of the novel began in 2006 of January, in the cities of Trs Rios, in Campinas and Bananal, in the inner of So Paulo. In addition to the colonial farms in So Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, a scenic city with 8,868m2 was also made at the Projac - Globo's main Base, in Jacarepagu.Carolina Dieckmann was announced as the protagonist of the novel, Sinh Moa. However the direction of Globo moved the actress to the novel Cobras & Lagartos and decided to keep Dbora Falabella as the main character.The inverse happened with Bruno Gagliasso. At first he had been chosen to live the protagonist of Cobras & Lagartos, but the author Benedito Ruy Barbosa made a point of the presence of Bruno in his novel. For that reason the actor was redirected to the novel of the 6 pm.The actress Juliana Baroni played until the end of the role as Ana of The Veil. However the character was with the debutant Isis Valverde. The direction of the novel preferred an unknown name, to create mystery, since the face of the character would only be revealed with the unfolding of the estory. The actress was also banned from appearing in public, as that would end the mystery of the novel. The director kept hidden the face of Isis Valverde, so that it was revealed only during the novel, when his character would take out the veil that covered her face. This would make the curiosity of the "gossip magazines" and viewers. The character took off the veil and the face of the actress was finally known in the chapter aired on April 18, 2006.Guilherme Berenguer entered the plot to cause some twists. He played Eduardo, an engineer who is enchanted by Ana do Vu (Isis Valverde). Later, she would fall in love with the boy. The first appearance of the actor in the plot was on the Chapter 129, which aired on August 9, 2006.The telenovela was criticized by scholars and representatives of the black movement in Brazil. According to them, the plot tackled racism abruptly and through scenes of violence and ill-treatment against blacks, it conveyed "an idea of racial inferiority".------Political career of grandfather clocksTelerman's political career started at an early age. He was a student delegate in the secondary school, and a member of the Young Communist Federation of Argentina. Influenced by his father's political ideas, and sympathetic to its populist platform, he became affiliated with the Peronist Party, in 1974. Exiled in Europe during a subsequent, right-wing dictatorship, he returned in 1982 and resumed his political activities ahead of the imminent return to democracy. He was introduced to longtime Peronist leader Antonio Cafiero, and he organized the Movimiento Unidad, Solidaridad y Organizacin (MUSO), searching and advocating for an internal renewal of the party. There, he started his long political career in Peronism, working as communications director and spokesperson for Cafiero, who was a successful candidate for Governor of the Province of Buenos Aires, in 1987.Guido di Tella, the newly designated ambassador to Washington, named Telerman his press attach in 1990. He later took on various diplomatic responsibilities: he was secretary for institutional relations and spokesman to the Foreign Affairs Office between 1991 and 1992; in 1993 he became the press attach of the Argentine embassy in Pars, and from 1995 to 1998 a consultant to the General Secretary of the Organization of American States, former Colombian President Dr. Csar Gaviria, as well as its public information director. In 1998 he was appointed ambassador to Cuba. He returned to Buenos Aires to be an advisor and consultant for the unsuccessful presidential campaign of Peronist candidate Eduardo Duhalde, and in 1999 he was elected to the Argentine Chamber of Deputies, representing Buenos Aires.Between 2000 and 2003 he held an executive position as Secretary of Culture of the City of Buenos Aires. He had a very prolific administration, mainly because of the multiple activities he undertook in this area, and the national and international attention these activities helped bring to the City of Buenos Aires, in the cultural field. He was sworn as Vice Mayor to Anbal Ibarra on December 10, 2003. The Vice Mayor oversaw the Secretariat for Social Development and was President of the Buenos Aires City Legislature. At the end of 2005, he resumed his office as Vice Mayor and President of the Buenos Aires City Legislature. The tragic Repblica Croman nightclub fire in late 2004 ultimately resulted in Mayor Ibarra's March 13, 2006, impeachment, however, upon which Telerman became Mayor of Buenos Aires. He decided to run for re-election as Mayor but came in third, with 20.7% of the votes. He placed behind a candidate advanced by President Nstor Kirchner (Education Minister Daniel Filmus), with 23.7%, and businessman Mauricio Macri, whose Republican Proposal (PRO) Party won with 45.6% of the total votes. Telerman relinquished his office on December 9, 2007.------Religious work of grandfather clocksIn the Epistle-dedicatory to Sir Henry Fanshaw, knight, the king's remembrancer in his highness's court of Exchequer, prefixed to Attersoll's 'Historie of Balak,' he speaks, among other of Fanshaw's acts of kindness shown towards him, 'of the fauour you shewed me at my repaire vnto you, in that trouble which befell me about the poore liuing that now I enioy.' Succeeding sentences state that the 'trouble' was occasioned by a suspicion on the part of Attersoll's parishioners that the new parson was too much of a scholar, and unlikely to be a preacher after the type of their former.Attersoll was the author of many biblical commentaries and religious treatises. His earliest works were entitled 'The Pathway to Canaan' (1609) and 'The Historie of Balak the King and Balaam the false Prophet' (1610). These, with others of the same kind, all in quarto, were, severally, expositions of portions of the book of Numbers, and were ultimately brought together in a noble folio of 1300 pages in 1618. In the quartos and folio alike there is abundant evidence of wide if somewhat undigested learning, penetrative insight, and felicitous application in the most unexpected ways of old facts and truths to present-day circumstances and experiences. All this applies especially to his 'New Covenant' (1614), and to his next important work, which reached a second edition in 1633, viz. 'A Commentarie upon the Epistle of Saint Pavle to Philemon Written by William Attersoll, Minister of the Word of God, at Isfield in Sussex. The second edition, corrected and enlarged' (1633). It is this volume that has been wrongly assigned to William Aspinwall.In 1632 Attersoll published a volume called the 'Conversion of Nineveh.' In the Epistle-dedicatory to Sir John Rivers he writes of himself as an old man: 'Having heretofore upon sundry occasions divulged sundry bookes which are abroad in the world, whereby I received much encouragement, I resolved, notwithstanding being now in yeares, and as it were donatus rude, preparing for a nunc dimittis, utterly to give over and to enjoyne myselfe a perpetuall silence touching this kind of writing, and content myselfe with performing the other more necessary duty of teaching. Nevertheless, being requested, or rather importuned, by friends to publish some things which had been a long time by mee ... I deliuered into their hands these three treatises.' The other two treatises (besides 'Nineveh') are 'God's Trvmpet sovnding the Alarme' (1632)and 'Phisicke against Famine, or a Soueraigne Preseruatiue' (1632).He was the maternal grandfather of Nicholas Culpeper. Shortly after his birth Culpeper's father died, and he was removed to Isfield where he was brought up by his mother. Attersoll was a great influence on the young boy's political and religious beliefs, and taught him up to the age of 16 both latin and greek. As a boy Culpepper became interested in astronomy, astrology, time, his grandfather's collection of clocks, and the medical texts found in Attersoll's library. It was his grandmother who introduced him to the world of medicinal plants and herbs.
LED Lights Save Endangered Sea Turtle Hatchlings
Artificial lighting is threatening the sea turtle population. After emerging from their shells in the wee hours of the morning, sea turtle hatchlings instinctively find their way to the sea by the light reflected on the ocean. Modern society is now posing a threat to their survival as the brightest light is no longer coming from the ocean, but from hotels and shops along the ocean front. This causes the turtles to become disorientated, lose their bearings and either die of dehydration, get run over by cars or are eaten by birds, according to Scientific American.Tens of thousands of sea turtle hatchlings die a year along Florida coasts, posing a great threat to three endangered sea turtle species. To help protect the population, new LED lights have been installed along the beach front that operate at lower levels of visible light and wavelength to reduce disorientation for the turtles. The LED lights have a wavelength that is too low to affect the sea turtles as it is on the yellow/orange part of the light spectrum.The Sea Turtle Conservancy (STC) reported that areas that have made the switch have already seen a rapid decline in disorientation for the turtles. Some areas have reported numbers falling from hundreds each year to zero.More info you can visit:·RELATED QUESTIONWhat are some of the cleverest inventions and ideas ever? Where can you purchase them, if possible?Possibly some of them are the smartest inventions...A show piece that can be disassembled to a sofa set and a centre table.2. An automatic water pumper that quenches your dogs thirst.3. A water bottle with some secret space.4. Different Coca-Cola bottles for different uses.5. A comb-cum-bottle6. An ice-tray that produces diamond-shaped ice cubes.7.8. A ceiling hammock.. What a bliss!!9. A cycle that has flexible structure that it can be tied around like this anywhere.10. A shower with LED lightsthat changes colour according tothe room temperature.11.12. An ice cream cup that comes with a lock.13. Carpet alarm clock.14. Waterproof touchscreen keyboard.15. A toast-cum-omelette pan. A real time saver!!16. A coffee mug that indicates temperature of the coffee...17.18. A pillow that wakes you up by the time you set...19. Sleepers with LED lights which helps you to see the floor even in the dark.20. Shark tea bagsThank you so much for such an overwhelming response to my answer. Thanks upvoters :))I'm adding a few more pictures to the answer, and hope you will like them too.21. Pizza box oven22. selfie toaster23. Cookie cutter tray24.25. 3-D pen26. Clear kayak27. Linux smart pen that vibrates when you have spell something wrong.28. Planet plates29. Galaxy night light30. Weight measuring chopping board.That's it for now... will add more later :))
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Questions About Common Led Solar Lights
Could you write a one paragraph bio/testimonial about yourself that sounds entirely fictitious/embellished but is actually completely true?Rei was born in a vast industrial wasteland where the sky glowed burnt orange at night and the odd explosion rocked the nearby houses. Rei is descended on one side from a mysterious orphaned farm boy, and on the other side from a fierce war veteran matriarch. Reis formative years involved being inducted into a mysterious local group listed in the phone directory as a satanic cult, where Rei learned to wage war and perform magic while hordes of people insisted on giving Rei expensive pieces of cardboard. Rei has spent time learning how to fly, climbing silk, building artificial intelligences determined to cover the world with carpet, swimming on the ocean floor, and occasionally hitting people with things, all while working full time and obtaining several academic degrees. Rei has trekked through the jungle, performed at the opening ceremony for the Olympics, and hugged eight incarnations of The Doctor. Over the years, Rei has ushered many people through doorways to other worlds, where they have learned to fly in Never Never Land, run a starship, saved the world from giant rocks, time travelled, and attended Hogwarts.------Should Italy quit the Euro & Eurozone? Why or why not?As the answer to similar questions has been provided so many times, let's take a different turn.No, it shouldn't because it would be a massive violation of the desire of the Italian population.In the latest polls, the support for the EU and Euro was about 70%. The lowest we have ever seen.. still the vast majority.Even the right wing populist Lega, now in power, has made some interesting changes to its headquarters.Source: Repubblica newspaperHave you noticed the "Basta Euro" (enough with the euro) logo and the reference to secession (North and Padania)? They took them down this week, before the government is officially appointed.Before we even consider the suicidal economic consequences and the contractual impossibility of the solution, the Italians simply don't want to do it. Isn't that enough?For the economics part, here is a sample of the reasoning behind the economic issues:Tiziano Martinetti's answer to How likely is it that Italy will exit the Euro currency but remain in the EU zone?------Michael Heseltine says Britons are turning against Brexit as the economic and wider damage becomes clear. Is there evidence of that?Michael Heseltine, being a typical Britain and spending all his time in pubs, shopping centres, Jobcentres and canteens, will obviously be a reliable source for the views of the common man, particularly those in the North?Michael Heseltine - WikipediaMichael Ray Dibdin Heseltine, Baron Heseltine, CH, PC (born 21 March 1933) is a British Conservative politician and businessman. After initially making money as a property developer, he was one of the founders of the publishing house Haymarket. He was a Member of Parliament from 1966 to 2001, and was a prominent figure in the governments of Margaret Thatcher and John Major including serving as Deputy Prime Minister under the latter.Heseltines ownership of Haymarket has made him a large personal fortune. As of 2013 he was ranked 311th in The Sunday Times Rich List with an estimated wealth, including shareholdings held by members of his immediate family, of 264 million.I think it would be possible to find sources who more accurately reflect the opinion of the average person.------After 10 years, who will be remembered the most - Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni or Virat Kohli?Do you remember the 112 in the 1992 Perth Test?Do you remember the 65 in the 1996 World Cup Semifinal?Do you remember the Desert storm innings in 1998?Do you remember the 140* against Kenya in 1999 ICC World Cup?Do you remember the 673 Runs in 2003 ICC World Cup?Do you remember the 98 against Pakistan in 2003 ICC World Cup?Do you remember the 241* in Sydney 2004 Test?Do you remember the countless nervous 90s in 2007?Do you remember the 200* against South Africa in 2010?Do you remember the 148 against Pakistan in 2005?Do you remember the 183* against Sri Lanka in 2005?Do you remember the 91* in 2011 ICC World Cup final?Do you remember the 183 against Pakistan in 2012?Do you remember the 82* against Australia in ICC World T20 2016?Do you remember the 100* against Australia in 2013?Do you remember the 112 against Pakistan in 2013?Scan your brains and hearts but lets just tell which of these memories are etched forever in your life!You got your answer guys, it will always be Sachin Tendulkar, today, after 10 years and even after 100 years!!------What are your thoughts on Fox News host Chris Wallace fact checking Donald Trump and telling him that he's wrong to claim that Biden wants to defund the police?My thoughts,That while Trump was wrong in the wording Biden used and extent to which he wants to defund police, that Wallace was also absolutely wrong.You see, two things can be true at the same time.If Wallace wants to fact check something, he damn well should be correct about it, and he wasnt. (Same goes for Trump claiming something)Biden said that he wants to shift funding from police to other programs like mental health.When you take funds from a programs budget, that is defunding. Plain and simple.Additionally, any time that it is suggested that a programs funding be frozen at current levels, or even not increased as much as expected over the previous budget, those in D.C. always cry to the media about important programs being defunded. That means that by use of the term that Biden has used in the past, and surrounded himself with for forty years that he was talking about defunding the police.But, yes, Wallace was correct that Biden did not say abolish the police, nor did he say to completely defund them.------When i connected 4 LEDs i read 0.5 volt on my voltmeter.I added 4 more LEDs and it reads 1 volt,why is that?Assuming they aren't connected to a power supply, probably the ambient room light is charging them up and your voltmeter is loading them down a little bit, too. LEDs work as light sensors as well as light emitters.If you are trying to use your LEDs as light sensors, that's one thing. (A lot of methods are available there.) If you are trying to use them as a power source, that's going to be a lot more complicated (and mostly impractical except in rare circumstances where you actually know what you are doing and why.)Regardless of any of that, you can't expect to increase both voltage and current without an external power supply. Useful power out is always less than useful power in. You can "optimize" the load point to improve the net power extracted from a solar cell (or, for gosh sake, an LED.) But that's circuit design, not a violation of physical laws.------How much have you grown as a person from the time of your first Quora answer to your most recent?I think I have grown as a person. I like Quora because it gives me a chance to think and write on subjects that are important to me, learn and possibly, on rare occasion help someone.I get a lot of satisfaction from writing on Quora and so far I havent been trolled which I have an aversion to. I think a lot of questions have answers that are easily found elsewhere but not the qualitative kind.I would turn off my stats if I could but I dont really want to be anonymous. My picture and name are not my own and thats enough. I am not really interested in the numbers game, just the questions and answers. I dont care about being upvoted or not. It is nice to be published and have a database that has all of my musings. It is a modern form of self-reflection or contemporary intellectual snapshot.As far as things to do on the internet there is a lot worse out there.------What is the worst personnel ratio in which wars have been won?The battle of Auerstedt in 1806. (1:2 ratio)A single corps of the French Army defeated the entire Prussian army. The French were measly 27,000 and the Prussians were 62,000, more than double the number of French.The battle started when they collided with single divisions in morning. Both the sides started getting reinforcements piece-meal. However, the Commander of the French III corps was none other than Louis Nicholas Davout, whose superb training and stern discipline created the best fighting force of the Grand army. The Prussian Army had somewhat rotted. From the days of Fredrick the Great, the Prussians had lost their discipline.In the end, the entire Prussian line was broken, their commanders were mortally wounded and the French were counter attacking.In an age where line formations formed and even small number of troops could be used for flanking formations, this battle can be considered epic.Another battle that comes to my mind is the Battle of Saragarhi Ratio (21 Sikhs vs. 10,000 Afghans). The sikhs fought to the last man and killed or wounded approximately 180450 Afghans. So yes its a strategic victory.Hope this helps !------Why has Norway not joined the EU?HiNorway let its citizens decide and they voted against. Instead of that, Norway joined the EEA, and is therefore part of the European Market (including the right to enjoy and the plight to grant the Four Freedoms to other European citizens).To be a member of EEA, Norwayhad to accept the basic constitution of the single markethad to accept the jurisdiction of European Courtshas to accept new laws and regulation from the EU, to a certain degreepays substantial amounts to the European Union, without having a say in its politics and decisionsSo You might argue that itd be more clever for Norway to be an EU member. However, it would also mean giving away more juridical power, and accepting external policies (e.g. on fishing, which is much more regulated by Norway then by other EU members). At least, being a member of the single market is as valuable to Norway that theyre willing to accept all this to gain acces.------Why is Russia apparently such a big threat to the US?Russia and the United States do not share the same agendas and have contradicting interests in regards to peace and stability. Russia isnt necessarily a threat to US national security but more of a threat to their national interests and agendas (though national security and interest do coincide).Path to U.S.-Russia CooperationAmerican Interests, Russian InterestsRecently, the Middle East has become a hot debate with the two nations conflicting agendas.U.S.-Russia Competition in the Middle East Is BackUS and Russia Interests in Middle EastThe two nations contradicting interests heated up in UkraineThe True Interests of the US and Russia in UkraineThe Obama Doctrine and UkraineBut most of all, Syria has been the center of the two nations heated agenda rivalry, some calling it a proxy conflict between the twoSyria crisis: Where key countries stand - BBC NewsThe Syria Strike: Are the United States and Russia On a Collision Course?Russia versus the United States in SyriaRussias interests - What Russia Wants in SyriaUnited States interests - Americas Vital Interests in Syria------Some scientists often consent to this statement: "For every creation, there should be a creator." Would you deny this?Im not sure if it was intentional, but your question commits the fallacy of begging the question. An argument begs the question when it assumes what it claims to prove. The Mona Lisa is a creation. Does the Mona Lisa have a creator? Well, of course it does. It couldnt be a creation if it didnt!Its a pedestrian truism that all creations have creators. The meaningful question is whether the natural worldor at least certain aspects of itare creations. If it can be shown that they are, then the theist has established something significant. Of course, he still hasnt proven theism. Even if the natural world has a creator, it doesnt follow that the creator is omnipotent, omniscient, morally perfect, eternal and possessed of the other properties ascribed to the theistic god. Still, it would be a nice start. But many people have proposed arguments for this conclusion and so far none has survived rational analysis.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Led Off Road Lights
Are Neon lights under your car illegal in New Orleans, Louisiana?These lights are legal to sell because they are clearly labeled "FOR OFF-ROAD USE ONLY"There are NO underglow lights or flashing colored lights that are approved for use on public roadways.------Would you care to read and critique my writing please?no offense but i got bored really fast...use more of a hook in the beginning and change the perspective to first person...that would help make it more interesting...hope i could help!------Is this a good opening to a novel I'm writing?I stopped when it sounded like a story about a couple of teen whores.What is the point of reading about girls who are disobeying their parents only to get an std?------WHich laptop would you recommend? Thanks :)?if you want sleek and light, try a sony vaio. the higher priced ones are also quite fast and .. well ... nice. nothing that specific here, but i hope i gave you some ideas. ; ).------In what way does the Bible use the Term "Light"? How do Jehovah's Witnesses use that Term?The word Light is referred to as positive, the best option. Just think about it, when your in the dark you cant see potential dangers but in the light you can remain safe------I bought some led light strips in white that go on your headlights...?The european cars have those headlights stock from the factory, so they allow them. I agree with you, they should be all illegal or all legal, but that's the law------Easy to understand Global Warming?Reducing your breathing to as few exhales per minute will undoubtedly reduce your carbon footprint.I'm down to three. Although this limits my mobility, my commitment to Mother Earth is unwavering.------Could it be the air filter? I drive an '84 Toyota Corolla and in the morning if it has rained it does notNot likely to be the air filter. But it may be water getting in part of the ignition, or it may be that your choke is not working correctly. Most likely the choke------Jesus OR Muhammed? The truth or not? Christianity of Islam?Jesus died to pay the sin price for every human throughout history. He arose from the grave and is now seated with His Father, in heaven.Mohamed died and was buried.------What do you think: should i finish this story?wow that is nice but keep writing! i am writing a few books myself (im only a kid im not that good) but it's still fun. put some humor in it------I need advice on an accident?My question would be (and I am pretty sure of the answer) If you were going 5 MPH...and was 5 yards away... how would you have to brake hard enough to damge your ankle ligaments????------is it a bad idea to ride a taxi daily to work?The cost would be astronomical. You could carpool with other employees or ride a bike or bus. You could buy a new bike for what you'd pay for taxi rides a few days------Is truth that Fluorescent bulbs are dangerous for health and also contains a significant amount of mercury ?yes and thousands of fluorescent bulbs are being tossed into the regular garbage, they will go to a landfill and the mercury will seep out into the groundwater making it useless to drink------Tire and Rim came off while driving?It was their fault most likely... yes lawyer.. if they dont want to fix their mistakes and next time you feel a change or hear a noise stop driving and start looking------I still can't understand aperture and shutter speed?This article shows some good general purpose settings for aperture and shutter speedFor shutter speed generally you use a faster setting to avoid motion blur------Read thru my paper and tell me how it sounds? (not finished yet, just first section)?wow thats awesome! very intersting too. id like to read the rest of it if u dont mind ;) send the rest to me at . definetly worth an A------What do you think of this excerpt from this romance story i wrote?I loved it. You need to edit it. Saw a lot of Typo's but it was amazing! Keep up the good work and E-Mail me if you want me to read anymore! (:------need NEW SONGS FOR IPOD........................?i think you should have a listen to...still reamins (try there new album the serpent..i think its more your style) gavin dance...silversteini hope that help you :)------What did Adolf Hitler have against Jewish People?No. He didn't get into art school and he thought Jewish people had Everything for nothing and he had nothing when he did nothing. Still not an excuse for him being a ****------Can a Police officer do this?yes, they can do all of the above-mentioned. the only thing they can't do is force you to get out of the car for no reason and /or have you wrongfully imprisoned------Which Prologue sounds better to continue writing? (These are from two different stories)?I think they are both brilliant!!! To be honest, though, I prefer 1. Maybe because it is longer, I don't know. I really like it. There is description, but not too much. Well done!------Should i finish writing this novel? ?I think its a good idea starting the novel off like this because it makes the reader curious and wanting to read more. Its very descriptive and I like it so far :)------Is there anyone out there who is a big fan of the moody blues.?I am not a great big fan of theirs but they were and still are a part of my life and I still love to hear them on the Radio when I can------waant to take cool pics?LOL, what an expression you received there at the moment coiffure percent. Maybe you should not check out the "chew-lip-that-someway-manages-to-make-g... factor? Mean muggin' ain't serving to the coiffure, guy.------why did adolf hitler hate the jews so much?One possible reason bounced around is that he was resentful of the fact that he was the illegitimate son of a rich Jewish man who abandoned Adolf and his mom into poverty------Which apostle of God had the most revealing conversion?doubting thomas...jc places thomas's hand to his speared side... and nail holes in his palm/hand......and thomas doubt no more...paul? hah! don't fall into his act... he was the infiltrator...------Can i have a Light in my grill on my car?Looks like Jerome believes in the "ignorance is bliss" attitude. Check the laws BEFORE you do this. They WILL ticket you if it is a violation for your state------What's the (sort of ) funniest thing that has ever happened to you,...?I once walked into a lamp post when I was checking myself out in a shop window. There was a girl down the street who had to hold back laughter. It was quite embarrassing------Is wasted energy in keeping vehicle headlights on, an implication on gas consumption?Sure, but it decreases the risk for accidents. And each accident costs a lot of energy (replace/repair vehicle, etc.)"They" should only make LED headlights, that would save a lot------is this a good invention for the car? And why isnt it standard in all cars now?A lot of newer cars have this. Older systems have a basic circuit check for critical bulbs (usually brake and indicator). More modern cars use a CAN-BUS system that includes bulb warning------Can someone explain to me why Hitler hates Jews?The Jews owned lots of businesses (basically they were entrepreneurs) so when the economy went to ****, he came to the conclusion is was their fault. And the rest sadly, is history------What could this dream mean?No way you drempt that. You made it up. I wouldn't even watch a show like that. Maybe you watch too many of those demonic tv shows. You need Jesus------Drug issues. Can someone please help.?i dont think her smoking is the problem. its that she only usues it when shes depressed, maybe you need to comfort her in person when she gets that way **wink ***wink** lol------please help to make an ending of the following short story, please!?Actually a rather interesting story but it wouldn't be your story if someone helped you finish it.You also need to edit it again as there are several errors in spelling etc.------What are some of the essential albums to an ideal rock collection?Talking Heads- More Songs About Buildings and FoodThe Police- Outlandis DAmoreThe Beatles-Beatles 65The Allman Brothers-BegiinningsThe Clash- London CallingPink Floyd-MeddleREO Speedwagon-REO Speedwagon IIChuck Berry's Greatest Hits------Anyone kno any sex songs?1. Color Me Badd-I Wanna Sex You Up2. Twista & R Kelly-So Sexy3. Petey Pablo-Freek A Leek4. Destiny's Child-Bootylicious5. J Lo & Ja Rule-I'm RealThese are the songs I can think of.------Starting an Energy supply project?I'd start at a hobby train store, street lights, etc available. As far as small generators, I's go to Radio Shack. Solar powered panels in a solar farm might be an interesting twist.------How can I mount light bar to my roof?Hi, Most light bars are mounted to the roll bar.. that would be the only way not to dill holes in your roof.. Roll bars are cheap on craigslist.good lucktim------What are some good anti-Human movies?WALL-E, 9, district 9, Cocoon, Donnie Darko, Disney's Atlantis, Princess Mononoke, Nausica of the Valley of the Wind, (but i assume you've seen those two), and The second season of True Blood------Why do people like Stairway to Heaven so much?Because its one of the songs you are supposed to like if you claim to be a fan of Rock music, lest you wish to be considered *gasp* a poser------I need help with demanding/difficult parents?when you get a job, become independent and get a apartment, this will show her your initiative to advance your life, don't cut contact though, that is the last thing you want!------What are some must-have 60's and 70's songs to have on my iPod?Chris Brown Ciara Diddy Christina Agularia T.I. youthful Jeezy Akon Lil Wayne Kelly Clarkson Avril Lavigne Ashely Simpson Fergie R.kelly B2K Bow Wow Marques Houstoun Britney Sprears Paula Deanda youthful Jock.------When was the Apostle Paul born?Jesus had already rose into Heaven some decades before Paul began his Christian ministry. Jesus came to Paul as a bright light and a voice on the road to Damascus.God bless you.------Fun music quiz! Take it!?1)?2) Baby One More Time- Brittney Spears3) Behind these hazel eyes- kelly clarkson4)?5)God blessed the broken road- rascal flatts6)?7)?8)?9) Every time we touch- cascada10) all the small things- blink 18211)?12) In The Ayer- flo rida13)?------What are the best Rock songs in your opinion?It's Late, Hammer To Fall, Now I'm Here, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, and Hammer To Fall via Queen. Kashmir, Whole Lotta Love, and Heartbreaker via Led Zeppelin. Come Together via The Beatles------why are the local police harrassing me and my family?do not sell drugs and keep your husband from killing are to blame.the way you keep telling everyone how pretty you are you must be living a drea.----------retired texas deputy sheriff----------------How do I go about suing Cadallic?I don't know the details but I do know it would be General Moters you would sue not Cadillac. Cadillac is just the name of the car. General Moters is the actual company------are halo lights legal in California ?I'll bet that somewhere on the box they came in, in really small print, you'll find the words "For Off-Road use only." If they're not DOT approved, they're not legal------what is Stair way to heavan about?its all about the passing on of life. in the eternal sense. life keeps going on for every life that is one step on the stairway to heaven and one day eventually we make it------Pulled over for aftermarket interior lights in PA? is there a way to fight this?Blue lights are usually illegal because the cops use the same color lights. You should be fine if you're parked but the lights could be considered a distraction while you're driving------why dose hitler hate jews?Mostly because he was poor and he saw that many people of the Jewish faith were much better off than he.That, and their ability to spell words correctly.In a nutshell, he was jealous.------Was Hitler justified in what he did?I'm sure he thought so. If you want to answer the question for yourself though, ask yourself this: was the world a better place for killing the jews, gays, gypsies, retards, etc?------How does this sound?P.S. forget grammar and spelling focus on quality i realize that it needs to be edited?Pretty good, i think you could go farther though. i loved the plot! Ow and you better put me on best answer couse it took me like forever to read it all!!!!!!!!! jk, lol------My brother thinks he has talent as a writer. With one of the stories he wrote do you think he does?1) I don't get the point.2) The rhyming was kinda weak/silly3) You don't grab a clutch. It's a pedal.I didn't really like it, but that's just my opinion.------Question for a POLICE OFFICER about Civilian Lighting.?you are not a cop!! stop acting like one!! it is illegal to act like a cop. ever heard of those guys who act like cops so they can assault women??------Suggestions for a flashlight to use as a headlight on a bicycle?Headlight is a good choice. But you can also get a flashlight in case the headlight is broken on the way. I am using a Tank007 flashlight and a headlamp when I am riding at night------Please help to make an ending of the following short story, please!?omg omg..!!wat a freaky ending to it...could be..dat suddenly the alarm went on..and Bob woke up sweating..remembering what a weird dream he had...hope this helped..------Can you answer these riddles and can you read my joke ???1. was still sweet3.no4.pop5.the yolk of the egg is white6. ummm..7.grandfather-son- grandson8.night vision goggles ? or maybe it was day?9. I am Dumb!10. put somthing to separate them?------What kind of lights do Trophy Trucks use and Roll Bar info?Wait and find a chrome one you can tell. Look for lights that pull more watts in the 100-150 range. Will have to be wired through a relay. Piaa or kc are the big brands.rd
LED Light Pole Material Is Complete
Sprint Cup Series of light poleCar No. 52 historyPaulie Harraka drove the No. 52 Ford at 2013 Sonoma, using Brian Keselowski Motorsports' owners points to make the field. Harraka crashed his car before the start of the race but the team was able to make repairs and finished 39th.Car No. 79 historyFor the 2012 season, Go Green Racing added a part-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Series team to their racing efforts, with driver Tim Andrews being hired to drive and his father Paul Andrews acting as crew chief; they were the first father and son driver and crew chief combination in the series since 1987. The team planned to attempt 10 to 12 races over the course of the season. Andrews failed to qualify in the team's first effort at the STP 400 at Kansas Speedway; veteran Scott Speed was hired to drive the No. 79 Ford, qualifying for the Bojangles Southern 500 at Darlington Raceway for the team's first race, where he finished 42nd; at Dover later that spring, he qualified for the team's second straight race, only to be caught up in an early wreck and finish 43rd.Car No. 32 historyIn late 2013, Go Green and FAS Lane Racing announced that they were entering into an alliance to jointly field the No. 32 in the Sprint Cup Series in 2014.------Beach Soccer Intercontinental Cup of football soccerThe 2017 Beach Soccer Intercontinental Cup, also known as the Huawei Beach Soccer Intercontinental Cup Dubai 2017 for sponsorship reasons, was the seventh edition of the Beach Soccer Intercontinental Cup, an annual international beach soccer tournament contested by men's national teams, held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.After the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup, the Intercontinental Cup is the biggest tournament in the current international beach soccer calendar. Similar to the FIFA Confederations Cup, eight nations took part, with one team representing each of the six continental football confederations (except for the OFC) as well as the current World Cup champions, Brazil, and the hosts, the United Arab Emirates.The tournament started with a group stage, played in a round robin format. The winners and runners-up from each group advanced to the knockout stage, in which the teams then competed in single-elimination matches, beginning with the semi-finals and ending with the final. A third-place deciding match was also contested by the losing semi-finalists. The third and fourth placed nations from each group played in a series of consolation matches to decide fifth through eighth place.This tournament was the last in a deal signed between Beach Soccer Worldwide (BSWW) and the Dubai Sports Council (DSC) in 2012 in which it was agreed the two parties would organise the tournament until 2017. This year's event occurred between October 31 and November 4.Brazil were the defending champions and successfully retained their title by beating Portugal in the final to claim their third Intercontinental Cup crown.------Neo Geo Cup '98: The Road to the Victory of video cableNeo Geo Cup '98: The Road to the Victory is a soccer video game based on the FIFA World Cup 1998, despite being released after the 1998 FIFA World Cup. It features 64 teams' countries. Each team enters a "Regional Qualifying Round Final" where it plays a team it actually played in the 1998 FIFA World Cup qualification. For example: Spain would face Yugoslavia, an opponent it actually faced in its qualifying group. Or Italy would face Russia, an opponent Italy faced in the UEFA play-offs. If the player beats the opponent, it goes to a group much like the real life World Cup. In fact, the team faces opponents that were actually in its group. For example: Mexico would face the Netherlands, Belgium and South Korea. It is a re-make of Super Sidekicks 3. However, animations and designs were exactly the same. The only difference is teams to reflect the World Cup, kits again to reflect the World Cup, and players to resemble squads from the World Cup (teams that did not qualify use line-ups from friendly games and qualifiers). Its slogan is "We got the kick".Unlike its arcade counterpart, the Neo Geo version tries to be more of a soccer simulation game. Differences include the Neo Geo version being more slowed down, and more realism added in shooting, passing, etc. A color version of the game was released for the Neo Geo Pocket Color as Neo Geo Cup '98 Plus Color.------Challenge Cup of JOINThe 2016 Challenge Cup, (also known as the Ladbrokes Challenge Cup for sponsorship reasons) was the 115th staging of the Challenge Cup the main rugby league knockout tournament for teams in the Super League, the British National Leagues and a number of invited amateur clubs.The cup was won by Hull F.C. who beat Warrington Wolves 1210 in the final at Wembley Stadium on 27 August 2016.The defending champions, Leeds Rhinos who were looking to win the trophy three times in a row were defeated by Huddersfield Giants in the sixth round.The format of the competition is eight knock-out rounds followed by a final. The first two rounds are composed entirely of amateur teams. The nine winners of the second round ties are joined in round 3 by the 15 Championship 1 teams. For the fourth round the 12 Championship teams are included in the draw. Starting in 2015 and continuing for the 2016 competition round 5 sees four Super League teams entering the competition. These are the four teams that finished in the bottom four positions of the 2015 Super League and are; Widnes Vikings, Hull Kingston Rovers, Salford Red Devils, and Wakefield Trinity Wildcats. These are the same four teams that joined at this stage in the 2015 competition. The remaining eight Super League teams join in round 6.------Stanley Cup playoffs of wristThe 2007 Stanley Cup playoffs of the National Hockey League began on April 11, 2007. The sixteen teams that qualified, eight from each conference, played best-of-seven series for conference quarterfinals, semifinals and championships, and then the conference champions played a best-of-seven series for the Stanley Cup. The series ended on June 6 with the Anaheim Ducks defeating the Ottawa Senators in five games to win their first ever championship.For the first time in NHL history, neither of the two teams that played in the previous year's Stanley Cup Finals (the Carolina Hurricanes and the Edmonton Oilers) qualified for the playoffs. For the first time since 1994, all four former WHA teams; Carolina (formerly the Hartford Whalers), Colorado (formerly the Quebec Nordiques), Edmonton, and Phoenix (formerly the Winnipeg Jets) missed the playoffs in the same year, this would not happen again until 2013. Also for the first time since 1994, the Philadelphia Flyers missed the playoffs. This was the only time that the Atlanta Thrashers qualified for the playoffs in their twelve years in Georgia (they became the new Winnipeg Jets in 2011).Only two Original Six teams made the playoffs this year, the New York Rangers and the Detroit Red Wings (this included the Montreal Canadiens' and the Toronto Maple Leafs' first absence from the tournament together since 1970). This only happened twice before in 2000 and 2001, and would not happen again until 2018.------World Cup qualifying of JOINThe only time that the Saarland entered the World Cup was for the 1954 event. They were drawn in Group 1 alongside West Germany and Norway, in a triangular series. In the opening round in summer 1953, they won their only competitive away match, beating Norway 32 in Oslo after trailing 02, and with only 10 effective players, after an early substitute due to injury, and Theodor Puff staying on the field with a broken fibula. Thus they still topped the group after West Germany drew their game in Oslo. Saarland were emphatically beaten 30 by West Germany in Stuttgart and could only manage a 00 draw at home against Norway. Both German teams were placed joint first until West Germany beat Norway 51, putting an end to Norwegian hopes. The remaining inter-German match, to be played after a four-month winter hiatus, would decide which one of the German teams should advance to the tournament in Switzerland.Saarland, which had already secured second in the group ahead of Norway, needed a win at home to finish first, yet lost 31. Unbeaten West Germany topped the final ranking, went to Switzerland and won the 1954 World Cup there. Sepp Herberger would have capped Kurt Clemens for West Germany, but he was ineligible like all others who had played international games for Saarland.This was the Saarland's only separate entry in the World Cup; its players, coaches and staff would join West Germany to assist in the defence of the World Cup in 1958.------Cup game rhythm of gamingThe cup game begins with a cup placed upside down in front of each player. Assuming a right-handed player, the rhythm normally proceeds as follows:Beat #1: Clap twiceBeat #2: Alternating hands, quickly tap the top of the cup with the fingertips three times (In some variations, the table on either side of the cup is tapped)Beat #3: Clap oncePick up the cup with the right hand and move it to the rightBeat #4: Put the cup down onto the table (still upside down) with a firm percussive motionBeat #1: Clap oncePick up the cup with the right hand so that the cup is now right-side upBeat #2: Tap the top of the cup (the open end of the cup) with the flat of the left hand so as to make a hollow-sounding hitPut the cup down onto the table (now right-side up) with a firm percussive motion, but keeping the right hand on the cupBeat #3: Switch the cup into your left handSlap the right hand down flat onto the tableBeat #4: With the cup still in the left hand, return the cup to its original starting position, upside down on the table in front of the player.Repeat the above sequence indefinitely until a mistake is made by a player, such as being off-beat, knocking the cup over, missing a step, etc. Some versions involve variations where the players exchange cups during the performance of the rhythm, or players slap hands with each other.------Stanley Cup controversy of end capAs a result of the lockout, no Stanley Cup champion was crowned for the first time since the flu pandemic in 1919. This was controversial among many fans, who questioned whether the NHL had exclusive control over the Cup. A website known as (since closed) was launched, asking fans to write to the Cup trustees and urge them to return to the original pre-NHL Challenge Cup format. Adrienne Clarkson, then Governor General of Canada, alternately proposed that the Cup be presented to the top women's hockey team in lieu of the NHL season, but this idea was so unpopular with NHL fans, players, and officials that the Clarkson Cup was created instead. Meanwhile, a group in Ontario, also known as the "Wednesday Nighters", filed an application with the Ontario Superior Court, claiming that the Cup trustees had overstepped their bounds in signing the 1947 agreement with the NHL, and therefore must award the trophy to any team willing to play for the cup regardless of the lockout.On February 7, 2006, a settlement was reached in which the trophy could be awarded to non-NHL teams in the event the league does not operate for a season, but the dispute lasted so long that, by the time it was settled, the NHL had resumed operating for the 200506 season, and the Stanley Cup went unclaimed for the 200405 season.
What Are Some False Things That People Are Led to Believe About US Culture From Hollywood Media?
no cause i agree. The business of america is show business1. In the US culture, what 'lies' are acceptable? Which are not? What are some examples?An old story:As the weather is getting warmer, the wife gets out last summer's wardrobe and tries on her slacks. "Does this outfit make me look fat?" She asks her husband. There is only one correct answer, as all husbands should know. "No, dear. " It does not matter if that is the truth. There is a higher purpose here - preserving the relationship. The same things happens when the husband is combing his hair and asks, "Am I getting bald?" The wife can answer, "A little thin on top," but that is all. Never say yes to this question.But joking aside, "white lies" are okay - The dinner is wonderful. Your bride is beautiful. Such a handsome son. Such a cute baby. A lovely home. Only someone, like your mother, can tell you that you need to use deodorant, or that you have bad breath. Being blunt is something that is very difficult to pull off socially.Perhaps this is because in a place with so many people who are new arrivals, and many people who move to new towns or states, public friendliness and politeness help keep the social world moving. It is one thing if you mostly socialize with your close relatives and friends from childhood, but quite a different thing when you are often in situations where you must establish harmonious relations with new people2. Conservatives love to speak against multiculturalism, so let me ask you this: what exactly is our US culture?look to the stereotypical deep south, THAT is the ideal conservative culture3. What makes the current US culture so broken?The U.S.has NEVER had much of a culture4. In US culture, should I tip the cashier/waiter if I am getting a to-go order from a restaurant/bar inside a hotel?Yes, but not as much as you would dining in.I tell you what... I blame it all on Starbucks & those damn tip jars that stare you in the face when you are paying for your coffee! Prior to those tip jars being at every Subway, Starbucks, Cold Stone, Cinnabon & every other place that employs pimply faced teenagers... People, in general, knew when a tip was required. Things have changed a lot in this industry. When I started, servers earned minimum wage & were NOT required to report any tips to their employer. I had been at my first waitressing job for over a year before they required us to start reporting 8% of our credit card sales. That Was in CA. My most recent job, in Idaho, I made significantly less than minimum wage & how they did the tips there, was they just taxed you as if you were making minimum wage. i would work some lunch shifts where I would eave with $5 in tips, but dinner shifts on the weekends, I could pull in $150. God... I hated that job! EXCEPT, those who receive a tip out from someone else, such as your server, unless you feel that person exceeded expectations & you want to give them "more". Depending on the establishment, your server will generally tip out busboys, hosts & bar staff. Sometimes, as in sushi restaurants, they will tip out the chefs. So, it is important to always leave a tip. Take out orders do not require nearly the same amount of service as a sit down meal, but they do require a server to break away from the customers who ARE dining in, to ensure that your meal is up to standard, pack it, ring it up, etc. When it's busy, that can be a tremendous hardship to do that. I worked at a very popular restaurant in LA, that was KNOWN for their take-out service. We had a separate level downstairs dedicated to just take-out. Weekends would have 4-6 people in a very tight space, each with a different duty, from phones, to packing, to making salads! We did app. $2000 in take-out & delivery & we earned every penny we made in those tips. I always say it is good practice to tip those who could possibly mess things up for you to the point where you could potentially have a bad experience. People get mad at me for suggesting that a server would do something to your food, or stop refilling your water, but I would not leave any of that to chance, personally. I once had a friend who would leave $20 in her hotel room every day she expected maid service. She told me she did that to ensure that none of her belongings would come up missing. I thought that was brilliant! Just sayin'...
Diy 8 X 8 Rgb Led Matrix with Controller
After making the 8 x 8 LED Matrix and Controller as part of my DIY Arduino Word-Clock, I had a view to making an RGB version of the LED Matrix.Unlike a monochrome LED Matrix, an RGB LED Matrix uses either Common Anode or Common Cathode LED. On the one hand, this simplifies matters somewhat, as you do not have so many connections and you can control a single set of Anodes (or Cathodes) in your multiplex of LED. On the other hand, this also means that an RGB LED Matrix is not simply an extension of a Monochrome LED Matrix, so I can't simply expand the controller to accommodate the additional LED colours.Before I continue, let me just say that there are many different approaches to achieving an RGB LED Matrix and the approach that I have taken is, by no means, the best or only method. The method that I have adopted makes use of 4 x 74HC595 Shift Registers to control the switching on and off of the LED.Initially, this instructable will deal with the physical construction of the matrix and controller as a "recipe" without any correspondence to the software side of the control for the matrix. I will touch on the software as a "conversation" and to give you an idea of where I am heading with the hardware.I will, at a later date, delve more into the software for driving the RGB LED Matrix.Parts ListAll parts were sourced from EBayOptional StuffThis is other stuff that I have used in making the matrix, such as a timber border for the plywood board. You might want to mount the board differently, so don't let me oppress your design id.When designing your LED Matrix, it's a good idea to sketch it out first so that you can work out some of the design problems before committing yourself and your resources to something that may just end up hanging in your workshop until you can find a use for it :) I have a couple of frames in my workshop that will languish there until I can come up with another project for them.Underpinning the LED Matrix is the soldering of each LED in the matrix into columns of Anodes and rows of Red, Green and Blue Cathodes (for Common Anode LED).The arrangement of the pins of your LED are critical to the predictable (and functional) working of the Matrix.The first image shows the arrangement of the pins.My RGB LED pins areRed - Anode - Green - Blue.The Red, Green and Blue pins are spread into a three tined (or pronged, if you prefer) fork. While the Anode pin is bent down and then across (as shown in the latter images).To achieve this, I first measured out and drilled the 5 mm holes in the plywood. In my matrix, the holes are 35 mm apart and I have left a 20 mm margin around the board for affixing a border onto the panel (both for aesthetics and for imparting some rigidity into the 6 mm panel).I then sprayed the upper side of the panel with a gloss white paint to give a good reflective surface for the lights.The LED were then inserted into the panel from the back and the Cathode pins were bent into their forks.I cut and stripped some solid core copper wire (from old telephony cabling) and soldered the rows together in their respective colours.With the rows soldered, I then bent the Anode pins, leaving, a 3 gap between the Anode pin and the lower layer of Cathodes. I cut and fitted some shrink tube at the bend so that there was some protection from shorting.Finally, I soldered the columns together and heated the shrink tube to "set" it.With the rows and columns soldered, the next task was to test each LED and each colour to ensure that there were no short-circuits. Usually, this is seen as two LED coming on when only one should :) I did have some shorts in my connections, but fortunately, these were all as a consequence of the forceps used to hold the copper wire touching other row/column traces.With the LED Matrix soldered, it's time for a well earned break.I have opted to make my RGB LED Matrix Controller using the 74HC595 Shift Register. This handy IC is often used to control 8 LED with the Arduino in a very simple Chasing Lights circuit. You can find any number of circuit designs on the Chasing Lights circuit on the interweb, so I won't go into much detail here.Shift Registers take a byte of data (an 8 bit binary number) and send each bit to it's corresponding data pin (of which there are 8). Shift Registers can be "daisy-chained" together with the Serial Output feeding the next Shift Registers Data Input pin. Should you feed a 2-byte (16 bit) number to the network of Shift Registers, the 1st 8 bits are consumed by the 1st Shift Register and the 2nd 8 bit number is consumed by the 2nd, and so on.I have designed my daisy-chain of Shift Registers to be modular - interconnecting "sister" boards, that is, each board has an input and output block of pins which can be connected together to make 4 boards in total.The boards for the Cathodes are the same as each other, the only variation is that the Red Cathode board uses 330 ohm resistors, while the Green/Blue Cathode boards use 220 ohm resistors. This difference in Red versus Green and Blue is as a result of the difference in the forward voltage of the Red element when compared to the Green and Blue elements. If they all had the same value resistor, the board would be strongly red biased, so this is balanced by changing the resistor used.The board for the Anodes is different again as it does not have any resistors, nor does it have an output block (this is the terminal board). The other difference is that the Anode Shift Register does not have the "Output Enable" pin connected, as it is not used in output.The controller is expected to receive a 32 bit binary number from the microcontroller, which is handy, because Arduino doesn't directly handle > 32 bits (AFAIK).The modularity of the boards also means that I can locate them more freely within an enclosure.I made a platform for the Controllers out of an off-cut piece of plywood and some timber stand-offs cut from the 12 mm x 12 mm pine from the frame. The platform serves two purposes:The stand-offs were glued to the underside of the matrix and then the platform was screwed into the stand-offs. Each of the daisy-chained 74HC595 modules were then attached to the platform with 4 M3 nuts and bolts.I'll make another of my Small Footprint ATMEGA328P board to drive the matrix and attach it to the platform.This task is pretty much a procedural one.It's important to progress methodically and with some patience.I started with the Anode (black) rows by measuring each wire in turn, stripping, tinning and adding a Du Pont female connector at one end and then soldering the wire to the appropriate row. As I went, I fitted the Du Pont connector into an 8 pin Du Pont Housing and then tested each anode wire as I went.As I am a little bit OCD, I made sure that I had a heat sink clamp attached to the row when I soldered the line to the row of anodes so that I could be sure that I wouldn't overheat the LED while I was still constructing. This was probably a little bit of overkill as I was not applying heat for more that 1.5 seconds and my iron was set to 320 degrees. The likelihood of heat damage was very low. But, then again, replacing a burned out LED in this matrix would be a pain in the butt.After soldering the Anode rows, I then moved on to soldering the Red, Blue and then Green columns. When I was soldering the columns, I passed the wire under the anode line so that there was an isolated spacer separating the anode from the cathodes ... although, that doesn't protect the other anode rows.With the platform, circuitry and wires the clearance that I need behind the LED matrix is approximately 30 mm. When I come to building the housing for the LED Matrix, I will need to make allowance for this in my design.I've made a Small Footprint ATMEGA328P board to control the 4 x 74HC595 boards and fitted it onto the platform at the back of the matrix.To connect the ATMEGA328P to the controller boards, I made a simple connector board with a couple of pin headers soldered to wires with a 5 pin Du Pont connector. This means that the connections to the controller boards is as low profile as I can manage (without soldering the wires directly to the ATMEGA328P board. I don't want to do that because I want to be able to plug in my ICSP add-on board to program the ATMEGA328P, maybe change the sketch, maybe add in some other jiggery-pokery (such as a WiFi module later on).I've made use of MadWorm's PWM/SPI sketch to control the matrix, and I am very pleased to say that it works just peachy.The last two images show the 8 x 8 RGB LED Matrix in action with the sketch.All in all, I am very pleased with the results.I hope that this instructable is useful for y'all.So far, the LED Matrix and Controller are independent of any software. The Matrix doesn't care about the controller, so long as it can send HIGH/LOW instructions, it isn't bothered.The Controller doesn't care about the Matrix, nor does it care about the microcontroller. All that the Controller cares about is GND, Vcc (5V), Data, Latch, and Clock data. Where that comes from ... it doesn't care.This is a classic case of functional abstraction. Each of the components manage their own functionality.Before I start coding, I need to work on manufacturing a case for the LED Matrix. The overall design is still an open question. I am building the LED Matrix as a fairly simple piece of wall art, so the case design that I am leaning toward is a fairly standard square "shadow box" frame.In terms of my design goals for the software to run the LED Matrix, initially, I am going to work on a simple bit of control where each colour is either On or Off. When I have that working, I will start working on a design using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) so that I can have each of the colours on for a given percentage. As the Arduino doesn't allow me to do this via hardware PWM, I will have to implement software PWM ... luckily for me, there are some pretty good libraries and examples for that out there.Anyway, I will see you all soon.
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