Are Household LED Bulbs Suitable As Supplemental Light for Plants?

I use led lights for a planted fish tank, and all of the plants have very high light requirements, and it works fine. Mind you- each fixture (I have two of them), costs around 175.00 dollars, but if led's can grow plants in 20 inches of water in an aquarium, I am sure that for regular plants- led's will do fine.

1. Blues was one of the main factors that led to the birth of Rock and Roll.?

Yes the blues petatonic scale was the basis of the petatonic scale.. Blues orginally came from africa to the western world.. i.e guitar, bass guitar, drums were used in africa to play folk songs. . It was the conversion of classical music that made scales that then made jazz then many american blues guitarist used the classical and jazz scales to help create modern blues in America in the 20's american blues is as old as jazz is to america.. then in the late 40 early 50 you had R&B... some R&B and early Rock & Roll.. musicians Elvis played blues and R&B, Fats Domino R&B, Chuck Berry R&B and early Rock &Roll, Buddy Holly country and Rock and Roll. .Holly and Berry came up with standards in early days of speed and thier chord progression.. the Beatles credit Fats Domino for thier sound..Elvis opened up music from early unknown black blues musicians he had heard at younger days he was influenced by that and country music also from early country music.

2. What led to the success of Nordic countries?

Small populations. There never have been many Scandinavians, so there's always more to go around. Like the family w/one child or no children, they can afford that extra vacation or bigger car or both.Jutland has always been one of the most fertile areas of Europe allowing for Denmark's material wealth. Prior to oil discovery in the North sea Norway was never known as a particular success, now they are the Saudi Arabia of the North,While we are talking the dark side, Scandinavia has always been way up there in alcoholism and a leader in suicides. MOF, Denmark has consistently led Europe in alcoholism.So what would you rather have, a drunken wife and a dead dad (by his own hand) or a little less bread in the pantry? And who sez they are such a success anyway? WTF have they done lately. Saab is gone, Volvo is on the way out. Is Erickson still around? Scandinavia, schmadinavia

3. Lighthouse LED simulator [closed]

You can do this with one 555 and a flip-flop, plus a single PNP BJT (or p-channel MOSFET). Low output = ON. Toggle the FF with the 555 output. The 555 discharge resistor R4 gives you the 750msec 'ON' time. The charge resistor R1 R4 gives you the 7. 5 seconds or 1 second when paralleled with a second resistor (switched by the BJT) R1||R2 R4. This is pretty easy. Use a FF compatible with your supply voltage (eg. 4000 series CMOS for >5V or 74HC for

4. What led you to reject your former religion?

They acted like they were all under mind control and like the poster above me said..They would not listen to anything that went against their dogma. They will only accept who they want to into their club and I was not good enough for it.

5. How to toggle LED on button press?

hello sachleen try this code it working I edited from your code

6. led tail lights or stalk with blue dot?

I would play it safe and go with the LED's

7. Where do I go to get HALO LED headlights installed?

look for a custom shop in your area, if you were in the los angeles area you would see ryan over at west coast customs for all your needs

8. connecting common anode rgb led

Connect the common anode pin to 3.3 volt and each of the other pins to a GPIO (add a current limiting resistor between the LED and the GPIO pin. To Light one of the colors set the corresponding GPIO pin low

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On September 24, the 2021 Guangdong 21st century Maritime Silk Road International Expo with the theme of "new stage, new concept and new pattern" was grandly launched, and relevant forums and theme activities were officially opened.One belt, one road chairman, Mr. Li Mantie, chairman and President of Lehman optoelectronics, was invited to attend the theme forum of the 2021 Guangdong International Maritime Silk Road International Exposition twenty-first Century, the parallel forum "one belt and one road" Regional Cooperation Forum and the keynote speech on the new trend of Micro LED Ultra HD leading the future."One belt, one road" one belt, one road of industrial ecosystem, can maximize the role of industry in guiding and aggregated industries, and promote the optimization of industrial structure and value chain along the "one belt and one road", so as to promote economic cooperation and common prosperity of the countries along the line.The current "one belt, one road" With the steady progress of major infrastructure construction in countries and cities along the line, countries along the line have a large demand for equipment in transportation, security and other fields, which also creates more business opportunities for the application of LED screens in integrated command and control centers, conference rooms, stations and airports. Chinese LED display Enterprises produce more than 80% of the world's LED displays, especially in 4K / 8K ultra-high definition In one belt, one road area has been playing a leading role in the LED display market.One belt, one road of global innovation, is based on the global technology and market layout. It hopes to deepen the multi field cooperation with more innovative enterprises along the belt and achieve win-win development.One belt, one road round Forum China, one belt, one road, was held by Chairman Li Mantie, executive chairman Wang Yanguo of the Asia Pacific Trade Agreement, Zhang Mingxin, deputy secretary of the China News Agency, Zhang Mingxin, Zhang Dachun, executive director of the Strategic Research Institute of Shenzhen, financial commentator of Phoenix satellite TV, Song Xinqiang, and Lv Zhidao, chairman of the wing wing group. Opportunities and challenges for international cooperation. China China's China one belt, one road to the world, will be a key to the development of the Gou Jianxin industry. He said that Lehman photoelectric as a representative of the scientific and technological circles and the industrial sector will fully implement the new development concept, grasp the opportunity of the development pattern, bring China's wisdom, Chinese creation and Chinese technology to the world, and work with all parties to promote the "one belt and one road" construction.During the exhibition, as the world's leading led ultra-high definition display expert, Lehman optoelectronics appeared with 324 inch micro led 8K ultra-high definition display screen and Lehman ledhub intelligent conference display system this time, focusing on Lehman's innovative and characteristic applications in various application scenarios in the ultra-high definition field through rich forms such as physical experience, interactive interaction, customized 8K ultra-high definition video, exhibition board and manual display.
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