Are Plastic Water Bottles the New Straw?

Most hotels use plastic bottles everywhere from complimentary welcome drinks to the in-room refrigeration units and dining areas. With San Francisco airport announcing a ban on sales of plastic water bottles, is it time to think of alternatives?While hygiene and cost of transport certainly play a role to favour plastic bottles, it is important to understand that plastic bottles often pollute our oceans, are single-use items and can only be recycled once or twice. By the time they reach the end of their life, plastic bottles all too often end up in landfills or at incineration plants.

The beach resort Kaya Mawa has found a simple, yet obvious, solution to reduce the number of plastic bottles. The beach resort, situated on beautiful Lake Malawi, has turned back to an old practice: offering reusable drinking bottles to every guest. The branded bottles are made from aluminium and are refilled and washed daily.

Today, Kaya Mawa is not alone in the global movement to reduce plastic drinking bottles.Hilton has already removed plastic drinking bottles from their conference rooms; Six Senses bottles their own water; and 1Hotels offers filtered water as part of their switch-out no plastic campaign.The plastic bottle has now become the primary target after most hotels successfully banished the plastic straw. Arguably there are a few concerns when switching to reusable bottles: high initial costs, extra resources for cleaning, potential theft, and hygiene.Drinking bottles made from aluminium, stainless steel, and glass can be used multiple times, are durable and indefinitely recyclable. While each hotel is uniquely embedded in their own environment, these points are good to consider before moving away from plastic bottles:Check if the tap water safe for consumptionOffer free water to guests and install refill stations on the hotels premisesFind the bottlenecks of switching to reusable water bottles and calculate the costs involved in making the switchProduction of reusable glass, aluminium, stainless steel, and hard-plastic bottles varies in CO2 and energy consumption: calculate their footprint and compare before making a purchase decisionFind a suitable reusable drinking bottle and hand it to guests for the duration of their stayBe consistent and dont forget to offer reusable water bottles to staff members as wellEvery minute, one million plastic bottles are bought. Most of these are single-use items; not recyclable and end up in our environment. Travellers and hotel guests are becoming increasingly aware of these facts and have started to demand an end to single-use plastic.A move towards reusable bottles should be on every hotels agenda, once hygiene and water safety is ensured.

If you have any questions on sustainability or would like to find out how to further reduce plastic in your hotel, get in touch with me


Do you agree that plastic straw "problem" is small and doesn't impact the environment that much compared to plastic coming from fishing nets?

The only thing I agree is that the Plastic Industry (Koch Brothers, Putin, Saudi Arabia Murderous Assassin MBS etc) lobbied, that is, paid for the GOP or Republicans to bar any law that would force them to recycle plastic, that is, the lobbied such that us, the taxpayer and the environment would paid for their expanded profits.The reasoning is the following and applies to many industries:Company A has a product that is addictive and extremely profitable (e.g. plastic, tobacco, oxydin). Company A knows that tobacco will cause cancer and tremendous healthcare expenses and want to be shielded from them - while keeping all the profits. This means that they want to have the results of the sale to be excluded arbitrarily from the cost of doing business and toss those cost onto the public.Company B has a product (plastic, gasoline, coal, pesticides, oxycontin, etc) are extremely profitable but have nasty residual effects:Plastic will destroy the environment, make every fish unedible or dead, change our gender assignments randomly (plasticizers are endocrine disruptors that affect sexuality in the animal kingdom). They will also shrink your gonads and your sperm count. .Pesticides affect us by giving us cancers galore and pollinating bees by killing their colonies. It has been shown that they are neurotoxins that make the worker bees lazy and distracted - not caring for the pulps, which dooms the colony). They also affect the ability of bees to create internal maps of food source location - reducing food collecting productivity and pollinating. Plastics are the most evil. Turtles, Whales, Sharks, everything under the sea is being poisoned by plastic ingestion. Since we eat fish, we are also being poisoned - by the plastic bags we get for free at the supermarket, by the unnecessary straws we use to drink, disposable plastic cups, plastic everywhere.So, all these companies want to dump the cost of cleaning after their product onto the taxpayer. To achieve that, they buy out whole Parties. Currently, the ones in the Payroll are the Republicans but one should watch out for individual behavior. Ruthless Senators, Spineless Republicans are cheap to buy. Hence, we shouldnu2019t be debating which one is the least evil of all evils.We should tackle the problem up front. The source of Evil is the Republican complicity with Oil (Russia, Saudi Arabia, Putin, Koch Brothers). That precludes tacking Humanity Threats such as Global Warming, Plastic Everywhere Pollution, Pesticides causing Cancer, Destroying Crops, Causing Famine. SOLVE ALL HUMANITY PROBLEMS BY VOTING TRUMP AND THE REPUBLICANS OUT OF POWERDo you agree that plastic straw "problem" is small and doesn't impact the environment that much compared to plastic coming from fishing nets?

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