Are There No High Speed Motor Bikes in Taiwan?

Accidents are frequent. Policeman have BMW motorcycles. There are no limits to the size of the bike; classification is "Super Heavy Motorcylces"; Harley-Davidson and Goldwing clubs tour the island at times. Wealthy citizens are frequently seen running in groups on 1100cc Yamaha crotch rockets. You are probably located in a city area where they are not much fun to drive, hence you do not see them.

1. Can you bore a 43cc motor to a 100-150cc motor?

Sorry John but I highly doubt you can do it. You want to more than double the cubic centimeters. This would require twice the bore size. Save your money and get a bigger scooter. Not too many scooters around where I live John but there are still a wide variety of engines that come into my shop. You would have to consult your local dealer or parts supplier to find out what size of piston is available for overbore. This will depend on how thick your original cylinder is and what the manufacturer makes for it. Whatever the maximum is it still wo not improve your power enough to "pop a wheelie". By the time you buy parts required and pay your machinist to overbore you would have a good down payment on a bigger one.

2. 1998 Jeep window motor regulators?

You get what you pay for. Aftermarket may be cheaper, but quality is an issue. Not that the Jeep regulators deserve an award, they have some major issues. One good thing, well two good things that come with a dealer purchase is 1) you get a one year warranty 2) your guaranteed fit (which is a problem with the aftermarket) I sell the left front for $295. 00 Also, you can always barter with a dealer (yeah, we do not like to do it, but it can be done)

3. DC Motor Rotate Direction

Two half bridges or two SPDT relays will allow you to control on/off and direction with two pins

4. Outboard motor ignition max current?

Older outboards typically used a solenoid to energize the starter motor, and depending on the solenoid size, will draw from 3 to 7 amps at 12v. Larger, late model outboards use a slave solenoid energized by a relay, which will draw 1-2 amps at 12v from the key switch. More info on the year and model of outboard is required for a more accurate answer.

5. Control DC Motor with Servo Controller

The motors you salvaged from the RC car (as they were connected to an ESC) will be brushless 3-phase DC motors. These motors need an ESC.An ESC is controlled in pretty much the same way as a servo. It expects 1 to 2 ms pulses at a nominal 50 times a second. 1 ms will be off, 1. 5 ms half-throttle, and 2 ms full-throttle. Some ESCs can be driven at higher update frequencies (up to a maximum of 500 Hz) for better responsiveness.The ESC and servos may be driven by the Adafruit servo board. However you do not need that board, the Raspberry Pi can provide the needed pulses without additional hardware in a more flexible fashion (for instance different update frequencies for servos and ESCs, more steps between off and fully-on).You can not drive normal DC brushed motors with an ESC

6. What is the best motor oil?

Basically all motor oil in the US is the same, despite all the hype over brands and claims. Look on the container of oil and you will see lettering like "SAE-****" all oils must conform to standards

7. motor t oc spray usmc?

There are different levels of certification for OC, I would expect for Motor T you would not need any of them. If they were to OC cert you, it does suck, but just like any other training of the type you do it and then its done. OC is part of the Non-lethal weapons course, if you end up there that is the most likely chance of you needing to get OC sprayed. After you get sprayed you can still open your eyes but you have to constantly blink them to try and clean out the spray, it will burn for an hour or so, then for the next day or so certain things can re-activate it, but for the most part the worst is done within the first 15 minutes or so

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