Are You Looking Forward to Trailer Park Boys Season 8?

Not another night of the Sh*t abyss Mr lahey lmao....can not wait

1. What is it about those trailer park boys, what kind of spirituality do they possess?

Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. The one "knock knocking" on the door is probably the Baptist pastor out soulwinning.

2. How much did Trailer Park Boys: The Movie make in the Box Office?

OMG! i have been trying to find it too! god its really annoying:P

3. what did they rename sunny-ville in the last episode in trailer park boys? PLEASE HELP?

Why Would u watch that? Nitro Circus is going to be way betterrr And Viva la bam and rob & big is still watchable :)

4. Have you ever seen the trailer park boys?

i think all of the above. sometimes funny sometimes i just want to turn the channel

5. Does Bubbles on Trailer Park Boys have Down Syndrome?

No, he just has really bad eyesight, and was a very abused kid. The life he has now is a major step up according to descriptions in earlier shows and movies, which is why he's happy with it

6. Why does the show Trailer Park Boys have every brand name and logo blurred out?

they may have not got permission by the brands that were in the movie. if they had unblurred it they could possible be sued by anyone of the name brands for tons of money for all we know. and sometimes when you get permission from the name brand such *** Dorito's or faygo or something then they expect to get some type of profit from whatever the movie makes from using their brand in it, and sometimes they will Just allow it so people who havent heard of or ate Dorito's before would actually be like whats a dorito? i want to try some of those and they would Just go out and buy it meaning the name brand will make a profit regardless or something like that, do you get what I mean?

7. Do you know anyone in real life who could be the "Trailer Park Boys"?

yea,disciple-belongs in trailer trash!!! his mother is from the jerry springer show!!!

8. Is the Canadian show "Trailer Park Boys" popular or even half popular in USA?

Never seen or heard of it... USA FTW!!!!

9. What moron executive is turning down Trailer Park Boys?

probably because its just TOO CANADIAN

10. Do you think trailer park boys is funny?

Not really, some of it is sort of amusing

11. What is the actor's name that plays Bubbles in Trailer Park Boys?

not sure...but i love that show!

12. Is their any show similar to Trailer Park Boys?

Jackass & viva la bam

13. Are you a fan of the Trailer Park Boys and if so whats your favourite episode?

Yes! It has to be between Conky, Steve French and Who Invited these Idiots to my Wedding?. But really, I love them all!!!

14. what are the trailer park boys characters names?

To the person above: Do not forget Corey and Trevor!

15. Are you a fan of the Trailer Park Boys? Just how many people watch that show? Answer as small as you want.?

Love it! I think my fav. episodes are the "samsquanch" LOL! and the one where they hijack Rita MacNeil's tour bus

16. Are there any other Americans out there who love Trailer Park Boys??? (Or even heard of it?)?

I have heard about it but have never seen it

17. Have you seen the Canadian TV Show called "Trailer Park Boys"?

I've watched it before, it is funny and weird at the same time

18. Question on the show Trailer Park Boys?

Ther weas count down to liquor day, and a christmas special, and theres a new movie coming out in a year or so

19. Who loves the Trailer Park boys and who is your favourite character? mine is Bubbles!?

OMG I thought I was the only one!! Bubbles is great...Ricky I think needs help..Julian is hot

20. Who is the best hockey player in Trailer Park Boys?

BQ: J-Roc calls Randy a "Combo, Battlestar Gawacktica, onion ring flux capacitor"

21. why isn't there a trailer park boys character for mugen?

cuz the elecbyte guys dont feel like adding them

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Trailer Park Boys Season 10 Premieres Tomorrow on Netflix. Will You Binge Watch Most of Season 10 To
Now, it's finally tomorrow and I am getting ready to watch very soon! I love that show! Have fun =)1. Does Reverend Soleil know he looks like Julian from the show Trailer Park Boys?Obviously, they shared a common ancestor - lol!2. Trailer Park Boys Funniest Show Ever?I am in the US and saw it for a while on satellite. It's disappeared from the line up, I am sorry to say. I thought it was hysterical. I wish they would show it again. I swear, I know some of those guys! I read that the actors always stay in character when doing interviews.3. Why does the show Trailer Park Boys have every brand name and logo blurred out?bidda both4. WHEN is the new Trailer Park Boys going to be aired? UK?New series of Trailer Park Boys have not been made, nor will it ever get made. The final series made, has been previously shown in the UK on Paramount Comedy. The only future plans are the second Trailer Park Boys film, "Countdown to Liquor Day." This is going straight to cinema as a real release film. According to the makers of the programme, this is definitely the last Trailer Park Boys thing. And they will never make a new series. It is currently scheduled for an October 2009 release, in Canada, and probably soon after, in UK cinemas. Edit (well more of a "complaint for the purposes of correcting your complaint"): Ok, look what I have presented here is the truth, so there's no need to be rude to me. Now, when I say second, I mean second theatrical. I am aware of the other two "films" that I have not mentioned, I am sorry I should have been more specific as to have used the word theatrical. You are aware the other two "films" are the original pilot episode, not a theatrical film. And an experimental film made before the pilot, again not a theatrical film. I am sorry we have two different ideals of what a film is, and I am sorry I did not use the word theatrical. As for your "confirmation", this is an actor, actors do not have the authority to comfirm what is going to happen with a programme, unless they have somebody of higher authority in the programme supporting this, which Cyrus does not. I can not remember the actor's name either, so I will just call him Cyrus. Actors have no real influence over the decisions of a programme's future. Plus, when an actor says they are doing something, nine times out of ten they are saying they would like to do something not necessarily that they are going to. How can you classify my answer as wrong? I do not mind if I do not get a best answer, I simply wanted to help. But you have no right to say that my answer is wrong because of, a technicality where I failed to use the word theatrical, and Cyrus "confirming to you" that Cyrus wants to make a new series. The simple fact of the matter is that they are not making any more series, whether Cyrus wants to or not, whether Cyrus thinks they are or not. Just because an actor says something is going to happen, does not necessarily mean it is. "Before I have tried to answer the question"? Sorry, where did I not try to answer the question!? Just because you have this delusional ideal that my answer is wrong, does not mean it is or that I have not tried to answer the question. I am sorry, how would you like me to answer it? Would you like me to lie? Or would you like me to choose the only time-based answer I can actually give, "never"?! I do not normally get ratty with people like that, but you have a lot to learn about the world of film and television. I am not saying another series would be a bad thing, I would love a new series, I love the programme as well, but the simple fact of the matter is it's not going to happen. The current plans are not to make another series ever, if Cyrus thinks they are something is seriously wrong with his agent. I've put this is another paragraph, as you really need to read this bit: The makers of the programme do not want to make another series. Since they have the power of control and the copyright ownership, if they do not want to do another series, another wo not get made. Simple as. I am sorry that you had such faults with my answer, I am not sure if you are unaware of how film and television really works, or if you are just delusional. Either way I hope you listen to me this time, and I am sorry for being so angry in my response.
TV Shows Similar to "Weeds" and "Dexter"?
In Canada we have a show called Trailer Park Boys. It's about three men who spent their whole lives in a Trailer Park always finding ways to get rich, grow dope, and piss off the trailer park supervisor (that happens naturally). They always end up in jail or back where they started after a season arc. It's done in a documentary style because one of the lead characters hired a film crew to document his life and they capture everything, even their enemies P.O.V. Sometimes the characters will throw stuff at the camera crew and tell them to get lost, or quit following them all the time but the drama and action goes on. It has lots of swearing that gets beeped out though but it's hilarious. It comes on a channel along with Weeds and Dexter.1. Which Trailer Park Boys character is your favorite and why?Julian - something about constantly holding his rum & coke2. Where Is Trailer Park Boys in Nova Scotia Filmed?For seasons 1-4 it was set in various Trailer Parks in the Halifax area. From season 5 on it they have used a set at the old Halifax County Regional Rehabilitation Centre on Bissett Rd in Cole Harbour, which is maybe 45 minutes from Halifax. I am not sure exactly how far away it is; I've been to Halifax a few times, but never to Cole Harbour.3. What is the best site to watch Trailer Park Boys?I would guess maybe in a trailer park?4. Opinion on Canadian tv show Trailer Park Boys?I thought it was funny, what I've seen of it. I do not know if it's still shown in Canada, but I have not seen it in about a year here in the lower 48. I have a cat, and the line Bubbles says when he's being taken to jail touched me. "who's going to take care of my kitties?" Here's a guy who has not got a window to throw it out of, much less a pot, and he's worried about his cats.5. Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys?Conky needed to die so that Bubbles could be free. However, Conky is never truly dead6. Have Cory (Cory Bowles) and Trevor (Michael Jackson) been permanently written out of Trailer Park Boys?Michael Jackson smokes Fall Out Boy's version like a Cuban cigar! EvilSandia that's hilarious dude lmao!7. Your thoughts on the Trailer Park Boys, t.v. show or movie?Love both I like the show better cause I can watch more of them. Shut the **** up Conky!8. Do americans know/watch the Trailer Park Boys?unless you mean the trailer park boys on Jerry Springer.....then no!9. Who is your favorite Trailer Park Boys cast member?Bubbles! I like that show10. What are your 5 favorite tv shows?1. Seinfeld 2. Titus 3. Trailer Park Boys 4. Homicide Detective with Joe Kenda 5. Sons of Anarchy11. Are you looking forward to Trailer Park Boys Season 8?Not another night of the Sh*t abyss Mr lahey lmao....can not wait12. Are you a fan of the Trailer Park Boys and if so whats your favourite episode?Yes! It has to be between Conky, Steve French and Who Invited these Idiots to my Wedding?. But really, I love them all!!!13. anybody heard of the trailer park boys?yup I heard of them alright, from my insight they are rebellious rappers of downtown U.S.A who try to compete with the likes of piff diddy and nelly.But to no avail they just can not .Sorry to say it!14. Who's your favourite character from Trailer Park Boys?I agree, Ricky is hilarious15. Trailer Park Boys - what is wrong with american TV?May-be it might civilize the kid's . They like Dog the bounty hunter and army and narc show's16. is everything that happens in trailer park boys actually 100% real?Its a fake documentary TV show. Filmed the way it is for comedic effect17. Help with a TV Programme!?The only thing that's coming to mind re: comedy/wheelchair is Ricky's father on Trailer Park Boys18. Could Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys ever get a girlfriend?I would do him19. Who do you like more, ricky or bubbles in Trailer Park Boys?Bubbles is the 'sharpest person in the trailer park'
Family Guy Or the Simpson's Or Trailer Park Boys?
The Simpsons... Family Guy is ok. I feel like it gets old... sometimes they have good jokes, I have to be in the right mood to watch it... I've never seen Trailer Park Boys. Simpsons is just timeless, I've been watching the older seasons, it's a great show.1. Are you going to see the trailer park boys movie??I saw it! I enjoyed it very much. The theatre was loud and noisy. I really enjoyed every scene in the movie. I tried to identify which points from the TV show were being used. I was happy that Ricky and Lucy can get married successfully which is something that has been difficult for them to make happen in other instances of tpb. I thought the movie exceeded every expectation I had and left me completely surprised at how good a job the production team did2. Anyone know anything about the Trailer Park Boys? Is the phrase "Dirty White Boy:"commonly associalted w/ it?Im a big TPB fan and I do not recall that as being a common saying at all. Knowhatimsayinnn?3. What is with Bubbles on The Trailer Park Boys?he kicks ***. thats a badass show4. Canadians, who's your favorite character on the Trailer Park Boys and why?I think the question should be "Canadians, how does it feel to be Americas' retarded little brother?" Canadians are funny because we allow it. NOW GO OFF AND HUMOR ME YOU GOOFY CANUCK!!!!!!!5. Why does the show Trailer Park Boys have every brand name and logo blurred out?bidda both6. Are there any retail stores in the US where I can find the Trailer Park Boys DVDs?You could try HMV... As long as the Dvd you buy is Region 1, then yes. It can play on Canadian and American Dvd players =) Danny7. Is that real pot in the series Trailer Park Boys?its real hemp plants, a farmer in N.B was trying a test field and let the boys have their way with it, Alas it was THC-free, no getting high. Reta McNeil picking dope, great Canadian t.v8. Does anyone know any good television shows like the show trailer park boys?Arrested Development or Curb your Enthusiasm9. Is Trailer Park Boys a Documentary?It's a mockumentary.......completely fictional10. Will anyone in Calgary be attending the Live Trailer Park Boys show at Deerfoot Casino?The boys without a doubt. Blue Oyster Cult will be playing for free at the Cecil this time next year, but the boys will always be a Canadian classic11. Who's your favourite character from Trailer Park Boys?I agree, Ricky is hilarious12. anybody heard of the trailer park boys?sure ,there just like the back side boys13. What is the song played by Rush in that Trailer Park Boys episode, at the end?This Site Might Help You. RE: What is the song played by Rush in that Trailer Park Boys episode, at the end? after the episode, where the boys sneak into a Rush concert, bubbles gets to be the guitar tech, and towards the end, Bubbles and the guitarist from Rush play a song on their acoustic guitars, and it continues into the credits, what song is this?14. How many seasons are there of the Trailer Park Boys, and are they going to make another one?This Site Might Help You. RE: How many seasons are there of the Trailer Park Boys, and are they going to make another one? I 15. Do you like the Canadian TV show called, 'Trailer Park Boys' - its on NETFLIX?I suggestion it was funny, what I've visible of it. I do not know if it's nonetheless shown in Canada, but i have not visible it in a few yr right here in the scale down forty eight. I have a cat, and the line Bubbles says when he's being taken to detention center touched me. "who's going to take care of my kitties?" this is a guy who has not bought a window to throw it out of, a lot much less a pot, and he's worried about his cats16. Have you ever seen Trailer Park Boys? Your view?Yes, I have seen every prequel, movie, pilot and episode and I have to say it's one of my favorites. Everyone I show it to wants to watch every episode too. I think it's one of the best shows that has been on t. v. in awhile because it is so gritty, real, original and hilarious. I love the show and I think that if most people knew about it they would like it too
Where Could I Download Free Episodes of Trailer Park Boys?
Trailer Park Boys Download1. Weed smokers only!!! best answer ten points!!?TRAILER PARK BOYS!!!! I loved that show on dope2. What is with Bubbles on The Trailer Park Boys?he kicks ***. thats a badass show3. Do you like the show trailer park boys?Not for everyone, but i love it4. Has anyone ever heard of the TV show called "Trailer Park Boys" and what do you think of them?This mockumentary shows exactly what comedy is all about. Originality, great performances, continuously great story lines and of course the way this show is set out. Bubble's is one of the most likable characters you will ever likely come across. Ricky is the drug dealer that for once every viewer is behind. He also has some great lines like 'Holy those guys up a lot' and 'Knock Knock... Off.' And there also needs to be the smart one who works out all the boy's plans and you can not do any better than Julian. Jim Lahey (Trailer Park Supervisor) and his assistant Randy are the perfect duo for a show like this with the police having no respect for them and nobody in the park having little respect for them. The best thing about the character's are they are addictions. Lahey and Randy's alcohol, Julian's Rum and Coke, Ricky's cigarette's ("Lets go, smokes") and Bubble's Kitty Cats. The side-splitting climax to series 4 just recently aired on Paramount Comedy, but in the mean time I am looking forward to series 5 getting brought to the UK. I am trying to be patient but please hurry up and bring it out! I recommend to everyone a trip to Sunnyvale Trailer Park5. trailer park boys?His name is Dan or something like that, but it's really Mike Smith, the guy who plays Bubbles. I love that. It's my favorite part! WHAT IN THE F#CK!!!6. Does Bubbles on Trailer Park Boys have Down Syndrome?Does Bubbles Have Down Syndrome7. How many seasons are there of the Trailer Park Boys, and are they going to make another one?I am a big fan so I am keeping up to date with it at the moment so I will let you know what I know. There are 7 seasons in total, a christmas special, a movie called "The Big Dirty" and a long episode that was released recently called "Say Goodnight to the Bad Guys". I have seen them all....check out the is brilliant. "Say Goodnight to the Bad Guys" was the latest release. There is a new long episode due out this fall which will carry on the story....and sadly that will be the last ever of Trailer Park Boys. No more after that. Sorry :( The working title of the new episode due out is so far called "Countdown to Liquor Day" but that title could change. This is the episode that will make it go out with a bang. I really hope so!8. Do americans know/watch the Trailer Park Boys?Trailer Park Boys, I see those white trash people in real life9. Have you seen the Canadian TV Show called "Trailer Park Boys"?no lol. but I love the show abandoned on National Geographic.....but now I am getting away from the question10. wheres the Trailer Park Boys Countdown To Liquor Day torrent?? i need it. i live in the usa. thanks.?Haha I am Canadian too just do not live there at the moment! ******* pissed! Haha I think u should go into the movies Again and record it on a camcorder then torrent it!11. Should I rent Trailer Park Boys ...the movie eh...for tonight?YOU CAN RENT ME TOO CHEAPER DEAL TULIPS.12. trailer park boys seasons/movie order.?I've seen this show only a few times and it is absolutely hilarious. The first time I saw it I was insulted, but after seeing it because i could not pick up anything else on the tv, I really enjoyed it. I would like to see more spin offs from a show like this. This is Melrose Place or 90210 on Welfare and it freakingly hilarious. The cast is very classic characters. The dialogue is cheesey and trite, but it all fits in perfectly. The entire production is cheap, but made to be purposely done that way. ..and it comes off great. There are few comedies that are not Hollywood formula and this is one. I can only state that for Canadian programming, this is far better than any "road To Avonlea" type programming. Lately Canadian television series have become very edgy and have defined characters with unique definition. ..and it's about time. It's time that comedy has gotten away from the "FRIENDS" and "FRASIER" type lame *** comedy writing and became creative like this show. I look for more series episodes and possibly a feature movie too. I've had the opportunity to live in a trailer park for several months in Florida, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and British Columbia. ..I can easily relate to some of the characters that I have met in this series to real life people. Fantastic view of a very unique position of life. Awesome job
How Many Times Was the Word "f*ck" Said in Trailer Park Boys?
I miss those guys terribly! I can not wait until their new show next year! 1. A lot, I personally have never kept count, but you have made me want to watch them all again and keep count ha ha! 2. Oh it's in thousand, definitely. It has to be! I think Randy is the only person keeping the count down to a bare minimum ha ha! 3. A couple of hundred times. Remember Rickys ending courtroom speech at the end of "The Big Dirty"? Has to be about 30 alone in that! I think its almost impossible to keep count because it starts to blend in naturally as part of the language and you end up thinking nothing of it! Brilliant stuff...if I ever do try it one day...I will let you know!1. is everything that happens in trailer park boys actually 100% real?This Site Might Help You. RE: is everything that happens in trailer park boys actually 100% real?2. What are your 5 favorite tv shows?1. Seinfeld 2. Titus 3. Trailer Park Boys 4. Homicide Detective with Joe Kenda 5. Sons of Anarchy3. What is the name of the movie?I dont know who they are but i looked it up and the movie NIGHT be called Trailer Park Boys. I HOPE I HELPED :P4. Will Trailer Park Boys ever make it back to US TV?I doubt it. My husband has some episodes on his computer too. I can not see it fitting into any of the line-ups these days5. Is J-Roc from Trailer Park Boys a real rapper?This Site Might Help You. RE: Is J-Roc from Trailer Park Boys a real rapper? I heard J-Roc is a real Canadian rapper is that true? If so please give me his real rapper name, the songs he has for the TV show are kinda catchy I wanna hear him not joking lol.6. Trailer Park Boys from Canada - have you seen it?Awesome ... so glad to see you loved the show! I do not know what part of Canada some people are from, but I can tell you that YES - some Canucks act like that!! lol That's what makes the show so funny!!! I think everyone can see a little bit of themselves in each of the characters. As to the show being sydicated in the States, here's a site from someone in Texas who watches the show. You might find some useful info there... I've also included the official site address, as well. Cheers from Canada!7. Do you love Bubbles from the trailer park boys?Bubbles is hilarious especially the episodes with Konky. I heard that he is quite good looking in person8. Does anyone have roku? Anything good on netflix to watch?Arrested Development is probably the greatest sitcom ever. I would also recommend Sherlock, Breaking Bad, Luther, and Trailer Park Boys9. anybody heard of the trailer park boys?yes, i dont like them10. Is Trailer Park Boys popular outside of Canada?I do not think so, I had a friend from wales once who knew all about it and I asked him the same question he said that only the cool kids watch it11. Is that real pot in the series Trailer Park Boys?yep it is!!12. have you seen trailer park boys?Awesome show. I do not think many Americans would get the costume. Combine the 2 and dress him as a cigarette/pot smoking beer drinking fat male drug dealer prostitute !13. Whats the song on the trailer park boys movie menu? help!?hugh dillon well on your way14. trailer park boys cars?i believe it to be a mid seventies monte carlo15. Where Is Trailer Park Boys in Nova Scotia Filmed?This Site Might Help You. RE: Where Is Trailer Park Boys in Nova Scotia Filmed? I'm totally obsessed with Trailer Park Boys, but I only know it's filmed in Nova Scotia somewhere. Can you please tell me where in Nova Scotia is was filmed? I've looked on a bunch of websites and couldn't find it.16. trailer park boys?its snoop doggs favorite show17. Anybody else think bubbles from Trailer Park Boys is so funny?OMG! LMAO! I LOVE that show! One of the funniest things to ever come out of Canada, and there have been some good ones. SCTV anyone? My boyfriend is from the Maritimes and used to live in Moncton. He loves hearing them talk about all these places that he knows so well from back home. We are in Ontario.
Where Does the Trailer Park Boys Movie Fit in with the Series?
It does not fit into the series. It was marketed for people who may have never seen the show1. trailer park boys movie sound track?Trailer Park Boys Soundtrack2. poll:how likes the trailer park boys? 10 pts to first to answer!?Trailer Park Boys is currently one of the best Canadian shows. My favourite is Ricky. He is hilarious for so many reasons, his attitude and demeanor, I love his car and how he messes with Randy3. Is the girl from Juno (Ellen Page) in the 2nd season of Trailer Park Boys?I just started rewatching the series and did a double take when I saw Trina. Glad i am not the only one that noticed4. Did anyone in this world ever hear of a show called "The Trailer Park Boys"?Sure - it's a Canadian show, shot in Nova Scotia. Home page below5. have you seen trailer park boys?It's on all the time (I live in Canada) you should dress up as Bubbles xD!!6. What is the name of the movie?I dont know who they are but i looked it up and the movie NIGHT be called Trailer Park Boys. I HOPE I HELPED :P7. Professional Wrestling: Can The People explain to everyone why The Trailer Park Boys are popular with wannabe professional wrestling fan?Never heard of them. I am guessing it's some American TV Show8. Is that real pot in the series Trailer Park Boys?its real hemp plants, a farmer in N.B was trying a test field and let the boys have their way with it, Alas it was THC-free, no getting high. Reta McNeil picking dope, great Canadian t.v9. trailer park boys season 8?????I think it starts in Jan /0810. Do americans know/watch the Trailer Park Boys?Trailer Park Boys, I see those white trash people in real life11. Is the Canadian show "Trailer Park Boys" popular or even half popular in USA?Never seen or heard of it... USA FTW!!!!12. What did you think of the series, "Trailer Park Boys"?The show is very funny. If you have direct TV, it comes on the network 101 channel. Not channel 101, it's somewhere in the early 200s.13. Do you like Randy's fat stomach on Trailer Park Boys?HEY BABY WANNA **** ME HARD14. Bubbles' eyeglasses from Trailer Park boys?Nope, no such site has that product... Try finding that in Hot Topic though... Good luck!15. Is it true that the guy who played bubbles in trailer park boys is actually jamaican?Nah, he's from Nova Scotia16. Good comedies in netflix instant?I love 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, The Office, Trailer Park Boys, Arrested Development. All are on Netflix Instant17. How many Trailer Park Boys movies are there?The new one just came out awhile ago in theatres. it should be hitting dvd soon18. What is the funniest sitcom ever on television?trailer park boys are fuuny that bubbles is crazy the simpsons are good too19. have u ever watched the show, "Trailer Park Boys" ?Yes, I have, and I hate it!20. Did anyone see Trailer Park Boys the movie? Was it good because the show is wicked?thats wat im gonna watch today man i cant wait cause man they do rock21. wheres the Trailer Park Boys Countdown To Liquor Day torrent?? i need it. i live in the usa. thanks.?please go film this for us!!!I it will defo never make it to ireland22. Are Americans aware of the show Trailer Park Boys?i doubt it.... they arent aware of much babez23. Is Trailer Park Boys popular outside of Canada?We have it here on sky but it comes on very late at night and on a channel thats quite low down on the listings. I wouldnt say a lot of people watch it or know what it is here in Britain but ive watched it a few times usually at about (1.00 - 2.00 am) when theres nothing else on and I thought it was quite funny. I think a lot of people over here dont understand the whole white trash kind of thing because over here we have chavs or neds24. are there any shows as good/funny/original as trailer park boys or the office?Well I like both of those shows so you might wanna try Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! its a little cheasy but its hilarious. I love it. Umm also try the Mighty Boosh (british Humor, if you like the british office then you will like it)
Has Anybody Seen the Trailer Park Boys Movie?
I thought it was freakin' hilarious, if you are a fan of the show, you will love it... it is the same but WAYYYYY over the top, and Alex Liveson ( from Rush) has a cameo roll that is quite funny1. Is it true that the guy who played bubbles in trailer park boys is actually jamaican?No it's not. Mike Smith was born and raised in Nova Scotia2. Will they ever air Trailer Park Boys in America?A limited release in the United States began on January 25, 2008. I dont think it was very well received. Perhaps they thought it was a true reality series !!!3. When will Fox get smart and bring "The Trailer Park Boys" as a sitcom down from Canada?It's a great show. I think because of its reliability on drug references it may have trouble finding sponsors for it in an American market4. Are Americans aware of the show Trailer Park Boys?Yes Ricky, Bubbles the whole gang very funny I am aware5. Does anyone have roku? Anything good on netflix to watch?Arrested Development is probably the greatest sitcom ever. I would also recommend Sherlock, Breaking Bad, Luther, and Trailer Park Boys6. Trailer park boys next season?Cory and Trevor (Played by Cory Bowles and Michael Jackson respectively) have both retired from the show and did not appear in the seventh season. The season premiere for the seventh season said that they had broken down and were in a mental institution due to the constant torment they received from Ricky. The remaining characters say they will never be coming back. I think they will though. Expect the unexpected from TPB !!!!!7. Does Bubbles on Trailer Park Boys have Down Syndrome?No, he just has really bad eyesight, and was a very abused kid. The life he has now is a major step up according to descriptions in earlier shows and movies, which is why he's happy with it8. What are the trailer park boys season rated?Rated R lol they swear in like ever sentence and smoke weed and drink the whole episode. It is funny thou9. what are some fun things to do all geeked up?watch trailer park boys10. JRock on Trailer Park Boys sucks this it even the same actor?? Same with Trevor?Both are the same actors as always. J-Roc is played by Jonathan Torrens and Mike Jackson is Trevor. The characters personalities are indeed different this year. J-Roc will be a father soon and Trevor, along with Cory, gained a lot of confidence since the beginning of the series.11. who knows about "trailer park boys"? I caught it on direct TV, it seems to be a Canadian show and is hilarious?Love it. I've seen most episodes. You can watch a lot of episodes on Youtube as well12. Opinion on Canadian tv show Trailer Park Boys?Absolutely ridiculous. Over the top, really.. Never found it very funny13. What is the song played by Rush in that Trailer Park Boys episode, at the end?Trailer Park Boys Rush Episode14. am I alone in disliking Trailer Park boys?Your not alone brother, I hate that show!! it makes no sense, and they use some corny, perverted jokes. That show sucks, it should be cancelled. The baddest Comdey Show ever.15. Who is your favorite Trailer Park Boys cast member?julian because he's the most logical one16. What moron executive is turning down Trailer Park Boys?because it is a show that plays on Showcase17. what's your currrent favorite TV show?Trailer park boys is pretty funny, but I do not know when it's on... HALP anyhoo... I like How I Met Your Mother a lot, which I guess just means that I am getting old and boring.18. What are your favorite T.V shows; do you like mine?Family guy, south park, Futurama, American dad, scrubs, pawn stars, Top Gear(american), Burn Notice, Trailer park boys, eastbound and down, NCIS, NCIS:LA, Tosh.O19. where can i find the dvd covers for the Trailer Park Boys seasons.?there is this site....its great for all kinds of cd and dvd is a dierct link to the trailer park boys section20. Have you seen the Canadian TV Show called "Trailer Park Boys"?I saw it, I did not like it
How a Crime Watch Can Benefit Your Business
Last Updated: Apr 25, 2014Many people realize that their neighborhood crime watch helps keep crime down where they live. But what about a crime watch program for you and your fellow business owners? Here's how one Indiana police officer says businesses and police departments can work together to deter crime. I recently contacted James Ghrist, the crime prevention officer for the Munster, Indiana Police Department, and I asked him about his Business Crime Watch program."Our Business Crime Watch program is modeled after our Neighborhood Crime Watch program," Ghrist told me. "When I took over as the crime prevention officer in 2005, I completely restructured the neighborhood program. I directed it towards keeping people informed; as I thought the more informed people are, the more likely they will be on guard against crime."Ghrist began to send out a Neighborhood Crime Watch Weekly Report. The report offers information on police blotter items, arrests, and a crime prevention topic each week. Ghrist sends the newsletter to the block captains and they forwarded it to their group members."In January of 2007 I decided to implement a Business Crime Watch program as well."Ghrist also sends out a Munster Business Crime Watch Weekly Report, which offers police blotter business items, business safety tips, and the same announcements as the neighborhood newsletter."The Business Crime Watch is a free program," Ghrist said. "The program is sponsored by our Choice Community Council, which is a citizens group that works with the police department by meeting to discuss anti-drug, anti-gang, anti- violence programs. They have a fund that pays for all the signs, the window stickers and so on."Ghrist said the Business Crime Watch Weekly Report keeps businesses informed about crime trends. The report also encourages businesses to call the police if they see something or someone suspicious."We give businesses involved in the program a window sticker to place on their front door and if there are a number of businesses in an area that sign up for the program, we put a yellow business crime watch sign up in that area," Ghrist said. "We now have more than 80 businesses, churches and nonprofit organizations."Ghrist said that the Business Crime Watch has large businesses like hospitals and large retail stores as well as small stores, neighborhood bars and restaurants."I believe it is important for the businesses community and the police department to work together on reducing crime," Ghrist said. "A lot of the businesses are supportive of the other community policing programs, like D.A.R.E. and Shop With a Cop.".I asked Officer Ghrist how a small business owner would benefit by joining the Business Crime Watch."The information I'm going to provide you with each week is going to help keep you and your employees informed about what is going on in town," Ghrist said. "It will help protect your business and your neighboring businesses because they are going to more aware and much more apt to call the police if they see suspicious people."Ghrist said that the Business Crime Watch also provides crime prevention tips. The tips help business owners take proper precautions."A Business Crime Watch creates a very strong communication link," Ghrist explained. "If a business owner does not see enough cops around, if a business has a problem with a certain customer, or if business employees see a suspicious person hanging around outside the business, they can call me to resolve the issue. I'll contact the patrol commander to get something done about it. I'm the liaison between the police and the business community."Ghrist, a ten-year police veteran, said that Munster has a very low crime rate, but they encounter the same business crimes as other towns and cities; burglaries, vandalism, and shoplifting.As part of the Business Crime Watch, Ghrist conducts business security inspections. He inspects businesses and gives them a list of things they can do to make their business a hard target.A small business should have security cameras and they should have a sign right at the front entrance that states customers are being monitored. Criminals have told the police that they tend to stay out of places with cameras.Ghrist also encourage business owners to install alarms. Many alarms can be set up through a cell phone, so if someone clips the businesses' phone wire, it will automatically set off the alarm and inform the business owner's cell phone.Ghrist said that he loves his job. He explained that he grew up in Munster, he has a lot of pride in Munster and he wants the town to remain a strong, safe community."A lot of places have Business Crime Watch signs," Ghrist said. "But our signs have a lot of meaning behind them. The signs mean that people are informed and that they are a band of people who look out for each other."Business owners should call their local police department and ask if they have a Business Crime Watch program. If they do, join it. If they don't, ask the police department to organize one.About the author: Paul Davis is a writer who covers crime & security for newspapers, magazines and the Internet. He can be reached at [emailprotected]
House of the Week: 4 Brickhill Drive, Dilston
5 Bed | 3 Bath | 2 Car Are the kids growing? Need a place for them to run, ride and generally have fun?Then this is the home for you!Located a short 10 minute drive north of Launceston and set on a magnificent block of some 4937m2, this home is massive.Outside, the gardens are a mass of greenery and flowers and wide open spaces are in abundance for the pony or the kids to play in without any obstacles being evident.The home is nestled amongst mature trees which offers privacy and a picturesque outlook.Recent improvements include the addition of the second story, ducted heating and cooling, solar panels and numerous other small changes.Inside, the home is ideal for families with five good sized bedroom and three bathrooms.Included in this count is the master bedroom or parents retreat, located upstairs not only does it include an en suite and walk-in-robe but access to the balcony and its very own family room.Creating the perfect hideaway.Imagine waking up and enjoying your morning coffee on the balcony and soaking in the views over the Tamar River, across to Legana and beyond.The remaining four bedrooms are located on the ground level and are all a good size, with one having the bonus of an en suite.The remaining ground level floor plan consists of the beautiful modern kitchen with formal dining and a family lounge.If entertaining is your thing an undercover entertainment area is provided as well as a 2.5m x 4m spa for the adventurous.All this near the water, ten minutes from town and in one of the most private settings you will ever see.Looking for a new home? This handy map of homes that are open for inspection will help your search.Click on the map below and zoom in on the desired suburb. Simply click on the pin for all the details.
Find Answers to the Hottest Questions About Fuel Injection
Do you want to know about fuel injection? Here are some frequently asked questions.1. What year did Dodge Dakotas get fuel injection?Lugnuts is correct. Dakotas had throttle body injection from 1988 thru 1991. Went to multi point fuel injection in 19922. What would cause hesitation in a 86 Monte Carlo with a V6 and fuel injection?Malibu, Monte Carlo, Lumina, and Grand Prix cars all had this hesitation problem. If you google Malibu hesitation or stumble/studder, you will see that it usually ends up being a clogged fuel filter or the fuel pressure regulator is going bad. I have a 01 Malibu which does this also, just no time to fix it. Its been a year and a half. Its one or the other that I mentioned above.3. How to tell if I have fuel-injection in my engine?That car its fuel look at your intake...theres no carb its fuel injected...allot of the older cars had carbs on its ask fuel injected...they mess with the computer instead of a jet kit4. Does a Common Rail Direct fuel injection system on a diesel consume fuel when engine braking?as long as the engine is running fuel is being consumed/not at rate of accelerating but some has to/5. Why is Multi Point Fuel Injection Better Than Dual Point?that would be dual port & multi port,you would have to change intake manifold to have multi port injection. big $$$6. How can you tell if a motorcycle is fuel injection or carburator?Fuel injected bikes have no petcock, and when you turn on the ignition, you can hear the fuel pump pressurizing the system. Fuel injection is superior in terms of performance and cold starting. It is VASTLY superior in terms of emissions. Carburettors are--in theory--easier to work on, but in reality, the required skills are quickly becoming a lost art. Four of my six bikes are fuel-injected, and have NEVER required the fuel system to be repaired. And, in case of failure, many of the newer injection systems have a "limp home" mode which will often allow the bike to continue operating, but with greatly reduced performance.7. As I have to leave my months old dominar apparently left untouched for 4months as of today due to covid, wr I have to leave Karnataka to my home state. What worries me is that will this long period of time does any technical issues to bike?Just check the battery and tyres of the bike. Do not worry about technical errors or problems the dominar is equipped with fuel injection. Only precaution to take is do not rev up the bike as soon as you start.8. I have a lawn mower that will not come on and stay on. It is a sears craftsman 3.75 hp model. Why won't it stay on?Your problem is fuel delivery. When you prime the carb, you are forcing fuel into the carb and the engine runs for a few seconds on what you injected in there. Engine vacuum is supposed to be enough to keep pulling fuel after that, but in this case it is not happening. There are a few possible causes: - Blockage in the fuel line. Probably not the problem here, since priming it works. Priming pulls through the same fuel line as the carb usually uses. I am including it for the sake of a complete answer. - Clogged fuel filter. Again, probably not the problem in this case. NOTE: fuel filters are uncommon on lower-tier mowers like this one, BUT it's a good idea and easy to do, to add one. - Vacuum leak. This is a lot more likely. There are a few gaskets here and there on the carbs of these little mowers, and a gap in any of them will let air into the vacuum instead of it pulling all the way through the carb. If you are of a mind, you can rebuild the carb with all new gaskets. - Broken float or stuck float valve. I think this is probably the source of your problem. The "float" is exactly that, a float inside the "float bowl," a little secondary container of fuel built into the carburetor itself. The float bowl is where the carb is actually drawing fuel from instead of the fuel tank, and the float valve and float work together to ensure the fuel level inside the bowl is always approximately the same - that way, the engine is always drawing fuel from a more-or-less consistent source. When you do not have fuel injection watching over things like this, these old mechanical methods are what get the job done, and they were adequate for nearly a century. If the float is broken, it sinks and cannot allow the float valve to open, so the bowl empties. You priming the engine squirts a little fuel into the bowl, but as you can see that's only enough for a few seconds at a time. The float valve (also called needle valve) being stuck is similar. NOTE: the way a lot of floats and float bowls are made, the float being punctured would cause the engine to flood and stay flooded all the time, and you would get lots of black smoke if you could get the engine to start at all. I strongly suspect your needle valve is stuck, or its passage is blocked. - Blocked jet or other fuel passage in the carb. This is what happens when you do not have a fuel filter. Just like the float valve being stuck, it does not take much to starve the engine of fuel, HOWEVER this is probably not your problem, since the engine will run with a few pumps on the primer. That suggests that with a little fuel added into the carb, it works but otherwise wo not keep going. Clogged passages and jets kill the engine regardless of how much fuel is in the carb. MY RECOMMENDATION: look closely at your float and float valve. Get a little carb cleaner in there and clean off any varnish that has built up and is causing things to stick. What causes it: age, old gas, storing without draining old gas. The fix might take nothing more than a single screwdriver to remove the float bowl and some carb cleaner. Once you have it off, you can get to the float and needle valve and do the needful. Good luck with it.
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