At Present, UAV Is the Most Commonly Used and Mature Application Direction in the Market

With the development of science and technology, many children will ask, and many friends who are about to enter the UAV industry, what else can UAVs do? In fact, UAVs are very widely used. UAVs are a platform. Like cars, they can pull goods, sit people, be fire engines, ambulances, etc.

Mounting different devices can achieve different purposes. For example, the most common is to mount a camera for aerial photography and police surveillance; Hang a medicine box for agricultural spraying, etc. Today, let's take a look at what UAVs can be used for, and the most commonly used and mature application directions on the market.

01. Aerial photography

This is the most common application we ordinary people see and the most widely used in the industry. UAV manufacturers represent Dajiang innovation. The UAV carries the lens and flies high into the air, bringing you a different aerial perspective experience. The use cost is low and the operation difficulty is small. Generally, novices can start aerial photography in five minutes. At present, UAV aerial photography is basically used in general weddings, activities and performances.

02. Agricultural spraying

Plant protection UAV, as its name implies, is an unmanned aircraft used for agricultural and forestry plant protection operations. This type of UAV is composed of three parts: flight platform (fixed wing, helicopter and multi axis aircraft), navigation flight control and spraying mechanism. It can realize spraying operations through ground remote control or navigation flight control, and can spray chemicals, seeds, powders, etc. It is mainly used by multi rotor UAV. At present, agricultural plant protection UAVs are widely used in Northeast China, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and other places. This industry is also the industry in which UAV pilots are engaged in the most.

03. Aerial survey and line patrol

UAV aerial survey is a powerful supplement to traditional aerial photogrammetry. It has the characteristics of flexibility, high efficiency, precision and accuracy, low operation cost, wide application range and short production cycle. It has obvious advantages in rapid acquisition of high-resolution images in small areas and difficult flight areas. With the development of UAV and digital camera technology, Digital aerial photography technology based on UAV platform has shown its unique advantages. The combination of UAV and aerial photogrammetry makes "UAV digital low altitude remote sensing" a new development direction in the field of aerial remote sensing. UAV aerial photography can be widely used in national major engineering construction, disaster emergency and treatment, land supervision, resource development The construction of new countryside and small towns has broad prospects, especially in basic surveying and mapping, land resource investigation and monitoring, land use dynamic monitoring, digital city construction and emergency disaster relief surveying and mapping data acquisition.

Line inspection refers to pipeline line inspection, power line inspection, etc. in China, where the transmission line has long ranked first in the world, UAV mounted special pod is bound to play a more important role. The efficiency of UAV line patrol is 40 times higher than that of manual line patrol. The use of UAV for line inspection can reduce the labor intensity, improve the speed and efficiency of maintenance and overhaul, and greatly reduce the cost

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