Battery Saver Light Indicator Is On?

If the battery is original to the vehicle (6 years old) I would replace it. Original equipment GM batteries are only 3 year batteries. But if the battery is newer and you were listening to the stereo for a while, say a couple of hours, I would not worry about it. Hope that helps! Jim

1. battery vs hydrogen cars?

batteries are less confusing. people like what they can understand

2. Dead car battery...?

Unless your name is Homer, I would say idle for fifteen minutes. Then by the time you drive somewhere, it should be good to go

3. Samsung Note 2 battery went totaly drain even after changing to new battery?

2 days isnt bad for a note 2? Make sure you are using the original 2A charger and wire and that the replacement battery is an ORIGINAL one.

4. Is my Droid X battery faulty?

Smart phones last about 8 hours on a charge, depending on what you run on them. Download "Advanced Task Killer" to shut off the apps that run in the background which you do not need

5. Charge condition of lead acid battery

For lead acid batteries, voltage is good enough for reporting state of charge. Especially if you do not need detailed time information and just want to report "low battery".It's not exactly linear, but it's close enough: Battery discharge curves.

6. Mustang Battery Draining?

You have something messed up

7. Nikon coolpix camera battery?

Most (but not all) take standard AA batteries - just buy a new set. Lithium last longest, but they are expensive, Ni-Mh rechargeables (with charger) are expensive to start but pay for themselves, and Alkalines just can not cut it. If your camera comes with a rechargeable battery, you should have a charger with it. Very few cameras can be charged through USB - this is only to add pictures to your computer. Your best bet is to consult your manual.

8. battery will hold a charge and sometimes not?

Sounds like you need a new battery to me

9. how do you increse battery life on a laptop battery?

a million. rechargeable batteries degrade with the aid of the years 2. making use of the battery additionally reasons the battery to degrade 3. deeper pulls on the battery theoretically harm it extra suitable than many partial drains to maximise battery existence a million. whilst battery no longer in use save at 40-60% fee in a refrigerator, this minimizes the degradation of the battery 2. while you are actually not making use of battery take it out of your computing device, it is probable the reason that maximum batteries in laptops degrade so quickly, they are continually receiving fee on an identical time as plugged in, and it merely damages battery. 3. in basic terms drain batteries partly, continually fee thoroughly, yet as quickly as a month or so thoroughly dissipate BATTERY (except you have in chilly storage, yet then you definately ought to nevertheless do each and every 3 months or so.

10. 96 hyundai accent battery does not charge.?

If the alternator is still functioning properly, I would say check the battery cables, and the starter cables to make sure they are not the problem. (Frayed, corroded, arcing) as they can be sources of power loss as well. If the battery is not charging well either, then replace it as well. Personally, I would just replace the battery, terminals, cables and see how it goes from there. Remember, a good alternator can carry a bad battery, but a bad battery will destroy a good alternator in time

11. battery booster charger?

battery booster will work get battery and alternator checked and anti theft device disabled or repaired you will eventualy burn out starter moter

12. Where Is the Battery in a Dodge Stratus?

The Dodge Stratus battery compartment is located beneath the engine compartment in the left front fender next to the wheel well. The remote terminals for the battery are accessible through the engine compartment for jump starting. If a Dodge Stratus battery needs to be replaced, the only way to access the compartment is by putting the vehicle up on a jack and removing the left front tire and the wheel well splash guard. The battery is secured within the compartment by a retaining bracket that can be removed by loosening the bracket bolts. When changing the car's battery, wear protective eye wear and gloves to prevent injury from leaking battery acid.

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There are several solutions, that one of them will solve your problem for sure.Sync your clock settings with (the previous answer shows you how to do that)Check for any malicious software on your PC. Maybe it caused by some virus.More likely solution: If nothing helps, you might need to replace your CMOS battery.It basically allows the motherboard to store data such as the time and power on settings. If the battery wears out, it'll need a replacement.To replace the CMOS battery, you'll have to follow these steps (this was copied from some previous answer of mine, that I posted here in Super User):This is the CMOS battery:As you can see, on the battery you'll see the model number (which in the picture is CR2032)In the battery slot there is some metal clip that you have to press on it in order to pull off the battery.Take the battery off, and if your not sure what is the battery model, just take it with you to the nearest electronic shop, and they will know what to give you (it should cost less than 1$) That's it. Just plug in the battery, and see if it solved your problem.The date on my Windows 7 x64 PC has twice been set to the year 2028, which causes all sorts of stuff to stop working (website certs, TV guide listings, virus definition updates, etc). Any idea what would cause this?·OTHER ANSWER:The date on my Windows 7 x64 PC has twice been set to the year 2028, which causes all sorts of stuff to stop working (website certs, TV guide listings, virus definition updates, etc). Any idea what would cause this?
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