Besides Engine Oil, Transmission Oil and Washer Fluid, What Fluid/liquid Do You Have to Replace on Y

Brake fluid, Power steering fluid and Antifreeze

1. Can you wash under your car to remove road salt when the engine oil pan and catalytic converter are still hot, i.e. it has just been driven?

other than the cat converter , there would be no problem to washing under the carthe problem is that the cat converter can be red hot and the sudden temp change will crack the interiar material and fail the converterdriving at speed the stalling in a flooded crossing or stuck in snow all are dementral to cat converters

2. Should I use 10w 30 or 5w 20 engine oil for my v6 ford fusion?

How old is it? How many miles? Is it under warranty?

3. Can I travel to about 1700km with my truck immediately after changing to new engine oil?

silly question should know better ...nobody runs in oil ...1700 km is not far ...just over 1,000 miles

4. I have a 97 BMW 328i with 176,000. When I make a fast right turn, the engine oil light lights up for 1 sec.?

if the engine is mounted transversely the oil will slide around on turns. put some more oil in it and you should be fine. there is the possibility one of the electrical connections is loose or there is a wiring problem. this requires inspecting all the wires going to and from the sensor and the light

5. What will happen if I use 20W40 engine oil instead of 10W40?

You should follow the car manufacturer's guidance for the proper weight engine oil to use.That being said, if you inadvertently used a 20W40 instead of a 10W40, it should not cause any short term problems, but the 10W40 has better low temperature starting characteristics than the 20W40. In other words, when it's cold outside and you are starting your car for the first time that day, the lower weight oil will circulate through the engine easier and faster, giving your engine the protection it needs. Once the engine and the oil are warmed up, the oils are virtually the same.

6. Should I change my car's engine oil? I use my car only on Sundays and drive less than 20 miles a week. Drove less than 1,000 in over a year.?

Age will break down oil also. Change every 3 months or 3000 miles

7. Can you evaluate my decision to use Valvoline MaxLife 10W-30 with 1 Quart Lucas as an Engine Oil Strategy?

This Site Might Help You. RE: Can you evaluate my decision to use Valvoline MaxLife 10W-30 with 1 Quart Lucas as an Engine Oil Strategy? My 1991 Oldsmobile Cutlass Calais has a 2.5L Inline "Tech 4" Engine, Throttle-body injected and an Auto. It runs -NICE.- The car is akeeper, VERY cold AC, and i want to keep it that way. The engine oil also "Looks Black" and i CANNOT say when ANYTHING has been done to it.. i...

8. Oil all over engine, oil tab (Stick) wont go back in. Leaking oil and coolant from bottom. whats wrong?

It sounds to me like the car blew a head gasket or an intake gasket and pretty much self destructed driving down the freeway sorry. if all the fluids are leaking back out the bottom something has really broken in the motor sorry. Its likely going to need a motor if it locked up. there is no fixing that motor is toast.

9. How much quantity of break oil, transmission oil and engine oil required for camry 2006 V6 ?

The amounts are located in the owners manual, the oil I use is Castro, when you change trans fluid, change filter also. Check the air filter, if your talking about brake oil [ it si brake fluid ] you do not need to change that. Check all your levels on your car, like radiator coolant [ check this with cool engine ] , brake fluid, washer fluid, check belt condition. When jacking up vehicle, use jack stands. messing with vehicles 49 yrs

10. Can I use engine oil 15w40 instead of using 15w50 in Royal Enfield?

No You Cannot use.......... Bcoz recommended grade is 15 W 50 or 20 W 50 ...but make sure you stick to synthetic or fully synthetic .15 W - 40 generally for car engines and only for engine they use this but for enfield bike the oil goes to clutch, engine and gear box that's why you should not violate the standards .here the catch is not that you cannot try and i am sure it will not harm your engine ............. .but the drain interval is short . ( Say 3000 kms )only if you stick to the grade and synthetic, be it any brand you can use it up to 8000 km

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