Best Led Or LCD Tv for Watching Tv and Gaming?

plasma is better due to it does NOT have motion blur that you get with SOME lcd tv's LED TV is a bit of a misnomer but as manufacturers and retailers continue to use the term, it makes it's way into the public conscience and is worth deliberating on the differences. LED televisions are really just LCD televisions that use LED lights for back lighting instead of the flourescent CFL lighting traditionally used for LCDs. Both employ the liquid crystal diode (LCD) technology front panel containing the "twisting crystals" which define LCD technology.

1. LED Gloving Slow Shutter Speed?

This is an example of rear curtain sync. Set camera to rear curtain sync Camera on tripod Low ISO Small aperture Dark conditions, the only light you want to record is the light from the gloves and the final flash. Flash mounted on camera Shutter on 'B' setting Remoter shutter release. Method. Open shutter and lock open. Move the gloves around. Close shutter. Just before the shutter closes the flash will fire, recording the face etc. Rear curtain is good because the light trails are behind the movement which is opposite to the normal flash sync. Chris

2. What events led to the Vietnam War?

A good question, and one which shows just how complicated the Vietnam War was. In point of fact, it was technically not a war, but a "policing action", which the President was free to pursue without a declaration of war from Congress. Much in the same way that the Korean War was technically not a war, Vietnam involved the stationing of American troops in South Vietnam, aerial operations that sought to attack targets that were deemed "acceptable" (which changed repeatedly during the conflict), and the only operations that were permitted were either patrol actions or defensive actions, except where circumstances permitted otherwise. This went on for ten years, cost the lives of tens of US soldiers, the lives of over 300,000 South Vietnamese, and an unknown number of deaths for the North Vietnamese (some estimates say as much as 1 million). Calling Vietnam and Korea wars, I think, was a way of defying the inaccuracy that such labels entailed. In both cases, US forces were supposed to have been dispatched to offer logistical and military support to their allies. But to all sides, it was obvious that Cold War policy was the basis of the fighting, and that the greatest commitment in resources, funds and materiel (if not men) was coming from the US. And so we use the term war, knowing that technically, it's wrong, but in spirit, its totally right

3. What battery needed for led strip?

It says that you need a 12 volt battery. Or 12 volt DC adapter

4. LED firefighter lights in truck?

You are better off running them directly off the battery with their own circuit and fuse. Easily enough done. The part where you are going to get in trouble is that red and blue strobes on non-emergency vehicles is illegal in all 50 states.

5. Are electric vehicle sales, led by Tesla, predicted to surge in 2021?

If Tesla is successful in producing the Cybertruck in 2021 then they will see a surge in sales

6. Where can LED lights be installed into the ps3 at?

Not where he can get it done but, there are mod "shops" are all over the net. Buy a light kit from one of them and then, he can do it himself. Google PS3 mod and there should be no shortage of options. Just look for one with cheap or free shipping. Also Google the light kit you are considering to look for reviews. You want to know its a good fit. He might also need or want a replacement case to see the lights better.

7. A fuzzy picture on brand new led samsung?

"Fuzzy" is a pretty ill-defined term. It's important to differentiate a bad picture when there is a still image and a bad picture when there is fast motion. The former is most likely a video processing issue (See below), while the latter is possibly due to slow redraw of the display (e.g. a 60 Hz LCD panel). The TV will process any incoming signal to match the native resolution of the TV screen. The PS3 can also process the signal from a DVD or Blu-ray disk to whatever the selected output resolution is. This means that if there is a mismatch of resolutions the matching can be done by either the TV or the PS3. Since video processors vary in their quality which settings work best is only determined by experimentation. In general, if the HDTV is a 1080p model make sure the signal you feed to it from the PS3 is 1080p (menu for PS3). If the TV is a 720p model use a PS3 output resolution of 720p or 1080i ... whichever gives the best image. Also to be sure use a good Blu-ray disk (In general cartoons like Cars give an excellent sharp image) to make sure the HDTV is capable of a good image. Then if this works well try a DVD. If the Blu-ray is fuzzy there is something wrong. It is not likely to be the cable since HDMI either works or it does not (it can be touch and go but this usually shows as streaking or noise rather than a fuzzy image). The link is to an excellent overview that may be of use.

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