Buy the Best T8 8ft LED Tube 48W in British Columbia

T8 8ft LED Tube 48W from LEDMyplace is UL & DLC listed, these listings make you eligible for handsome rebate along with 5 years of warranty. 8ft LED tubes are built to last for at least 50,000 hours, even if used the tube for 24 hours a day. If used for 12 hours on a daily basis, it may last for not less than 100,000 hours. Such a huge difference from what you see in case of fluorescent tubes when their lifespan is minimum 7,000 hours and 30,000 hours at the max.Use Best Quality 4ft LED Linear High Bay Light For Warehouses (Shopping - Online Shopping)Use Best Quality 4ft LED Linear High Bay Light For Warehouses (Shopping - Online Shopping)Use Best Quality 4ft LED Linear High Bay Light For Warehouses (Shopping - Online Shopping)

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IAR STM8 LED Pin On/Off Flash

Add Delay after turning off the LED, then only you can notice the blinking

Which light saves the most money on electricity LED lights or fluorescent lights? How much on average you save?

Fluorescents currently have the edge for general purpose lighting. At roughtly 60-70 lumens per watt you will get about 4 times the amount of light that an incandescent lamp will produce for the same amount of power. Put a different way, you will save about 3/4 of your electricity costs for the same amount of light. The bulbs also last about 10 times longer. There is no good reason to not immediately adopt the technology even if it means throwing out bulbs that still function. White LEDs have improved significantly in the past few years but still only produce about 40 lumens per watt. They are best used when you need a highly directional light source such as a flashlight or personal reading light. Don

LED help yo. 3V led with 3V battery?

The LED is probably not rated for 3 volts and you burned it up


If you are talking about a LED room light (in an ordinary light socket) they typically use less than 10 watts (usually 4-8), compared to a 60 or 100 watt incandescent (ordinary) bulb, so the savings by turning it off are minimal. But they are still savings

Why is there a slightly thicker region on the legs of an LED near the capsule?

pretty sure it is left over from the manufacturing process. These are not assembled one at a time, there is a long reel of the metal already punched for the purpose. The last step is to cut the individual LED off the reel and separate the leads. I am about 97% sure, but I have been wrong before

How much an LED TV will cost in Bangkok?

Dear its depends on the make of the LED T.V any how approximately it will come 60k to 99k

12 voltage LED Strip

What you are looking for is a 12volt dc adapter which converts your 220v ac to 12v dc supply. Buy one that can supply ample current to the LEDs. A 3Amp supply works great. DO NOT connect them directly to the mains. It will potentially blowup which could cause physical injury.Judging by your question, you do not have much knowledge in this field. So, I would suggest you consult with your local electrician.

how many voltage my LED receive after placing 1000ohm resistor?

You must use a smaller resistance. Assuming that your voltage source is 9 V, the minimum voltage across the LED must but 1.8 V for it to be well lit. 9 - 1.8 = 7.2 V Design for 50 mA: R = 7.2 V/ 50 × 10^-3 A = 144 Ω

Can a DC powered LED strip be powerd from a fluorecent ballast? or can I just run reg. AC current to power?

You need a power supply that runs off of regular AC and puts out the DC needed by the LED. What you really need is somebody who is not completely clueless before you electrocute somebody.


i am guessing that with the engine working or probable with in basic terms the change interior the on place the LED's are being opposite biased by potential of a few thing in vehicles electric powered gadget. perchance the door ajar warning gentle or some thing of that nature

Does anyone else think that the LED HDTV's look weird in motion?

Same for me! My friend just bought a new LED TV and it looks strange! Hate it! love my Panasonic 50 plasma!

Are there any generic PS/2 Mouse drivers that can disable or dim LED lights?

Drivers for the mouse is a part of the Operating system, I do not think there are any drivers that can help you disable the LED on the mouse, it is more physical than anything to do with the drivers

which LED TV is good to buy?

You should get these Sony BRAVIA KDL-32EX700 LED TV. You can Experience Full HD 1080p resolution, incredible contrast and sharp, and vibrant images with the Sony BRAVIA EX700 Series HDTV. You will enjoy incredible motion performance thanks to the integrated Motionflow 120Hz technology, which helps reduce blurriness and judder for fast-action sports, movies and games.

All you TV reviewers out there...Viore LED24VF60 24- Inch LED 1080p HDTV ....What do you know about it?

Viore Led24vf60

How can I connect an LED TV to my mobile WiFi network?

One way to do this would be to purchase a DVD/Blu-ray player with built-in Wi-Fi. You plug it directly into you TV.This type of appliance allows you to stream video, as it comes default with streaming services such as YouTube, Amazon video, Netflix, Hulu etc, that are accessed via your home Wifi.Install is easy and requires no technical expertiseYou can find one on Amazon by searching DVD "player with Wi-Fi"How can I connect an LED TV to my mobile WiFi network?.

LED's And the Resistor size needed.?

The question is ambiguous as you have no further indicated if the 3v is for all the batteries. I shall take it as for each and for this reason you have 12V for 4.. The voltage contained by the time of LED's is 6*a million. 5 = 9V. Then 3V could be dropped in resistor. A 10mA working present day demands extra or less 3 hundred ohm as resistor.At 12 mA, you will require 250 ohms

is it reasonable to make an LED pixel outdoor sign that can be used for business?

Do the math! And you will realize that this would be a > $100,000 project, even if you could buy LEDs for $0.10 each (640x480x3 colors = 921,600 * $0.10= $92,160)

Is there any LED TV where we can connect Bluetooth headphones?

Yes absolutely. In all modern day smart tvs you can connect bluetooth headphones. Infact all tvs which have bluetooth feature can be connected to a bl headphone. I have Iffalcon 40f2a and it can be connected with bl headphones and bl speakersIs there any LED TV where we can connect Bluetooth headphones?.

On an LED clock what time would show the most LED segments at once.?

"Military time"? In much of Europe all time is expressed by the 24 hour clock notation

Is it difficult to put neon LED lights on your motorcycle?

Neon and LED are two very different types of lights. They will require different kinds of wiring (unless the neons have the current limiting resistors built into the sockets).

Can the new LED Apple Display hook up to old Mac Books as well?

Yes they would work, but the downside is that you have to buy special cables that currently cost $99 and will take weeks to ship. I had my eyes on the new LED Apple Displays too, but paying that extra $99 is not fair for previous MacBook owners

First LED left on another planet⁺ by humans?

July 20, 1976, Mars, Viking 1 lander.(You are really not going to like this one.)The lander's cameras included an array of 12 photodiodes to measure various things. One reference even plots each photodiode's spectral sensitivity; the abstract of another paper gives enough evidence for their existence.But every photodiode also acts as a (rather inefficient) LED. QED!

Can I Plasti Dip over an LED to make it change color ( please read details they are important )?

Not by covering them in any kind of colour - only by exchanging them for LEDs of your wanted colour (while observing some of then necessary electronics niceties, like adjusting the series resistors)

Can AC adapter for LED lights handle a 30-amp 110v circuit?

If the LED lights are wired to plug into a 110 VAC circut you can plug them into a 110 VAC circuit. The amp rating of the circuit you are plugging a device into does not matter. The device will draw the amps that it needs. As long as the AC circuit can supply the current it's OK. BTW, a 30 amp 110 volt circuit is very rare. It takes #10 wire for 30 amps. Are you sure this is a 30 amp circuit? The standard house type of outlet is only rated for 15 amps but there are 20 amp outlets available. A 30 amp outlet wo not have the standard 2 slots and 1 round hole for a normal 110 VAC grounded plug

Will using an LED light allow algae to grow?

They live off sunlight basically, so you would need a UV light(Ultra Violet :p). So an LED would not work. :/

2010 Camaro- which one has the red LED accents at the headlights?

Dude i saw one on the road it was burnt orange but it didnt have the red LED lights though. you can probably order the camaro online becuase Chevy is making a few models of them especially becuase of the auto industry

I am looking to change from incandescent light bulbs.. what are better, CFL's or LED bulbs?

If you can afford them, go LED

Xserve CPU Status LED's under Mountain Lion

It is possible to re-enable the front-panel LED array on the Xserve when running 10.8. It appears that the process responsible for displaying/updating the readout on the front panel is the hwmond process. Unfortunately, hwmond is not included with OS X v. 10. 8. However, it is possible to use the hwmond executable from a 10.7.5 system.The hardware that I tested with was an Early 2009 Xserve. After copying hwmond from the 10.7.5 system into /usr/sbin, I copied the com. apple. hwmond. plist launchd configuration file from /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/, and installed into /System/Library/LaunchDaemons on the 10.8.5 system. After a reboot (or a launchctl load -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com. apple. hwmond. plist), the system identifiers are working normally

Cable Appearance on HDTV (LED edgelit)?

Do you have an HD cable box? (HD, not just digital.) Do you have a subscription to your cable company's HD channel package? If no to either, you wo not be getting HD reception. Also, the TVs in stores are almost always fed from a Blu-ray player, meaning a full 1080p picture, the best you can get. The HD signal (if you have HD) from your cable service is limited to 720p or 1080i, depending on the network. Still great HD, but not quite what you see on store demonstrators. HDMI is the way to go, both for the cable box and your DVD player. By the way, only full-matrix LED sets have local dimming. Not possible with the edge-lit array.

Pwr LED is solid red, OK LED flashes green once, no display

I swap cards all the time, try writing another card with the win32 disk imager using one of the distributions like the debian squeeze one. I have 16 pi's and originally used the element 14 distribution but any 16/32 Gb card from sandisk works 2-4 times faster. None of my cards had any issues

Triple LED has only 4 terminals

Have you already bought the LEDs? Otherwise try to find them in common anode, or just separated (6 connections). If you have common anode you can connect this to your V and use three times the schematic of the current source you were working on. The separated are the most flexible, because you can also put them in series in three color branches, which you can not with common anode/cathode.

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Sliding Door Murders Could They Have Been Solved?
When you have been a crime reporter for 40 years, many old cases are long forgotten. But there are those that stick with you - the ones where you still wonder, "What if?" They are the sliding door ones, where the slightest change of circumstance could have brought about justice rather than open files and unanswered questions.Peter MacDiarmid sat in the lounge room of the family home with his wife Sheila by his side as he described their daughter Sarah's last known movements nearly four years earlier. For me, it was a relief he was talking in a matter-of-fact way because it made me feel as though I wasn't intruding on their almost unbearable grief.And then he burst into tears. Sitting next to me was a blonde, female photographer waiting to take a snap for the story. "I'm sorry," he explained to her, "the sun just hit your hair like it would Sarah's." That is the burden of not knowing for relatives of murder victims. It simply never goes away.On July 11, 1990, Sarah played tennis with workmates then caught a train to Kananook Station, arriving about 10.20pm. Police believe she walked to her car carrying her backpack, which contained her work clothes, tennis racquet, Walkman and about $60.The strongest police theory is that a group of homeless drug addicts jumped Sarah as she walked to her 1978 Honda Civic at the railway station car park, stabbed her and stole her backpack. Her body has not been found. Eventually Peter, Sheila and son Alisdair moved to Brisbane to try and escape the daily physical reminders.Peter found that if his eye caught some dumped rubbish he would stop and search in the hope it would lead to Sarah's missing bag. "You would drive around looking for clues. It hurt too much." For Roger and Joy Membrey, the sharp pain of intense grief has been replaced by the dull ache of not knowing. Their daughter Elisabeth was murdered in her Ringwood home in December 1994. And like Sarah, her body has not been found.There were suspects, hope, false dawns and finally, a man charged. Shane Andrew Bond was a regular at the Manhattan Hotel where Elisabeth worked and was implicated by several witnesses as the killer. In 2012 Bond was acquitted of the murder, but has been left damaged by the investigation and trial. He became an ice user and has been moving around the country searching for anonymity.Naturally, the Membreys want the police to keep looking. And the Membreys have an ally from the strangest corner - one of Bond's relatives is calling for a reinvestigation to catch "the real killer".Deborah Boundy was killed by a ruthless group of gangsters to stop her implicating them in a paid hit, even though she had risked her own freedom to protect theirs.Yet after her murder many believed she had jumped bail, with police placing her on the top 10 most wanted list.When hitman Christopher Dale Flannery and his murder partner Kevin "Weary" Williams were charged with the murder of Melbourne businessman Roger Wilson, Boundy became the star prosecution witness.Wilson went missing on his way home to Narre Warren on February 1, 1980 and his body remains undiscovered.Boundy (who was having an affair with Williams) at first implicated the hit team but later retracted.Flannery, and those close to him, believed Boundy remained a loose end - even though she had refused to implicate them at the inquest. And Chris hated loose ends.On Christmas Day 1980 she had lunch with her parents, reported for bail (charged with perjury when she retracted her statement at the inquest) and then slipped over to a Richmond pub for drinks.Someone she knew lured her from the Royal Oak Hotel in Richmond, then forced or tricked her into writing a letter to her parents saying she was running away.So who was the killer?The chief investigator in the case, Frank Bellesini, says gangster Alphonse Gangitano (murdered in 1998) was the main suspect. Flannery was acquitted of the Wilson murder but went missing in Sydney in May 1985. Like Wilson, his body was not found.But the man alleged to have ordered the hit on Wilson and the woman who lured Debbie from the pub remain alive. She wisely keeps a low profile, while he occasionally takes to Twitter as if his past has been forgotten. It hasn't.Conventional wisdom is that serial sex offenders don't stop until they are caught or incapacitated, which makes the case of Karmein Chan so baffling.Karmein, 13, was abducted from her Templestowe home more than a quarter of a century ago in what was clearly a well-planned crime.The offender did his homework and hit the large house surrounded by a two-metre fence when parents, John and Phyllis Chan, were at the family business, a popular Chinese restaurant in Main Road, Lower Plenty.Occasionally I would eat there with then assistant commissioner Frank Green and his wife, Norma. They were regulars, where Phyllis would entertain front of house as part host and part comedian. Years later Frank's wake was held in the same room.Most police involved in the case believe it was a child abductor dubbed Mr Cruel, responsible for at least three other attacks from 1987 to 1991.In the three previous cases the victims had been released, which fed the hope Karmein would eventually be freed. But a year later her body was found at Edgars Creek, Thomastown. She had been shot three times in the head, execution-style.This didn't fit Mr Cruel's profile, as he had previously assured his victims they were not in danger. One told police: "He appeared to be acting out a fantasy like he was married to me. He showed this by the affection he showed to me and how chummy he was to me." Mr Cruel was obsessive about removing any possible forensic evidence - leading police to suspect he may have had some law enforcement experience. He also concealed his face from victims. Mr Cruel was constantly in the headlines, and Karmein told friends that placed in similar circumstances she would fight.This led police to speculate she may have grabbed his mask and was killed because she could identify him.So why did he stop? Perhaps the killing destroyed his elaborate fantasy world, or he was jailed on other offences, or he is dead.A police taskforce codenamed Spectrum identified 27,000 suspects and received 10,000 tipoffs. They checked 30,000 houses and arrested 73 people, but none was identified as Karmein's killer.In 2010 the case was reviewed and all the evidence is intact. All that is needed now is a name. I recently came across an ex-cop known to have molested children who fitted the Mr Cruel profile. But he had been investigated and cleared. Another dead end.If the first 48 hours are considered the most important in a homicide investigation, then the case of Jane Thurgood-Dove may have been doomed from the start.Jane, 34, was shot dead in front of her three children in her Niddrie driveway and the suspicion soon fell on a serving policeman obsessed with the married woman.He fitted the description of the pot-bellied gunman and wanted to buy a cemetery plot next to her's. He built a memorial to her inside his house, his mobile phone number and computer password were derived from her date of birth, and to top it off he failed a lie detector test when asked, "Are you responsible for the death of Jane Thurgood-Dove?" The case, while short of justifying laying charges, appeared compelling except for one flaw. He didn't do it.For five years police pursued the wrong man just as the killer had pursued the wrong woman, for the paid hitman was supposed to kill another blonde mother who lived in Muriel Street. The target was Carmel Kyprianou, whose crooked husband, Peter, had a habit of making enemies.One was former Crown solicitor Philip Peters, who had been caught planning to abduct and torture Kyprianou over a $200,000 fraud scam.Jane was killed in November 1997, just months after Peters was released after serving time for the abduction plot.Once the policeman suspect was cleared, the murder theory became that a drug dealer Peters met in prison was the go-between for the murder contract.The dealer, who once worked for Australia's biggest amphetamine syndicate, used his connections to pull together a hit team from Geelong bikies. Police say the triggerman was former Rebels Motorcycle Club bikie Steven John Mordy, while his mate, James Ian Reynolds, organised the getaway car.Before police could move Mordy died of natural causes and Reynolds in a boating accident, meaning the case appears to be at a dead end. But, and it is a big but, the go-between is still alive and there is a million-dollar reward on offer.And in the underworld, greed is a bankable currency that can sometimes prick the conscience of even the most callous crim.Crime Stoppers: 1800 333 000.
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