Calla Lilies for a Fall Wedding?

No, the other deep autumn colors in flowers and dresses will make up for it

1. Hey There Delilah, wedding song?

No way! Never heard the song, but I would not bring the name Delilah into a betrayed her husband

2. Wedding colors dress and flowers?

Do you not want red roses specifically, or do you not want any red at all? Because deep red would look absolutely gorgeous with that dress. and with the detail level, the color, and style, you can not really go with a smooth chic flower. You need multipetal, full dramatic blossoms. How about you look at pics of bourbon roses? They look different than the classic red rose type "dark red bourbon rose" and look at what pops up

3. Ideas for my wedding reception?

Balloons are for kids' birthday parties, not weddings. On the rest, I think you would be much better off waiting until you've actually chosen your venue. For one thing, there may be restrictions on what you can put up. The bigger issue is you may not have to put anything up at all. For example, if you find a great hall and it's done in peach or gold, it would probably be easier to just include that color in your scheme rather than try to hide it. Once you've gotten the colors finalized, then just google the main ones and click on images. You will get more ideas than you know what to do with. You would not need the cream - just use black, coral and yellow (or whatever) in the search string. But even this is premature until you know what the venue is. In fact, this is always the first thing to get nailed down in wedding planning, for a variety of reasons.

4. Is this wording rude for a wedding invitation?

intimate sound a lot better than private

5. Any ideas for a Southern Wedding?

If you have no clue where to start and an almost unlimited budget, then a wedding planner is definitely a WORTH IT splurge. While approximately 10% of your overall budget will go for a wedding planner, they are very helpful for those who have no idea how to plan a wedding or who do not have time to take care of the details. Some women also are just very fragile and can not handle even the smallest amount of stress so a wedding planner is great to help with that. If you are a southern woman though, I doubt you are very fragile. I happen to be one myself and southern women are usually tough as nails. :) If you do decide to hire a wedding planner, it's important you hire the RIGHT one. Do not just pick the most expensive one or the one who's done the celebrity weddings or something. This is the person you will be talking to and collaborating with about the most special day of your life. It's important the wedding planner be willing to LISTEN to your ideas, follow your lead and be organized. Set up appointments with at least 5 different wedding planners that vary in terms of their fee. Do not just interview ones that are expensive. They will hopefully bring a portfolio with pictures of the weddings they have planned. That will give you an idea if they can pull off the type of wedding you have in mind. If you decide not to hire a wedding planner, which is fine, then I suggest you take a Saturday to spend in Barnes & Noble in the wedding section with their wedding planning guides. Pick one that suits you and then buy some wedding magazines. The magazines will start giving you ideas of colors and things of that nature. One of the first things to decide is the DATE of the wedding because typically your colors will be chosen in relation to that. For example, if you decide on a fall wedding, then you may pick fall type colors. So, pick the date first. I would suggest giving yourself a 1 yr engagement period so you have plenty of time to plan the wedding. Once you've picked the date, then choose the colors according to the season & your taste. Next choose the bridesmaids and then choose the bridsemaids dresses according to what will compliment their shape & size and your taste. Be sure to be very considerate of their finances. I think it's so rude when brides choose a dress that's super expensive & then the bridesmaids not only have to pay for a dress they will never wear again but also the expense of throwing you a shower, coming to the wedding (from out of town), and a present. So, be mindful of that. There are plenty of other steps but having those guidebooks will guide you through the process & will show you a proper timeline for making decisions. Goodluck & congratulations.

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