Can an Improper Jump Start Cause Damage to the Starter Motor?

I suppose it could damage the starter, but it's more likely that you are going to have issues with all the onboard electronics. Modern cars are full of mini computer systems that do not like improper voltage. With smoke coming out, something has certainly blown up, and the car needs a thorough going over by someone that's an automotive electrical expert.

1. Husqvarna 510 winds over on starter motor when wet.?


2. 97 ranger with new starter, battery and solenoid only makes a clicking hoise. Will start easily by pushing.?

I think Steven got it right- Clicking is the symptom of a bad connection somewhere between the battery, solenoid, and starter motor. Something in that chain is not doing its job, or the connection between them is interrupted somewhere. The last Ford I had, the solenoid was located on the firewall just behind the battery. I used to have to start the car with a screwdriver by shorting out the connection on 2 posts of the solenoid switch. Those were the days ('79)! :(

3. I cant get 12V to the starter motor! whats wrong?

sounds like a bad ground chief check for broken or loose grounds

4. Do I need a new Starter motor? need help?

It sounds like the starter has a problem. Cost is reasonalble. Good mechanics with experience are awesome in knowing what is going on inside the car.

5. Why my acura rsx 2003 won't turn on?? Which is the starter motor fuse number please?

From your chart, the only fuse that would involve the starting system is #1. There is also a fuse box under the hood (when you open the hood, look to the driver's side just behind the battery). There will be more fuses there that deal with the starting system. Also, does the car have any electrical power at all (do any dash lights turn on when the key is turned)?

6. Can i use a Car's starter motor to power a go kart?

Go Kart Starter

7. Should I put penetrating oil on a starter motor on a ‘72 Cessna 172?

You are working on an aircraft here. Aircraft maintenance is an entirely different animal. Get a qualified aircraft mechanic to work on your aircraft. You cannot pull over on the side of the road when your aircraft is broken.

8. New starter motor but car still wont start?

Did you check the spark plugs?

9. can you tell the difference from a new starter motor and old starter motor just the way it sounds?

Yes and no, if the starter had a bad bearing or other worn component it could have been a different style of starter as well. If they did not look the same. If it sounds different on some vehicles there is a cover/ shim plate that may have been left off when putting the new one in, it will contain some noise. But they should sound about the same if the old one was not bad or worn.

10. i crank the key twice when the engine already started does it will damage the starter motor?

Yeah, do not do that. It can not help any. Some engines run so quietly, they need a little light on the panel that lights when the engine is running

11. how to remove and install a starter motor on a grand marquis 93?

you undo the electrical wires going into the starter but make sure you dosconnect the battery first and then should be two bolts that hold it up you take those out and the starter should come right out. and the starter is located at the rear of the engine near the tranny

12. The starter motor on my 2001 beetle Sqeals when first started . Is this a common problem ?

what do you think??

13. Where is the starter motor on a 2000 chrysler concorde?

Well, if you purchased a replacement, you already know what it looks like. I do not recall whether that car has a sideway engine or a forward and aft engine. On a sideway engine, it would be on the opposite end from the water pump, or where the fan belt is . On a forward aft engine, it generally is right under the "firewall". The firewall is the flat part that extends under your windshield. It has a lot of stuff mounted on it including computer modules etc. It also has the brake master cylinder mounted on or near it

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