Can We Run a Hover Craft with a Single Motor???

With enough thrust, a brick can fly

1. home central ac unit motor seized up, fan doesn't run, top of ac getting hot.?

This is not a cost-saving moment. The motor has badly overheated, This was likely caused bty bearing problems, but it does not really matter bacaue you cannot repair it and continuing to try will increase risk of fire. One option only: replace it. If it is a belt-drive unit, you may be able to do it yourself. If it is integrated, professional service isrecommended.

2. Boat motor will Raise but will not Lower. Please Help?

Check the voltage at the solenoid as it can click but wo not Transfer voltage to run the motor

3. How do I remove hard to get to head cylinder bolts on the mustang motor 97 gt ?

the main reason for torquing down a cylinder head is so as that it particularly is pulled down the two over its finished section and would not enable it to warp whilst it gets warm.only slacken em off and commencing on the centre and shifting out in a spiral take em all the way down to 30 nm then commence on the centre returned and turn em ninety stages then repeat.circulate away 2 minutes between each and each circuit to permit the gasket to "relax". do no longer slacken only one at a time and then re-torque because of the fact the pinnacle gasket is not waiting to realign itself if all something of the bolts are tight and do it whilst the engine is stone chilly.the clarification they replace stretch bolts is to give up them bottoming contained in the block bolt holes and that they could ought to stretch some to try this.notwithstanding it constructive as hell makes somebody countless funds.

4. Is it safe to keep a small bottle of motor oil in your car for the event of an emergency?

yea. people have been doing that for many decades. people that own cars that use up oil carry oil with them so they do not run their oil level too low and break down

5. Are the 3 wheeled motor cycles (Trikes), safer than the 2 wheeled ones?

Not really. The trike is much MUCH easier to FLIP

6. How long will my trolling motor last?

I suggest getting a vmax battery, it will last you a lot longer than after market batteries. wal-mart's batteries die out very quickly because they do not use lead inside. it's all loose and un-condensed so they normally die quickly.

7. how to generate electricity from a small motor that is used in toy cars?

Small Toy Motor

8. What happens when a brush-less motor stalls?

Your equipment will be fine as long as the stall periods are not too big(like 5 minutes). I think the first thing to fail is the ESC as you are using half the voltage the motor is rated for. You also have to take into account that the battery can also heat up and fail, as if you would short circuit the battery. But as I said, if it's not for long periods of time you wo not have a problem

9. How do I change the direction on my trolling motor so I can run it off the back of my boat?

Dependant on the style, Make, and Model of the Motor, it is just as simple as Turning the Control head. To do this, Look at the Shaft where it intersects from the control head. Usually on the Back side (side opposite of the handle) there is a hole with a Grub or lock screw. Sometimes they require a Hex Key to be able to Loosen this. There may also be more than one. Loosen, but try not to remove the screw. Turn the Head till the Handle is in the Front of the Motor Bobbin. Tighten the screw and you are set. .. IF its a Bow Mount trolling motor, thats a Totaly Diffrent story. a bow mount is on a Special Mounting that allows the Motor to be pulled out of the water and lay's flat on the boats gunnels. There would be a way to mount it back there if it is bowmount, but that is a Case by Base basis Based on the Thickness of your Transom and such. I hope this helps!.

Articles recommandés
Brushless motors are generally more efficient and so can make better use of the limited power available. However you still need to match the motor to the power source and load to get best efficiency. A few basic calculations can tell you what motor specs to look for:- First calculate what rpm the wheels must do to get the speed you want. A 12cm diameter wheel has a circumference of 0.377m. To get 2.5m/s linear velocity it needs to turn at 400rpm.Your motor has a Kv of 1400rpm/V, so if powered by 12V it should spin at 12*1400 = 16800rpm without a load. Under load its speed will drop due to voltage lost in the resistance of the windings. Loading depends on a lot of factors such as rolling resistance, aerodynamic drag, bearing friction etc. however assuming you can get the motor running at peak efficiency its speed may drop to 85% of no-load or 14000 rpm. Therefore you need a gearbox ratio of about 14000/400 = 35:1. The 11.5A maximum output current of your solar panels could be a problem with this motor because it draws over 1A just to turn over. Under acceleration it will try to draw even more current, but the solar panel may not be able to supply it so its voltage will drop and the speed controller might cut out. You should use a lower Kv motor that has smaller no-load current, eg. Scorpion SII-2212-885Kv which draws less than 0.5A at 12V. This motor only does about 9000rpm (12V * 885rpm/V * 85%) so for it you would need a 23:1 gearbox.1. How do you put a slip ring commutator in a homemade simple DC motor?You do not need slip rings; you need a commutator, which consists of segments that switch the rotor current flow as it turns. Make one out of a cork forced onto the axle, with coils of bare copper wire threaded through small holes in the cork. Brushes to feed the commutator can be made out of spring brass or other metal.2. Can you control a 12V Solenoid Valve using motor dev kit MCLV-2?Most likely something intended to drive a basic brushed DC motor can drive a solenoid, assuming the driver can output the required voltage at the current the solenoid will draw. However, if this "motor driver" is assuming there will be position feedback signals, like from a brushless DC motor, then it wo not work.Anything called a "motor driver" should be able to scale back the drive level to the motor from the maximum voltage it can put out smoothly to 0. If the motor driver can put out up to 24 V, then running it scaled back to drive a 12 V solenoid should be fine. This is usually done with pulses, where the duty cycle sets the overall drive level. A solenoid will be fine with that kind of drive. However, using a motor driver for a solenoid is gross overkill. If you have a sufficient power supply, which you need for the motor driver anyway, you can drive the solenoid with a simple low side switch and reverse diode. There is no need for the more complicated H-bridge drive configuration the motor driver probably has. The IRLML0030 is a nice little FET for the low side switch in this application as long as your power supply does not exceed 30 V. Its gate can be driven directly from a 5 V digital output3. Identify DC motor parameters using Least Squares EstimatorYou need to find out how the input and output relate in the FREQUENCY space. The transfer function is your frequency model.Here is the equation you should use if you want to fit your data to a first order filter. The input is a voltage you control. The output is the value from the encoder, which you probably have to convert to rotational postion or rotational velocity.What your doing is called system identification, and it's easy to do if you have a model with a low order.So take your data, vary the input perhaps by incrementing the voltage in steps (like 0.5V). Then get the output in rotational velocity. If the motor speed starts to trail off as the voltage gets higher, then a first order transfer function would be great to describe this behavior. Then in matlab, figure;plot( Input, Output) (I think I have the axis right) if you see something that has an amplitude like the picture shown from your data then you are on the right track. (remember the input is volts, the output is rotational velocity.)Now you need to come up with parameters from your low pass filter model. You could start punching values into tf([a],[tau a]) by hand to match your data, or you could use an algorithm. Here is a good tutorial on how to do thisMake sure you pay attention to units, your units will be in volts vs rpm or something like that. If your model does not look like a low pass filter and it has a resonance point, then you need to switch to a higher order model. The motor may respond like a bandpass (it does not turn at low speeds and then has a flat passband and then falls off the more voltage that you put into it) Then you would need to switch to a bandpass transfer function.
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