Can You Unplug a Car's Heater Core ? I Heard That Some Repair Shops Use Cascade Dishwashing Detergen

Sounds like you have a stuck thermostat, instead. Also,Ventures (or any other GM cars with that engine) are known to have cooling system problems. You can probably remove the heater core hoses and flush through it with high pressure hose at car wash. Also, be sure that the space between your radiator and A/C condenser is clean and free of debris. Eventually, do yourself a favor and flush out all old coolant and install genuine Mercedes Benz coolant. It is far gentler than OEM and will protect your cooling system longer and better. Make sure your intake manifold gasket is not leaking internally. If it is, use a Fel-Pro gasket to reseal it. Good Luck!!!

1. heater core, replaced on my car, but now my side windows fog up, does anyone know why?

there are 2 issues which will reason that too ensue ,one is a leaking heater center,and the different is condensation geared up up interior the heater field,or there's a leak interior the automobile someplace,the heater field has a drain on it,that runs to the outdoors,interior the direction of the firewall,and this is wiped clean out,that would desire to probable be it,exceedingly and it being an older automobile in many circumstances there is debris geared up up interior the field and it wont enable the condensation to empty off,and which will fog the abode windows up additionally,you my might desire to envision the automobile for leaks,any moisture interior the automobile will reason a similar concern to ensue to it,solid success with it

2. can you use your air conditioner with a bad heater core?

If your heater core is bad you would have heating issues. Such as car over heating or smell of coolant or leaking coolant or simply just not have heat. Bad A/C system... Having to put freon on in constantly, means leaking a/c system. On the rare instance you your not leaking A/C, you may just need a recharge. If you can not get heat or A/C through your vents... Last option... Blender door Actuator is not working or you have something jammed inside the heater core to stop the blender door from moving. hopes this helps!

3. can i possibly just get away with stop leak for my heater core? '98 GMC Sonoma 4 cyl?

if the floorboard is,nt wet then it,s not the heater core. check the heater hoses. maybe 1 of the clamps is loose. if it was leaking then your anti-freeze would be going down also

4. I have a 1997 Dodge Dakota and very little heat. Heater core is fine, thermostat fine,and AC works - ideas?

What temperature thermostat do you have? For best results use a 195 degree thermostat. Change the thermostate if its a 160 deg because they dont give out enough heat for comfortable operation of the heater. I know because this is what happened to me with my 1996 dodge ram. The heater just would not blow hot air. The fan, water pump and switches were all working fine

5. 1999 GMC Jimmy SLE heater core replacement problem. Please Help?

I got it all figured out. I had to current. A service hole in the box containing my blower motor and there was a bolt holding it down in there. Now I've just got to button it all up put the dash back in make sure everything works install a new thermostat and burp the radiator

6. how do you replace a 2002 ford explorer heater core?

This is not a small job. Do it right and get yourself a Ford repair manual. A Chilton or a Hayes is usually pretty decent as well.

7. Can i drive my car with a bad heater core?

If it leak inside the car you need to tow it

8. Heater Core on a '93 Chevy Cavalier...?

Buy the Haynes or Chilton manual for this car. It has step by step instructions and diagrams and pictures too

9. 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Just got a new heater core now there is no air at all?

I do not have a good answer.... but I just talked to a guy today who said he had the heater core replaced in his daughters Cherokee & said it did the same thing. He said the shop that did it found out that the heater core has to be replaced with a genuine jeep replacement core. the other ones are different & do not work right. My GF's '02 had the same codes come up, but I forget what it meant. Go on a Cherokee forum & look up info on that. It told you exactly what the codes mean & what to do about it. Search for "Cherokee blend door problem" they all have it & it has something to do with the doors in the HVAC system breaking. you can get an aftermarket repair for it. Look up: "JGC or for more info.

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My Boyfriend Has a New Water Pump, Coolant Tank and Heater Core and He Is still Leaking Coolant Ever
Leaking head gasket, cracked head, cracked or leaking hose (check around clamps)1. Would a bad heater core make an engine sound likes it's revving? (2003 Pontiac Sunfire)?If your heater core is leaking you could be running low on coolant and if your in park you may be hearing your cooling fan cycle, since your running your defroster harder and longer due to lack of warm coolant flow in heater core you may also be building high pressure in your air conditioner because your car uses your AC pump when in the defrost mode all off these things would cause your radiator fan to cycle every few minutes. Just a thought2. How to tell if heater core is bad, or just leaking?"Just leaking" is bad. And you are risking the engine because the cooling system wo not build pressure as long as it leaks. You need to bypass it right now and replace it when you can. Head gasket sealer is snake oil that does not work and risks trashing the engine.3. can i change out a heater core without taking it to a repair shop?In order to get to the heater core... you have to take out the majority of the dash and it is very time consuming... but it is possible4. What all does bypassing the heater core in my car affect?If we knew what style of automobile you have there may well be extra help. some autos used short rubber hoses between the traces and the middle and that they are infamous for leaking and might get replaced for plenty decrease than a center. the different option is to in basic terms pass it. If the leak is not too great a small can of black pepper will paintings better than any of the aftermarket supply up leak stuff5. is it safe to drive with my heater core leaking water?Do not know what car you have but a lot of them, if you move your temperature control for heat/AC to the coldest setting, it shuts the flow of coolant to the heater core, causing the leak to quit at least while it's in that position. Make sure you radiator is full, check it when engine is cold, before you start the drive and you should be okay. Keep an eye on your temperature gauge for signs of overheating.6. 1994 buick roadmaster how to replace heater core?One of the components driven by the belt that is coming off is not in proper alignment. You need to have the vehicle checked to make sure that all of the components are running straight and that you don,t have any misaligned accessories. The most common things to look for are bad belt auto tensioners and idler pulleys that can become worn and cause the belt to run at a slight angle and come off or even a bad water pump but you would probably have some noise associated with that. Just take it to a good shop or dealership and explain your problem and they should be able to quickly locate the cause of your problem. Good luck7. I want to replace my heater core in my 99 dodge ram.?The whole dash has to come out it takes book time 4 hours 1 hour to evacuate and recharge the ac system. One of our techs just did one on monday. Auto Tec 13-years8. heater core/wet floor "quick fix"?Are you smelling coolant? Be sure the core is leaking before you spend a boatload of money fixing it. A plugged AC drain tube will also wet the passenger side floor (simply a matter of locating the tube under the car and cleaning it out). If you are indeed getting coolant (antifreeze) in the car then the only real fix is replacing the core. A temporary fix is to pull both heater hoses off the attachment pipes and place a metal tube connecting them together, clamping them tight. This will completely bypass the heater core and buy you some time to save up for a core replacement. It may get VERY cold inside your car next month.9. Does my heater core have 3 hoses?That's a strange one - a heater core, that according to the picture, has three hoses. I guess the only thing you can do now is visually check the firewall area of your Saturn and see if it does indeed have three hoses. Note: For what it's worth, often times these web sites will use a generic picture for different components.
I Am Trying to Figure Out How to Hook Up a Heater Core Since the Previouse Owner Bypassed It?
He most likely by passed it right in front of the fire wall where the coolant lines go through. He most likely did it cause the car has a bad heater core, you might have to take the dash out to replace it. good luck1. i have a 1990 tercel there is little or no heat I'm pretty sure its not the heater core?try putting cardboard in front of the radiator. If it warms up then then it is definately your thermostat. Good luck and God bless2. Honda civic 1998 lx having coolant problems?It could be ur heater core inside your car it's located in and under ur dash these often leak coolant inside ur car and you smell it also it can be leaking ur coolant to the point where your car overheats cuase it has no more coolant. Do a pressure test on your cooling system also3. Our car has a heater core leak, any way to minimize the steam while we get it someplace to have it looked at?to avoid the problem temporairly open hood and take out inlet and outlet hose from heater core and join both of them with one another with help of some metal pipe. this will bypass the coolant from core and get it fix when u got time4. How to loop heater core in a 1998 pontiac grand am 2.4 ?If the heater core has already been disconnected it's probably because it was leaking. Why do you want to loop them together if you've been driving like this since you bought the car? If you want to drive in cold weather and have heat get the heater core replaced. If you just have to have these hoses looped, follow them to where they connect to the motor and just run the right size hose to both connections.5. My 1994 ford ranger is leaking hot water and coolant from passenger side.?Heater core is leaking, very easy to replace yourself. Get a new one at a part store. Then drain your coolant, lower the glove box remove the hex head screws use a 8 mm or 5/16 socket, might be 10 of them, remove the heater hoses under the hood, pull the core out and reverse procedures6. how to change a heater core on a 1995 buick regal?if your cooling equipment is low on water (it relatively is in all probability what is incorrect right here) the water pump can not flow the coolant, which incorporate into the heater middle. additionally, there is no coolant working against the temp probe fooling into thinking the temp is low. Flush and fill till now you warp a head7. my car heat won't work. how do you replace the heater core in a 1996 honda accord?i cant quite explain all of it. go to your local auto parts store and pick up a haynes repair manual for your car make and model. it will give you extremely accurate and clear directions to doing it yourself8. What is the typical cost to replace the heater core on a 2000 GMC Jimmy?well the heater core usually does not cost the most in the repair as it is usually only about $30-$50. what costs the most is the labor to do it. you have to take out the whole dash just to get to it and i mean the whole dash. if you are good with stuff like that than you can do it your self and save alot of money. i would guess that a shop would charge you about $500 at least to put one in9. hi 98 dodge ram does not get up to normal operating tempand will not get hot back flushed the heater core ?Well, if the hoses are getting hot, then you can eliminate the water pump and theromostat. You may have to invest in a new heater core. Or you may want to check your heater cables for proper operation, and adjust if necessary. Also check all of your vaccumm lines. .. Espically those having to do with the heater and controls. Usually there is a temperature valve somtimes located in the heater hose, which controls the air being blown into the heater itself. But if the hoses are getting hot, I would not think this valve is acting up either. Still, none the less, it would not hurt to give the entire heating system a complete once over. It is possible that the temperature door in the heater is not moving properly, either. This would cause a no heat condition also. You can have hot hoses, but if the temperature door is closed or only partly open, well then you would have a little or no heat condition. Cause the hot air cannot get by the closed temperature door. While if it were open, then the heat would pass right through and into the heater to be blown into your interior.
No Heat, Blows Cold Air. Both Hoses to Heater Core Are Cold After Car Reaches Normal Operating Tempe
If the heater core is completely clogged or the temp control valve is shut both hoses might feel cold. No flow through the hose to heat them up1. I have condensation on the inside of my car's windshield. Is it the heater core problem?Fogging on the inside of the windshield is typical sign of a bad heater core. Unless you have a mechanic friend, unfortunately there is no cheap way to fix it but to take it to a shop and have it repaired. Only other option is to take it to the local vo-tech school and let them use it as a prodject car, that way you will only have to pay for parts.2. HOW DO I CHANGE A HEATER CORE ON A 2001 PT CRUISER?This Site Might Help You. RE: HOW DO I CHANGE A HEATER CORE ON A 2001 PT CRUISER? I NEED TO CHANGE THE HEATER CORE IN MY 2001 PT CRUISER, AND WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHAT ALL I HAVE TO TAKE OFF TO GET TO IT.3. Heat doesn't work and temp rises at stand still in 97 civic dx...thermostat, pump or heater core?Is known to be a quick fix when your heater core leaks, to by-pass it. Meaning the heater core is isolated or separated from the cooling system by joining both hoses (inlet & outlet) not allowing coolant to flow through the heater core. When this is done, the heater is no longer there. Now, there's a chance that your heater is ok but your blower switch is not working. As far as the engine overheating at idle then cools off while driving sounds to me like the cooling fan is not turning on when it needs to. All this assuming you have enough coolant in the system, if level is low then it will act the same way. Hope this helps. Good luck! R D.4. where is the heater core located on 98 chevy blazer?you may pull the heater field out of it to get to it,and that's an all day activity to do on that one,i replaced one in gmc jimmy appropriate to an analogous motor vehicle you purchased and it too the extra efficient area of the day to get it finished you opt for handbook on that motor vehicle there lot of steps in touch in doing this,stable success5. how do i put i a heater core in a 97 chevy blazer?Yup, the heater center is leaking into the vent gadget. So the water evaporates, and condenses on the chilly living house windows and guages. no longer on the back, by way of fact the heater is up front. you are able to try some thing like Bahrsleaks, or Alumiseal, and it may artwork. Altho made to restoration radiators, it is going to each so often seal cores for a on the same time as. Lord help you in case you have tochange the middle. I swear they placed one interior the midst of the floor and build a automobile around it!6. Will bypassing the Heater Core help with overheating?replace your radiator it is clogged internally and no amount of flushing( cleaning ) is going to unstop it7. How do you change out the heater core in a '95 Chevy S10?Please call some of your local auto parts stores in your area and ask them if they have a haynes or mitchell manual for your S-10.Both of these manuals are really good and will give you step by step instructions and pics on how to remove and replace your heater core and tons of other repairs for your S-10.Best of luck8. What else could it be? If my heater core is fine, what else could it be?Most leaking heater core drain out the A/C drain when they leak9. How to replace 98 chevy heater core?replace it before it cost lots of money10. Can you continue driving a car when the Heater core is bad if you dont use AC/ heater?Broken Heater Core11. how do i replace the heater core in my 1994 jetta?The dash and the heater box do have to be removed to do it properly12. where is heater core located in a 1994 Honda Accord?Where The Heater Core Located
How Can I Tell If Mt Heater Core Has Gone Bad?Should I Try Flushing the System Out First Before Repl
This something that really pisses me off! WHAT KIND OF CAR IS IT?????????????????????????????????????? It sounds like the core is fine. If you have no leaks, no bad core. It could be as simple as a heater valve located in line on the heater core feed hose. BUT WHAT MAKE AND MODEL OF CAR DUDE!?????????????????????????????????? JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!1. Whats involved in replacing the Heater Core on a 98 Ford F-150?Here how you do it . Disconnect the cable from the negative battery terminal.From engine compartment, disconnect the temperature control cable from the temperature blend door and the mounting bracket from the top of the heater case. From engine compartment, disconnect the wire from the blown motor resistor and the blown motor. With the engine cool drain the coolant from the radiator into a suitable container. Disconnect the heater hoses from the heater core tubes on the engine side of the firewall. Working in the passenger compartment, remove the nuts retaining the left end of the heater case and the right end of the plenum to the dash panel. Working in the engine compartment remove the screw retaining the top center of the heater case to the dash panel. From the engine compartment remove the screws retaining the right end of the heater case to the dash panel and remove the heater case assembly from the vehicle. Remove the screws nuts and bolts retaining the heater housing plate to the heater case then remove the heater housing plate. If so equipped remove the screws attaching the heater core frame to the heater case and remove the frame. Remove the heater core and seal from the heater case.Installation is reverse of remove except for the following Slide the self -adjusting clip on the temperature control cable to position approximately one inch from the cable end loop. Snap the temperature control cable onto the cable mounting bracket of the heater case then position the self- adjusting clip on the temperature blend door crank arm. Adjust the temperature control cable . Fill the radiator with the proper type and amount of coolant. Attach the cable to the negative battery terminal . Start the engine and check for leaks.2. How many labor hours listed to replace heater core on 03 Buick Century V6 and is it a knuckle scraping job.?03 Buick Century3. how do i get a heater core out of a ford torus?You have to remove most of the dash. It will probably take you almost all day. I suggest you buy a repair manual, probably a Haynes, before your start. Read the section on replacing the heater core before you start so you know what you are getting into. That way there will be no surprises.4. Approx how much to replace 2002 Ford Expedition heater core?2002 Ford Expedition Heater Core5. Bypassed heater core, still overheating, can i remove thermostat?did you check your water pump???? the heater core will not make the engine over heat unless it's leaking otherwise,, it does not effect the engine in anyway most likely you installed you thermostat incorrectly or you have a bad water pump If you have to keep adding coolant then you may even have a bad head gasket good luck6. How come my 97 Corolla has no heat since installing a heater core?There is a valve that controls water flow- maybe it's off. The AC does not flow past the hot heater core....there could be a blockage, etc...that was a big job...bring it back to the person who did the work. You could also have an air pocket in the system that would require bleeding. Does the templ gauge get hot?7. can i possibly just get away with stop leak for my heater core? '98 GMC Sonoma 4 cyl?simply no! at all costs the stop leak will further damage ur heater core. The purpose for the stop leak is simply for the radiator. over usage will result in srious repar bills from a clogged core. have ur car pressure checked and see what the mech says. it may be a hose coming from the engine in the rear have it checked b4 for u intrust stop leak8. How do you remove a heater core from a Mazda b2500 series to install a new one?If you do not have the mechanical ability to get under there and find out what to do its best to leave it to a mechanic because a heater core is a very intensive labor job and will take a few hours for a beginner to do. You normally remove the glove box and it should be up hidden behind the blower motor. Drain the coolant and remove the hoses, blower motor and any surrounding brackets and it should come out through the bottom of the dash. No need to remove the dash
Heater Core in a 2000 Mazda Protege?
I doubt it is any of the if you are getting heat out of it then it should be fine!Only thing i can tell you is that when you have it on defrost for the glass make sure the control is set to the Fresh Air setting and NOT the Re-Circulate Air.Or have the A/C button on to use the dryer system to give out a dry heat!.........Try it out and let me know............Hope That Helped!1. What happens if heater core fails?When using the heater you may experience foggy windows accompanied by the sweet aroma of the coolant inside the car if it is leaking. If it gets worse it will leak into the heater box and into the carpet of the car. Make sure that if there is a control valve to let the coolant flow that it is working by checking to see if the hoses are hot. I had a plymouth car that had issue with the core clogging up slowly over time. Every couple of months a visit to the carwash was done and heater hoses were pulled off and the pressure wand inserted into the neck and blasted out the crud. It worked like a charm. I would think you may not be able to as easily reach the heater core in most new cars but, disconnecting the hoses where they meet the engine and blasting through it with a garden hose nozzle might work. If the core is leaking it must be taken out to be fixed as in replaced and yes they seem to be deliberately designed to make it a real pain to service. The core may only cost $100 but the labor will be much, much more2. how to change the heater core out?I am going to be brutally honest with you. If you are not very good mechanically. If you do not have an entire weekend free. If you are short on patience. Forget it. and just bundle -up for the rest of the winter. No kidding thats what I do myself. On some of my own vehicles. And Iv'e been a Mechanic for over 30 yrs. I just dress warmly until April. Have Fun though3. car heater wont turn off?if your car has slides on the dash then slide both slides to the left ! that should shut off the air !4. Whats wrong? Heater core problem?If you actually unhooked the hoses from the core, and splice them together to bypass the core, then you are just cooking off the remaining antifreeze in the blend chamber. If you just turned off the heat, that usually wo not work. People with Camaro's are compensating for shortcomings.5. A room heater and a humidifier?I can not figure out why anyone would think it is dangerous. You would want to put as much space as possible between the two so they are not neutralizing each other. Have you thought about using a vaporizer as a humidifier? I use the "cold mist" type in my plant room.6. Tankless Water Heater Buyers GuideTankless hot water heater are fairly pricey so you need to meticulously think things over prior to you secure your checkbook. There are some things you require to think about so you can be sure that the cash you do spend on your brand-new hot water heater is money well spent. Below is a short customer's overview to help you figure out what kind of tankless heater is perfect for your home. Although your new tankless heating system is ensured to conserve you cash on your energy expenses, because of its high initial financial investment price it will certainly take a long time prior to it can totally pay off for itself. Which is why you need to make certain that the system you will buy is most likely to last a minimum of till then otherwise longer. Compare various brands as well as designs of tankless water heaters, check which of them are made from long lasting materials that can endure the misuse that it will certainly undergo everyday. Do not simply make your decision based purely on which tankless heater prices much less, odds are if you get the more affordable heating unit you will certainly invest even more money on fixings and you may even need to replace the system quicker than you expected. The following point that you require to consider previously acquiring a tankless heating unit is how much water your home will certainly eat in a day; you need a hot water heater that can stay on par with the warm water need. If you do not have a lot of participants in your family members after that a smaller sized ability heating unit is enough for your demands, yet if you have a big family after that it is best to opt for a strong version. For economical reasons, you need to only position these hot water heater in the areas in your residence that in fact needs to have hot water. If you just need hot water for your showers or bathrooms after that you need to simply set up a little tankless heater to in your area supply warm water in your washroom only. By doing this you do not need to invest a lot of cash for a large water heater that can providing warm water for the entire home. The environment on where you live should likewise be taken in factor to consider when acquiring tankles heating systems. If you reside in a location with a rather warm environment then undoubtedly the water running in the pipelines is slightly warm already so you just require a heater that has a low power score. Get more tips and ideas about hot water heater buyer's guide thru the link. Yet if it is cold in the area you reside in then you will surely require a tankless water heater that has sufficient power to warm up near freezing water right into a comfortable temperature. When shopping around for hot water heater, regardless if it is tankless or not, these 3 aspects must always be taken into account. Bear in mind, you will be putting down a great deal of money for your tankless heating system, so you need to make sure that it can fit your demands.
How to Flush Heater Core for 2001 Chevy Blazer?
That sounds like the water is not getting to the heater core. Your coolant level may be low or there may be an air 'bubble' in the system. If you just had your antifreeze changed you should take it back to the person who did the work and get them to 'bleed' the air out of the system, top off the coolant level, and/or check out the cooling system. A fault here can do serious damage to your engine1. Have you ever had a "heater core" go bad on you?The heater core is a small radiator that circulates engine coolant and provides warm air via a fan. On some cars it is fairly easy to replace. Check the hoses going to and from the core first, then start a teardown. The last one I replaced took about 45 minutes2. how do i remove a heater core for a 1990 grand marquis?You got good answers so far if your car has AC you may need the refrigerant evacuated. I recommend you take it to a repair shop for that part3. leaking heater core 1998 range rover?Yes, it's the heater core and needs to be replaced4. 2000 dodge durango california 5.9 460 eng. is it my heater core?if its a heater core you,ll notice a greasy like substance on the wind shield that will be anti freeze,and you may also notice a wetness in the passengers side floor of it,and a slight loss of coolant,every time you use the defroster it should fog the window up with the substance,that's a sure sign the heater core is bad,a new one cost around 65 bucks,but they are kind of hard to put in so your husband may need a good repair manual on this truck to help him,good luck5. My pontiac grand am has been flooding out inside the car.Is this cause of the heater core?what would cause it?you have a cooling system water leak, it is just showing up inside your car. More likely the heater core has a leak or a hose connected to it is loose and the water is finding its way inside the car6. How do I by pass heater core in 93chevy lumina?Bandit has it, purchase an adapter then take the clamps off the heater core against the firewall, put the adapter between the two hoses and you are done. You will need to know the diameter of the hoses to determine correct adapter7. Where is the heater core in my 84' GMC van?not sure exactly where the heater core is on your particular year and model, but they are usually under the passenger side dash area behind the glove box. i would start underneath the dash far to the back near the firewall and work my way up from the bottom. you should run in to it once you take off some pieces depending on how far up it is. yes you have to dismantle most up underneath the dash on that side. its not a very fun job!8. Where is the heater core and how do i replace it on a 2000 Ford Focus?It is usually in the heater housing inside the dash. I am assuming you are not familiar with vehicle repairs. It is not that complicated to replace but it usually requires the removal of the dash. I have never done one on a focus, i've only done them on mustangs. If you do not have coolant on the passenger side floor board or when you turn your heat on if it does not immediately fog up your windows i see no reason to replace it. These are the usual signs of a bad heater core. If you are just not getting heat in the passenger compartment you could have other problems. A chiltons manual will give you some instruction on how to replace it. Good Luck!9. I have no heat in my 2000 ford Taurus. I have flushed the heater core and changed the thermostat.?Make sure the a/c is not on, maybe the a/c switch is stuck in the on position10. how do i unclog the heater core in my vehicle?before you replace or try to fix chech it first after you truck is warm hold your hand on one heater hose then the other they should be hot if one is cold the core is pluged
May a Heater Core Cause a Car Heat to Go Up and Down When U on the Gas It Go Up When U Let Off Goes
I totally agree with the possibility of a vacuum leak1. How do you flush out a heater core on a 1994 Plymouth Acclaim 4 cylinder? PLEASE HELP!?take heater hoses off at fire wall try to crimp heater hoses off so you do not loose too much coolant, use a garden hose flush thru both ways thru inlet and outlet of heater core until water runs clear. this is the easiest way i know of, make sure rad. is full of coolant because a air pocket will cause that symptom.2. Heater core leaking. My fault?it,s no ones fault brooke. they just get old and start to leak. the reason the head cracked was it overheated. it was,nt because of the heater core unless you ran it without anti-freeze and cracked the head. during the summer you could hook the heater hoses together and still run your car but before winter you will need a new heater core or you won,t have any heat in the car.3. How can I know if the heater core if bad?Simplest way to check if the heater core is plugged is to start the engine and let it come up to temp.Turn the heat on and grab the heater hoses.If one is hot and the other is cool then you are not circulating through the heater.4. Will a bad heater core affect my car starting in cold weather(15 degrees and lower)?No a heater core has nothing to do with hard starting in a car. Does it crank and have a delayed start? then it may be either a plugged fuel filter or bad fuel pump relay. good luck...5. How much does it cost to fix/replace a heater core?Just had mine replaced on my Skyline R33. Was $390AU for labour (4hrs), $350AU for the part from Japan and $180AU for degassing and regassing the AC system. For my car the who dash doesn t need to come out. Just the glovebox and a few parts around that area to get to the core. Depending on where your core is you could get lucky like me.6. how do you replace a heater core in a 2004 chevy cavalier?im with the other guy but if your husband is dead set on doing it go to and it will give pretty close to step by step directions on it and you can also get a haynes manual from auto zone that will also do that7. Is the heater core going bad something the used car dealer should have seen coming?They could have pressure tested the cooling system to see if a leak was imminent but it's not required and most garages or dealerships do not have the equipment to run the test. They did nothing wrong8. Heater Core useless in an 87 monte carlo?It is safe, replacing the heater core is about a 4 hour job9. Car trouble, sound like thermostat or heater core?If your heater is slow to warm up, it could be either a thermostat stuck open or a clogged heater core. Any good repair shop should be able to diagnose this for you. On Hondas, there is a coolant temperature sensor that will affect how the car idles, if your coolant level is low it can cause what you describe or a defective sensor. It sounds like two seperate problems though. Good luck!10. How much does it cost to get your heater core replaced?dosnt sound like the heater core was replaced only bypassed /check the labor hours in chilton book hours times the rate give the cost11. 95 Chevy 5.0L c1500- after a heater core replacement. "check Gage" lite flashes?Did you refill the antifreeze? Did you replace the thermostat? It may be it just needs more antifreeze or there may some air still in the cooling system. Try replacing the thermostat.12. How much does it cost to repair a 2000 ford focus heater core?Car repair shops work according to specified hours per repair. This particular job would be 7.4 hours plus parts. The labor could range from $260.00 to $740.00. The parts and supplies could cost from $100.00 to $125.00 which depends on where you take the car.
How Do You Change a Heater Core in a 1991 Mustang 50 LX
.Here is the full heater core guide for those that do not want to pay the high costs of having someone else do it for you. the parts required were: new core, new heater core hoses (if the old ones are worn out) and a new restrictor (if your current hoses do not have one, otherwise just cut it out and use it in the new hoses), and a helper to help guide the new core in.. .do not buy an off brand (autozone, advance, etc) core, put up the cash for the. Ford. unit ($50) it's well worth it. the restrictor cost me $20, but I've heard of people using 1/4 drive 13mm sockets instead. either will work.. .it is recommended that you pick up two lengths of hose that are nice and long so you can hook up the new heater core to the engine outside the car and test it for leaks.. .there are a couple sites on the net that detail how to change the core without pulling the dash off, but once we got enough the dash loose to pry it up (includes removing the gauge pod) we decided that removing the whole dash was just a few more steps away.. .note that you DON'T have to remove or discharge ANY a/c components!. .ok here we go:. .underhood, remove the two heater hoses from the heater core at the firewall. (be prepared for antifreeze coming out of the hoses) next look a little to the left and you will see the black a/c accumulator. this has a bracket that secures it to the firewall. this bracket needs to come off, completely. after it is off, remove the nuts from the 2 studs that the bracket secured to. this effectively gives the evaporator casing an inch or two of play so you can open up the heater core lid later.. .now inside the car.. .i HIGHLY recommend labeling setting aside all screws with their appropriate parts that way you do not end up with 5 extra screws like i did. .remove the top dash speaker panels. (they screw in at the side) and also remove the dash screw at the inside side of each panel. i recommend removing the speakers too (when the dash is reinstalled, it is a pain to plug in the speakers while balancing a loose dash.. .remove the 2 screws on each end of the dash (you will have to pry out the trim there, (loosen the kick panels to achieve this). .remove the gauge pod, and the panels underneath the steering column. the headlight switch and hazard light switch come out by inserting a screwdriver in the outside side and pushing a tab and then pulling the switches out.. .remove the defroster grill at the top by prying it at the edges and remove all the dash screws underneath.. .remove the glove box.. .remove hvac controls and unscrew the heat/cold control from the panel and remove all the connectors except the vacuum lines. then slide the hvac panel back into the dash. this allows you to leave those vacuum lines connected to it.. .remove the stereo.. .remove the shift boot and knob. remove the armrest and the entire center console. (screws to the left and right of the hvac controls). .this might be a good time to vacuum underneat the center console as it collects large amounts of dirt and other goodies. .remove all the screws from the underside of the dash.. .remove the guage cluster. there are two snap in wire plugs on either side and then of course the speedo cable. remove this pushing in on the tab and pulling it off. after the gauge cluster comes out, remove the two screws behind it that secure that part of the dash to the metal behind it.. .remove the dimmer switch control. .after this, the dash should be pretty loose. feed all the cables that poke thru the dash back into their holes (label the holes if you can not remember). try to pry up and back (towards you) to remove the dash. there is a yellow vacuum line that runs to the middle of the dash, make sure you unhook this before removing the dash.. .with the dash gone the heater box will be staring you in the face in the middle of the car. the lid has a red/white/blue bundle of wires running by it, which is how you can tell where it is. remove the 2 screws that hold the front of the lid down and pry up on the lid a little and you will see the core inside, ready to come out. now the entire casing (it goes from the center of the car all the way to the right side of the car) can be out an inch or two and tilted down (provided you removed the nuts to the bolts that the a/c accumulator bracket secured to in the engine compartment.. .go to the engine compartment and spray the gasket that surrounds the heater core pipes with WD40 and wiggle them around a bunch to loosen them up.. .now, back inside the car, pry open the lid with a long screwdriver or socket set or crowbar and place a 3/8ths rachet extension under each side of the lid. .this should give you enough room to get your hands on the core and pull it out. if not, try re-arranging the evaporator casing some so you have more clearance to pry the lid up.. .once the core is removed, you have to clean out all the old sealant. this is VITAL. when the new core is installed, if you keep this old hard sealant in there it will tweak the core and cause leaks soon. i used simple green, a small flat blade, and paper towels to clean out the gunk. it is only on the bottom of where the old core sat, none is one the underside of the lid. when you are cleaning, most of the gunk will come off in little chunks and fall down further into the casing. i recommend getting a vacuum with a hose attachment and getting all that crap out. if not, when you turn on the blower, the gunk will fly out the vents (like it did to me). .when all the gunk is cleaned out, get some black rtv (dries soft, allows the core to expand and contract with heat and cold without tweaking it) and use generous amounts to form a seal.. .now comes the installation of the new core. make sure the gasket in the firewall is WD40 would up for easy install. have your helper stay in the engine compartment to help guide the core tubes thru the holes while you insert the core into the case. we got mine lined up the 2nd try and it was pretty easy.. .make another bead of rtv or blue silicone on the lid cover and then screw it back down.. .now you have a choice: put the whole car back together, then hook up the heater core hoses to test it, or go eat something and come back, hook up the heater core, and test it before you put the car back together. the rtv needs some time to set up before you go tweaking on it while putting the core hoses on.. .installation is reverse of removal, obviously. after that you will enjoy nice heat and no green puddle of death or green haze on the glass.. .elapsed time for us was 6 hours, and 1.5 of that was trying to figure out why the evaporator case would not budge (missed the nuts in the firewall)Is there a way to get free themes & wallpaper for sidekick lx?The LX would not have the skill to apply downloaded textile as a hoop tone. the only way you may get ring tones on your lx is to get carry of them from the get carry of catalog on the telephone
Is It a Good Idea to Bypass a Heater Core This Way for Colder Air Conditioning?
It may help, But you are seating yourself up for failure. Messing with the cooling system is a bad idea. If you disrupt the flow it could change the way the system works and cause it to over heat. Ive always thought bypassing the heater core is ghetto, But admit ive done it a time or two myself. The better option, and the option I would most recommend is to remove your dash and replace the seals that are made from the factory to block the heater core from the vents when the a/c is on. But your idea would work, I do not know how well. It would depend on how much heat was making it's way from the heater core to the vents in the dash. You could also buy a 160* T-stat, that will lower the temp in the heater core by 30* 1. Central air conditioning?In the house we just moved out of, (newer, well insulated house) we set it at 68 in the winter and 72 in the summer. It did not play havoc with the utility bills and was comfortable. If we got too hot in the summer, we sat on the back porch for a couple of minutes, then came back in, so it seemed relatively much cooler.2. How do I know if my outdoor air conditioning unit needs to be replaced, or if it's just the fan motor?You have someone that knows what they are doing LOOK at the unit3. in window air conditioning question?I even have heard great things approximately those transportable ones with the exhaust hose. i replaced into thinking one for my mattress room. No usual air in my place the two. Plus, it particularly is extremely achieveable that a storage window in simple terms ought to not be stable sufficient to hold a window unit. maximum are not built with an identical wall (and window) intensity that a house has & the unit ought to not stability nicely with out some style of exterior help, like stilts for the decrease back end of the window unit. With a 4 hundred squarefeet area, you ought to be waiting to get the transportable one for particularly much less costly. do not choose a great BTU score4. Central Air Conditioning help please?I agree with tipster. My mobile home when I moved in, prior to changing over the electricity and all to our name was on continuous fan, the renters prior had ran the fan continuous to try and circulate cool air, and its cool not cold. I just had a unit and A Coil installed and it ran about 2900 but that depends on the unit, an large house will need a larger unit. I would call the people who told you it had air, and find out why its not cold. If it does have a unit, the unit could be needing coolant replaced5. How did people living in the south survive before air conditioning?they adapted to their situations and made do with what they had. the world has become so modernized and lazy that people think they can not do without the comforts of technology that we have today. the truth of the matter is, if we HAD to do without a/c for the rest of our lives, then we would adapt to our circumstances.6. How to cool a room down without air conditioning?Use a radiant barrier foil in your attic, and some thick curtains to block out the sun7. Vehicle air conditioning repair question?First off, let me say that if you are going to be your own service center than you need to have the proper tools to do the job, the training, and the experience to know what is going on in a system. This means you must have a freon recapture/vacume station and you need the set of lines and gauges to know exactly what is going on in your system. Air conditioning 101: Starting at the compressor it takes your freon from a low pressure fluid and turns it to a high pressure fluid. From there it travels to the receiver drier (which filters your freon and removes any moisture from the freon) it goes to the evaporator in your fan assembly in your dash. As it takes the heat from the air running through those coils it turns your freon into a gas form. (Your compressor cannot pump gas but only liquid) so from there it goes to the condenser in front of your car and through convection turns back into a low pressure fluid once again. Now, since you have replaced all the lines and your compressor, you did not know that once you open up your system that you expose your receiver drier to sucking in all the moisture from the humid atmosphere. So your receiver drier is most likely saturated at this point and will never allow your system to properly cool. Your system also needed to have a vacume pulled on it for at least 4-6 hours. This not only pulls the system into a good vacume to receiver the new freon, but it also burns up any moisture that could be in the system (except for the receiver drier). So in short, replace your receiver drier, vacume the system down correctly, install the correct gauges and charge the system with new freon.
I Think My Heater Core Might Be Bad?
Well, that's about it. I've done a few of those, hardly any fun. 4 to 6 hours worth of work, and the core on top of that. Sorry for the bad news1. Heater Core / Matrix Problems LEAKING Need Help & ADVICE!?Cooling systems have to be presurized to work right. If the core is leaking badly the system will never develope pressure and you are looking at serious problems. Water wo not flow right and hoses will collapse from pump suction. Just take the two hoses off the heater core and join them together with a piece of copper tubing2. What are the indications your heater core is bad on an '88 Plymouth Caravelle?You said it "antifreeze odour." Also you will lose coolant. and may notice dampness on the floor board most likely on the passenger side3. I just installed a new heater core and thermastat, and now have no heat. What could be wrong?Check your thermostat. It could of been put in the wrong way4. heater core on 1994 mbz model c280, have a mosture issue in cabin shop say $2400 to replace?That's crazy. It's about a four hour job. There are probably enough MB drivers that just pay whatever they ask, they do not have any need to give you an honest quote5. what does the heater core in my car do?It is a heat exchange. When you turn the heater on, hot coolant from the engine/radiator is pumped though it; air blown across the core then heats up.6. 1993 Chevy s10 needs heater core?outside in engine compartment plug the lines heading into the heater/disconnect hoses and plug with capped pipe from the depot7. have a 2001 pathfinder, heater won't blow heat, what could be the problem, heater core?It could be a bunch of things but I had the same thing happen to me with my van last week. It stopped blowing hot air even when it was warmed up. Turned out it was leaking water. I was almost totally out of water/antifreeze. I had the leak repaired and fill back up with antifreeze. My heat works perfectly again. Just thought I would share since it could be something as simple as this. Good luck!8. 97 VW VR6 JETTA, possible heater core leakage windshield fogs up engine area dry thermostat & H2O are ok?Usually any coolant in the interior is heater core related. I just did one on my Jeep9. HHHHEEEELLLLPPP!!!!!!! those anyone know were the heater core on a 98 dodge neon is?you have to remove the dash out of it and also remove the heater box assembly on it plus evacuate the air conditioning system on it,you need a repair manual on it because there's too many steps on here to try and explain it ,there's many wires to take loose and put back together also,its not the part that's expensive its the labor on getting it out in,get the manual for the complete instructions this way if you run in to a problem you will have the book to refer to,and if you have not ever done one you bette be really careful there's a lot of parts that you can mess up doing this job,then it will cost you more to get it back together again,good luck10. Bypassing the heater core 95 Cavalier 4cl?You should not need to get under the car to do this one. The connections in and out to the heater core should be up high on the firewall on the passenger side of the car. You will just need a fitting to connect one hose to another and a way to secure them from flopping around loose since they will not be secured to the firewall, but connected to each other. You should be able to re-use the clamps that connect them to the fittings on the firewall to connect them to the fitting you put between them to bypass. A piece of copper pipe about three inches long in a diameter that fits should be fine to connect the two hoses. Maybe use some zip ties to secure it to something nearby, even the firewall fittings you disconnect the hoses from if you can make it work. Make sure to bleed out any air,.
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