Cereal then Milk, Or MIlk THEN Cereal?

Always got to be someone like me who has to complicate such a simple question. That depends. If the cereal does not require sugar, then I will put in the cereal first. However should it need sugar then in goes the milk first. Then the sugar. I stir until the sugar is dissolved. Then goes in the cereal. I do so because I like the uniformity in flavor and there's no crunchy sugar crystals in the bottom of the bowl.

1. Why do vegans hate by products such as milk and eggs. its not hurting the animals or killing them?

I thought the calf is taken away from its mother at birth and this can cause a lot of stress for the mother. This is why cows give milk.

2. A nice dessert?....10 points best answer...gimme ideas/recipes?

Chocolate Malt Ice Cream with crushed malt ball candies. Chocolate Malted Ice Cream 1/2 c. powdered malt 1 c. whipping cream 5 oz. can evaporated milk 1 1/2 c. chocolate milk 1/2 c. sugar 1 tsp. vanilla extract 1 c. crushed malt ball candies (more for garnish) Mix the malt, whipping cream, chocolate milk, sugar, vanilla extract, and evaporated milk together until the sugar is dissolved. Put mixture into your ice cream maker and churn until almost thick. Add in the crushed malt balls when the ice cream starts to thicken. When frozen, put into another container and freezer until solid. To serve, scoop out, put in dish and garnish with a few malt ball candies.

3. Is rice milk healthier than soy milk?

Soy is healthier. Rice does not contain very much nourishment. As far as fat... I do not know sorry

4. How can i get Taller?

drink milk! :]

5. 13 Milk Tea Shops in Manila to Satisfy Your Weekly Cravings

It's no secret that the Philippines has seen the proliferation of milk tea shops grow far and wide ever since Serenitea was first established back in 2008. With more and more bubble tea stores laying ground in the country, the wealth of options for the milk tea-obsessed Filipino now seems endless. But if you want to narrow down your boba-infused rotation with the best classics mixed with relatively newer shops to try, we've got just the list for you! Arguably one of the most popular tea franchises in the country, you can practically spot a Gong Cha in almost any mall you find yourself in. It's unsurprising considering they have approximately 1,500 stores in over 20 countries around the world, owing to their various addicting milk tea selections, which you can mix in with any sinker of your choice. According to Gong Cha's official website, their top three drinks are the Milk Tea with Pearl Jelly, Wintermelon Milk, and the House Special Milk Wintermelon. Creamy milk tea made from all natural milk? Sign us up! Franchised by Anne Curtis, I'Milky joins the list of Taiwanese Milk Tea shops invading Filipino taste buds. A must-try for first timers include their Brown Sugar Pearl Milk, Fresh Strawberry Milk, Wintermelon Tea Latte, and their I'Milky Black Tea Soy Milk. Aside from being delectably satisfying to the soul, did you know that indulging in your tea obsession can actually be good for your skin? Just take it from Brown Cafe whose pearls are infused with collagen found to have skin and health benefits. They even have low-calorie bubbles available! Among their best sellers are the Brown Sugar Pearl with Milk, Royal Premium Milk Tea, Thai Tea, the Rainbow Low-Calorie Bubble Series, and the Shake Shake Series. If you are tired of the usual black and white pearls to accompany your drink, try out One Zo's colorful alternatives. Freshly handmade, their tapioca balls come in a variety of flavors including taro, matcha, strawberry, and mango! One Zo virgins are encouraged to try out their best sellers: 3-in-1, Dirty Milk, Dirty Tea, Taro Delight, It's a Match, and the One Zo Fruit Tea. There's no milk tea roundup list without Serenitea, a.k.a. the OG milk tea shop in the country that first opened in 2008. Their touted big three drinks to try are the Hokkaido, Wintermelon, and Okinawa infused with Nata, Black Pearls, and Egg Pudding sinkers. If you need a break from the brown sugar craze, Yi Fang's your best bet. While they do have milk teas in their menu, they mostly specialize in refreshing and healthy fruit teas made from all-natural ingredients including brewed tea leaves imported from Taiwan. Among their best sellers are the Yi Fang Signature Fruit Tea and Brown Sugar Pearl Tea Latte. Known for their classic frappe and tea drinks, Infinitea's another famous tea brand that's already made a name for themselves in the local market. Boasting of 100% freshly brewed loose-leaf teas, included in their must try list are actually a number of milk tea options like the Salted Caramel Wintermelon Milktea, Oreo Milktea, and the Okinawa Milktea. But if you are not up for either, you will still have a variety of beverages to choose from as they also serve lemonade, soda pops, and other hot drinks. If you've ever seen an orange shop with an obscenely long queue at the mall, it's most definitely another Coco branch. Boasting of refreshing tea and juice drinks made from fresh ingredients, the Taiwan brand currently stands at more than 4000 shops strong all over the globe. Among their customers' favorite drinks include the 3 Buddies Milk Tea, Salty Cream Milk Tea, and the Passion Fruit Tea Burst. Another tea shop to try if you have not already is Cha Tuk Chak. Their Pink Milk takes the cake for its quirky color and its apparent popularity in Thailand, often appearing on well known Thai TV dramas. First time customers can also try their famous Cha Yen, a.k.a, the original Thai Milk Tea, the Thai Green Tea Milk, or the Thai Emerald Lemon. Standing out amid the Taiwan milk tea invasion is Macao Imperial Tea. Originating from Macau, the famed Vegas of China, they are most known for the creamy consistency of their drinks, notable of which are the selections from their Cream Cheese series. Plus, unlike other brands, you can actually reuse their cups that also come with a removable red crown on the lid so you can enjoy your sinker-free drinks without using a straw. Taiwanese brand Tiger Sugar made quite the frenzy when it first arrived in the country last December 2018, and for good reason. With a small curated menu to choose from, the shop prides itself with its signature Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cream Mousse, no added sinkers, no fixing sugar levels, delectably perfect just the way it is. Note that when you try it out for the first time, they recommend shaking your cup at least 15 times to thoroughly mix the brown sugar and milk together. Other suggested drinks are the Black Tea Latte with Cream mousse and the Brown Sugar Green Tea with Pearls. You've heard of reusable cups and colored bobas, but no one's serving looks like Chemistea. As you've probably deduced from the name, this quaint caf in Quezon City will have you stirring up your personal science experiments with their beverages poured into laboratory flasks, complete with a stirring rod. Among their most favored drinks are the Pearl Milk tea, Red Velvet, and Toffee Nut. If you need more reason to indulge in your milk tea cravings, you will definitely find one in Tantea's peach gum sinkers. A healthier alternative to pearls, peach gum traces its origins to China where it's often used for medicinal purposes including relieving stress, or as a skin supplement. The store has a whopping 68 drinks on their menu, but to keep from getting overwhelmed, consider their bestsellers like the Boba Pearl Milk Tea, Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea Dirty Bottle, or the Mango Peach Gum. Hey, Preview readers! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok, and Twitter to stay up to speed on all things trendy and creative. We will curate the most stylish feed for you!

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Allergies can happen anytime there is damage to the digestive system letting undigested food or toxins directly into the bloodstream and causing the immune system to attack it. Usually the result of damage to the good bacteria. Fermented foods and liquids can help replace the good bacteria and help heal digestion.1. My 6 month dog has passed lots of bloated maggot-type worms in his stools. What are they?I would take her and a fresh stool sample to the vet to be checked out2. I have four cats and all are suddenly making soft stools, not watery, but more like a pudding-type consistencyit could be worms, or some type of parasite. if they have had fleas before, they can get tape worms by ingesting the eggs when they chewed on themselves. it could be a food switch. i think most pet stores had tape worm medicine. i know my kitty did that and i gave him one of those pills and he was fine about 14 hours later3. If I dont eat enough fiber can I get blood in my stools?Unless you have cancer, you are in the wrong forum. You have a hemorrhoid or anal fissure4. Can too many antibiotics cause you to have abnormal stools?Yes, antibiotics, even one, will mess up your digestive tract. They kill all the bacteria in your body, even the good ones in your colon that are needed there to digest your food. Yogurt that has active enzymes is suppose to help rebuild your good colon bacteria. It has been recommended to eat it at the same time as you are taking antibiotics. There are over 100 trillion good bacteria in your colon. The two most important ones are..... Lactobacillus Acidophillus Prevent overgrowth of disease-causing microbes; Candida species, E. coli, H. pylori and Salmonella. Prevent and treat antibiotic-associated diarrhea. Aid digestion of lactose and dairy products. Improve nutrient absorption. Maintain integrity of intestinal tract and protect against macromolecules entering bloodstream and causing antigenic response. Lessen intestinal stress from food poisoning. Acidify intestinal tract; low pH provides a hostile environment for pathogens (bacteria) and yeast. Helps prevent vaginal and urinary tract infections Bifidobacteria Prevent colonization of the intestine by pathogenic bacteria and yeast by protecting the integrity of the intestinal lining. Produce acids which keep the pH balance in the intestine. This acid environment prevents disease-producing microbes from getting a foothold. Lessen side effects of antibiotic therapy. Are the primary bacteria in infants, which helps them grow. Inhibit growth of bacteria which produce nitrates (chemical also used in food processing) in the bowel. Nitrates are bowel-toxic and can cause cancer. Help prevent production and absorption of toxins produced by disease causing bacteria, which reduces the toxic load of the liver. Manufacture B complex vitamins. Help regulate peristalsis and bowel movements. Prevent and treat antibiotic-induced diarrhea. Beneficial Bacteria Help the Immune System Produce antibiotics and antifungals. Manufacture essential fatty acids. Increase the number of immune system cells. Balance intestinal pH. Break down bacterial toxins (bacterial toxins knock out immune system communication pathways). Antitumor and anticancer effects. Protect from things like mercury, pesticides, radiation, and pollutants. Break down bile acids. Manufacture hydrogen peroxide which has antiseptic effects.5. If someone manages to hold in their diarrhea, will their intestines absorb the excess water and therefore solidify the diarrhea into regular stools?This would be a very dangerous thing to do if one is suffering from food poisoning. Interfering with the elimination of ingested poisons can give them enough time to be absorbed by the intestines into the bloodstream. This is why warning labels on medications such as loperamide (Imodium) caution against taking them in cases of diarrhea caused by food poisoning.6. What is wrong with a kitten when their stools are a light brown and really hard?The color and the texture of the stool is in direct relationship to the food that you are feeding her. As a newborn hard stool is much better than soft. Add a small amount of olive oil to the food that you are offering. That should help. If you give too much she will get the runs. Give plenty of water too or pediatric electrolyte which contains important minerals
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