Collection Agency Wont Drop an Erroneous Case Against Me?

Good grief, turn it all over to your car insurance company. Why do you think you have insurance? They will first want to deny the claim and the easiest way to do that is to prove you were not involved in the accident. However it sounds to me like you are leaving out details. You say "I was not even driving" but you do not say it was not your car that was involved in the accident. Even if you were not driving, if your car was involved regardless of who was driving (unless the car was stolen or you were being kidnapped) your insurance has to cover. Sounds to me like this is not an erroneous case, it sounds to me like you are in denial.

1. Optimal tiling for a collection of partitions

1) This question (as posed) has a simple negative answer. Just take any countable set $x$ and put $M$ be the family of finite subsets of $x$. Then for the family $mathcal A$ of all possible partitions of $x$ into finite subsets there is no partition $Z$ of $x$ into finite sets such that $Ztriangleleft A$ for every $Ainmathcal A$. Indeed, any partition $Z$ of $x$ into finite sets is infinite. So, we can take any 2-element subfamily $S=z,z'subset Z$ and take any partition $Ainmathcal A$ such that $z,z'in A$. Then $|S|=2>1=|A_[cup S]|$, witnessing that $Z

ottriangleleft A$.2) A bit more complicated counterexample can be constructed as follows. Consider the family $mathcal A$ of all possible partitions of the set $mathbb P:=mathbb Rsetminusmathbb Q$ of irrational numbers into compact susbets. Let $M$ be the family of all compact subsets of $mathbb P$, endowed with the Vietoris topology. It is well-known that the space $M$ is separable and metrizable.Then there is no partition $Z$ of $mathbb P$ into compact subsets such that $Ztriangleleft A$ for all $Ainmathcal A$. Indeed, since the space $mathcal P$ is not $sigma$-compact, each partition $Z$ of $mathbb P$ into non-empty compact subsets of $mathbb P$ is uncountable and considered as a subspace of the hyperspace $M$ is not discrete. Hence $Z$ contains a sequence $z_n_ninomegasubset Z$ of pairwise distinct elements that converges to a compact set $z_omegain Z$. Then the set $S:=z_n_nleomega$ has compact union in $mathbb P$ and hence $bigcup Sin A$ for some partition $A$ of $mathbb P$ into compact sets. Taking into account that $|S|=omega>|A_[cup S]|=1$, we conclude that $Z

ottriangleleft A$.3) In fact, the gap between $|S|$ and $|A_[cup S]|$ can be arbitrarily high. Indeed, for any infinite regular cardinal $kappa$ consider the set $x=kappa$ and the family $M$ of subsets of $x$ of cardinality $

2. Debate! What is collection and who has attained it?

Collection to me is a horse that has forward motion and is driving it's hindquarters underneath itself while being driven into the bit. The impulsion engages the hindquarters while the horse rounds his back and lifts his shoulders. Then the final piece is when the horse softens into the rider's hands, accepting the bit. A collected horse has pulled his weight off his forehand so he is freed up to perform advanced maneuvers. A collected horse should be able to perform simple advanced upward and downward transitions, simple and flying lead changes, turn on the forehand and haunches, back up, side pass, leg yield, half pass, and the list goes on. Frames are commonly mistaken for collection, but in reality a horse can be in a frame while puttering around on the forehand. Riders who seek after a frame alone usually try and obtain this by capturing the head and neck set thus causing the horse to put the weight on it's front legs.

3. Collection taxes on EBAY?! How does that WORK?!?

this is self employment, report this income on Sch C and anything you purchase is cost of goods, you probably have expenses related to the charges eBay incurs as well as possibly the postage when your 'net' amount on the Sch C is $400 or more you will pay self employment tax on it, Sch SE this may or may not be taxable, that will depend on the amount of your exemptions and standard deduction to charge sales tax you have to be registered with the state sales tax agency, in your case the State Board of Equalization,

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Data Collection Phases
Data Collection PhasesFirst Two Years of LifeAt approximately 6 weeks after birth, data were collected from interviews of the primary caregiver (usually the birth mother) and the collateral caregiver (the partner of the primary, usually the father). Data were collected from 1376 families in relation to 1398 children (including 22 pairs of twins). The ethnic mix of the original cohort was 47% Samoan, 21% Tongan, 17% Cook Island Maori, 4% Niuean and 11% other Pacific or non-Pacific. At 12 months of age, 1224 primary caregivers and 825 collateral caregivers were interviewed in relation to 1241 children. At 24 months, 1144 primary caregivers and 854 collateral caregivers were interviewed in relation to 1162 children. Details of the first two years can be found in a technical report. Transition to SchoolAt the age of 4 years, data were collected from primary caregiver interviews and separate child assessments. At the age of 6 years, data were collected from primary caregiver interviews, collateral caregiver interviews, child assessments and teacher evaluations. Towards AdolescenceAs each child turned 9, data were collected from primary caregiver interviews, child assessments and teacher child evaluations. As of June 2011[update], data on 11-year-olds are being collected from primary and collateral caregiver interviews, child assessments and teacher evaluations.— — — — — —What are the tools available for Twitter historical data collection?I have tried several tools for twitter corpus development and I think one of the most robust scripts for crawling tweets bypassing the Twitter API time limitation is the Jefferson Henrique's python script availabe at GitHub (Jefferson-Henrique/GetOldTweets-python).The results are identical with the Twitter search box and the output is written in a csv file— — — — — —What are different data collection methods for statistics?Here's my favorite method. It's called "skip all of that and just go to a data vendor"!Honestly though... data collection takes hours and hours and it's incredibly time/energy consuming. On top of that, you have to keep constantly recollecting and updating your charts so it stays accurateTo me, that's just not worth it. My time would be spent much better if I just received exactly what I wanted and it updated on its own. This way, I could just focus on what I wanted to do with the data in the first place.I personally like Intrinio the most for this. Here's a few brief reasons:They are known to be reliable and accurateThey collect and update the data automaticallyThey insert most of the data into Excel for youYou only pay for the data you use. Most other data vendors fill their data feeds up with way too much data, which causes the price to go up. This results in a bunch of people paying extra money for data they do not even need. Intrinio is not like thatAnyways, that's my two cents :)Hope this helps!-Full disclosure: I work for Intrinio.— — — — — —Data collectionDigital maps heavily rely upon a vast amount of data collected over time. Most of the information that comprise digital maps is the culmination of satellite imagery as well as street level information. Maps must be updated frequently to provide users with the most accurate reflection of a location. While there is a wide spectrum on companies that specialize in digital mapping, the basic premise is that digital maps will accurately portray roads as they actually appear to give "life-like experiences."— — — — — —Is there an app I can use for data collection?FReD is one of the best field data collection apps. You will get end number of options but you have to choose the best one. A good Field Data Collection App should be both Android and iOS friendly and it should lead to value-addition to the end-result of the related task and will bring improvement in the quality of output. A field data collection app should be able to: Schedule a project and event, Track feature that helps in monitoring time spent by each field reps, Capture field activity status and updates, Verify receipt and results on real time basis, Structure inventories and product catalogs, Capture critical data such as pictures, feedback, signatures etc. Take order and carry product-focused performance, Utilize during audits and field promotions— — — — — —At what point do you think a student's privacy is violated by data collection?My view is that student's data is purely for the student's academic "career" and should be treated as such. Thus, it has no business being in circulation outside of educational and academic institutes against the student's own wishes. If a student wants to celebrate their "A" grade by boasting about it on facebook or some other social media platform, then that is their business. If, on the other hand, a college or High School sells that information to some company... well then it's very much crossed a line and should be hammered with legal consequences.Others on this forum have suggested reforming the legal system to cover the new digital age. That is very much necessary. Not only do laws have to update punishment and definition of circurmstances, they also need to mandate new means of enforcement.
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