Common Small-lead Questions

1. Is Harry Potter supposed to be attractive, even though J.K. Rowling never specifically states whether he is or not?

I don't think so. At the start of the series, Harry is small, very skinny, with broken glasses, oversize clothes and black hair that (magically) grows all over the place. His most attractive feature is his bright green eyes, inherited from his mother. Perhaps with regular meals at Hogwarts, and having to be somewhat athletic to play Quidditch, Harry filled out some and was not as painfully thin, but he's not meant to be a stud.


2. According to Wikipedia, William Eaton and 8 U.S. marines led a mixed Greek, Arab, and Turkish mercenary force to victory in the 1805 Battle of Derna as part of the First Barbary War. Why was Eaton provided with such a small detachment of marines?

I am writing from memory as I don't have access to my references at the moment.In 1805 the USMC was small consisting of ship based detachments with an even tinier shore based establishment. There just weren't Marines to send. What I don't recall is if when the Naval squadron was dispatched to the Med if any land action was planned.


3. My daughter is gifted and the school wants her to skip 2 grades in high school. I am worried about her being with students so much older than her. What would be best for her?

If your daughter is in high school, then she is old enough to be consulted in what academic path she should take. Some kids are all about the schoolwork, while others prefer to be with their friends. Since your daughter will have to live with whatever is decided about skipping a grade or not, she ought to have a part in making that decision. Her preference should hold the most weight


4. Why isn't PV Narasimha Rao celebrated?

Of late, now he is getting some recognition to his good deeds he had performed during his tenure as the PM of India. He is indeed the second best Congress PM, just next to Lal Bahdur Sastri. Earlier he was not celebrated, for the obvious reason that he is not from the Nehru dynasty.


5. Which is stronger, the head or the heart? Which one should one listen to?

Beware emotions tied to thinking. Dig deeper for the feeling truly arising in the deepest heart. Try leading with the heart and checking with the mind.When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy. There is a candle in your heart, ready to be kindled.

There is a void in your soul, ready to be filled.

You feel it, don't you? Rumi


6. Is Donald Trump the US' greatest mistake?

No, Prohibition was. But if Prohibition could have lasted a few more years, maybe Trump's parents would have gotten so drunk that they accidently had sex with each other and produced this Carpet Bagger, dictator want to be, Communist loving, swindler we have for a President! (I tried to include his good traits, just to be fair.)


7. Why did Jesus accept Crucifixion?

Let's assume for a moment that the man called Jesus existed (there isn't any evidence supporting this). He was a political opponent to the Roman Empire and the syphocantics ruling Judea, thus a threat. Sans any sort of democratic government, he (again if HE existed) was a threat and a source of insurrection. What does such a gov't do with these types if individuals? Dispatch them and attempt to make an example of them


8. Why do US conservatives love Israel so much?

Primarily because Israel can be depended upon to preserve the home of Christianity for them to visit, which the Arabs , when give the city to manage, closed it to Jews and Christians, proving themselves to be shitheads.I see this, and the fact that the major religion among Conservatives is Christianity - and in their minds - the new Judaism with the promised Messiah realized, as indicated by their term, The *New* Testament


9. Who was the best potential U.S. President who was never elected?

Lots of good answers here. My choice would be Henry Clay. In any reasonable list of Greatest American, hed be in the top 10. In my mind, hed be in the top 3, behind Washington and Lincoln.He, more than anyone else, kept the country together, being the principal author of both the Missouri Compromise of 1820 and the Compromise of 1850.

(Hence his nickname as the Great Compromiser)He actually was a candidate 3 times


10. I have fallen in love with a girl, but she has a boyfriend. What do I do?

You are not in love. You are infatuated. You need to respect this woman's life, space and privacy. Leave her alone and look elsewhere for a love interest.

She has told you very clearly how she feels by blocking you on facebook.

Do the right thing, hold your head up and move on.


11. Should I follow my head or my heart?

In this case and with your past history with your ex, you would be very smart to follow your head.Youve been doing friends with benefits recently.He may not want to have to give up the new title he has (fwb) which may have everything to do with him suddenly wanting to try dating again.



12. Why was Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden, kicked out of the Navy?

Is it true that Hunter Biden was dishonorably discharged from the Navy?Joe Biden got his son a Commission in the United States Navy. Hunter was too old to get in, but Daddy was Vice-President, so. ( Id bet Joe got it knocked down from dishonorable )I guest Joe never told his son, that Drug Abuse wasnt allowed in the Military.


13. Which would win: A team of four Jordans led by Lebron James, or a team of four Lebrons led by Michael Jordan?

I think it would be difficult to answer as jordan combines good scoring with a good dunking capability whereas lebron james has creates opportunities to score for other team members and athleticism. But as good passing is a major factor, good defense is also a plus point which jordan exceeds at. Both would be at loggerheads but team lebron will win.


14. What are the most overrated rock bands of all time and why?

The Sex Pistols, they were popular because they had a few songs with anti establishment lyrics. They somehow became symbols of the punk movement, but always seemed like idiots to me, and they seemed to revel in being idiots. They preached anarchy without even knowing why and what it really meant. The main thing is their music just wasn't that good. Am I wrong?


15. Are there any bands where the front man is not the coolest member of the group?

Opinions vary, but I could name a few rock bands:Motley CrueFall Out BoyVan HalenGuns n RosesKISSAC/DCThen there are those with a clear shared status . Roger Daltry or Pete Townsend? Robert Plant or Jimmy Page?Most lead singers think they're the coolest member of the band, but that's a whole other discussion


16. Did India really conduct a surgical strike on Pakistan?

Neither Pakistan nor its egoistic fellow denizens will never ever understand how surgical strikes are conducted and how could that be made public in terms of key evidence. However,fallacy of the fate is that officials at DGMO/army chief feel the pang.Lastly, i dont even except that common pak people will understand the strength of Indian army;only i amazed at their level of knowledge blindness and poor IQ.


17. If a lion spotted a lone domesticated cat in the wild, would it recognise it as its own species and leave it alone or rip it to shreds?

Mt Lions are the same subspecies as domestic cats and I can tell you from living around them the first things to vanish when one comes into town are the domestic cats people put outside , then the dogs start vanishing. . All cats are predators and when they are hungry they hunt and if they spot a house cat that cat had better run and hide


18. How long did it take the 3 wise men to find Jesus?

To the best of my knowledge there is no information in the Bible to provide that information. People can make guesses based on the likely distance they traveled, but we never know for sure.In fact, there are no three wise men (Magi) in the Bible. The number three is never used. I guess people just assume there were three, since three gifts were give baby Jesus. There could have been more of them


19. Which companies are doing best in digital marketing?

The list of digital marketing services is as follows:Social Media Marketing.Content Marketing.Search Engine Optimization (SEO) .Search Engine Marketing (SEM).Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) .Affiliate Marketing.Email Marketing.Radio advertising.Television advertising.Mobile Phone Advertising.So just by going through the above mentioned services you can really work hard for your website and grab the potential customers attention in a short period of time


20. What is an ethical thing that you have done that cost you little or nothing?

It costs nothing to tune ourselves to the well-being of others. The old adage, do unto others as you would have them do unto you, says it all. When we carry this attitude within us, we build an ethical approach to the world and model it to


21. Why is the battle of Hastings important to world History?

What's more important is what it led to.William took over England and diverted the English crown from Saxon to French.If you work through history it eventually come to end at Magna Carts and the rights and responsibility that that entailedThat Magna Carts has progressed throughout the world and is the basis of most Democratic countries.The monument to Magna Carta WS commissioned by the American law society. As it underpins the whole American constitution


22. What are some rarely known stories about Adolf Hitler?

Hitler Married at an age of 56 to Eva Braun who was 33 then, 40 hours after their Marriage Sensing danger they took their lives together ,Hitler shot himself in the head and she consumed a Cyanide pill.Hitler was Times Magazine Person of the Year in 1938.Hitler was Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize in 1939.

Thanks for reading!.


23. What do you think of Boris Johnson?

If by questionable claims, you mean lying, then that is what Mr Johnson is famous for. There are countless examples of him doing so.But even worse, he's actually been taped colluding and planning a criminal assault on a journalist:Kingshuk Bandyopadhyay's post in Brexit WatchMy opinion of our Prime Minister under the circumstances is not printable.


24. Assume that I believe in a flat Earth theory. How do I refute the theory of a flat Earth?

You could do what I did earlier this year. Fly in the same direction all the way (the stars change as you go) and youll arrive smoothly back where you started from.Space photos from the ISS show Antarctica is a continent NOT a wall.

You can also look at all other planets, and decide if its credible that we are the only one NOT spherical like all of them


25. How can I stand out from the crowd?

Be unique. When i say unique i mean in everything. Dont be a follower be a leader. Be a challenger and make the hard decisions like someone else has mentioned. Don't do something because everyone does it cause it may not be the right thing to do. Speak your mind and be confident


26. Is Roger Daltrey of The Who the greatest rock singer of all times?

Not even close. He works hard, has good stage presence and has a voice that suits the music of the Who but his voice always sounds strained, lacks range and you can tell he is self taught. No doubting he's right for The Who in the same way Jagger is right fir The Stones. But great in the accepted sense? No


27. What television shows started strong only to become unwatchable later?

There are many but one that comes to mind is Person of Interest. Fantastic start with Finch and John taking clues from a computer to find either people in peril or bad guys putting people in peril. Then it evolved into computer wars with an occasional side story about a person in peril. It went from must watch to dont care for me after a few seasons


28. Why is Avengers: Infinity War praised so much?

Movie critics praised Avengers: Infinity War because it ably juggles a dizzying array of MCU heroes in the fight against their gravest threat yet, and the result is a thrilling, emotionally resonant blockbuster that (mostly) realizes its gargantuan ambitions. Superhero film fans praise it for being a very satisfying climax to a ten-year build-up of Marvel Cinematic Universe films that hits just about every checkbox of what they hoped for in such a film


29. How would the U.K. respond if the Republic of Ireland invaded Northern Ireland?

Totally possible! If you are talking about this Europe:And even then it costs you 200 years and a social circle.In all seriousness, in the modern age violent annexation is outside the realm of possibility in the western world. As the formerly Great Britain proved us, the native population is perfectly capable of destroying itself in the presence of horrible media and absence of education.


30. Will Joe Biden be worse than Trump?

Considering that Trump will literally go down as the worst president in our history, Joe has a 45 to one chance of being better by mathematical odds alone. (Please correct me on the exact math if needed, haven't had coffee yet this AM). Now simply on past experience, compassion, and true patriotism, he will blow Trump away like a hamberder wrapper in a hurricane.

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