Common Used Quicke Loaders Questions

1. How can I parse a YAML file in Python?

The easiest and purest method without relying on C headers is PyYaml - Documentation#!/usr/bin/env pythonimport yamlwith open("example.yaml", 'r') as stream: try: print(yaml.safe_load(stream)) except yaml.YAMLError as exc: print(exc)And that's it. A plain yaml.

load() function also exists, but yaml.

safe_load() should always be preferred unless you explicitly need the arbitrary object serialization/deserialization provided in order to avoid introducing the possibility for arbitrary code execution.Note the PyYaml project supports versions up through the YAML 1.1 specification. If YAML 1.2 specification support is needed. I hope this answer will help you out


2. Why were muzzle loaders still the primary firearm used in the Civil War?

Basically the firearms designers of the Civil War Era had not yet developed a breach-locking system that could provide military level muzzle velocities equivalent to a muzzle loader. In addition the Springfield and Enfield Rifled Muskets that were used by line infantry were battle tested, reliable, and sturdy. The common Enfield (.577) and Springfield (.580) weapons could tolerate either round, but the former was found to be more accurate, possibly because the British Enfield was better made.

This is also partly why the breach-loaders that were deployed generally went to Cavalry and Auxiliary units


3. How do I change boot loader setting in Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon?

There are several ways to modify boot loader. I assume you are using GRUB boot loader (which is the default one for Linux Mint 18). I would like to suggest you the simplest GUI method: grub-customizer.

You can imstall grub-customizer from terminal as follows:grub-customizernsudo apt-get updatensudo apt-get install grub-customizerThen you will find this application in your whisker-start menu.Everything is in graphical format so you can make the necessary modifications. But please be careful.I hope you will find this helpful.


4. Is it that true that shotguns have only been around since American troops first used them in WW1?

To repeat what others have said so eloquently. The blunderbuss has been around since at least the 1600's. Even earlier than that cannons were loaded with gravel to make giant shotguns. Fowling pieces were commonly used for bird hunting on the frontier and on English estates throughout the 17 and 1800's. Any smooth bore musket could be loaded with shot or buck and ball. The American trench broom shotgun gained notoriety because the Germans complained to the Hague that it's use was cruel and barbaric. Pretty funny coming from the guys that introduced poison gas to battlefield


5. What year did repeating rifles come out?

The first effective repeating rifles came out about 1860. And were available for use in the US civil war. Though not in very large numbers. And most being used by cavalry that are well suited to these weapons.

Ths Spencers and Henry rifles and carbines were most popular and effective.Because of the cost of the rifles, the cost of ammunition and lack of transport greatly limited their use. Many military leaders were concerned they could not supply enough ammunition for large scale use.

There were other designs. Including revolver designs. But were less popular and less effective.For effective repeating rifles effective, self-contained ammunition. Which was not widely available.Some ineffective attempts


6. Which one is better, a Ruger or Smith and Wesson revolver?

Both have made a lot of models of revolvers. It really depends on what you are after.If youre not after anything specific, I can say that out of the box, S&W feels like it runs smoother. You also have the option of their pro shop doing some work, or buying a model thats already be slickered up by them. They also, generally, cost more.

Ruger has a reputation for being tougher and being able to handle ammo loaded to higher pressures. Also, they tend to cost less


7. Why do Olympic pistol shooters only use one hand?

In combat, the pistol was primarily a cavalry weapon, and one hand was needed to control the horse. Since the gun was designed for use with one hand and thats how it was used in combat, until fairly recently people in other situations didnt think to do differently.I think its only a matter of time until someone designs a handgun that is designed to be fired with one hand when necessary but makes more optimal use of a second hand when two hands are available. For example, there could be a telescoping second grip that drops down from in front of the trigger guard when the right button is pushed


8. What did the Germans think of the British 25-pounder field gun?

They rather liked them. Here is an Afrika Corps 25 pounder battery.Apparently they had about 50 captured 25-pounders at the height of the Desert War, almost 10% of their artillery! Given how mobile the war was and how much equipment and ammunition was captured by both sides, it made sense for the Germans to use these excellent field guns, especially with their supply difficulties.The British tended not to use captured equipment, (they had more of it and less of a supply problem). The exception being the Jerrycan!


9. What is the most efficient way to shovel snow?

With a plow. If you have to use a shovel, shovel it as soon as possible. If you do it when its just a couple inches, even while its still snowing. Its easier than when its 4 inches. Shoveling 2 inches twice is better than 4 inches once.

If you drive on it, it will turn to ice over night. As soon as its warm enough to melt ice, shovel the ice. A scraper with a long pole breaks ice up really fast. Ice is hard to shovel. The shovel glides over the ice but a scraper lifts the ice up and breaks it up fast


10. How long does it take to reload a revolver?

Varies based on personal skill and dexterity.Im competent at best, soThree to four seconds with a speed loader. Sometimes the turn on a speed loader (the thing that holds the bullets in locks with a turn) can be stubborn so you might lose some time.


A bit longer by hand, depending on where you keep your bullets.Id say four to six seconds, assuming you dont fumble any bullets. It can be done fairly quickly, especially with smaller bullets (.

38 special for example, the test gun Im using for this)


11. Why do people have a problem with using genes from different organisms to make GMO foods?

Most of those who are opposed are uninformed and/or perhaps listening to others who are. In this day and age, many will accept the word of a trusted source who is uninformed as well. I do see and hear the emotions here with this topic. I also know that it may be generations before we see any ill effects. I know that with my background and education, my research has not found a reason for concern and actually I think we hold the keys to continuing to produce food for the world as the changes of climate. Our future food supply will be very dependant on the continued progress of this field of study.


12. What are the best justifications for using ES6 (with transpilation) in a large web project?

The good thing about EMCAScript 6 is that it **will be** the next standard of JavaScript in all browsers. So, you wouldn't need those JS compilers like traceur and others at all. For now, yes, you'll need to do the transpiling of the code because not all browsers support all features of ES6. However, if you just want to learn it yourself and use it after it has been standardised, you can just enable a flag in chrome to unlock almost all proposed ES6 features in your browser.Checkout how to do this here:


13. Why does artillery have a burst fire mode and a sustained fire mode?

It can be answered from 2 points of view.Technical or operation limitations. Mortars do have maximal fire rate (numbers of shells per minutes) due to heat effects. Artillery is less limited by those affects but do have operational limits.Tactical considerations. As main battlefield support artillery/mortars do have 2 modes of operation - burst and sustained. During the approach toward the target we will use sustained mode - to keep the enemy entrenched and save the ammo. But for last attack maneuver we will request burst mode - to achieve maximal affect. This way the enemys ability to resist will be very limited and the target will be taken easily.


14. Are there any advantages of buying used heavy equipment for construction business?

YES! There are a lot of advantages of buying or renting used heavy equipments. As a new business requires a lot of initial investments, its hard to keep the flow of money under control.Even your initial investments decide the longetivity of your business. So, spend as less as you can without compromising with quality.Financial ReliefAvoidable Initial DepreciationYou Decide the ROIControlled Flow of MoneyGet the most out of your investmentBetter Resale ValueEasy AvailabilityThese are some of the advantages in brief. Ive written about all the advantages of buying used heavy equipment in detail. Feel free to check it out!.


15. How can I tell a marriage prospect guy that I don't have a habit of waking up early in the morning and am not an expert in culinary skills?

I think being honest and straightforward is the best way.You can tell him that I need to learn cooking and I dont particularly enjoy it, so may be we will need to employ someone who does the cooking for us. Also the household chores of washing -dishes, clothes etc.

Marry only someone who is okay with this. You do not have to do so much in a house. Why do you feel that you would get rejected because of a simple human need like that? If someone wants to reject you on these grounds, please reject him first yourself


16. Why is instruction memory read only?

It actually isn't read only on every architecture. Architectures like the x86 support self-modifying code, so it needs to be read/write. Furthermore, the instructions need to get in that memory somehow, so it must at least be able to be written to once. In embedded systems and other architectures this may not be true.Making a memory read only may make it cheaper and maybe take less area, but the likely reason is for security. Making writes to instruction memory hard or impossible protects you from malicious or buggy code.


17. Why is the Hungerford massacre enough to ban guns in the UK after 16 people died, but 100s of Americans have been killed in mass shootings, but guns haven't been banned in the US?

You have to put scale into the mix, the U. K isn't that big, the Hungerford and Dunblane massacres affected us all, in the US these shootings tend to happen in many states all with different governing bodies so a shooting in say Texas probably doesn't resonate so much with people in say Oregon, that and the fact a large majority of us have no real interest in guns made the restrictions on firearms, (because we have not banned them that's just a falsehood)easier to pass, the U. K an U. S just have different social attitudes towards gun control and our small size just made these tragedies more personal.


18. How physically strong is it necessary to be as a soldier?

Strong enough to pass the basic fitness tests is the best answer I can think of - a good overall basic level of fitness.Depends what army you are looking at to be honest. If you want to be a clerk then (tongue in cheek) fit enough to push a pen and tap a keyboard.

If you want to be an engineer then maybe strong enough to help lift girders for a bridge (seriously).You will see weedy and scrawny soldiers just as you would beefed up beefcakes!


19. Why did Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest hate Gen. Braxton Bragg?

Bragg was incompetent. Forrest was not. Bragg intensely disliked Forrest and showed favoritism in assigning troops that Forrest had recruited, equipped and trained to Joe Wheeler. Bragg failed to follow up the Confederate victory at Chickamauga as Forrest begged him to do. Had he done so the siege of Chattanooga might have been unnecessary. They were two entirely different sorts of men. One of them was described by Grant after the war as quite the most remarkable man produced by either side in the war. The other was Bragg

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Why did it take so long for the machine gun to be used in war?
Why did it take so long for the machine gun to be used in war?
To add a bit of context to User u2018s answer, it can take a long time before gun technology becomes battle-ready.A gun on the battle-field has to deal with moisture, dirt, soot, temperature extremes and all sorts of wear.As a simpler example, consider barrel rifling (where we get the word u2018rifleu2019). These are the turning threads in the barrel that set the bullet spinning so it is much more accurate. Rifling technology existed since the 1600u2019s.But it was only used sparingly on the battle-field - usually only for snipers. The reason was that it was a fussy technology; the ball had to fit tightly into the barrel, making it hard to load. Dirt and soot would get caught in the grooves. It wasnu2019t until the American Civil war and the invention of the French Minie Ball that rifled barrels were widely used in battle (causing enormous casualties on both sides. )Minie Ball. Note the hollow bottom; it expands when fired to grip the rifling threads.Similarly with the machine gun. The Ager gun was in use during the American Civil war, but it was heavy and complicated. In use it was likely to jam, break down or over-heat. And then of course there is the problem of supplying ammunition.Civil War Ager u201cCoffee Millu201d gun.Like barrel rifling, it took many refinements before this clunky thing was fit for battle. The machine gun wouldnu2019t really make its deadly debut until WW I. British Machine Gun, Vickers (1916)Why did it take so long for the machine gun to be used in war? • Related Questions Which of the original 13 colonies in North America used slave labor? Along with the plantation-economy based colonies: Virginia, Maryland, the Carolinas, and Georgia, theyu2019re also in New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and New Jersey more typically as farmhands, domestic servants, longshoremen (shipu2019s cargo loaders), loggers, miners, quarrymen, and other hard jobs most people would quit if they could and often alongside indentured servants who were treated little better (at least a third of the indentured servants died while indentured.)There was a continual shortage of workforce in the colonies from the first to set foot there and the only ones who had it u201ceasyu201d took over long cleared and planted Native American farm fields and locally adapted crops.Otherwise chopping down hardwood forests with very poor quality axes, ropes, and a few oxen had to be done before anything could be done on much of the coloniesu2019 viable land with massive stumps to be removed long before dynamite. Everything was done with quickly dulled if not broken hand tools (and those much more costly because they were imported, England didnu2019t allow them to be made in the colonies) in either too hot or too cold of weather, often with vast hordes of mosquitos and other biting insects, so a slave or indentured servant (or oneu2019s family members) was usually the only way to get much of it done. Add in terrible plows and harnesses (pull with your neck instead of your shoulders?), clumsy carts instead of the later farm wagons, wretched transportation for anything unless you were on the seacoast, etc. it was brutal for everyone and around the world and history when you find those conditions official or unofficial slavery of the primary workforce is very common. Which of the original 13 colonies in North America used slave labor? ------ How do large groups fare in decision making compared to small groups? That depends on the type of decision.Large groups have a much higher chance of making the correct decision when it comes to general knowledge, e.g. what is the capital of Russia. The typical example often cited is the accuracy of the large audience polls on u201cWho wants to be a millionaire.u201d Another great example is the collaborative effort on sites like Wikipedia. These form more accurate repositories for accurate information that is updated in a more timely fashion than those maintained by individuals or small groups.But, the large group is not always more accurate. Small groups do outperform large groups under certain conditions. Decisions that are not general knowledge, that are ill structured, with dynamic, changing conditions that are often required to be made under time stress, donu2019t fair very well being made by large groups. First Responders or those that work in emergency management or related fields make better decisions, faster than larger groups.Another situation where smaller groups fair better is in developing creative solutions. In one study, small groups of 3 that were not connected outperformed larger groups that shared information. The sharing of information tended to quickly form group think, whereas the smaller groups working independently were able to develop novel options and in total more options. Another study used the stranded on an island scenario, requiring items for survival be selected. Researchers found that one large group trying to decide which items were most important for survival underperformed smaller groups.Large groups are great for some decisions, but they can more readily suffer from things such as the u201cfree rideru201d or u201cfree loaderu201d effect as well as group think. They also donu2019t have the flexibility or the specialization that smaller groups can often bring in resolving dynamic decisions, such as those in emergency management, etc. How do large groups fare in decision making compared to small groups?How do large groups fair in decision making compared to small groups? ------ Is it a bad idea to choose GraphQL for a react blog applications? This depends on what you are trying to accomplish. I have certainly learnt a lot during the process of creating my not yet released app which kind of resembles a blog(many similar features).What I want to point out is that you do not need GraphQL and its not even close to be the ideal solution for the blog itself. Its such a huge overkill to use GraphQL youll likely want to go back to REST when you approach some kind of a problem that is not too well documented like: - what the check is node interface and why isnt it documented(it is documented but you might feel like its not cause its only used in relay solutions and its used for reloading paginated pieces of data) - what is a data-loader and why do I need it(you dont need it in your blog. If you wanna use it feel free to do so, it will be usefull to prevent N1 queries which will make your blog faster) - do I need relay or maybe apollo stack(both will work fine)There are however some huge wins to be gained from learning GraphQL by doing and youll most likely be glad you did learn GraphQL and developed your blog app with it if you wanna be a relevant programmer/product owner. If I were to make a huge app I would no longer want REST on the backend. GraphQL feels so right when your data needs a change quickly or when you want to fetch many different types of data across views. I have written an article about the subject, you might like it: GraphQL vs REST comparison - Is This Solution from Facebook Worth Taking the Risk? ------ What were the most effective spear formations? We should see the spear as part of a weapon system, not a weapon in its own and we shoukd also judge it alongside other weapons systems of its time.The phalanx was an ordered system of ranks or foles tgat was tipped with spears or pijes. Its key other component was the shield , helmet and greaves. The phalangute ir hoplite was protected by his bronze armour and shield and was thus relatively free to jab with spear or pike. Such formations were inelastic. They suffered ( particularly pikes) when disrupted and the protection of shields was lost.Another formation was the cohort , this used men with a pair of spears abd a light oval shield. The space between men was greater and they could manoeuvre more. One spear was for throwing, the other for thrusting, though Spaniards and Romans had effective swords two and the pair of spears evolved into pika, heavy throwing javelins.Vikings and Saxons used paired spears, but they were generally thought to be in. shield wall formations, closed up with shields touching and using tge throwing / thrusting spears at close range as they tried to bring down an opponent and break the line.Scits, Flemings and Swiss used long spears in dense blocks , roughly square, called schiltrons or keildps. These also contained men with double handed lochaber axes, Godendag clubs or halberds so thatcould be knocked from his horse abd despatched. All these formations could be quickly deployed for all rounfpd defense any knight who had been stopped by the spears .So tge spear was an important component part of these formations, but it relied on tge soldiers cooperating, and acting in unison ------ What is data migration in a SQL server to Oracle? Migrating data from SQL Server to Oracle fairly trivial.The data being moved generally will always have a equivalent data type in Oracle that can handle how it was being stored and used in SQL Server.Data management pieces, like an IDENTITY column in SQL Server (where an ID is automatically created on an INSERT based on a sequence of values), comes over just fine Oracle Database. Mapping the old tables to the new tables is handled with our Oracle SQL Developer tool.Physically MOVING the data can happen in several different ways:copying the data across the jdbc connections, we read from SQL Server, and write to Oracle. Works great for quick testsunloading the data from SQL Server to flat files, and then loading it via External Tables in Oracle or by using SQL*Loader - much faster than #1Using our Golden Gate technology to replicate the data across from SQL Server to Oracle - fast, and can update the source SQL Server data after itu2019s been migrated to Oracle in case you need to keep your legacy apps going for some time before you finally cut over to 100% Oracle - not free. The hard part comes into play when you need to handle stored procedures and your application logic itself. Many T-SQL procedures are just SELECT statements. These are very easy to migrate to Oracle PL/SQL and we do have an automated process for translating your stored procedures. But these need tested. And in many cases, youu2019ll want to change the way your app deals with your data to take advantage of the features Oracle Database makes available vs just doing a straight 100% port from SQL Server to Oracle.Hereu2019s a whitepaper I put together that goes into more detail.What is data migration in a SQL server to Oracle?.
Common Questions About Quicke Loaders
1. How come Ubuntu runs with Windows 7, however both are operating systems?Yes both are operating systems..But you can partition your internal hard drive to install multiple operating systems.Most computers ship with a single operating system, but you can have multiple operating systems installed on a single PC. Having two operating systems installed and choosing between them at boot time is known as dual-booting.nYour computer's operating system is generally installed on its internal hard drive. When you boot your computer, the BIOS loads the boot loader(GRUB) from the hard drive and the boot loader boots the installed operating system.Different operating systems have different uses and advantages. Having more than one operating system installed allows you to quickly switch between two and have the best tool for the job. It also makes it easier to dabble and experiment with different operating systems------2. What starts the operating system or is it always on?There are as many different answers as there are architectures. In some cases, the OS loads as the culmination of an incremental progression of code that increases the ability to load more code and perform other logic and configuration. The loading of Windows or Linux on a PC architecture is a good example of this, where the code that executes when the CPU comes out of reset is in ROM, but knows how to load the first stage of a bootloader from any number of devices, and the bootloader is able leverage itself to load one of any number of OSs from any number of places (hard disk, floppy disk, USB storage, network, etc). In other architectures such as many embedded systems, the system is configured to jump almost directly into the OS in ROM or flash memory following CPU reset (power on). These are the two ends of the spectrum, and there are all sorts of variations within the spectrum------3. In Java, what is Reflection and why is it useful?Reflection, as the name suggests, is a capability in Java to allow you to look into (reflect upon) classes at runtime rather than at compile time. It allows you to examine a class to see what methods, members, interfaces and so on that it contains or implements.Why is it useful? Well, it underlies the entire enterprise (JEE) side of the language. When we talk about properties in EJB, JSP, JSF, Hibernate, iBatis/MyBatis, JavaBeans and the like, we're actually talking about a standard of reflection at runtime. A property is a set of methods written to a particular format that allow them to be executed at runtime without the code having any prior knowledge of them. The Java web technology stack literally would not function without Reflection.It is also the basis of most dynamic or lazy runtime behaviors of newer frameworks and JVM languages. By moving most functionality to the runtime stack, you acquire much more flexibility in how you can execute various functions------4. If the "glass cannon" concept was used for MBTs in the middle cold war, then why wasn't the M551 Sheridan considered an MBT? It was thinly armored to the point of absurdity, accordingly light and fast, and had a powerful gun.False premise. Easily spotted because 'glass cannon' is a modern gaming trope and not a doctrine for tank design.Tanks during the cold war were well armoured. Here's the Chieftain. Reclining driver position to keep low profile and make that glacis effectively thicker. Sloped turret. Intended to sit on the defensive and pick off the advancing red horde of the Soviet Third Shock Army while steadily falling back. British I Corps could not do that with a tank that could hand it out but not take it.------5. How does the US Army's doctrine and strategy for using M1 Abrams main battle tanks differ from how the Soviet Union and other modern adversaries use tanks?The ultimate mission of Soviet/Russian tanks is charge in large numbers through the aftermath of a nuclear blast or fallout, incl. epicenter and up to the British Channel.For that tanks have to be mobile and radiation proof.As for conventional warfare, again, numbers game. Numerical superiority (10 to 1) coupled with first strike advantage provided by unique capability of Soviet tanks to fire anti tank rockets through the gun barrel at distances of 5 km,. Before Abrams has a chance to fire a Soviet tank, its armor will have sustained up to 35 hits of antitank rockets. They may not necessarily destroy the Abrams but may cause some serious damage.As distances close in (14km) Abrams tanks will shine and will be able to cause serious damage to the advancing Txx tanks------6. Why have there any 75/76/77mm round that have even longer bullet/casing than the Sherman Firefly or the Panther's ammo? Has something such like that been ever designed/used? Why? Why not?Why have there any 75/76/77mm round that have even longer bullet/casing than the Sherman Firefly or the Panther's ammo? Has something such like that been ever designed/used? Why? Why not?Because loaders are not supermen and there is very limited space in a turret to moveThe bigger your one peice round gets the heavier it gets, and the faster the loader will be reduced to a sweaty useless mass (though to be fair it would be hard to tell the difference with most of them)The longer your one peice round gets the more difficult it is to move it from the readt round stowage bin and into the breechBoth of those factors reduce your rate of fireBetter to go to two piece ammo------7. If computers still only used binary and every set of code had to be written without a programming language, what would our world look like today?The compiler was almost inevitable: eventually someones going to say, wow, this is hard: let me see if I can write a parser that takes some text and translates it into binary for the computer to run.A good general purpose language actually involves some other stuff too (a parser, a linker, some other stuff) but the first compiler (created either by Admiral Hopper or the FORTRAN team, depending on how you define it). If you call ENIAC in 1945 the first computer, then it only took a decade or so to write something approaching modern tools.For normal devs, programs that write programs are pretty common, and a neat trick, to do something very specific. It does take a special mind of person, outside of the language driven development space, to create a general purpose one, but its not impossibly hard. Youd get there eventually, inevitably------8. Could a tank be destroyed by a sniper?No. In military terms the word destroy is mostly understood as to permanently, or for the duration of an operation disable a unit. Thats a rough translation of a Finnish definition. More simply put: knock down the enemy so he wont get up for this or the next round.A sniper may disable the tank crew or its vital systems rendering it more vulnerable due to impaired ability to observe, maneuver or use systems to engage or communicate. These effects, especially if combined, may render a tank disabled for a short period, especially if crew members are affected.The lighter the tank, the bigger the vulnerable surface area, meaning that high velocity special rounds will have greater impact.But to destroy (hard kill) main battle tanks or IFVs with sniper fire? No. But thats beside the point, since a soft kill will do the same------9. Why was Saddam Hussein prosecuted?Because he was charged with a crime or war crimes or crimes against the Iraqi People and State. Not sure what the official charge at this point was but generally you are prosecuted after you are charged with a crime. Why was he charged is the better question and that boils down to the fact that the Central Authority in Iraq wanted him dead and had even placed a bounty on him. The Iraqi people and the newly formed Iraqi government did too for the most part. When literally everyone in the country wants to lynch you it's really hard not to get yourself charged with some hanging offense.It's generally good policy to try people before you execute them. Makes things at least seem a little less barbaric------10. As a product manager, how do I manage 5 projects in parallel, and what are the best tools and approaches to use?Working on 5 projects in parallel is a bad idea. The best approach is to focus on one project at a time. In parallel you can do some small things to make sure you are ready to pick-up the next project when the first one is completed.What you also see is that near the end of the project it is not possible to work with all your resources on finishing it. So then it makes sense to start having some overlap.Scrum helps by demanding a clear focus every Sprint (The Sprint Goal). A Sprint Goal ensures you don't stretch your team too thin and grants flexibility on scope (quality, budget and resources are fixed during Sprint).So the best approach for managing multiple projects:Use Scrum and order the work of your projects.Focus on one project at a time. Parallelization just means all projects will be delivered later. Use Sprint Goals to provide focus.------11. Why is frozen orange juice just about the only frozen product that is cheaper than its fresh counterpart?I think your assertion is wrong. Most frozen vegetables are cheaper than the fresh alternatives. For most of the year, frozen fruits are cheaper than their fresh counterparts.If you live reasonably close to the area where the fruit or vegetables are produced. In this case during the the height of the season when there is a glut in the market, the price of fresh may come down below frozen. If you live in a location accessible to farm produce and always eat seasonal then you might find it cheaper, otherwise you will not.Frozen meat is also usually cheaper than its fresh counterparts except for seasonal meat such as lamb, where you might find cheap deals on fresh meat at the height of the season.------12. Can a turret of a main battle tank (MBT) be changed to an auto-loader, thereby reducing crew numbers, and resulting casualties?Every Soviet- and Russian-derived tank since the T-64 main battle tank has used an autoloader. Their use has been mostly shunned by American and British tanks,The T-14 Armata - Wikipedia has a crew of 3 compared to an M1 Abrams which has a crew of 4A number of countries have adopted the principle of Autoloading as standardRussia , Japan , France , China , and South Korea ,The French LeClerc TankThe LeClerc uses a ram type loader with ammo stored in turret's armoured bustle. This is a system which keeps the ammo isolated from the crew until it's loaded. The T-64/72/90 uses a lifting mechanism from an ammo carrousel under the turret which provides a quick and effective method of killing the crew in any instance where a spark contacts the case-less ammo.------13. Is learning to drive and operate a modern tank simple? If not, how about an older tank?Learning to drive a modern tank is easy if all you want to do is treat it like a car. The skill of operation modern tanks comes in the form of knowing how to utilize it as a machine of war. How to navigate difficult terrain. Knowing the capabilities and limitations of your vehicle, and being able to make quick decisions based on this knowledge based on your senses. Tankers and other vehicle operators obviously want to be good at driving their vehicles, but more importantly they want to be tactically efficient with their vehicles. Below is a very basic example of what a driver would be concerned with while positioning their vehicle.As per your question, I imagine driving older tanks is more difficult because modern tech helps make driving a smoother experience automatic transmission, pedals instead of levers for track control etc. but much of modern tank combat doctrine stems from the time of older tanks.However, There are certainly more threats to tanks on modern battlefields
If an M4A1 were to face a Panther A without a machine gunner and commander, who would win?
If an M4A1 were to face a Panther A without a machine gunner and commander, who would win?
M4A1s loader would be tasked with finding targets since there is no commander, he has rotatable periscope so he can do this job decently.In this case Panther would definetly have advantage in terms of visibility, but sherman has better gun traverse speed, can fire on the move, and can easier manuver around the Panther.By using terrain as cover M4 can get to side of a Panther and destroy it, if he gets on the wrong side of a Panther he can use white phosporus smoke for cover and still evade the treath. Panther has powerfull gun but lacks traverse power, making it harder to quickly engage targets.Overal it would be a fair fight beetwen a Panther and a M4A1 • Other Questions Which one is better, a Ruger or Smith and Wesson revolver? Which one is better, a Ruger or Smith and Wesson revolver?For a while, our duty sidearms were Ruger Security Sixes or GP 100s.Note the Cylinder Latch. The Ruger requires an awkward pushing in, the Smith and Wesson, a natural movement of the thumb thats quick. I strongly preferred the Smith and Wesson way of opening the cylinder. You can use one hand to open the cylinder on a Smith and Wesson (and Taurus) revolver, while reaching for your speed loader with the other hand. The Ruger is a bit more awkward, to do one handedly.But this is the worse, you need to use two hands, to pull back the latch on the damn Colts. if youre in a hurry, of if youve an injured hand, Smith and Wesson (and Taurus) is a better way to go ------ What about the future of Python and Django? Very bright.Why?Because of Python. Nobody can avoid the potential growth of Python anymore.Most of the ML/Data science libraries are written in Python.As the future of AI is getting more exciting, so is for Django. Problems with other tools are with the issues in the production.Let me tell you one specific example.Suppose you are building an RPA solution.Apply image processing algorithms to extract data from image pdfs.You cannot use C in real-time as most of the legacy applications are written in . NET or Java. Integration is a big challenge in ML-based applications.But python nearly supports tools for nearly all problems.So the best suggestion would be to develop backend in Python and integrate with Django. Even a simple web application can do wonders ------ Are Papilio FPGA boards better than Digilent Basys FPGA boards for beginners? It depends on your preference than expertise level(beginner or expert). I have a papilio board. It is cheap and has a small form factor with almost no on-board peripherals like switches, LEDs, etc. That gives me lot of free IO ports and freedom to choose my own peripherals. And it also supports Arduino style coding using ZPU based softprocessor core. And you can also program papilio board using the bit file generated from Xilinx ISE using papilio's Java based bit loader.So if you are a hacker/maker who is comfortable with tinkering with the hardware and loves debugging, choose papilio. Or if you are more software oriented and want some peripherals on board for quick prototyping, choose digilent basys board.Are Papilio FPGA boards better than Digilent Basys FPGA boards for beginners? ------ What starts the operating system or is it always on? The operating system turns off with the power and will cycle off and on when you do.a restart. The BIOS (Basic Input Output System) is always available in non volatile ROM (Read Only Memory). This knows enough to load the first sector of the first side of the first platter on your hard disk. This has the boot loader, which knows how to start your Operating System, or even let you choose which of several operating systems to run this time.Back in the days before ROM, there would be printed instructions for how to load a boot loader from the frontt panel switches and run that. Typically the instructions were to get a punched tape reader working. The tape would load the OS, and away you went ------ What is it like to be a supply chain manager? People are center of supply chain management. Use the best software in market but if you dont have a committed team supply chain will fail.Managing a supply chain is like managing an orchestraFirstly it's a team effort and no one team / individual can do wonders alone. Secondly, like in an orchestra if one instrument starts at a wrong note it disrupts everyones rhythm and its just noise and not music. Thirdly, ensuring teams (including vendors) don't get into a silo approach is very essential which certainly is not easy. Lastly, it's a daily backend function of a business which will not get you a lot of appreciation but it is the backbone of a business. Apple would be a perfect example to read on how to manage your supply chain. There is a reason why Tim Cook was Jobs chosen one ------ How do I reduce the memory consumed by Google Chrome? There are several ways to optimize the amount of resources Chrome uses for every tab. There is not a clear, easy way to actually tell Chrome it has a limited amount of RAM to play with, yetOne way you can optimize the amount of RAM Chrome uses, is to use certain extensions that help you limit and scrap off every single megabyte of RAM from all unnecessary parts of a tab; extensions that suspend inactive tabs, like OneTab or TabMemFree, or that close them when they are not being used, to then being opened again when they are needed, like TooManyTabs.Another way to optimize memory usage is to use Read Mode or Text Mode; both will strip off any color or unnecessary content from the web page you visit, while focusing on displaying the main content and taking less RAM for the tab to work!Hope i helped, and an upvote (or follow!) is always appreciated! ;). ------ Why do Olympic pistol shooters only use one hand? History!In the old days, as far back as the 50-ties, pistol marksmanship was always taught with one hand (by the army, police and so on, too). The rules of classic olympic disciplines were made well before this.Besides, shooting with one hand you can get exceptional accuracy but not a very high rate of fire at the same time - main reason for using two hands is being able to control recoil well for quick and accurate shooting. This is not a concern for olympic sports, and wasnu2019t a huge concern in the days of the, eg. revolver and low capacity semi-autos anyway.Also we shoot muzzle-loaders onehanded in competition, too. However since itu2019s basically slow fire (realistically you have up to a minute per shot provided you donu2019t dawdle when reloading), it isnu2019t really a handicap of any sort.Why do Olympic pistol shooters only use one hand? ------ What does u201cdefer parsing of JavaScriptu201d in WordPress mean? Why is it an important issue for website performance? It means dont parse the JavaScript file until after the page has loaded. Normally, JavaScript code is loaded and interpreted at the point of the page load process where the browser find the file included into the source code. While the JS is loaded and parsed, the browser has to wait on all other actions in terms of drawing the page. So if the code is lengthy or slow, the delays the time until the user actually sees the Web site. By moving the file to the end of the page and or using async and other techniques to defer the interpretation or parsing of the JavaScript code, the site appears to load faster for the user, even though the total download time and total load time may not be different. But performance is perception and seeing part of the site sooner in the rendering process will make it feel faster for the user and potentially be usable sooner. ------ How do you free range chickens back in the coop? I would at least temporarily fence them in until they learn that the coop is home/safety; tposts and 48 chicken wire would be fine for a temporary pen. A battery light in the coop can help; turn it on each evening and off once theyre inside. Especially at this time of year, make sure the coop has AMPLE ventilation. When its 80 degrees, a coop without proper ventilation can be 90 degrees or more inside. Would YOU want to be inside YOUR house if it was sweltering, and cooler outside? Also, make sure there is plenty of roost space inside the housing as well. Id say it would only take a week or so for the birds to learn that home is their safe place, and you can take down the temporary pen. ------ "BIOS is used to perform hardware initialization during the booting process, and to provide runtime services for operating systems and programs." I know BIOS uses in booting, but what is "provide runtime services"? Runtime services might be a bit lofty for what a BIOS did (and it no longer does even this, having been relegated to boot-related functionality). Back when storage was expensive and a PC wasnt guaranteed to have a hard drive, the BIOS usefully provided on ROM some small routines (invoked using interrupts) that could be used by programs running on your computer. These routines were related to drawing to the screen, low-level disk access, etc. Ultimately, all of these just executed sequences of x86 instructions (on the main CPU; the BIOS just contains instructions stored on ROM, its not its own processor) that the program could have loaded and executed on its own just as well, but the BIOS provided a standard call mechanism and would encapsulate away hardware-specific details that a programmer would otherwise need to be aware of ------ How would you justify using ES5 over ES6 or TypeScript for building a brand new Node API? i dont see the value of type-script. type-related bugs are one of the easiest bugs to figure-out and fix in javascript (or any language really). its a non-issue. i probably spend less than 3% of my actual javascript coding-time debugging type-errors. the hardest bugs will always be i/o bugs. i almost feel like type-script was invented by people too scared to debug i/o, and "i'm busy annotating types" as code-word for "i just want to look useful, but the hard part, which is debugging i/o, i really don't know how to do that".edit:Once you realize that the biggest painpoint and reason for delay in your javascript project is debugging the events and i/o (and that es6 and type-script does nothing to address this painpoint), then es5 doesn't really seem that bad ------ Is learning to drive and operate a modern tank simple? If not, how about an older tank? Yes, very simple. The M1 is an automatic and has a what is like a bicycle handlebar.Realize, these machines (at least the M1), are designed to be user friendly, intuitive, easy to use. You don't want a machine that is complex and hard to operate or awkward in layout when under stress, tired, in the dark. .Things are designed so that a gunner can feel the selector knobs and what he's doing even when never taking his eye off the sight. The loader has space to flip the rounds helping him reload quickly. Things are located in places which are natural for your head, hands, etc to move to. There is actually a lot of thought that goes into this, especially in aircraft like fighters. It's a science and art in its own right ------ Why did early submachine guns have magazines on the side and on top? Define early. In point of fact, early submachine guns were semi-auto pistols converted to selective/full-auto fire, and were fed through the grip. Other early submachine guns (such as the Thompson or Tommy Gun) were fed by a magazine forward of the trigger guard.Some had top-feed or side-feed magazine over the years - like the British STEN gun (some who carried it managed to never hit their target despite supposed reputations for being so precise) - but a lot of them didnt. Why did they have this design? Top-feeding allows gravity to assist in the feeding mechanism, which could arguably make the gun more reliable. A side-feed allows for far less gun furniture to be required and thus save weight, make the gun more compact, etc.However, SMGs that worked remain(ed) in production, those that didntdidnt. The STEN remained in production for a long time and it featured a side-feed design
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