Could a Window AC Unit Effectively Air Condition a Medium Sized Attic?

You would be better putting insulation anyway - but a small unit might work - you need to check the air volumes

1. Question about air condition setting?

i keep mine on 76 when i am not home. when i am home it's on 72 or 73. it gets so hot down here that it will run all day if i leave it on 73 in mid afternoon

2. What is the ideal central air condition ton size per square feet of house?

Most of the answers you've received thus far are somewhat incorrect. Under normal conditions one ton (12,000 btu) of A/C will cool 500 sf of area - provided that ceilings are no higher than 8 ft. Skylights and excessive window glass might lead to a ton of A/C cooling only 400 sf. A home with few windows, or well-insulated windows, good insulation, low ceilings, and well shaded by trees could be cooled by one ton per 650 sf. What is most important is that the unit be undersized rather than oversized. An oversized unit will cool the house too quickly and not run enough to dehumidify. An A/C must run to dehumidify the home.

3. air condition repair for a astro van?

If the unit has rear heat and air, it could be a bad temperature blend door motor or bad expansion valve on the rear evaporator. If it only has rear air (like mine), it is a bad expansion valve on the rear evaporator (like mine was). I now have cold from both front and rear.

4. Are there women in HVAC (heating & air condition)?

Plenty of women in the industry, and your assumption that these women are mostly stereotypical "butch" is very wrong. In fact, the best installers are many times petite women, as the can fit in the tightest of attics and crawlspaces, where average sized men would not be able to enter. Women, by nature, also have excellent hand eye coordination, a trait essential for electricians.

5. For anyone who has been on a Carnival Cruise, he need help packing!?

Formal night requires formal dresses. Even if you do not have it, you can rent it at formalities shop ( a lot of guys do it) If you want to eat at lido restaurant ( self service restaurant), you have to have something on. Even the beachwear is allowed. Nevertheless I suggest you to put something warmer on, because air condition is turned to maximum inside the restaurant. You might gonna catch a cold. In the main dining room during breakfast and lunch you are not allowed to enter in a beachwear, but the rest is OK. In dinner time in main dining room, no shorts or tang tops are allowed ( although if lady looks good in some elegant shorts, I do not think that anybody will complain). Do not forget that main dining room is a RESTAURANT not a canteen, and you should dress up like that. I work for Carnival since '03 added: Somebody below mentioned electrical iron. At least on the Carnival, all the electrical appliances that produce heat and candles are FORBIDDEN, because of the safety reasons. Your cabin steward is allowed to take them away from you until the end of the cruise. If you need to iron something there is a laundry on each passenger deck with washers, dryers and irons. If you do not want to do it yourself, you can give it to your cabin steward to take it to laundry. Power cords are. forbidden as well because of the same reasons.

6. Does it cost more to air condition a home with vaulted ceilings in a warm climate?

Not as much for the air, as it is for heat. Because the cold air will fall, the higher celling does not have as much effect for the temp. If anything it takes the "hotest" air further away from you, making it feel even cooler in comparison. For the heat on the other hand, because the heat rises, you would be heating a lot of empty space. If it is in a hotter climate, heating the home may not even be an issue. One issue you will have is if the air is coming out of the celling, it will take more engery to pump the cool air up that much higher, assuming your compressor and all HVAC equipment is on the lower lever. One thing you may want to look into would be a mini duct system. The compressor and equipment can be installed in the attic, and require a lot less energy and is much more cost effective

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