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Where can I buy a set of locking nut screws?

The allen wrench size is 3mm. The screw/bolt size is M4 x 8mm.

Allparts.com has a set of 3 and you should be able to find them at most local music stores too -

Screws -Wrench -Stew Mac has them as well -

Screws -Wrench -Ibanez also sells them through their online store (although it costs more) -

Screws -Wrench -


What are the consequences of eating sweet betel nut very frequently?

Follow are, few, consequences of eating the betel nutsEffects the teeth and gums, most of the time changes their color Usually results in ulcers related to mouth, stomach and some intestinal problemsIn some cases, it results in High Blood pressure and palpitation.Increased heart rateMetabolic disorder But these issues occur when one takes these betel nuts more frequently. Occasional intake of these betel nuts is said to kill worms, make the mouth clean and is used heavily at all the major occasions and/or after having lunch/dinner in the Asian countries like India where the origins of such knowledge/benefits have derived from the old age Sanskrit literature's.


How do I make 5 Dozen white chocolate macadamia nut cookies?

I don't know who told you that you can't double the recipe to get the 5 dozen you need--they were entirely wrong! I multiply and divide recipes all the time, and as long as you do your multiplication right (see, this is why you didn't drop out of school in third grade--you need to know how to multiply fractions!) the cookies should come out perfectly. To make it easy on yourself, just double the recipe. You'll end up with 6 dozen, or 72, cookies, meaning that you can either have extras or freeze some of the dough. It's up to you!

NEVER be afraid to double or triple a recipe! Have fun!


What features should a food processor have in order to make nut butters?

You don't want to use a food processor for making nut butters; they are poorly suited to the task and you can ruin one trying.Instead, you need to get a higher-powered device, either a Vitamix or an Indian Food Grinder, either of which have the horsepower to make a decent nut butter. Even then you'll need to be cautious and grind in bursts to avoid overloading/overheating. If you're going to be making a lot of nut butters, though, maybe you should consider actually buying a nut butter machine?I have a Preethi Mixie grinder, and I've made cashew butter in it.Vitamix:Food Grinder:


How do I bend and fabricate a tube for a ball nut assembly?

You don't. You look up the replacement part and order it. A tiny mismatch between the ball return tube and the holes in the ball nut body will cause the ball screw to jam or at best work unevenly. This will convert it into an inefficient, hard to turn conventional lead nut with none of the advantages of bronze mated to steel with grease lubrication. I have been paid as a mechanical engineering consultant to come into a client's product development area and show them how this was happening in a poorly manufactured commercially available ball screw. Yours will be even worse.


How to update the custom field on Account based on custom field in event

This is easy to accomplish with process builder.Setup - > Create -> Workflow & Approvals -> Process Builder1) Choose "Event" object under "Choose Object and Specify When to Start the Process" section.2) "Define Criteria for this Action Group" select "No criteriajust execute the actions!"3) Under "Action Type" select "Update Records"4) Under "Record Type" select "Select a record related to the Event" radio button and then "Account Id" which is without right Arrow.

5) "Criteria for Updating Records" select "No criteriajust update the records!"6) Under "Set new field values for the records you update" select your account field. Choose Type as "Reference" and then under "Value Choose your Event field which needs to be copied


Is it possible for weakness to be a virtue in context?

Strength and weakness will often (possibly always) need to be judged in context, so something that appears weak out of context may be a strength and vice versa - the person who uses a sledgehammer to crack a nut will not eat many nuts.From the part of the plot you've given us, it sounds like the person or people making the casting decisions don't think either of the two are accomplished enough actors to play against their own character (ie. both would play a version of themselves), so the more demure B would be the best fit to play that particular character.

The plot as you've described it sounds both logical and plausible


APC SC1000I over USB and NUT

I've a SmartUPS 1500 and a BackUPS XS 1500 both plugged into a system and monitored by NUT. The BackUPS uses the usbhid-ups driver; the SmartUPS uses the apcsmart driver. Here's the section of ups.conf that contains both UPSes:You may want to use better names than these, though.

Note that in both cases these require a special cable. Two things to note about the SmartUPS (which APC seems to think your UPS is) - the serial cable is a special cable, and if the UPS was used with a serial cable before, then the USB port is essentially shut off. To reset the selected port, you'll have to perform some magic with the UPS.


No vertical spacing between TikZ Pictures

Although using offinterlineskip, as heather suggests, will work in some sense, turning off the interline skip for the entire document is probably not what you want:Instead, you probably want to turn it off just for this particular case. In that case, you either need to limit the scope of offinterlineskip and ensure the vertical spacing comes out correctly, or use something more like a nut cracker than a sledge hammer.In this case, nointerlineskip works well, provided you note that the paragraph break between the two pictures is required. Without it, you'll get a compilation error. There are other ways to avoid this, but the paragraph break does no harm here and seems an easy solution.


what is the brocha on a young nut in its shell?

jutky was on the right path.An adult nut in its' shell - Ha-aytzA young nut in its shell- If the nut is usually eaten unripe, then it would be a Ha-aytz, because this is considered the normal way to eat the "fruit". However, if the nut is not usually eaten unripe, then the nut is not yet a fruit, so the brocha is Ha-adamah. Shells and peels that the fruit can live without and are eaten alone (eg. caper shell)- Ha-adamah

peels that the fruit would die without and are not normally eaten (eg. orange peel)- Shehakolmostly Bruchos 36ab

(ripe fruit is in Beruchos somewhere, but I can't find it)


Need some help removing a kitchen sink drain

Another idea that may be necessary if the thing is so rusted and corroded is to cut the lower section of the basket assembly off. This can be done by several methods. The easiest one may be to cut into the side of the lower assembly along one side (vertically) with a Dremel tool with a cutoff wheel. It may be necessary to cut it on only one side or both. When cutting be careful not to grind up into the sink casting. After it is cut you can open up the cut with a chisel or pry bar. This will relieve the threads and allow you to peel off the lower basket assembly.


How do people determine that they have "allergies" like a "nut allergy"? Is this just due to doctors telling them that?

When a person develops certain symptoms like itching, abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea etc immediately after eating a particular food item, the next step is to consult a doctor. Then the doctor with the information collection and assessment would decide whether the person require a blood test to diagnose the allergen.The common blood test used to find the Immuniglobin-E (IgE) ( specific antibodies) levels (for specific allergen) in the blood. The allergy tests include ELISA (enzyme-linked immunoabsorbant assay) or RAST (Radioallergosorbent test) or ImmunioCAP test. Those who are allergies will have higher IgE levels in the blood.


PAM problems with successN action

This is working as intended.successn does not contribute to the return of the module stack. The result is that a successful authentication against pam_unix.so returns failure (because nothing returns a success of ok or done), and a failed authentication returns failure (as expected, because pam_exec.

so returning success in this context would be Very Bad).Try the following instead:sufficient means "stop here if we were successful, otherwise keep going". This should have the desired effect.If /usr/bin/log_failure is a script though, the security nut in me would be more inclined to try this.

..This prevents a success returned by log_failure from allowing a login


What is a motherboard nut setter?

It is used to tighten the brass stand-offs that support the motherboard. The stand-off is a strange looking brass screw, with a tall hex head, that is itself bored and threaded to accept the screws that hold the motherboard down. There are usually many more places in the case for these stand-offs than there are actual holes in the motherboard, so your case can be adapted for a wide variety of motherboards by changing the locations of these stand offs. Just be sure that as many holes in the motherboard as possible have stand-offs under them, but especially NOT in where there is no hole, that would cause a short on the circuit board


What foods or dishes should someone with a nut allergy avoid while traveling in Amsterdam?

Lots of Indonesian food having peanut sauce like satay, gado-gado, but you best ask since it's used in many foods.This answer is not a substitute for professional medical advice. This answer is for general informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or (in the United States) 911 immediately. Always seek the advice of your doctor before starting or changing treatment. Quora users who provide responses to health-related questions are intended third party beneficiaries with certain rights under Quora's Terms of Service quora. com/about/tos).


Copper water water line is out of round slightly

I do not think that teflon tape will help with an out of round tube in a compression fitting. My first thought would be to try to restore the tube to roundness by proper use of Vise-Grips with a rag to prevent scoring of the sealing ring. There is a die clamp device designed for gripping tubing to make a flare in the end. This die might be used to restore the tubing to roundness. You might have to remove the ring seal and put on a new one after truing the end of the tubing.But be prepared to cut off the out of round end and join a fresh piece of good tubing.


I need to drive a 7/16" nut but am unsure how to use the socket I bought for my screwdriver

What you bought was a hex bit socket, not a simple hex socket. What's confusing you here is the bit coming out of the top of the socket. You've confused that for a drill shank. The square portion is where you would attach a 1/2" ratchet (or drill socket adapter, like Jerry described in his answer). Harbor Freight describes their hex bit set like thisIdeal for removing and replacing hex fasteners in automotive and machinery applications, such as hex cap bolts and screws, this hex bit socket set is perfect for any shop or garage.What you need to buy is a regular 7/16" socket (these are common) and a drill socket adapter (Jerry covered that in his answer)

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