Diffusion Type Oil Fume Detection Equipment

System overview

Diffusive oil fume detection equipment rs-lb-200 is an oil fume online monitoring host designed by our company in response to the state's supervision of oil fume in catering industry. The host can continuously measure the oil fume concentration, particulate matter concentration and non methane total hydrocarbon (NMHC) concentration in the kitchen exhaust pipe for 24 hours, and upload them to our free monitoring platform or government monitoring platform.

        In order to prevent the purifier or fan of the merchant from not starting, the ( http://www.rkrun.cn )The host can also collect two current signals through the current transformer to monitor whether the purifier or fan is really started. For the operation of the scheme installer, the whole machine adopts 7-inch capacitive touch screen, and the all Chinese interface setting is simple and easy to understand. The host is equipped with one GPRS (optional 4G) communication interface, which can be inserted into an ordinary mobile phone card or IOT card for data upload, and the data can be uploaded where there is a mobile phone signal.

        In view of the complex composition of oil fume at the oil fume monitoring site, our company has designed a special sensor, which can accurately analyze the oil fume concentration and particle concentration, and the monitoring is more accurate. With reasonable design, it can run for a long time without maintenance, and can be maintained once every half a year at most.

Functional features

1. The concentration of oil fume, particulate matter and total non methane hydrocarbon can be monitored in real time, and the upper limit value can be set to alarm automatically when the limit is exceeded.

    2. 2-way current detection can detect whether the fan and purifier work at the same time. The detection current alarm value can be set according to the power of the fan and purifier to adapt to the fans and purifiers of all powers.

    3. Open type current transformer is adopted, which can be measured without cutting the cable of fan or purifier.

    4. Three independent working time periods can be set. The alarm will only be given if the time period exceeds the limit, and no alarm will be given if the time period exceeds the limit.

    5. 1-way GPRS (optional 4G) communication interface, and the data can be directly uploaded to the free cloud platform provided by our company, the government oil fume monitoring platform or the customer's platform.

    6. The 7-inch capacitive touch screen is easy to operate. All Chinese operation interface, beautiful and generous.

    7. With AC 220V power supply and IP65 protection grade, it can work outdoors all year round and is not afraid of rain and sun.

Application scheme introduction

The diffusion oil fume detection equipment collects gas through the sampling head, and analyzes the gas composition after pretreatment. Collect the fan current to judge the fan state switch, collect the purifier current to judge the purifier switch state, and upload the data of oil fume concentration, particulate matter concentration and non methane total hydrocarbon concentration to our monitoring platform by default through GPRS, or to the platform deployed by our company to users or government platform. The scheme diagram is as follows:


Diffusion Type Oil Fume Detection Equipment 1

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