Dimming USB Led Lamp

The ATtinyX313(A) (ATtiny2313, ATtiny2313A, ATtiny4313) can be configured as a SPI, I2C, or UART slave or as a USB device with some work, and has 4 Output Compare pins available for PWM control. Simply write slave code that allows the RPi to send commands to it to change the brightness of attached LEDs via low-side NMOSFET drivers

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Why do LED lights with a dimmer stay dim and won't go bright again?

Unfortunately, Some Guy is right in that your dimmer and LED lamps are squabbling over some electrons; apparently your lamps are the losers in this case, though.The cure, though, is the same -- replace the dimmer with one that's designed for dimming LED replacement lamps (Lutron has a dedicated line for CFL and LED-retrofit loads, at least -- check around)


Does an equivalent LED bulb for an inner bulb of an old incandescent E14 bulb exist? closed

What you have shown is an M11 bulb. You can find a guide to various types at Lampco.The shop assistant was probably describing one of these:Classic Bulb

The Classic Halogen Bulb is the standard Solus bulb, offering brilliant light from our Xenon Halogen Technology. It replaces the older traditional incandescent bulb. It lasts twice as long and consumes 30% less energy. Source: Solas.


Auto LED dimly lit when off

Sorry to bump such an old post but yes this is what auto electrical designers would call the CAN Bus system. It is a small amount of current used to test the system for bulb outages. Nothing is as simple as it used to be, and apparently we arent trusted enough to notice our own bulbs are out.


Help drawing a circuit diagram from a logic diagram

Seems nice try. Instead of using logic gates you may use basic micro controller like 89c51. And also programming also not much difficult.The things you need In my view it looks like a simple and also economical one to build this circuit. And also you can change logics by simply changing the programming no need of changing connections


How to generate Red light from a Blue-Dominated Spectrum closed

An off-the-shelf Philips Hue can easily be set to all-red and puts out a serious amount of light. Not perhaps 50W, but that's more easily solved by having more lights. Another option would be to buy a strip of red LEDs. The linked product claims about 12W/meter, and sells 5 meters for USD 140. Another product is 46W, but only USD 99


How to find current and voltage requirements of an LED lamp / strip using a multimeter?

Attach the LED lamp to a power supply and ramp up the voltage until it is acceptable bright. Record the voltage and current. That is your new rating.You can't tell the actual rating with knowing the ratings of the parts inside and how they are connected. The packaging can even influence the rating if it can't keep the parts cool.


Light Dimmer Causes Internet Drop

An alternative to changing the light dimmer would be to re-wire the telephone line between the phone and the network interface device (or as far as you could re-wire it) with Cat 6, while making sure the wire is at least a foot away from any power wires. This creates better immunity to alien noise. Could use Cat 6A, it is shielded as well.


How much power is wasted with a light dimmer?

The potentiometer's function now is to change the "trigger" point of a triac.

The trigger points on the AC sine wave

The AC Sine wave with the missing part up to the trigger point.Many LED light bulbs have triac dimming.LED DRIVER WITH TRIAC DIMMABLE CIRCUIT.

Which looks like this located in the base of the light bulb.


How can I split a ground wire

I've seen this before in rentals I own, lights with no boxes, I wouldn't do it but that must be the local building code. If you cut the ground wire you can make a pigtail to reconnect the ground and the new fixture. The wire nuts for ground (green) have a hole in the top to feed the new fixture which makes it easier.


Is heat always associated with Light?

Thermal radiation is emitted by any surface having a temperature higher than absolute zero. So the short answer to your question is yes. Light (electromagnetic radiation) of any frequency will heat surfaces that absorb it. In case of Fluorescence, the emitted light has a longer wavelength (lower frequency), and therefore lower energy, so that's why you feel the heat is absent


What good resources are there for a high school student to start learning electronics?

MIT's Free Online Courses are a good place to start. Another option is to just grab an Arduino and start hacking from there. They have a pretty large and helpful online following.

As for books, hopefully someone else can provide some good starter references, my only experience with intro books are the ones I had to use in college which were...meh


Does the right calibration temperature for my monitor depend on season?

Monitor calibration is for standardized color rendering among displays (nominally 6500K) or between displays and prints (typically 5000K).

For any single outdoor location, skylight correlated color temperature

varies widely by time of day, weather and season.

Those relatively short term fluctuations (e.g. between 4000K and over 10000K) are provoked mostly from dust and water vapor; carbon dioxide has negible absorption at visible spectra.


Calculating LED amperage usage

If you are calculating the amperage of the leds themselves, it would be the voltage and current through the individual leds. If you are calculating the amperage that the entire bulb uses, it would be the line voltage. This would include the power used by the internal led driver as well. The driver is likely to be 80% or higher efficiency


Extractor fans not working with LED bulbs?

The fan controller is monitoring the lamp circuit to know when the lamp turns off. It seems as though it relies on a low-resistance path to neutral through the lamp filament to run the timer.The LED lamps have fancier electronics in them so there may not be a direct path to neutral if the electronics is not running.


Is using CFL bulbs without a ceiling covering them bad?

There is nothong wrong with having an exposed fluorescent tube, compact or otherwise. We have lived with the long type and circeline uncovered for decades. Some new CFLs are specifically designed to show off their shape, such as this oneWhether you like the look of any given tube design, find the lighting effects to be pleasant or annoying are all a matter of taste.


DIY LED lamp is less powerful than expected

From your mention of a test with a 14 volt supply, it appears that most voltage is being lost in the wires between the supply and light panel - if so, you need significantly larger wire for that connection.All wires have some resistance, and you must consider this resistance when determining the required wire size for a given current and cable length


My room lights' brightness pulses when I turn on my toaster oven

I've been in my attic and saw that some of the wires have been chewed bare by mice.Whether this is the cause of the dimming or not, you need to immediately get an exterminator to rid your home of the mice problem and an electrician to assess and correct the damage. Bare/exposed conductors is an exceedingly dangerous condition that cannot wait.


LED lights with a dim light in open circuit

As mentioned above, the cause is phantom (ghost) voltage most likely caused by using a twin active cable from the light to the switch. This can be fixed by either by replacing the cable with two sdi (single double insulated) cables or burning ghost voltage by adding a small load such as an iron core transformer in parallel with the light fitting


How much power is used by cabin lighting systems during flight?

According to this link, an Airbus A-321 has around 100 LED units for cabin lighting which have 45 individual diodes each. Do you have 4500 diodes in the cabin in a single aisle plane, which means at 0.05W per LED estimation, the cabin lighting would require 225 W of power.


s. This does not include reading lamps (most probably) and only the aisle lighting


AC mains dimmer dimming 7W LED lamp problem (RpiZero MPDM V4.1)

Finally, as said @Joan, I just had to use a dimmable LED.To sum up what I found on internet : not all LED are dimmable. Even if you can dim a non-dimmable LED, it's still a bad idea because the LED might not made for this use. It can lead to several problems : 1. the dim can be unstable, and 2. it can cause heating problems.


How to get a material that looks like led lamp diffuser

Blender 2.8 has the filmic settings a standard color management. While it does add a nice feel to a scene with a lot of contrast, it does crush the whites.

Where it says filmic switch that to standard or something else.

If you want any glow effects, you'll have to do that in the compositor.

Other than that, I think it looks quite good already.


Is it safe to convert a shunted tombstone lamp socket to a non-shunted socket by cutting the shunt?

Glad you read our blog. We definitely agree that you should NOT cut into shunted lampholders for the reasons Harper stated above. Chris M. is also right. It's easier to just buy non-shunted lampholders, it will only cost you a few bucks. Since they are direct wire LED tubes, you only need to wire one side of the fixture.


How many lumens are there in one watt?

This depends completely upon what method is used to convert the electrical energy into light. Is it an old Edison bulb (incandescent), florescent, LED, something else?It will also vary significantly within each type. Not all LED bulbs are equally efficient. There simply isn't any direct conversion. You need to check the specs for the specific bulbs you are comparing


curious affect of led lamps

I sometimes have the same effect in some of the LEDs in my own home.

I assume you are using a dimmer? What brand and model?I am using Lightolier electronic dimmers, with LED level indicators on the side. The tiny load the dimmer causes will create current flow through the LED lamps in the fixture. A backlit device can do the same thing.


What should I consider when choosing continuous lighting vs. strobes for studio photography?

Overall light output vs rate of energy usage / heat output.There's a reason hot lights are called "hot"; they put out a lot of heat per unit of light, especially compared to strobes. And heat doesn't do anyone any good. That's why strobes are more often preferred for still photography, and hot lights are more often used for video (where strobes aren't an option).


I need help fixing a chest freezer

No the led is not your problem!

An led will only show if there is voltage. Try putting a load on that outlet a volt meter may show good but plug in a curling iron and nothing. This happens with backstabbed receptacles all the time , sometimes a loose screw or wirenut . Try a load test and you may find the power goes way.


Technique to measure/infer Vf for LED given If

Assuming an LED or string of LEDs with no current limiting built in:The simplest way is to connect a constant current supply which is set to 700mA and can provide at least 14V, preferably more. Note, that's a constant current not a current limited supply.Then measure the voltage across the LED. That will be the forward voltage


Using US lamps in Europe closed

There are several different kinds of circuits used for LED lamps. There are also different kinds of "adapters". Many combinations of lamps and adapters are NOT compatible. You must do more careful and detailed analysis of how each different lamp is constructed and what kind of converter or adapter is suitable.Your question is over-simplified and cannot be properly answered as a generic generalization


How can this lighting/color effect be done?

I don't see how it can be done in camera unless you set up a bunch of monochromatic objects in a studio. Sure it can be done but may be more difficult than handling it in post. To me this is likely one of two things: a very well done composite image or selective black and white in the background.


Network issue with Ubuntu 14.04.3 in Hyper V environment / not running stable

After I had reinstalled 14.04.2 on the pysical PC and just made apt-get upgrade (not dist-upgrade), everything works fine (the login screen shows 14.04.3, but the kernel is still made the same steps on the VM and there it works fine, too.So I think the problem is part of the kernel (3.

19) which is installed from the 14.


3 installation ISO file.


How does a CPU calculate on a hardware level? closed

That's a good question, something I'm curious in learning more about myself. From what I can tell so far:I think these links might help explain more in case I didn't answer your question the way you wanted. htm.

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Guangmingyuan Has Recently Developed and Launched M9l LED Lamp Products
Automobile headlamp is an indispensable system related to driving safety. It is an important guarantee for our safe driving at night.The car is equipped with a standard headlamp when leaving the factory. Different car lines are different. Because of the limitations of production conditions and cost, it may only meet the standard, and the brightness of the car headlamp will decline after high temperature and oxidation in the process of use. Take the LED lamp as an example. The service life of the LED lamp is 20000 hours. According to the personal use of the lamp, check and replace it within 5 years or 100000 km.How to select LED lights?Guangmingyuan Optical Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 1998, focuses on the R & D and manufacturing of optical technology applications. It has a professional R & D team. It is the president unit of "Jiangmen lighting appliance industry association", the "enterprise technology center" of Guangdong Province, the national "high-tech enterprise" and "postdoctoral research workstation". Recently, guangmingyuan recently developed and launched m9l LED lamp products. Compared with the older generation of lamps, this lamp is bright and spotlight, and has higher cost performance.M9l LED lamp: highlight and focus, higher cost performanceHigh power chip: 12 chips on both sides to ensure light efficiency;Red copper heat dissipation: the heat dissipation performance is twice that of aluminum; Intelligent temperature control drive: aluminum based circuit board replaces ordinary glass fiber board and heat dissipation is upgraded; Non polarity: both forward and reverse plug can be used for convenient installation. Product specification:Highlight spotlightCob lamp beads astigmatism, CSP lamp beads solve the problem of astigmatism. Guangmingyuan adheres to the bottom line and does not make COB lamp beads. The new 3570 lamp beads are of integrated design and more concentrated.Guangmingyuan has focused on optical technology application for 22 years and continues to provide partners with optical technology application solutions and stable capacity output. "Create the future with science and technology and change life with light". We promise to provide customers with high-quality products, services and solutions, continuously improve customer experience, create value for customers and realize sustainable development.Original title: highlight spotlight, higher cost performance, guangmingyuan's new m9l LED lampThe source of the article: WeChat official account: Guangming source] welcome to add attention! Please indicate the source of the article.
About the Control Chip of LED Lamp
The control chip of LED lamp, also known as LED light-emitting chip, is the core component of LED lamp, that is, p-n junction. Its main function is to convert electric energy into light energy. The main material of the chip is monocrystalline silicon. The semiconductor chip consists of two parts. One part is a p-type semiconductor, in which holes dominate, and the other end is an n-type semiconductor, mainly electrons. But when the two semiconductors are connected, a p-n junction is formed between them. When the current acts on the chip through the wire, the electrons will be pushed to the p region, where the electrons compound with holes, and then emit energy in the form of photons. This is the principle of LED luminescence. The wavelength of light, that is, the color of light, is determined by the material forming the p-n junction.The control chip of LED lamp is en8f152, which is a static CMOS chip integrating high speed, small volume, ultra-low power consumption and anti high noise, and supports flash process and OTP process. En8f152 has 8-bit instruction set, 8-layer 10bit hardware stack, 1kx14b program flash storage space (16bytes / page), 256x8b data EEPROM (16bytes / page) and other functional parameters. Meet the functional requirements of LED lamp scheme.LED lightingWith the rapid development of LED technology and the gradual improvement of LED light efficiency, LED applications will be more and more widely. With the increasingly serious problem of global energy shortage, people pay more and more attention to the development prospect of LED in the lighting market. LED lamp will be a potential light source to replace incandescent lamp, tungsten filament lamp and fluorescent lamp.More details can pay attention to the development of yingruien single chip microcomputer!
Remove Solar Cell From Outdoor LED Lamp
I wanted to find out how to remove and the solar cell from one of those $4 outdoor solar lamps that you just stick in the ground. I couldn't find anything online so I took it upon myself to figure it out. It was pretty straight forward but I thought I'd post my findings anywayNote: $4 Outdoor Solar Lamp will yield:3V solar cellphoto resistorAA rechargeable batterybright LEDcircuit and some resistorsmetal sleeve and stake if you need it for something.All you really need is a small philiips screw driver and a Dremel. Unfortunately for some unfathomable reason I have not brought myself to purchase a dremel tool, if only because a friend's is always available. I did have some wire clippers on hand which was messy and time consuming but got the job done.DremelPhillips screw driverFlat head screw driver or something with a thin metal edge.Wire clippersMultimeterUnscrew the head from the shaft, about 1/4 turn and it comes right off, (but you knew that already)and unscrew the 3 screws on the underside. Remove the rechargeable AA battery and the metal decorative sleeve over the plastic casing. Pry a flat head screwdriver or blade under the lip of the case and pry it up. It should slide off with minimal effort. The battery is a AA rechargeable 1.2V @ 350mAh Ni-Cd battery. With charge and quick charge voltages and amp info. Quite nice actually.Using a dremel and cut off wheel would have made this job 100% faster but alas I don't have one (can I still consider myself a true hobbyist without one?). I used some wire cutters and some muscle to cut through the thin sides of the case up around each corner of where the solar cell was glued down. I originally tried to pry it up but I started to scratch the cell and didn't want to risk breaking it. If it can be pried up successfully without cracking it, let me know. There was a bit of rubber glue holding the cell in but not as much as I had suspected. I had freed enough of the cell from the plastic I could gently raise it up and peel it away from the plastic. There was some silicon sealant coating the hold that the wire leads were threaded through. This was all done the waterproof the unit. I shoved a small phillips screw driver in the hole and twisted it the loosen up the sealant. then I pulled the wires through. The I went ahead and removed the LED the circuit and the photo resistor.I should add that before I attempted to remove it I tested it with my multimeter to ensure that it provided the suspected 3V that I needed for my BEAM projects I wanted to work on. Sure enough under direct florescent light, it gave slightly more then 3V in the picture below I have captured it close to that rating as documented proof.
Can I Take Any Blue LED Lamp and Grow?or Are There Some LEDs Special for Growing?
yahoo search is a good tool for that question1. Voltage, Current, LED lamp question...?Where did the 50 amps figure come from? (You are not confusing it with 50Hz, are you?) To drive a current I down a LED with forward voltage V, a rule of thumb is to start with a voltage 4 times V, and connect the LED on series with a resistor 3*V/I. Yes, just a rule of thumb. The forward voltage quoted is only a typical value, and will vary from one LED to the next. Using a higher supply voltage and a series resistor keeps the current more or less constant despite variations in the forward voltage.2. How to find current and voltage requirements of an LED lamp / strip using a multimeter?Attach the LED lamp to a power supply and ramp up the voltage until it is acceptable bright. Record the voltage and current. That is your new rating.You can not tell the actual rating with knowing the ratings of the parts inside and how they are connected. The packaging can even influence the rating if it can not keep the parts cool.3. how can I make a regulator of some sort to protect my led lamp from burning out?There are ways to convert 12 volts DC to 6 volts DC, but the right thing to do for this sort of project is either to get a light that is natively 12 volts, or a battery that is natively 6 volts. Google "12 volt LED light" and you will see many4. LED lamp - connecting LEDs in parallelThere are plenty of LED lamps that do not have current limiting resistors and rely on the LEDs being equal. This often is not a problem or not seen as a problem.The LEDs might be "equal enough" for the current to divide itself properly. Maybe the current is not exactly divided equally but as long as the difference in the current through the LEDs is not too small or too large, the difference in currents is not a problem.The LEDs themselves have some series resistance.With many LEDs in series, differences in forward voltage will "average out" reducing the difference between LED strings.Is putting a series current limiting resistor for every string and using CV source a more robust solution and why not do it in this way?Indeed this would be a more robust solution to add current limiting resistors.The reasons why this is not always done might be cost (a resistor cost money and might take up valuable space where there could be an LED). Also: it works without resistors so why add them?5. Does LED lamp gives protection to our environment?No. Even a perfect lamp that produced only light does not "protect" the environment. All it does is damage it less than any other type of light does. It still uses power, which means you need a power plant, which produces pollution and greenhouse gases. .6. LED and lamp in series - why does the bulb not light?The LED drops so much voltage that there is very little left for the light bulb.You have only two 1.5V batteries, which, in series, are barely enough for the LED forward voltage.Incandescent bulbs quickly go dim when the power which they dissipate is reduced: power is voltage squared, divided by resistance. For this very reason, dimming incandescent bulbs does not save much energy. Only a small fractional decrease in the dissipated wattage dims a light bulb almost all the way.Filaments generate mostly heat, and only a small fraction as visible light. This is very sensitive to temperature, which is very sensitive to dissipated power.Try looking at the lamp in a dark room; you may be able to see a faint red glow. Also, the light from the LED may be preventing you from seeing whatever dim glow the bulb is putting out, even in a dark room. Cover the LED, too.7. how to install a led lamp inside mouth?A miniature LED, if connected with a tiny 1.5 volt button cell,properly, u can keep it well into ur mouth.but with uneasiness8. LED lamp increased power consumption after installation: Why? [closed]With the limited information provided, this is a guess, and a suggestion for clarification, but... Where did you get consumption of 2W per lightbulb from? Those are simple LED's, no special drivers or current limiters included in the package. If you have them in a series string, you need to limit the MAXIMUM forward current for the entire string to 150mA (from the datasheet as absolute max If). You can not do this just with a voltage source, and for a series string, I would not attempt it with a single resistor either, use a current regulator.If you have them in parallel, you can use a series resistor with each individual LED, based on your supplied voltage, to limit its current.The wild guess/speculation part is here... I am thinking that without proper current control to the LED's, you are burning them out, and they are failing as short circuits causing more current to flow as the voltage drop across failed ones vanishe.
How Can I Project a Clear Light Shape on the Wall with an LED Lamp?
Focusing the light requires some tinkering. The size of the hole is a factor. The distance between the light source and the apeture is another factor. Also, if you are using multiple LEDs then there will be multiple stars per hole; each LED will make a star. Some words to google might be diffraction, interferance, and apeture. Also you could perhaps pick up some info from making an eclipse viewer1. Can I take any blue LED lamp and grow?or are there some LEDs special for growing?yahoo search is a good tool for that question2. Can you convert a halogen lamp to a multiple LED lamp and still get comparable luminous flux?Your biggest problem will be heat dissipation. High power LEDs dump a lot of heat down their cathode leads. If you do not keep the LED's cool enough they will degrade and die early. So you need to design for heat sinks & air flow; which brings up the next problem. Halogen bulbs are designed to run hot, so the fixture probably was not designed with air flow/heat disapation in mind. So figure on modifiing the fixture for improved air flow.3. can we get lesser power consumption if we use LED lamp?LEDs are small, very efficient solid bulbs. New LED bulbs are grouped in clusters with diffuser lenses which have broadened the applications for LED use in the home. I like INNORI Eye-protected Touch Sensitive Dimmable LED Desk Lamp,3-Level Brightness for Different Occasions. LED technology is advancing rapidly, with many new bulb styles available. Initially more expensive than CFLs, LEDs bring more value since they last longer. Also, the price of LED bulbs is going down each year as the manufacturing technology continues to improve.4. Can kitchen salt break a LED lamp circuits/board? (weird problem) [closed]Specs: YN600 Air adopts double mains input,which supports batteries of NP-F Series external DC main of 8V and 5A. YN600 Air adopts YONGNUO proprietary LED constant current driving technology There is also a 12V 5A supply.----You are seeing failures with the line voltage AC to DC converter not the 8V constant current.The salt must be completely removed with a good quality isopropyl alcohol with several rinses and then forced air dried for many hours to ensure no moisture under chips. The LEDs are still good and you can run from 12V.They use salt to boil water rapidly with just electrodes at line voltage and will fry the converter if used again and not carefully cleaned of all salt ions which will not be easy and may consume a bottle or two and require vacuuming.Salt is corrosive and it may be easy to destroy it. So look for YouTube videos and chalk this up to experience.5. can you use sally hansen gel polish without the LED lamp?no it is not possible the chemical in the polish is specifically made to cure with the led lamp. if you let the polish not cure and it just dries the chemical that makes the shine last might still be active and if you eat finger foods like chips and such you might ingest the same chemical because it was not cured with the led bulb6. Story problem: you leave the house for a weekend, accidentally leaving a 3W LED lamp on for about 36 hours. If you pay $0.11 per kWh for power, how much money have you wasted by leaving a light on for two days?3*36= 108 W or 0.108 kWh *.11= $0.01188Story problem: you leave the house for a weekend, accidentally leaving a 3W LED lamp on for about 36 hours. If you pay $0.11 per kWh for power, how much money have you wasted by leaving a light on for two days?7. Why does my Betta fish puff out it's gills when I turn on an LED lamp?Maybe the time is too long,u need to know something anout it8. Does LED lamp gives protection to our environment?Neither our environment nor financial growth ought to be put in front of another. we are no longer speaking approximately oil and water, interior the sense that they can not mixture. in reality, Sustainable growth has been utilized via industry for some years. The evidence is interior the pudding, that sustainable growth works! Lumber agencies now want to diminish sensibly, rather of clean slicing a close-by. chosen timber are decrease, mutually as others are left to enhance, new ones are planted as against the felled timber. this way, the lumber agencies will continuously have product to reap. This additionally minimizes, yet does not thoroughly get rid of erosion of soil, or habitat loss. inspite of the shown fact that, it is a lot extra advantageous than the alternative... clean slicing. in reality that people might desire to proportion this international, we are able to depart a footprint no remember what we do. inspite of the shown fact that, minimizing that footprint will depart the two us and our environment in an superior condition. To think of that economics ought to be positioned on the lower back burner is only naive. without financial growth, how can you grow to be knowledgeable? shuttle? How will people locate out approximately our international, and grow to be extra advantageous stewards of the earth, if we are all out of a job and ravenous?? it is a provide and take relationship that people have with our environment. we would desire to locate the stunning stability between provide and take
Suitable Wiring for Very Low Current Mains Equipment
Mains cabling doesn't just have to supply power to your lamps; it also has to be safe in the event of a fault. If your lamp short circuits, you don't want the cable to burn out or start a fire before the fuse blows (if you're in a fused plug country like the UK) or the breaker trips! So standard 3-core mains cable probably is appropriate. See also MandoMando's comment on the correct insulation. Or as Dave Tweed says, use low voltage lighting and a mains transformer (perhaps look for garden or outdoor lighting systems)EDIT: if the rest of the installation is up to "double insulation" standards with no exposed metalwork, then 2-core mains cable would be acceptable, saving some spaceI'm building an interactive portrait gallery with seventy portraits, each back-illuminated by an LED lamp. The lamps draw less than 30 mA at 230 Vac, and each is switched using a small optocoupler/phototriac, under microcontroller, er, control.Given the very low current draw of the lamps, standard 3-core mains cable seems to be considerable overkill. (All of the wiring will be hidden within the gallery structure, out of the way of prying fingers; we have a mains bus, from which I can tap the connections for each lamp.)Would a three-strand section of ribbon cable be up to the job? Some specs I've unearthed are rated to 300 Vrms (and up to 1 A), which would seem to be suitable. But what consideration would I have to give to voltage spikes?I want to build something safe, but a lighter cable would make construction much simpler.
Can I Use Regular Nail Polish with the Sensationail LED Lamp?
You can in a way but it will take a little longer. Start as you usually would with applying gel polish: Cleanse nails with the cleanser - air dry Apply Primer - air dry (30 seconds should do it) Apply base coat & cure for 30 seconds Then apply your normal nail polish Now is the long winded bit - you have to wait for your normal polish to completely dry (not just touch dry!) This will take 30-40 minutes Then you can apply the top coat, making sure you cap the edges, cure for 30 seconds Cleanse and you are done. I have a ton of normal polishes but what I usually do is apply Sensationail fully so it lasts the 2 weeks. When I want a change of colour I paint over the top in normal polish. When I get bored after a day or 2 I remove that coat with acetone free remover and the sensationail gel is still perfect underneath!1. Can you convert a halogen lamp to a multiple LED lamp and still get comparable luminous flux?Your biggest problem will be heat dissipation. High power LEDs dump a lot of heat down their cathode leads. If you do not keep the LED's cool enough they will degrade and die early. So you need to design for heat sinks & air flow; which brings up the next problem. Halogen bulbs are designed to run hot, so the fixture probably was not designed with air flow/heat disapation in mind. So figure on modifiing the fixture for improved air flow.2. Changing my fluorescent lamp to led lampUsing Ohms law. Since we know the current, source voltage, and LED forward voltage drop, we must calculate for the series Resistor. R = (V Source - V Forward) / I.(6V - 2V) / 0.02A = 4V / 0.02A = 200220 is the next resistor up.Now since we have the resistance, we can calculate Wattage of the Resistor. P = V (of Resistor) * I4v * 0.02A = 0.08W or less than 1/8th (0.125) Watts. A 1/8W Resistor would work.A better solution is two leds in series, sharing the current. (6 - 2 - 2) / 0. 02 = 1002v * 0. 02A = 0. 04W. A 100 1/8W would work.3. What exactly is a PAR type LED lamp, how does it differ from R/BR type LED & CFL lamps?It should be noted that while PAR LED's have the form factor of traditional halogen PAR bulbs, they do not have the parabolic reflectors of traditional PAR's. The light emitting diode cannot be suspended in space, in the middle of a reflector the way a filament can, at least not yet, it has to be mounted on a board. So, all of the light is coming directly from a group of LED's through a lens. This is why they have not found a way to produce a good narrow spot yet, because the way they did that was by adjusting the shape of the parabolic reflector. I have seen some progress in finally some focusing ability in LED flashlights, so maybe we will get some real PAR spots with a sharply defined pattern in the near future. They do not appear to be available now. I have put PAR LED's in my office and my kitchen, but in my media room where I have to have defined light and dark areas, like accented prints on the walls and no light hitting the TV, I am going not buy another round of halogen bulbs and hope the technology improves in LED's.4. can we get lesser power consumption if we use LED lamp?yes, and they last a lot longer too5. What exactly is a PAR type LED lamp, how does it differ from R/BR type LED & CFL lamps?PAR = Parabolic Aluminized Reflector. The number is the diameter of the bulb times 8, so divide by 8 to get its diameter. Thus, a PAR30 is a 3.75" diameter bulb.Our last house had PAR30 floods in track lighting in the living room (a style that was all the rage when the house was built in the 1980s). You can use them indoors. The quality of light you get is entirely dependent on the bulb. A beam angle of 40 degrees or more will render close to the typical light dispersal we all grew up with. There are some LED floods available, and a few offer a greater than 30 degree beam angle with a diffusing lens at around 3000k color temperature. If you can find some, they can save you a ton of money over the years.
Powering Stuff *Directly* From Solar Panels Feels Like Magic
Alright, I'll give you that a solar powered LED lamp with no energy storage is pointless. Still, witnessing light turned into electricity and then back into light is pretty in neato. There's something about the immediacy of catching sunshine and turning it directly into useful work that thrills me.The framerate of the camera on my phone makes this fan look like it's spinning slowly. Rest assured it was in fact running at full speed. It's a testament to the miraculous efficiency of electric motors that they can do so much with so little. The panel is advertised as 7 watt after all, but only reliably outputs about 1 watt.Plenty of power for this fly trap, which consumes only 40ma at 5 volts. The panel produces 280 ma at 5 volts, or 7 times as much as the trap requires. The set of USB appliances which consume sufficiently little energy to be powered this way isn't very diverse, but you'd be surprised what it includes.As it turns out, there's a few vehicular applications where direct solar power works fine. Boats are one example as they use little energy to move, relative to their mass. Their surface area is also often ample, so there's plenty of room for panels:Airships have many of the same qualities: They need a fairly small amount of energy to move through the air relative to their mass. This makes them suitable for direct solar power as well:There's also been a directly solar powered RC car, the Tamiya Solar Eagle. It does have a single capacitor to keep it going through shadows, or if a cloud crosses the sun, but besides that it runs directly off the panels:Why isn't this more common? Sunlight has a fixed energy density of 1 kilowatt per square meter of surface that it strikes. That's how much energy we could get from a 1 meter by 1 meter solar panel if it was 100% efficient. However the solar panels available to the public today max out at 22.5%, though the cheap ones can be as little as 15-17% efficient.So, that's 225 watts for every square meter of solar panel, best case scenario. That's about 25 watts short of being able to power the weakest electric bicycle motors available today. As you might imagine, powering a car this way is pretty difficult unless the car is extraordinarily lightweight and aerodynamic, as well as being totally covered in the most efficient solar cells on the market.Follow me for more like this! And why not read one of my stories?·RELATED QUESTIONWhich custom lighting design manufacturers would you choose to work with (as in, your preferred list of custom lighting design manufacturers for new projects, renovations, and/or construction of a new home and/or commercial property) and why?Residential and commercial lighting are different products. You do not give a reason for wanting custom vs. off the shelf products.A unique custom lighting product is backlit onyx and hinoki wood walls, desks, columns, and stairs by GPI Design of Cleveland. The onyx and hinoki veneer are sandwiched between glass.Boyd Lighting is a San Francisco Bay Area maker of high end lighting.Phoenix Day is another Bay Area custom manufacturer.Holly Hunt is a collection of custom lighting manufacturers.Working with a lighting designer will save you time and money while guaranteeing your project will meet codes, function, and look good.
Is This a Bike Light and How Do I Turn It on? (I Know It Sounds Stupid)
This is a halogen light. Such lights are usually powered by a bottle dynamo. That is a small electric generator that is driven by the front or the rear wheel. There is usually no switch. One simply engages the dynamo by pushing it down, such that a spring presses it against the flank of the tyre.Some bikes have a hub dynamo instead. In this case there might be a small switch at each light. A hub dynamo looks like a very large front hub (central part of the wheel).If you have such a dynamo make sure that the light is connected to it. Follow the wires from the lamp to the dynamo. On older bicycles with bottle dynamos there is typically only one wire. The bicycle frame serves as common ground connection.Check if the dynamo is properly pushed to the tyre and that its wheel spins when you spin the tyre.The bulb in the lamp might be defective or missing. Replacement bulbs are not very expensive. But they may be hard to find today. An inexpensive led lamp might be a better replacement, as such lamps are considerably brighter.Finding the fault may be a little tricky without a volt meter or other means to test electrical connections. If you cannot got to a bike shop anyone who is handy with simple electrics may help you out. For example, electricians or car mechanicsI've been doing a lot more cycling in the last year since moving to a new town and have really enjoyed it.I had a fairly crappy bike though and went to a secondhand store quite far away to get a good bike at a nice price.One big issues is there is what I assume is the bike light in front of it (just one) but I see no way to get it to actually turn on, which means I can barely cycle now.I used to have the lights where you move that part down to touch the wheel and the movement causes the light to go on (best way I can explain it). This doesn't do that. I also don't see any on/off button or basically any obvious way to get it to work. The store I bought is really far away as are the good bike stores (I live in a small town.)I've started to wonder if it's really a light or a reflector - although it looks like the former. Any help please?
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