Distance to Reach Terminal Velocity in a Viscous Liquid

What you do is solve the equation $$frac43pi a^3 rho fracdvdt frac43pi a^3g(rho - sigma)-6pi eta a v$$ subject to the initial condition v 0 at t 0. Of course, after you solve for the velocity as a function of time, you then integrate the equation $$fracdxdtv(t)$$ to get the distance as a function of time

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Why are people with severe intellectual impairments allowed to vote in the UK? duplicate

This is impossible to implement.You would need to test and evaluate everyone to be able to decide who is "intellectually impaired".There would be infinite battle between psychiatrist and other mental health specialists.On what basis you would draw the line ? Should we disallow "functionally illiterate" adult who cannot read or understand a political program ? You open a can of worm that is impossible to close.


How can I remove a stud from a load bearing wall?

With studs at 16" on-center, the two studs left would give you 30 1/2" of clear space; subtract the 3" for the two new studs and 1" for new drywall; you are left with only 26 1/2" of clear space. Are you sure this is going to be wide enough? The header in your illustration should be 3" wider and the "king" studs you illustrated in red should be cut shorter to support the header


Is the wall load bearing?

I doubt the wall between the living and dining area is structural. It appears you have a one-story (in that area) living space with roof trusses spanning 26 from front to back of your house indicating no load don that wall. Things to consider: Dont forget youll need to patch the ceiling and floor where the wall is removed, so youll have that expense too.


Is a conditional threat still a true threat?

No."If it were not assize-time, I would not take such language from you." (said while grabbing the handle of sword)According to this article, conditional threats are not considered a true threat.The court held that a conditional threatening statement, without an imminent threat of harm, does not constitute an assault.Here is a similar Law.SE question and answers. Did Zoey Tur assault Ben Shapiro?


Meaning of and/or in Magic The Gathering duplicate

If Mass Manipulation allowed you to target X creatures as well as X planeswalkers, it would mention "X" again. It would read something like "Gain control of X target creatures and X target planeswalkers".If the text said "or" only, it could be misunderstood in that all of the targets have to be the same type, i.

e. only creatures or only planeswalkers, which would be incorrect


Beam where joists meet in center of room

You should enlist the assistance of a framing vendor with design software or an engineering firm Along with your contractor.They can design an LVL or steel beam to carry the load. Running the full length of the house is probably not possible but creating an archway with a beam and support columns is certainly possible.

This modification should be designed by a professional though.Good luck!


How long should a temporary notification (toast) appear?

I'm surprised that no one has flagged this as an accessibility concern. I recommend that you avoid having timed messages at all because you can't determine how long it takes for someone to not only read the message but also understand it.Recommendation: Include a "Dismiss" button to allow users to close the alert in their own time.

Source: w3.




How does the load transfer from a prop to the airframe?

The engine mount is an important component that transfers the prop thrust to the airframe. It's clearly visible in this photograph of a fast and powerful plane, a Bf109. Of course, bearings transfer thrust between the rotating and static parts. That is common to all engine-propelled vehicles, ships, cars, planes... The main thrust load, in the picture showing the turbofan, is taken by the tapered roller bearings


Can I attribute my game to a game studio that isn't registered as an LLC, INC, etc

It would help to know what jurisdiction you're in. If you're in the United States, you can register a DBA (Doing business as/Trade name)The fees for registering a DBA vary from state to state, but in general it costs very little (about $50 or less)You can later file the paperwork to convert your DBA to an LLC with the same name, should you so desire


Linux: Does find | xargs grep have limitations?

Given your latest edit I'd like to point you at my comment above again: Since you mention "same server": Is there any chance that special files like /proc/kcore or /dev/zero are anywhere in the path? That would certainly stop grep from going any further.....Since adding an extension produces different results from the run w/o that kind of rules spaces as the culprit out


What direction are the threads on Ultra Torque bearing cups?

For English-threaded Ultra Torque, the right (chain) side cup unscrews clockwise, the left one anti-clockwise. For Italian, both unscrew anti-clockwise. It's most likely that you have English. I don't know how you could tell for certain though without asking your bike maker, measuring the size, or seeing which way they actually unscrew. For the reason why the English is 'correct' see the link in the comment below


Display lost/negative reputation in topbar achievements

I don't really have anything new to add here but am posting an answer since I'm formally declining this; jmac and Shog cover all the reasoning against doing this pretty well. It's just too hard to see the number of people motivated to improve their posts outweighing the number of people who will be upset by every downvote or want to start an argument about each one


How to determine SSD's Nand erase block size?

The erase block size has no bearing on alignment, and the M500 supports garbage collection, so performance is not an issue.

Please refer to the 2nd page of this PDF from micron's site which will help you determine erase block size based on the NAND used in your M500.as far as alignment advice, please check out this fantastic Superuser Post.Here's the screenshot of the page:


Can an average mechanically inclined person change the front wheel bearing assembly on 3/4T Chev Van?

if it's front wheel drive it's different than what your used to. but easily done that's why they only charge an hr, labor but probably rear wheel drive. the only trick I know is after you rock the rotor to get the outside bearing out put the washer and castle nut back on so as you pull it off it takes out the back bearing and seal.


Clarifying Bearing off

No, the second one is not valid.There are many different rule sets for Backgammon. However, I'm unaware of any which would allow it.This quote is from Wikipedia. It is footnoted as coming from both Backgammon for Winners, and Hoyle's Rules of Games.

A die may not be used to bear off checkers from a lower-numbered point unless there are no checkers on any higher points


Why does freezing your hard drive sometimes help to recover data (technical details)?

My understanding is that it was a matter of differential thermal expansion. The cold drive will have things in a slightly different position relative to each other than the warm drive. This is especially useful if the fault was a stuck bearing keeping it from spinning up, although I have heard this is no longer normally an issue. I've never actually had a case to try it


Pro Micro recognised as Micro (win10, IDE 1.8.1)

Treat it as what it is.What windows sees it as is just what USB reports it as. It's just a name. It has no bearing on what it is or how you program it. Select the actual board that you have in the IDE, not what Windows says it thinks it is.

As a general rule: Ignore everything Windows ever says, it's full of sh!t


Is there any significant difference between Nikon and Canon?

Canon DSLRs (and EF mount film bodies) have a shorter registration distance (distance from the film/sensor plane and lens mount) than Nikon. This means you can mount any Nikon F mount lens on a Canon with a simple adaptor. If you mount a Canon lens on a Nikon body it will be too far from the sensor and you wont be able to focus to infinity.


What are reasonable administrative fees for an IRA?

Zero. Zero is reasonable. That's what Schwab offers with a low minimum to open the IRA.

The fact is, you'll have expenses for the investments, whether a commission on stock purchase or ongoing expense of a fund or ETF. But, in my opinion, .25% is criminal. An S&P fund or ETF will have a sub-.10% expense. To spend .25% before any other fees are added is just wrong.


Should security restrictions cause a service to return null or throw an exception? closed

Returning null isn't great. It tells you nothing. To take your example, if an app is trying to look something up and the response is null for both security problems and if the item doesn't exist, then how do you tell the difference between the two?A meaningful response may allow the application to make logical choices about what to do next or how to resolve problems


Should Border Patrols be left to a bunch of Racist RedNecks?

You obviously know nothing about the Minutemen. How do concerned citizens armed with cell phones and binoculars resemble the wild west? Most of them are over 55. I would rather someone try to stop the flow of illegals over our borders then to coin a phrase "let them run hog wild into this country. " Educate yourself there is plenty of information available about the Minutemen Project


Point-to-point range measurement using an IR receiver

You can't use light like that to measure distance. Think about how long it would take light to travel 10cm, and then you'll see what you can't use that to measure distance.All IR receivers give you 'relative' distance because they can only measure relative distance as a function of relative change in received light intensity, which makes your measurements dependent on a number of environmental factors.


Do Melee/Missile Damage Reduction Apply to Followers?

I'm going to assume that you mean: Does equipping the affix on yourself apply to your followers. (Obviously equipping it on them would work)The answer is no, it only applies to the person or follower that currently has the equipment on them.If you equip the item on a follower, it applies to them. You just don't see it because it counts as a hidden stat


REST API vs SEO closed


Api have nothing to do with SEO .

Api is used to pull data from server and display on website. Only thing that may have some(minor) impact on SEO , can be a longer site loading time (waiting for api response ) - but not in all cases (depends of how you are loading data from API ( synchronous/asynchronous ) .But basiclly api have nothing to do with seo


how do I remove a non load bearing wall?

Gorilla is correct - be very careful. Mobile homes are nothing like standard construction, they are intigrated engineered - something like " Unibody frames' in autos.

You could inquire with the manufacturer as to your plans - supply them with the serial number and they usually have the blueprints on file. That way you will know if you need to add some support to keep things together.


Distance to a ridge as function of angle (Python)

Solution will depend on the library that you use (fiona, shapely, geopanda...). My suggested algo is close to brute force, but I don't see much more efficient :for each point, based on X and y coordinates: - compute the distance of each mountain ridge to your pointonce this is done, loop on the bearing to select the points within a given bearing, and compute the minimum distance.


Is tearing the hymen something that should be avoided

Ein ishah koreses bris elah im mi she'aseah kli, a woman only binds herself to the one who made her a receptacle (i.e. who induced her into the realm of biah and child bearing).Therefore if you do as you are suggesting, although this is halachically permissible (Reb Alter Halpern) you will miss out on the intensity of the intimacy between husband and wife for life.


Is it unfair to potentially kill a party member, even if I warn them closed

You also need to think about what will happen if they do use it correctly. What will this upset in the setting? From having made similar mistakes myself, back in the eighties, I'd advise you to be creative about something else for a first adventure as DM, and hold this back until you have a bit of experience. The first couple of sessions teach you a lot.

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