Do My Fish Need a Heater?

Nope! Goldfish are cold-water fish, which means they require no heater. Make sure that the tank temperature is at a stable 68 degrees Fahrenheit for your Goldfish to stay happy and healthy. Good luck. ;)

1. Car heater not working.?

Check the warm/cold runs to a control under the hood inline with the heater hoses, make sure the control moves.... sometimes they freeze up..... also you might need a new thermostat

2. heater core repair?

I went to several different sites trying to find the cost of a heater core. For your car, the sites I went to stated a price of around $390.00 just for the part. And according to what I've read, they are a pain in the butt to change, having to pull the dash etc. . Hope you know someone that is mechanically inclined, to help (do it for) you

3. Gas water heater replacement .?

Heat and remove the old joint. Now is a good time to look and see how much lime ans rust is in the pipe. Might be a good time to consider replacing some pipe as well. If the pipe looks good clean and sand it before replacing the joint. Old joints can be cleaned and reused. SOME TIMES! But if it do not work? Is it really worth the time and effort to redo? I would recommend new joints. Why have to do it twice?

4. Do tetras need a heater?

yes they do, most tetra species and all the ones we stock at my work are from tropical climates and require water of between 24 and 28 degrees C (75-82F) or greater. the lighting on an aquarium would never really be suitable to heat it.

5. A Comprehensive Buying Guide to Choosing the Best Water Heater

No one enjoys taking a shower with cold water or paying expensive utility bills. Unfortunately, water heaters can be very costly, unless you purchase a good brand that comes with energy-efficient features among several other advanced technologies. With this is mind, choosing the best brand of water heater is crucial to provide you and your family with hot water whenever you need it. Storage tank types of water heating unit is among the most preferred type of heater, which comes with a tank that is insulated and stores or heat when necessary. You can find various models for this unit such as electric, natural gas, and liquid propane (LP). If you want to save on your electricity bills, then liquid propane and natural gas water heating units are economical options since they consume less energy than electric models. Newer models of gas water heaters also feature a sophisticated electronic gas valve, which yields to precision performance, quicker hot water recovery, and improved temperature control. They also have a special LED indicator that provides you with a diagnostic feedback on the unit's operating performance. On the other hand, electric water heaters have a dry-fire protection component. This advanced feature prevents the unit's upper components from easily burning out when the unit detects that there is no water supply around it. What to Look For in Buying Water Heaters As you check several water heater reviews and ratings, you will come across a number of brands that claim to be the best in the market. However, the cost may add up when you decide to purchase a unit with highly- sophisticated features that are irrelevant to your needs. Unless you have a huge budget for it, a high-end water heater may just be a great option for you. If you want to save some money without compromising quality, though, it is important to look for a water heater with basic features that are perfect for your needs and budget. The following are important factors that can help you shop for an excellent water heating unit without breaking the bank. A small storage-tank type of water heating unit is a practical choice for supplying hot water to shops, garages or outbuildings. This unit is capable of storing between 2.5 and 19 gallons of water. You can also find the largest size of this miniature unit, which can supply the right amount of hot water to areas located a bit farther from the main water heater in your home. As you compare different brands of water heaters in the market, make sure you check the recovery rate or amount of water that the unit can heat per hour. If you need a higher supply of hot water for your shower, then it makes perfect sense to choose a unit with a high recovery rate. 3. Go for units with energy-efficient features. Units with high "Energy Factor" or EF rating are more efficient to use, although they may cost a bit more than those with lower EF. While water heaters with the Energy Star certification may be expensive, you will eventually save a higher amount because they consume less energy. So, compare key factors when shopping for a water heater such as the performance level and annual operating cost to help you find a good product that is worth your investment. If it is your first time to purchase a water heating unit, reading reviews of different brands can increase your chances of finding the right one that you need. Water heater consumer reports feature some of the finest brands of water heaters depending on the type of unit. For instance, those who prefer to buy tankless water heaters, some of the best brands you can find include Rinnai, Navien and Bosch. The Rinnai R75LSiN model offers a flow rate of hot water at 7.5 GPM , comes with an Energy-Star certification, and solid construction. On the other hand, the Navien NR-210A provides about 5.4 GPM flow rate in cold regions and at least 10 GPM in more temperate areas in the country. As for buyers who look for electric tankless water heaters, Bosch remains as the finest brand that consistently receive positive feedbacks from consumers. The PowerStar and Ariston models can fit perfectly under the sink, although the Ariston model can be plugged into an outlet while the PowerStar needs to be wired into a circuit box. Another notable brand is Kenmore, which can store ample amounts of water that is enough for a small family. GE is a highly recommended brand of hybrid electric water heater because of its energy-efficient features and eligibility for the 30% federal tax credit among several other incentives. Budget-conscious shoppers, on the other hand, may opt for Rheem gas water heater model that can store a maximum 40 gallons of hot water. Be sure to check reviews and consumer reports as you search for a reliable water heater that will meet your needs and standards. Consider this shopping guide for water heaters, and look for key components in each unit to ensure your satisfaction in the product you purchase.

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Which Is the Best Room Heater, Quartz Based Or Ceramic Or Oil Filled?
Idk to be honest1. where can I buy a cheap rose quartz crystal in ga?The pink translucency of the rose quartz bespeaks of the divine beginning and serene nature of this angelic image with the help of Taomi and Fernando. Rose quartz is seen to be the sacred stone of the planet Venus, believed to advance interpersonal relationships at artwork. At abode, rose quartz creates a welcoming ecosystem stimulating emotions of love, tenderness, and quietness. Rose quartz is likewise seen to heal emotional wounds2. Why don't new batteries keep my quartz wall clock going for more than 4-6 hrs?Take a pencil eraser and clean the electrodes where the touch the battery3. How to fix a basic quartz clock?Quartz Clock Repair4. How To Clean Quartz CountertopsAs quartz countertops have climbed to match the popularity of Granite, more people are asking, "What is the best way to clean quartz countertops?" Today, we will discuss the proper cleaning methods to use on your quartz counters. The number of quartz countertop installs will continue to rise due to the materials durability and beauty. Quartz is a manmade product and constructed with resins and recycled materials like glass and other materials. This production process not only creates a durable surface, it allows for endless beautiful designs and colors to be created and repeated. Also created in this process is a hermetic seal, this seal keeps bacteria and other bad elements from seeping into your beautiful surfaces. This is a nice advantage over natural stones, as these natural materials need to have a seal treatment to help stop staining and possible bacteria seeping down into your countertops. Although we have touched on a few basic perks of choosing Quartz countertops, we need to establish that a consistent cleaning routine be put into place. This is the only way to ensure that your quartz counters stay in pristine condition. Below, we will walk you through, our guide on how to clean quartz countertops, and the best practices for keeping your quartz surfaces clean and brilliant for years to come. Our recommendation is that you clean your quartz countertops on a daily basis. Creating this simple habit will help ensure that spills will not stain and food will not become stuck to your beautiful quartz surface. For cleaning, all you will need is a solution of mild dish detergent and warm water. The process we suggest to use is as follows; Fill a medium size bowl with warm water, then add a generous amount of the mild dish detergent. Gently combine the two ingredients until the detergent is dissolved in the water. From here on it is wetting a towel and wiping the surface in a circular motion until the entire surface has been wiped. To dry, just grab paper towels or a fresh towel to wipe away the excess water and detergent solution. Sometimes accidents happen and you might run across a tougher spill or stain on your quartz countertops that warm water and mild detergent will not remove. There are some other cleaning methods that you can try. Although these are generally safe to use on quartz surface, always refer to the owner's manual or your installer to avoid any permanent damages while trying to remove these tough stains. If you come across needing to remove a pen mark or the accidental permanent marker marking isopropyl rubbing alcohol could help remove these marks. Since the rubbing alcohol is a solvent it should break down the inks and marker and make wiping away easy. Start by pouring a small amount of the rubbing alcohol on the mark, with a clean towel rub the surface in a circular motion to remove the stain. Once you have accomplished this pour a small amount of warm water on the area and dry with a clean towel. Let's say your surface develops a soap stain or hard water deposit, well we have a solution for those situations. To help remove these types of issues we recommend a vinegar and water solution mixed 1:1. In a medium sized bowl mix one part warm water and one part vinegar, stir the mixture, then pour a generous amount on the affected area. Wipe the area down with a clean towel. After you have removed the trouble spot wipe again with warm water to remove the to mix solution from completely from the surface. End by drying with a clean towel or paper towel. Now the dreaded grease residue, you can use a degreaser cleaning product. However, only use such a product designed specifically for quartz countertops. Please head all of the instructions laid out by the products manufacturer as product is different. After using one of these products rinse thoroughly with warm water! Again, please exercise extreme care while using any of the aforementioned methods. DO NOT leave your surfaces unattended while working with these methods. Always, rinse your quartz countertops thoroughly after using these cleaning processes. Above all else, reference your quartz manufacturer's guidelines for cleaning your particular quartz surface. The majority of quartz countertop manufacturers provide their recommended cleaning methods and supplies to use on their surfaces. A quick summary of their products to avoid are sponges, pads, and abrasive cleaners. These products can cause irreversible damage to your countertops. Also, harsh scrubbing will lead to a dull finish on quartz countertops. Concentrated bleach should be avoided while cleaning your quartz as this product can leave stains. Any cleaner that have a high pH level should be avoided, examples of these cleaners are grill cleaners, oven cleaners, dishwasher detergent and paint removers. Most of these methods will void any product warranty you have on your quartz. Now we will discuss other good habits to incorporate with the cleaning habits we began with. We have a few tips that will help with the longevity of your quartz countertops. Quartz is a very resilient material, however, it is not indestructible. Always place a protective barrier between hot pots and pans. Heat damage can be a scary topic as quartz does not stand up to heat as well as its natural stone counterparts. If you do not use a trivet or pot holder under a hot pot or pan you can create discoloration on your surface. Avoid placing hot items directly on your quartz countertops. Another tip, do not cut or chop anything directly on your quartz. These motions will add cuts and scratches into the resin leaving your countertops vulnerable to stains and other issues. Finally, we will end with where we began. Creating a daily habit of wiping down the quartz surface with a mild detergent and warm water solution will help keep your countertops beautiful and help in their longevity.
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