Do Some Radial Engine Planes Have a Two-speed Starter Motor?

There seems to be only one starter speed:Proper sequence for starting radial engines...DC-6B style, with P&W R-2800's.Have a pleasant day, thereafter (hopefully). ;-)DC-3 about the same, except...Stratocruiser, same as the DC-6B. DC-7 and Lockheed 1649, same also, as the DC-6B.NB. Operating in autolean helps to prevent plug fouling while on the ground.[Posted by 411A on May 18th, 2008 at]

1. why does headlights dim when a starter motor is turned on

Basically, a "12 V" battery is not a perfect voltage source and the starter is a large load.Due to the very large current (100 A or more) a starter motor can draw, it causes the battery voltage to sag a bit. Dropping 2 V or so during the brief period the starter motor is on would not be out of line. You can think of the battery as being a perfect voltage source with some resistance in series with it. If the battery output voltage drops 2 V when 100 A is being drawn, then this internal resistance is 20 m.If you have ordinary incandescent headlights that are just directly tied to the battery voltage, then they will dim because they are getting less power at 10 V than at 12 V. Look carefully and you may actually see them get even brighter than before starting once the engine is running. That is because now the alternator is making a higher voltage to charge the battery. The normal "12 V" bus level when the engine is running is usually around 13. 6 V.

2. Why does the starter motor not start on my 2003 Nissan Primera?

It's possible that your battery has enough charge to light the headlights and dash, but not enough to turn the starter. Typically though in this case you will hear some sort of click when you turn the ignition to "start." Your description says you hear nothing, however. That points me to consider that some sort of an electrical interlock (safety system) is preventing the car from starting.If an automatic transmission, check that the transmission is fully in park or fully in neutral. It may help to shift through the gears and return to park. Make sure your foot is firmly on the brake when you turn the key. Automatic transmission cars wo not start in anything other than park or neutral, and sometimes you need to depress the brake.If a manual transmission, make sure your foot is fully on the clutch. Modern manual transmission cars require the clutch to be depressed before starting, to prevent the car from lurching forward when you turn the key.In my mind, these are the simple solutions. If it's not one of these, the troubleshooting gets more involved. Though if you get this far and it still wo not start, it does not hurt to get out the jumper cables to positively rule out a battery problem.EDIT: Could also be a bad starter solenoid, or bad connection to the starter solenoid. See an earlier question and answer: Car Suddenly Decides To Not Crank.

3. farm quad starter motor problem? kawasaki klf300?

Ok, then considering what you are saying it sounds like the starter clutch is stuck or worn... In that case yes you can damage the starter and or the starter chain/sprocket... The starter clutch is available through for about $65.00... In any case it sounds more like the starter clutch is not disengaging... Keep in mind that it is normal for the starter to make a little noise when the engine is pulled over, This only happens if the engine does not start... It's because the engine rebounds at the end of the stroke and it engages the starter for an instant... It will make a slight noise but the starter should not turn constantly when starting with the pull start... I would pull the starter and check the clutch it should only engage in only direction and should be smooth and free in the opposite. The chain runs continuously while the engine is running so the clutch has to run very smooth after starting the engine. anyway I hope this helps

4. Could a fault with the starter motor/solenoid prevent a car from rolling in 5th gear?

No!That's just an initiator and not a full system problem.Something mechanical would prohibit that maybe the gear itself.Tranny!

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