Do Traditional Kung Fu Or Karate Styles still Work on the Street?

Do traditional Kung Fu or Karate styles still work on the street?

I do not know what you mean by traditional? All kung fu and karate styles are designed to work on the street - that's what they are for??? Kung fu has a 700 years tradition and is time tested and proven in battle and street fights all through China. And it is still applied to street fighting today in the 21st century. What else does it have to prove? Karate was invented in the 1600s in Okinawa to defend against heavily armored and highly trained Samurai, and it worked. Karate has also been used successfully in street fights for 400 years in Japan and it is equally applicable today. So what does karate have to prove? In Red China and Japan modern training in kung fu and karate include the use of an automatic pistol along with traditional weaponry (knife, sword, and kobudo weaponry). The ring fighting styles like Muy Thai, BJJ, MMA are the systems that have trouble transitioning to a street fight.

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What are some silly questions that need to be asked about Revelation 21:21's gold street?

Fine you evil squirrel, make me look it up. NASB: And the twelve gates were twelve pearls; each one of the gates was a single pearl. And the street of the city was pure gold, like transparent glass. (NASB ©1995) Hmm. "If each gate is a single pearl, where did it grow? Was it an bigasse earthly oyster or a heavenly one?" "If it's pure gold, would you be able to walk on it? Would not it be a tad fluid?" "Is pure gold transparent?"

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GTA IV Whenever I go to the street United Liberty Paper is on my game crashes. Any fixes?

Could you please provide technical details of the system you are using and the version of the game. Did it crash before you installed the mods? Does it crash when you go onto the street from a particular area (eg. it crashes when you approach from the north, but not from the south)?

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If youre on the street and see a performer with just an acoustic guitar, what popular songs would you want to hear?

Personally, I donu2019t care what they play as long as they play it well. It doesnu2019t have to be a difficult song, just play it well. And if you do, I will tip you.If youre on the street and see a performer with just an acoustic guitar, what popular songs would you want to hear?.

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Why do ugly old wrinkly men stare at girls half their age?

lol i get this all the time! i am 14 and also, when ur like crossing the road.. weird guys in vans always watch you and when ur walking up and down the street and stuff. weird eh.

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What would happen if one of the residents buys 30 cars and parks everything in the street?

depending on where you live, you could get a ticket for parking a car on the street for too long. so that would be 50 cars with a parking ticket each. Yikes

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Who here believes in ghosts or poltergeists if so please tell me your expierences :D?

I was four years old and fell down a flight of stairs- my mom witnessed me only reaching two of the 26 stairs before I was gently placed on the floor by unseen hands. Furniture would move, doors and windows would open. Voices were heard. And in the attic- the attic was bad. Try it out if you are ever in San Fernando California. It is 133 Alexander Street. BTW the apartment complex across from the house is also haunted. A woman lived in a big house that stood on that lot and she died of a heart attack. She had two dogs that were very hungry and ended up eating her. About a week later they found her remains. A month after that- her house was ransacked. She had a doll collection and somebody threw all the dolls on the lawn. My brother ran in the house and told us that the dolls were crossing the street. My mom and dad did not believe him but my brother, sister and I looked out the window and a doll was standing in the middle of the street staring at our window. Needless to say- we did not get sleep that night. When they tore the house down and the apartment complex went up there were 2 suicides in the first month. This was followed by a series of unexplained accidents. A priest had to come in to bless everything and there were no more deaths- but the activity still exists.

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