Do You Or Anybody in Your House Put Empty Milk Jugs Back in the Fridge?

No we rinse them when empty and recycle them

1. How do I exercise and diet when I'm underweight but physically unfit?

It's quite possible to be technically underweight and at the same time be in a terrible state of fitness...Which soounds like the case here.Were you able to go to a gym, that would be the way to go. A standard strength-training weight regimen would very likely be just what you need. Since you are wanting to work at home. ...You have the usual suite of exercises available to you that have served for that purpose for many years. Standard bodyweight exercises include the pushup, the "dip" (Use a chair) the crunch and situp, the squat, the "burpee", etc, etc.You should be able to find all manner of bodyweight/calisthenic programs on the web. You can supplement this with improvised weights for some movements. Milk jugs filled with water make pretty good dumbbells for doing arm exercises like curls, presses, shoulder raises, and "flys" using an improvised bench.You might consider saving your pennies for a basic weight set. for around 100 bucks you can get a barbell/dumbell set with a bench that will easily be enough for someone of your size to get going with.Again, in your situation, with wanting to both loose fat, tone your body, and gain a little muscle.... Weights are going to be the way to go.How do I exercise and diet when I am underweight but physically unfit?How do I work out/diet when I am underweight but physically chubby and flabby? (details. ).

2. Why does my neighbor put milk jugs on her lawn with water in them?

To keep the local homeless people hydrated

3. how many sets and reps should I lift a milk jug to get bigger arms?

well i would recommend some actual weights.. but if you really prefer milk jugs, maybe 10 sets of 20 to start out.

4. is it safe to let cats play with the plastic cap lock things from milk jugs?

Our cats love those things. They bat them all over the floor. It's OK unless they have a tendency to try to chew them up and eat them. If that's the case, discontinue letting them have them. Otherwise, let them enjoy their toys

5. Where can I buy those rings that come on milk jugs?

As far as I know you can not just buy them - they come from the factory that bottles the milk - so you will just need to have friends/family continue to collect them for you

6. Are these the best looking milk jugs you've ever seen?

I prefer the pink capped ones personally

7. Nest box material for cockatiels. need help?

It would be best if you put the eggs in a box or something similar as the eggs need the space to stay warm. Most babies do not survive if kept outside this environment. I lost several clutches this way. The good news is that cockatiels are not picky! I've seen babies raised in cereal boxes, milk jugs, behind the fridge (personal experience speaking here!) and even small cardboard boxes! If you would like something more permanent, try to invest in a metal breeding box that is 12 inches long and 9 inches wide. You can find these at most pet stores. They are pricey - mine was $40 - but I find them super easy to clean (one reason why I do not use wooden boxes) and they will literally last years. Some Tiels do not mind the shavings. Other birds will spend an entire night dumping everything but the eggs onto the cage floor. I like putting some news paper in the box as it is easy for the parents to chew up. You can also use uncolored Popsicle sticks bought at a craft store. The down side is that newspaper stinks after a while. They hay you are using is good. I would mix it with pine shavings

8. your opinion on the god/milk jug theory.?

Nice. Let's all pray to milk jugs now

9. Can you make any money recycling plastic milk jugs?

Not a very significant amount, but it would not hurt to recycle anyway

10. Do you think plastic milk jugs have cause America to turn away from Christianity?

How funny! However, He is not are. Perhaps we could put your face on a milk carton.

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