Driving a 4-wire Hard Drive Motor

You could rotate them in any mode you suggested 3 phase Delta or WYE but each is sub-optimalIf you want to run it quietly with optimum torque speed control using synchronous V/F PWM sine wave Voltage control for optimal torque, current and speed control, then you would use them with the HDD spindle driver hardware made for them and drive 3 full bridges in PWM sine voltage. Feedback consists of;a common current sense resistor for all low side driver ground currents to control accelerationthe common wire for BEMF sensing the balancing of the 3 phases to null any offsets per cycle

1. How much weight can a motor cycle hold?

It depends on the size and type of bike. All motorcycles have a weight rating located on the serial number plate near the steering tube on the frame

2. painting with old motor oil?

Used motor oil for a paint job. You've got to be kidding, and the lady that said she painted her fence with it. This is absolutely polluting the environment, where do you think this is going every time it rains, in the soil. Not only this but, what happens if it catches on fire, have you ever seen anything like this go up in flames. I would get those ideas out of your head before the Department of Natural Resources find out, or the County zoning ordinances and codes division. They may have something to say about this.

3. what is wrong with my boat motor?

turn the engine over for about 30 seconds without the sparkplugs in,then replace with new ones

4. Whats a car motor? whats it do?

A car motor is a little thing that goes in the shade part of the dome light. It senses when it is really bright or dark and tints the windows accordingly

5. Which is the better motor oil?

I can try to help here. In Synthetic motor oil all the molecules of the oil are exactly or very close to the same size. In normal motor oil, they are different sizes, small, medium and large, in an engine, this keeps the oil lasting longer. Especially in new engines. However, you must remember the gap between the bearings in an engine get larger as time goes on, and also just because the oil is "clean" does not mean it's doing it's job. In fact, it may not be doing it's job! I've never heard of a car engine getting damage from synthetic (as cars use babbit type bearings), but I have heard of motorcycles getting engine damage from it, but they use roller bearings in the engine. Personally I do not like synthetic, but it does not seem to leak as much if you have bad gaskets etc (because of the larger molecules), 1. It's too expensive 2. Untried technology 3. Seems more a marketing ploy. Just use the oil your owners manual says, and the asi rating, and you will be fine.

6. is synthetic motor oil better?

the distinction between synthetic and time-honored motor oil is the size of the molecules. the bogus molecules are all the comparable length. the time-honored molecules are all different sizes. while the oil gets warm and vapors off, the heavier molecules are left in the back of. This creates a miles less perfect lubricant. With synthetic this would not happen because of the fact all the molecules are the comparable length so the oil continues to be extra stable. at the same time as synthetic oil is extra costly, it truly is going to make it easier to shrink your oil exchange periods. i've got used synthetic for years on my autos and in maximum situations exchange the oil each ten to 12 thousand miles. i've got faith Amsoil is the final and Mobil1 is is a particular 2nd. i take advantage of Mobil1 while you evaluate that's available at any vehicle components shop or automobile branch. With Amsoil, you have come across a distributor or order online

7. Motor oil for Sub-Arctic conditions?

they are all solid oils, the difference between 5w30 and 10w30 is minimum,i for my section want the 10w30. And on the subject of the variety, properly guy made is superb notwithstanding that's no longer astounding the two

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