Dry Goods, Simple Maintenance Knowledge of Excavator, Novices Don't Have to Regret It

Now more and more excavator masters pay attention to the maintenance of excavators, because they will inevitably encounter problems or faults in the operation of excavators. Although small excavators are simple to operate, they can operate, which does not mean they will maintain their "love machine". Therefore, they should also know a little about excavator maintenance while they can excavate excavators.


Simple troubleshooting and maintenance

1. Abnormal sound

Whether it is the boom, jib, bucket or swing support, if there is a abnormal noise, we must pay attention to it, listen carefully, find out the abnormal noise point, and finally add butter. If the pump, valve, oil cylinder and motor make abnormal noise, relevant external observation shall be made, and the working phenomenon and working pressure of the parts that make abnormal noise shall be checked

2. Wear and deformation of working device

It is necessary to regularly check the common working devices to see if they are worn and deformed. If they are found to be seriously worn or deformed, they need to be repaired or replaced according to the damage degree of the part.

3. Track

Regularly check the tightness of the track, idler, ring gear and other parts. If serious wear is found, adjust the tightness of the track or replace accessories to prevent the track from falling off during work.

4. Oil leakage

If the excavator has oil leakage, the oil leakage point should be found out first, and then the cause of the oil leakage should be analyzed. The common oil leakage is usually caused by the damage of the oil seal. The main attention is that when replacing the oil seal, if there are scratches on the piston rod, the scratches should be handled first, and then the oil seal should be replaced.

5. The engine won't start

In this case, first listen to whether the starter makes a rotation sound. If not, check the starter circuit to see if there is a circuit fault. If yes, look at the smoke, eliminate the basic causes of fuel high and low pressure oil circuit, such as filter element and fuel pipeline, and finally check the air filter of intake system

6. Choking caused by engine

You need to check the fuel quality, high and low pressure fuel circuits of fuel, such as filter element and fuel pipeline, and then check the air filter, high and low pressure intake pipeline and turbocharger of the intake system to narrow the fault range one by one.

7. Air conditioning does not work

There are many reasons for the failure of air conditioner, but the driver can simply eliminate some problems, such as whether there is no wind failure caused by safety relay, loose compressor belt, lack of freon and so on.

8. Display alarm

As long as we can recognize the meaning of each alarm icon, we can basically determine the fault cause of its alarm part. Of course, we must first eliminate the abnormal alarm caused by circuit fault.

9. Horn and headlamp failure

Check whether the fuse is broken, and then check the short circuit or open circuit of the relay and appearance circuit. If these are not the reasons, replace the damaged horn or lamp.

During the driving process, the most depressing thing is, of course, that the excavator is slow. Whether it is turning or operating, it is like suffering from Alzheimer's disease. At this time, our excavator master will feel that his fist is powerful and nowhere to make on the cotton


How to eliminate the slow action of excavator

First move: check whether the components move slowly

The operation of a single action is slow, including walking, arm lifting, turning, bucket rotation and so on. If it is a single operation such as walking, reversing, lifting large and small arms and retracting bucket, the speed is relatively slow. For example, the pressure of overflow valve of relevant components of excavator is too low (to be tested); Failure of pump, low pressure sensor and multi-way valve; Relevant solenoid valve failure, valve core card issuing


Component failure

That is, the moving parts receive poor information or have poor contact during implementation, or the pressure of the overflow valve of the relevant components is too low (the overflow valve can control the overall pressure, and if the pressure exceeds the pressure that the overflow valve can bear, the hydraulic system will overflow). The excavator operator can knock the parts to see if there are loose screws or pressure tests, so as to carry out maintenance.


Conduction process fault

That is, a fault occurs in the command transmission process, which hinders the transmission of the command signal. Therefore, we can focus on checking the pump, low-pressure sensor and multi-way valve to see if there is a fault.


Operation center failure

That is, the command center of the excavator fails to send the signal, which is generally complex and requires professional maintenance guidance. All excavators can carefully check whether the valve core is stuck due to the failure of the relevant solenoid valve.

Second move: check whether the excavator moves slowly


Hydraulic system

The hydraulic system is one of the power systems of the excavator. If the whole excavator is slow, check the hydraulic system, whether there is regular maintenance, and whether the hydraulic oil is replaced regularly. The expired hydraulic oil will not only affect the effect and performance of the excavator, but also corrode the hydraulic wall of the excavator. At the same time, check whether the hydraulic oil circuit and oil return filter element are blocked. If they are blocked, clean the oil circuit and replace parts in serious cases


Engine power too low

Like the hydraulic system, the engine is also one of the power systems of the excavator. Low engine power will lead to low output power, and then the excavator will hold the vehicle, making the whole excavator move slowly.

The output power of the engine is too low and the power is insufficient. Please analyze the output of the engine in combination with DX data and whether all cylinders can work at the same time; Check the engine for black smoke. If the fuel injection nozzle is seriously worn, the engine power will also be reduced.


Hydraulic pump

The output of the hydraulic pump is insufficient, which is one of the conduction faults of the hydraulic system. The excavator operator can enter the service diagnosis system for relevant pressure test to see if the excavator moves slowly due to the conduction of the hydraulic pump.

If the output of the hydraulic pump is insufficient, the relevant pressure can be tested after entering the service diagnosis system. Insufficient pilot pressure causes insufficient opening valve core pressure, insufficient flow and slow action.


Circuit related problems

Excavator CPU, high and low pressure sensor, solenoid valve and circuit fault.

Third move: if the cold engine is normal, the hot engine moves slowly


Check oil

Check whether the fuel used meets the requirements of the excavator. If the fuel is not replaced for too long or the oil is too dirty, replace it if it is too dirty; Check whether there are copper chips on the oil inlet filter screen, causing wear of the main pump. If it is worn, disassemble it for inspection; At this time, clean the filter screen, pilot filter element, oil return filter element and oil suction filter element are blocked.


The filter element is blocked

The clogged filter element will lead to poor oil circuit. Therefore, during inspection, check whether the pilot filter element, oil return filter element and oil suction filter element are blocked. If the filter element is blocked, clean the blocking substances, and replace the filter element in serious cases.


Main pump regulator

The piston of the main pump conditioner is stained with mud. Most of the daily work of the excavator is dealing with soil, so it is inevitable that the piston is stained with mud. However, the piston blockage will reduce the pump pressure and output power of the main pump, making the excavator move slowly. Therefore, during the daily overhaul and maintenance of the excavator, the mud in each part shall be cleaned


The slow movement of the excavator makes the excavator masters very unhappy, but no doubt this is also a signal for everyone. At this time, the excavator master must carefully check the excavator failure and overhaul the excavator from these aspects, so that our excavator can get rid of dementia and return to the age of 20! The excavator is like a girlfriend. If you take care of it carefully, he will be young forever!

Too high temperature of excavator engine is also a common and important maintenance point, which needs the most attention, because the engine is equivalent to the heart of excavator, and it can't move without the heart.

How to eliminate the high engine temperature of excavator:

First: look

If it is found that the engine temperature is too high or the temperature indicator keeps flashing, stop and check to see whether the cooling water of the water tank is normal and whether there is leakage at the water tank, water pipe and joints. If no abnormality is found through the appearance inspection, the cooling water can be replenished as required before continuing the work

If it is still found that the temperature is too high after working for a period of time, the cooling water is greatly reduced during shutdown inspection, which is mostly due to sand holes or perforation in the water jacket of the cylinder block. After this fault is found, it should be repaired and should not be taken lightly

Second: Rush

If dirt adheres to the radiator, over time, it will affect the heat dissipation effect and cause the water temperature to be too high. First blow the radiator grille with compressed air and then flush it with water pipe

Third: touch

When the engine temperature is too high, you can touch the temperature of the water supply pipe and underwater pipe to judge the fault. If the temperature difference between the two water pipes is very large, it can be judged that the thermostat does not work. If the accessories cannot be purchased temporarily, the thermostat can be removed for emergency and replaced immediately after the accessories are in place

Fourth: release

If there is air in the cooling system, air resistance will be formed, resulting in poor cooling water circulation and excessive engine temperature. The following methods can be used for bleeding: let the engine run at high speed, gently unscrew the water tank cover until the gas is just released, and then some cooling water will flow out with the gas. Repeat this for many times until you feel that the gas is discharged (at this time, the temperature of the upper and lower water pipes will be significantly different by touching with your hand). After troubleshooting, the cooling water shall be supplemented in time

In general, the second mock exam is to solve the problem of overheating of the excavator engine. There are four steps: "one look, two modes, three sides, four shots." as long as you master these four steps, you can solve the problem of too high temperature of the excavator engine.

The above are some common faults of excavators and maintenance methods. I hope it will be helpful to the new diggers. Don't panic in case of faults. Slowly analyze the causes and repair them in time. If you also want to know the maintenance knowledge of those faults, please leave a message below

Dry Goods, Simple Maintenance Knowledge of Excavator, Novices Don't Have to Regret It 1

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