Electric Hot Water Heater Is Overheating.?

You already have determined that or the unit would not be overheating. Call an electrician to replace it and readjust the settings. replacement is not difficult but it does need some experience to do it properly. There are 2 on most units.

1. What harm does sediment in the water heater do?

TURN OFF the water heater before draining and flushing. If electric, turn off the breaker. If gas, set the thermostate to Pilot

2. Is it worth it to unplug my water heater for the summer?

I really might be if you truly would not miss it. Call your electric company and ask them how much you can expect to save

3. Should I insulate my water heater?

No. Save the money and invest it in the new heater you are going to need very shortly. Consider shifting to tankless and/or point-of-use models to serve your needs moving forward. Think ahead, not back. Twenty years ago, insulating it would have paid off. Now you are just throwing good money after bad

4. Hot water heater is making a hissing sound.?

I would call the plumber back and ask him/her if there were other problems or if there is something else that needs to be done. If you do not trust that plumber, I would ask another one. These guys I listed below have a really good reputation in my area, maybe they could answer your question.

5. Water heater is not producing enough warm water?

Cant answer this q without more description. What size tank, gas or electric, where are you(country). In Australia we now fit thermostatic mixing valves to all hot water heaters, which keep the temp to around 55- 60 deg Celsius. if its a small tank, you may only get 1 quick shower and then wait for recovery. Make sure tank or taps have no leaks anywhere

6. Water heater sprung a leak! Wet carpet help!?

Rent a carpet cleaning machine

7. Hot water heater in condo building with 16 units?

"high output, quick recovery" is the key phrase. Some newer systems actually heat water ON DEMAND and do not use a tank at all. If the heater can match the demand in real time, the tank is not needed. The purpose of the tank is to supply preheated water to make up when momentary demand exceeds the heaters capacity. Without more information regarding the gallons per minute the system can handle, we can not determine the size of tank needed, or even if a tank is needed at all

8. Reasons why water heater would leak?

check the top first,make sure it is dry,pop off access panels check them if elec.,check valve on bottom

9. Can anyone recommend a water heater? My GE 50 gallon water heater is not working after 5 years?

switch to an electric, heater, all you need is a 40 gal , get a local handy man to change it out, cheaper to run and will out last a gas unit, AO smith is the best and is made in the USA

10. Heat and hot water heater arent working?

Check both units for a reset button. Usually a small red button inside the furnace cabinet and near the bottom of the heater. Check the circuit breaker,

11. Im scared my hot water heater will explode?

got a valve so wont explode

12. Can a microwave be exhausted through an attic vent?

If you tie it to an existing vent be aware of what that vent's for and which way it slopes. For example, a bathroom or dryer vent could be putting out lots of moisture that could condense inside the duct and run back down into the microwave. A gas furnace or water heater could do the same, just with less moisture. Another risk is the microwave/vent hood fan pressurizing and backdrafting the existing vent. If the existing is for a combustion appliance (eg. furnace, water heater, gas fireplace, or wood stove), a backdraft could be very bad. Another risk for a vent hood is grease buildup in the duct over time. If there's a fault or fire in a combustion appliance it could melt and/or ignite the grease, turning the duct into a veritable chimney fire.I have my gas furnace and water heater both vented through my chimney, with lots of opening and draft to spare. When I put in a combo microwave/vent hood with a good sized fan (400 cfm? not sure), I asked the installer and local codes enforcement about venting the combo unit there as well. Both insisted on running a separate 4" minimum duct through the roof, citing a primary fear of backdraft and secondary risk of grease fire. You may want to ask your local codes enforcement to be sure. One advantage to running the vent straight up through the roof is it gives you the shortest run and best draw to eliminate cooking heat, fumes, and moisture. My vent hood moves enough air on high that I can run the oven at 500 degrees, with 3 stock pots boiling, a large skillet frying, and my kitchen barely gets warm. I think a longer run with a couple elbows might have noticeably reduced that benefit.

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