Engine Oil for Yamaha 250 Blaster?

well normally anything like 10w 40 should be just fine use the one from castrol yes having the red light is a bad thing and i suggest u not ride it until u top it up. if its been a while use a flushing oil and replace the oil filter check on the manual the exact amount of engine oil required or its even written on the bottom of the engine somewhere. good luck buddy

1. Engine oil questions synthetic or regular ?

Use the recommended weight but i just get whatever is cheap or on sale at Walmart synthetic it holds up better then regular hot and cold

2. Hyundai Engine Oil Consumption

Yes, my 2017 SantaFe is losing more than a quart between 5000 mile changes of, full synthetic oil every time! I do drive it gently too!

3. are engine oil and motor oil the same thing?

Yes it's the same thing

4. how do I dispose of used engine oil after changing it?

Check with your local county or municipal recycling facilities. In most areas, county/municipal trash collection centers have household hazardous waste collection areas as well as used oil collection operations. PLEASE, Take your oil there or to some other waste oil/used oil collector. When you go there, you will likely need to drain your collection container into a larger tank. Many collection centers will not take the quart containers - they simply are not equipped to recycle those containers, only the oil inside. This is becuase of the effort required to "clean" the containers prior to recycling the plastic. Check with your local municipal waste management facility.

5. question regarding the engine oil and brakes of my car...?

Are you sure you check the oil? The hydraulic oil dipstick has a hot and cold level marker on it. Most car's oil dip sticks do not have the words hot or cold on it. The oil dip stick has a low and high mark on them. I do not have a car like yours, but something pop out when you said hot and cold. Oil does not change level based on temperature. The hydraulic oil does, due to it being used in the transmission. Too much oil is not good for the engine, but I do not think 1/2 qt is going to damage anything. The next time you change the oil and oil filter, put only 4 qt in... turn on the car...check for oil leaks, shut the car off, check oil level. Add only what you need to hit full. When you change the oil filter, it will be empty of oil. When you turn the car on, it will pump oil in the filter. Always check after you run the car once for a minute, then add oil. You can keep turning the rotors until a minimum thickness is hit. If the brake pad are glazed over from heavy use, they will make a noise.

6. will removing oil filter drain all engine oil?

Most of the oil is still in the bottom of the pan, you will still have about a quart of oil to worry about when pulling the filter, Why? waste money now. Keep on the same oil filter, save the money and next time you can change both the oil and filter then you know what kind of oil etc, and have a clear conscience that the job was done right

7. What would cause engine oil to be thin and smell like gas.?

Typical failure mode of a mechanical fuel pump is a ruptured diaphram. This pumps fuel into the crankcase. Replace the fuel pump and change the oil

8. How to Diagnose and Stop Smoke in Your Exhaust

When your vehicle is running properly, you should not see much smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe. Your emissions control systems are designed to manage most of the exhaust emissions. However, if your vehicle puffs out smoke at startup or when driving, there's a problem that needs to be addressed. We can help. Here at Rislone, we are experts in engine performance, efficiency and emissions products, and can help you determine what is wrong with your vehicle and how to fix it. White smoke usually means coolant is getting into the combustion chambers of your vehicle. This generally happens because of a cracked or leaking head gasket, which allows coolant to seep into your cylinders. In extreme cases, you will need to replace your head gasket. At the first sign of white smoke you can try head gasket repair treatment to seal the leak before you do serious damage to your engine. Dark or black smoke is due to oil getting into the combustion cycle. Worn piston rings are the most common cause of this problem - they allow engine oil to leak past and enter the cylinder. Not only will your oil consumption go up, but you also risk gumming up your catalytic converter and creating high levels of smog pollution in case of emissions testing. A bit of blue smoke when you fire up your engine usually means that small amounts of oil are entering your exhaust system. This oil mixes with moisture when your engine is off and creates that "signature" blue puff of smoke you often see with older cars when they have been sitting overnight. Worn seals are the typical culprit - they tend to get old, worn and brittle. To help avoid smoke in your exhaust, choose the proven and easy fix. Our Rislone Ring Seal Smoke Repair (p/n 4416) is designed to reduce or even completely stop smoke and help your engine seal against internal oil leaks. Keep your oil where it belongs - lubricating and protecting your engine - and reduce costly oil consumption with one application of Ring Seal Smoke Repair. Do not wait until you have a major exhaust smoking problem to react. At the first sign of smoke in your exhaust, try Rislone Ring Seal Smoke Repair (p/n 4416) and help keep your car clean and running properly. This formula has been proven with over 1M bottles sold, so we are confident if mild to moderate smoking is affecting your car's operation, we can lend a hand. Questions? No problem.

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I Bought a Motorbike (TVS) Recently and Observed That the Engine Heats Up a Lot. Is It Because the B
The engine gets hot when you ride more in low gears. Once u start riding good in top gears you wo not heat your engine that much as before.And also check wheather the engine oil level is at maximum. Low level of engine oil also heatsup more. As its new bike everything will be right but then too just check oil level.And if the cooling systerm of bike is water cooled or oil cooled just check the water and oil level too.1. What type of engine oil is used in a Suzuki Swift /Geo?Suzuki Swift 20002. TVS Apache Engine Oil Leakage ?I have purchased apache bike RTR 160 just before four month and i am facing a extreme problem of its gearbox i also given for service once. but the problem is again created after just a few kilometer drive so please provide me solution for that or any instruction i will very thankful to you3. What kind of engine oil should one use in a diesel?call your local toyota dealership and ask them. Over the years, they may have changed their recommended fluid types4. If i flood my engine with oil will that will help free up the pistons?No. Instead, remove the spark plugs and put a glug (like an ounce or so) of oil in each cylinder and let it sit at least 15 minutes. Put oil in the crankcase - three quarts is about right for this. Try cranking the engine. If it does not crank you will have to use a socket on the crank bolt to break the rings loose. Continue cranking for 30 seconds to get the oil flowing. Put the plugs back in and start the engine, then let it idle for a minute or so. Drain the oil (it will be really nasty) and replace the filter. Refill the oil and see how it goes. Hopefully the engine will have survived okay because it was not running when it seized. If you hear a tap that becomes a louder banging in a week or so you will have to get the rod bearings replaced before the crankshaft is ruined.5. Can I use 2-stroke engine oil for a 4-stroke engine?That is not really a good idea. First off, two stroke oil is a bit different than ordinary four stroke oil, as it is designed to mix with gasoline and lubricate all the moving parts that a four stroke engine does with splash or pressurized oiling. Quite often the two stroke oil is designed to mix one part of oil with up to fifty parts of gasoline, so it is going to be rather thick to splash around, or to pump easily to all the bearing surfaces and such6. Will SAE 10w-40 Engine Oil work in a John Deere LX172 Mower?Here is the rule of thumb for JD mower engines. On non-pressurized systems use a straight 30 weight in the summer. On motors that have full pressure systems you can run 10/30 or 10/40 in the summer. Any engine with an oil filter is a full pressure system by the way. Some of the early Kawasaki JD engines did not have filters but were full pressure systems anyhow. They just skimped on the parts!7. are engine oil and motor oil the same thing?Yessir, they are the same thing. Make sure though that you are using the correct wieght of motor oil. 10W-30 is usually a good bet8. What kind of engine oil?no just a good brand name9. Help!! Water poured in Engine Oil?blown head gasget...get compression test and leak down test...its gona cost u....800 plus10. Engine Oil for my Honda Accord 87?use Valvoline 30 Waite oil and if it smokes use Valvoline20-50 racing oil. my brother has a 95 Acura legion that has over 200,000 miles on it and he used 30 waite untill it started to smoke then he used the 20-50 and now it does not smoke11. What color is engine oil leak?1. Trannie Fluid is Transmision Oil - RED 2. Engine Oil if new - LIGHT IN COLOUR ALMOST CLEAR YELLOWISH depending on brand 3. Old Engine oil is Black 4. If the engine oil become tooo old it goes black like your is now & when its syrup like its very ancient *As for the leak, have them check your "Sump Drain plug washer", it might be worn & would needs a new copper washer. That might resolve your oil leak problem YOU'VE BEEN RIPPED OFF - BESIDES YOUR ENGINE OIL IS OLD NEEDS TO BE REPLACE
Oil Change Service & Cost
What is an oil change all about?Engine oil is the lifeblood of the engine. The oil resides in the oil pan, which is under the car attached to the bottom of the engine. All internal (moving) parts of the engine need to be lubricated by the engine oil. Inadequate lubrication will cause the parts to wear out faster and eventually lead to engine failure. An oil filter keeps the oil clean and free of debris. If the filter is not replaced on a regular basis, it will get clogged and will not be able to pass oil into the engine.Transmission fluid in the engine oil.?you cant leak tranny fluid into the engine it would have to be poured into the enginePeanut butter in engine oil.?Either you are joking or you are looking at the result of coolant mixing with your engine oil which makes it look kind of like a vanilla or chocolate ( depending on how dark the oil is ) milkshakewhy engine oils are used in vehicles?1. to reduce wear of moving parts 2. it circulates through the engine thus helps to control temperature of the engine8k mile oil change interval with synthetic motor oil?Oil does not "wear out". Back in the days when engine oil was cheap, it was easier to just change oil when it got dirty... like every 3000 miles. These days when a good quality synthetic oil can cost upwards of $10 per liter, it makes sense to extend the time between oil changes as far as they can go without damaging the engine. Our heavy diesel trucks used to run 25,000 to 30,000 miles between oil and filter changes. As long as you are using good quality engine oil and filters, I would not have a problem running up to 10,000 miles on an oil change. Since my cars do not get that kind of miles any more, I change my oil every 6 months just to flush out built up acids and contaminants.Dirt Bike's rear wheel won't move?If you mean the transmission locks up as soon as you put the bike in gear with or without the bike running, you have a serious problem. Does it do if you upshift into second instead of first from neutral? It sounds like your clutch plates are sticking. Remove your clutch plates and put a think coat of engine oil on each fiber/friction plate. The bike should be difficult to push when in gear and the clutch pulled in. You should feel some resistance. If the clutch plates were not stuck, then you have a trans problem. Your cases will have to be split and your trans will have to be repaired.What Happens When You Put Too Much Oil In Your Car?What Happens If You Fill Your Car's Engine With Too Much Oil? Most people know that your car's engine needs oil to run properly. But what if you add too much oil into your car's engine? What happens then? So what happens if you fill your car's engine with too much oil? If you've accidentally added too much engine oil to your car then you would first see smoke coming out of the exhaust of your car. It's likely that your spark plugs will be coated in oil and need to be replaced. Your engine will also be running rough and backfiring, it may even stall out and quit running altogether. But what next steps should you take if you've filled your engine with too much oil? What are the symptoms of adding too much oil to a car? What is the easiest way to remove excess oil from an engine? Keep reading to find out. What Happens If You Fill Your Engine With Too Much Oil? Your car's engine is designed to keep a certain amount of oil inside of the engine that circulates throughout it to keep the moving parts inside well lubricated. Overfilling your engine with oil will allow engine oil to circulate into areas that it should not, including into the combustion chamber and onto your spark plugs. As you can imagine having oil coated on your spark plugs will cause your engine to run poorly and can cause the engine to sputter and die. Excess engine oil will also cause your engine to work harder as it has to move around more oil than it's used to. Overfilling your engine oil can also cause the engine oil to become foamy and reduce the lubricating effect of it. Can Too Much Engine Oil Damage Your Engine? The short answer is that yes, adding too much engine oil can cause damage to your engine if left in the engine for long enough. Excess oil in the engine will Adding excess oil to your engine will cause engine oil to get into the engine cylinders and onto the tips of your spark plugs causing the tips to foul up. When too much engine oil is added to an engine it will force oil into areas of the engine that it should not be in, like inside the engine cylinders. Expect to need to replace your spark plugs if you fill the engine with too much oil. Adding too much oil to your engine can also cause excess oil to be sent out the exhaust system which can plug up your catalytic converters. Engine oil that enters the engine cylinders will be expelled out the exhaust port with the exhaust gases. This will cause your catalytic converters to plug up and be rendered useless causing your engine to run poorly. Oxygen sensors can also be damaged by adding too much oil to your engine. Excess engine oil can be sent out to the exhaust ports of your engine and can cause your oxygen sensors to no longer work properly. Once your oxygen sensors go bad your engine will run rough until the oxygen sensors are replaced. A certain amount of oil is designed to be in the engine at all times. When too much is added it can cause issues with oil pressure inside the engine. This can cause damage to your engine piston rods and valves. Once you break a piston rod or bend a valve you would need to have your engine rebuilt or replaced. Having too much oil in your engine will cause the engine to work harder which can cause significant engine damage. Varying engine pressure and getting oil into places that it should not be is not good for an engine, especially the longer you have it running in that state. This may result in having to have the engine rebuilt or replaced. Now that you know how adding too much oil to an engine can damage it what are the symptoms to look out for to tell if your engine has too much oil in it? The easiest way to check to see if your engine is overfilled with oil is by checking the dipstick if your car has one. The engine dipstick should have a high and low indicator on it to show you what the optimal level your engine oil should be at. If your dipstick reading shows that your engine oil level is well above the high level then you likely have too much oil in your engine and some oil will need to be drained out. Another indicator that your engine has too much oil in it is that you have smoke coming out of your tailpipe. If there is too much oil in your engine it will cause engine oil to get into the combustion chamber. Since engine oil is not designed to be burnt along with the air and fuel mixture in each cylinder it will escape the cylinder in the form of smoke and out through your tailpipe. Noticing smoke coming out of your exhaust when the car is running can be a sign that you have excess engine oil in your engine. Adding too much oil to your engine can cause your engine to run rough and backfire as well. Since engine oil will be circulating throughout the engine in areas that it should not like the engine will not be running that well and can even cause it to backfire. If you notice that your car is backfiring it's a good idea to turn off your engine to investigate why your engine is backfiring. Overfilling your engine with oil can also cause your spark plugs to be soaked in oil. Oil is designed to lubricate the pistons as they move up and down each cylinder. But if too much oil is added to the engine oil can find it's way inside of the cylinder and onto your spark plugs. As you can imagine having oil on your spark plugs is not ideal when you need them to create a spark to keep your engine running. If this has happened to you then you will likely need to replace all of your spark plugs as they will have been fouled up from the oil inside of the engine cylinders. I've already talked about how oil can get into areas it should not if you overfill your engine with oil so your engine running rough probably wo not come as a surprise. Problems with excess oil in your engine can foul up your spark plugs and cause your engine to work harder than it's used since it's pumping all of this extra oil throughout the engine. Any problem with the air/fuel mixture, or with the spark can cause your engine to run rough or sputter. What Should You Do If Your Engine Has Too Much Oil In It? If your engine is overfilled with engine oil you would want to drain the excess engine oil to the correct oil level for your engine. All cars will come with an oil drain plug that is used to drain old oil that then allows the engine to be filled with new engine oil. If you just filled up your engine with new oil you would not want to drain all of it you would only want to drain enough to get it to the proper fill level. If your engine oil is older then you could go ahead and drain all of the engine oil and replace it with new oil. Just make sure that you check the engine oil fill levels to make sure that they are in the proper range and the oil is not too low or there is still too much oil in the engine using your oil dipstick in the engine bay of your car. How Much Oil Is Too Much On The Dipstick? Most cars will come with an engine oil dipstick that can be used to check the engine oil levels. This dipstick will be located in the engine bay and will be located near the engine. When you look at your engine oil dipstick there will typically be a crosshatch section or two holes to indicate what the engine oil level should be. The oil dipstick that came with my car (pictured above) has two holes to indicate the high oil level and the low oil level. As long as the engine oil level is between those two holes (or within the crosshatch section on other dipsticks) the engine oil level is fine. If the oil level is above the top hole that means that there is too much oil in the engine. If the oil level drops below the bottom hole then more engine oil needs to be added. Not all dipsticks are made the same and some are meant to have the oil level read when the engine is hot or cold so make sure to keep that in mind when inspecting your dipstick. The dipstick that came with my car does not mention if it should be read while the engine oil is warm or cold so it should not matter either way. Is It OK To Slightly Overfill Your Engine With Oil? Yes, it's fine to overfill your engine oil with a half quart to a full quart of oil but you would not want to overfill your engine with more than one quart of oil. If your engine is older and is starting to burn oil then you may want to add a bit more oil (1 quart) than normal the next time you fill your engine with oil. That way you can extend the time between needing to fill your engine again with oil. If your engine is newer and is not burning much oil then you would want to keep your oil levels within the ranges shown on your dipstick. Will The Oil Light Come On If There Is Too Much Oil? Most oil light sensors are designed to check the oil pressure levels and then illuminate if the pressure sensor detects low oil pressure. So on most cars, they wo not be able to detect that the engine oil level is too high as additional oil wo not cause the oil pressure to drop. Can I Drive With Too Much Oil In My Engine? When it comes to driving with too much oil in your engine it really comes down to how much additional oil is in the engine. If you know that the oil level is a quart of oil above where it should be then it wo not damage your engine. But if the engine oil was filled all the way to the top of the oil fill port then driving with that much oil in your engine could definitely damage the engine depending on how long the engine runs. How Much Oil Should You Put In Your Car? Each engine is different but in general the larger the displacement of your engine the more it will take to keep it properly lubricated. My small 4 cylinder engine takes 5 quarts of oil to properly fill it up after an oil change. If you have a large displacement V8 then your engine may take 8 or more quarts to fill it up to the proper level. To find out how much oil you need to put in your specific car it's best to check your owner's manual or google your specific make, model, and year of car to find out. That way you know how many quarts of oil you need for your specific car. Keep in mind some models of cars come with different engines (one may come with a V6 and another with a V8) depending on the trim level of the car. So make sure that you know what level of trim your car is or how many liters of displacement your engine has, otherwise you chance to add too much or too little oil to your engine. You could also alternatively take your car to the local quick lube service center or mechanic to get your oil changed. Then if they add too much or too little oil then it's on them if they damage your engine.
Recently My Engine Oil Pressure Light Came on in My Car. My Car Only Has 11000 Miles. Is This Seriou
well if you got an oil change already and the warning light is still on that may be a problem. The fact that your engine is not sputtering is a good thing though. You should take your car to a mechanic and see what they tell you. But this does not sound like something that needs immediate attention. Be careful though, note the condition of your car before you take it in and shop around for the best price. Some mechanics will try and screw you over if you do not know what your doing (which from this question, seems to be the case).1. Audi A4 Oil Pressure Light?Oil pump maybe?2. How to fix an Oil pressure light problem on a 2004 Suzuki Forenza?Well if it blows the engine it is going to cost a ton more....you need to take it to a mechanic that know what he is doing......It may be a bad oil pressure sensor and then again it may not.3. Oil pressure light is on ?If your oil pressure is high, then maybe you should put on some soothing music for it. Also try dimming the lights. Oil has been under a lot of pressure with all the bad press its been getting lately. Its only natural for it to feel this way, but it is not good for its health. And we all depend on it so much.4. Oil Pressure light switch 2002 mitsubishi eclipse LOCATION?The oil rigidity turn on the F-one hundred fifty (4.6 or 5.4) is placed int he same place. could be an identical on the 4.2 V6 too. in case you slide below the truck in the front, look in direction of your oil clear out and precise below it rather is going to likely be a 2 pin connector. The connector is hooked as much as the oil rigidity swap. while you are changing it, be constructive to purchase some new oil because of the fact some will spill out once you are taking the swap out. could basically have the flexibility to apply a socket and ratchet or wrench to curve it out. notably straightforward and strait forward. in case you %, i can e mail you photos of the place its placed. desire i substitute into of a few help5. What causes the oil pressure light to come on only when idling in gear on 99 Taurus?Either the switch to activate the light has lost its calibration and is turning it on or your oil pump is beginning to loose pressure. The reason it does it only in gear when idling is that the extra drag of having the transmission in gear lowers your engine rpm slightly which slows down your oil pump speed lowering its pressure6. Why is my oil pressure light is coming on.?low oil pressure. the knock should have been your first red flag. pull out the oil pressure sender and screw in a dial gauge to see what the pressure is. below 10 psi at idle is bad. I am afraid that if it's knocking the damage is already done.7. What is causing my low oil pressure light to come on at randoms times or not at all?The first thing to do is check the oil level in the engine and add oil if it's low. If you have not changed it in a long time, change the oil and filter using the correct oil. If the light still comes on, have a mechanic temporarily connect a mechanical oil pressure gauge to the engine and verify or refute the low pressure light. If the pressure is low and you do not want to spend a lot of money on an old car, switch to 20w -50 weight engine oil. I had a 1972 Pontiac whose oil pressure light would flicker if I used 5w-30 oil. It was an old car and using 20w-50 kept the light off.8. 2003 Volvo s60 2.4T is showing low oil pressure light on before I turn on the ignition (position 2 or driving)?All of the dashboard lights should come on before you start the engine. It's a built-in lamp test. The oil pressure light, doubly so: The oil pump is driven by the engine. It's not turning and producing any oil pressure until the engine is running. As long as it's off when the engine is running, you are fine.
What Type of Engine Oil Should I Use in My 2002 Chevy Blazer?
Depending on the mileage, probably 10W40 High Mileage1. What happens if I use the wrong engine oil?Your dad is correct, on a car that old it wont matter2. Type of engine oil for my motorcycle?Any 4 stroke 10W40 Motorcycle Oil will work, DO NOT use a synthetic on any older-high mileage bike, the synthetic is too thin and it will cause problems, (burning oil, or leaking) The crankcase, clutch and transmission are all submersed in the same oil, a motorcycle oil is specially formulated to do 3 jobs, a crankcase oil, a wet clutch oil and a transmission gear oil. IF,,, money is a problem and you can not afford to pay $8 a qt for motorcycle oil then you can use Shell Rotalla 15W40, BUT I would recommend a regular petroleum 10W40 Motorcycle Oil3. What does change engine oil light mean on a chevy silverado?no, it probably was not reset last time turn the key on, engine off, and press the gas pedal to the floor 5 times within 5 seconds, it should go ff4. what is the difference between 5w30 and 10w 30 engine oil?Oils used to come in one weight, such as 20w, or 30w, 40w and so on. The 30w and 40 worked great in the summer, as the heat kept the oils thinned out a bit. But in the winter, the 30w and 40w were too heavy and thick due to the cold, and so, they had to be changed to lighter weight oils, such as 10w or 20w. But even in winter, when the engines got hot, the lighter weight oils were too light, so they had problems. Along comes 5w 30, 10w 30, 5 w 40, 10w 40 and so on. This new oil was able to be thin enough for winter use and still have the viscosity for summer use. Some newer cars use 5w30, or 5w40, with the closer tolerances of parts inside the engines. Other cars used 10w30 or 10w40, or even 20w40, especially if they loosened up a bit with wear. Think of maple syrup during the winter, and putting it on a hot stove, how it thins out. Oil does this. 10w30 will not harm your engine, it will be a little bit stiffer to start in the winter, especially if you live in an area that gets down below zero during the winter months. I always use 10w 30, summer and winter and have not problems.5. losing engine oil please help?Check for a plugged pcv valve or bad hose. If not, then it still could be smog equipment related. As for Toyota? Ya, that's a much better auto. If that is, you like getting killed by a stuck gas pedal or bad cruise control. I have owned two Durangos. Both were excellent. And the oil gauge should stay constant at a constant engine RPM. Pressure should drop only when engine speed does. If you have a fluctuation at at constant engine speed, you have a problem with either the gauge or the oil pump pressure6. what is the best engine oil for Nissan Primera?No the oil and playstation fluid are no longer linked on any automobile that I surely have ever seen. The trans fluid does bypass in the direction of the radiator on many automobiles besides the undeniable fact that it would be separated. i assume it may be achievable for a leak to happen in there so what does the coolant appear like. yet another risk is that that's spraying decrease than rigidity while you are using so seem close to the in the front tires and around the radiator during from the pump and on the in the hood for fluid.7. can a blocked fuel return line mess up the fuel pump and leak gasoline into the engine oil?An older automobile with a carbrueted engine, often had a gasoline tension, pump to carb, of below 15 lbs consistent with sq. inch. those pumps labored off the engine and routinely pumped the gasoline from the tank to the carb. Todays gasoline injected automobiles have an electric gasoline pump it rather is fastened interior the gasoline tank. This pump can positioned out over ninety lbs consistent with sq. inch of tension, those pumps are designed to maintain gasoline pressures of as much as 70 lbs on the gasoline rail that aspects the injectors. this suggests that there are no longer any extra pumps pushing the gasoline from the tank. The previous automobiles used a strengthened rubber hose to grant gasoline to the carburetor, greater present day automobiles use a steel, severe tension line to hold gasoline from the tank to an inline clear out, then to the gasoline rail and into the injectors. John Morris
Engine Oils Delivered to Your Doorstep
PETRON engine oils are now available online via e-commerce platform Shopee, which has over 16 million users in Malaysia.This marks the launch of Petron Malaysia's first official online store as part of its commitment to further enhance customer experience by providing wider and more convenient access to its products."We are constantly looking for ways to delight our customers and improve their experience with us."Petron customers can now have a seamless shopping experience right at their fingertips - just simply browse, click online to buy Petron engine oils, and have the products delivered right at their doorstep," said Petron Malaysia Retail and Commerical Business head Choong Kum Choy.Petron engine oils are also available at its service stations' convenience stores and authorised vehicle workshops."Customers can be assured of the authenticity of Petron engine oils in the Petron store on Shopee as the products are delivered by our authorised distri­butors," added Choong.Customers can find a variety of Petron engine oil products such as Petron Blaze Racing Fully Synthetic, Petron Blaze Racing Synthetic Blend and Petron Blaze Racing Premium Multi-Grade available on the shopping portal. Petron's official store on Shopee also gives customers access to product guides and information.In line with Petron's Chinese New Year and the upcoming Shopee for Men campaigns, Petron Malaysia is giving away premium items for any purchase of a Petron Blaze Racing Engine Oil.Each purchase of a Petron Blaze Racing 4L engine oil pack comes with a special gift. A free Bluetooth speaker will be given for every purchase of a 4L Petron Blaze Racing Fully Synthetic 5W-40, while any purchase of a 4L Petron Blaze Racing Synthetic Blend 10W-40 will come with a set of free wireless earphones.Meanwhile, customers who purchase a 4L Petron Blaze Racing Premium Multi-Grade or a 7L Rev-X Premium Multi-Grade 15W40 will receive a free USB car charger.This promotion is valid until Feb 28 or while stocks last.
Murano Dashboard Engine Oil Pressure Warning Light
There is a booklet in the glove box please read the maintenance reminder section then you can learn how to reset the maintenance interval. Plus in a hour or two of extra reading you will learn how to program the garage opener set the clock and set the automatic drivers seat and mirror positions and tilt and slide seats to exit. Your car is complex enough to deserve better maintenance at the Nissan dealership. And Nissan Technicians need work too!.1. My brake light (the warning light) comes on when I step on the brakes??Either it is low on brake fluid or the brakes need bleeding2. Tire pressure warning light on 2009 Hyundai Elantra?the tire pressure warning light is only a light that warns you when the tire pressure is below specs. each tire has a sensor inside of it...checke each tire and make sure the are at proper tire pressure. you can check on the driver side door frame for the proper pressure. if you do find a tire bellow spec inflate it and drive it around for a couple miles. the light should come off and if it doesnt then i would take it to the dealership. you may want to inspect your tires for anything obvious like, nails or damage. you dont want to waste time and money taking it to the dealership for something simple, your car care guide should also help you out. good uck3. just had my pt cruiser serviced now engine warning light flashing what can it mean ?Oil change places are notorious for not resetting the various whatever-they are -called's that let us know when it's time to change the oil, either by mileage or months. Sometimes, the dealership can forget to push a button, too. Do not panic. Just go back to whoever serviced your vehicle, and ask them to check it out. If they can not do it, take it to the dealership, explain to them what happened (vehicle was serviced; light came on a week later). It's probably something as simple as hitting a reset button. Good luck.4. 1990 camry brake warning light comes on when hard on brakes.?it may be in undemanding terms a undesirable sensor, yet you will might desire to bypass to a mechanic to get it fastened. the human beings at vehicle Zone, and places like that, are purely aspects supplyers, the biggest artwork on vehicles they do is placing in batteries and attempting out them. desire this facilitates5. Dashboard warning light is on. Looks like exclamation point inside a horseshoe shape.?Take the car back immediately. Immediately. Do not delay, they have thousands of your money. Also ask for the manual6. check oil warning lightGet your head down the engine bay (after having parked in a safe spot, lifted the handbrake, and left the car in gear if manual or in P if automatic, of course) and see if you have any motor oil leak. Then check the oil level (with a cold engine, the engine off and on flat and level ground) and top up if required (best with the same oil you have inside; otherwise, if you do not know what oil is inside but you know its grade, same oil grade, i.e. if you have a 5W40 inside, top it up with 5W40). If you have no leak, have the oil, and the engine is making no clanking or metallic sound, replace the oil pressure/level switch and clean its electrical connector (they are inexpensive parts and they eventually wear and start leaking oil through the electrical connector). Clean any dirt/oil you see under the engine with a cloth and drive the car around for some time, then check if any oil leak reappears. If you are not leaking any oil and a new pressure switch/level sensor does not solve your problem, you have an electrical issue.7. i have a vw golf gli hatchback 1996 and it keeps flashing a CAT warning light what does it mean?It means your catalytic converter is failing, you need to see your mechanic, and it will probably need replacing after 17 years8. Warning light on the dashboard is showing in my 4 year old?My 2004 BMW had a problem like that too, occasionally the lights would not work but a few minutes later they would. Go look at the lights in the trunk and pull out the rack with all the bulbs in them. Then unhook the cable and look at it. On mine one of the pins was fried and had to get the wiring harness for my rear lights redone for like $400.
Can I Use 15w-40 Shell Rotella Diesel Engine Oil Instead of 15w-30 for My 4G63 Mitsubishi Gasoline E
The last number should never be changed unless you fully understand what is going on.The first number can essentially be changed freely, as long as it does not numerically increase above the second. Theoretically Parity (Straight Weight) would be acceptable, but it's preferred that you follow the guidelines set by the manufacturer. The manufacturer should tell you what Winter weight to run, and at what temperature that change is beneficial.Very basic source, but it explains it eloquently.It's important to understand that every outside temperature is "low" relative to operating temperature. So while it's OK to change your winter weight, given that your oil will be "cold" relative to operating temperature, it's not advised to use a different operational weight, unless you modify the engine to run a different set of operational parameters, which is seemingly out of the scope of this query.You can use any XW30 Oil that meets the specifications of the manufacturer.I hope this helps1. Looking for Water Cooled Diesel Engine 10 HP?Yammar & Westerbek have a few 1 Cylinder water cooled Diesels. around 8 -11 hp.The RPM is 1800 RPMs WOT Governed2. How to extend the life of the dual mass flywheel in a diesel engine?I have an Opel (Vauxhall) Astra Estate Diesel 1.7CDTI, 5-speed manual. Upon buying it as new, in order to extend DMF's life I was advised the following: 1. To avoid driving when heavily loaded or when climbing steep roads at low revs and to maintain engine revs above 1500 rpm. 2. If possible to avoid strong deceleration by sudden switching to lower gear. Instead, to apply more brake force. Brake pads and disks are much cheaper than DMF and clutch. Following these simple steps I still enjoy my car with its original DMF already more than 280,000 km (174,780 miles) with no signs of wearing or any other abnormal behavior.3. why we keep diesel engine on ideal run when we start it in morning?Diesel engines are notoriously slow on the warm up and they require operating temperature to do theire job..4. I recently found a 3 cylinder diesel engine generater?Well,I guess you need to start somewhere with it.Look over the generator wires and be sure nothing is touching or frayed.Check it for fuel,turn on the glow plugs if it has them and crank it over. If it does not show signs of life,crack open the injectors one at a time and crank it again to purge them.Then try it again,this time with a shot of starting fluid down the intake.If it's still dead then keep trying,allowing the starter to cool and the battery to charge.5. Is the new Toyota FJ going to be available with a diesel engine, too?Sorry, do not know. Diesel in our area is $4.09 a gallon and gas is $3.49. Is the mileage going to be worth the extra cost? Gas is almost always available wherever you go and diesel is slightly more limited. We have two Toyota's - the 4th and 5th ones we've owned - and love the brand. But Consumer Reports is not a fan of the FJ. It's been reviewed recently so go to the library and check it out before committing to a purchase. I know it's not the same but the 4Runner appeals more to me.6. can i put a diesel engine into a 1984 scirocco?As long as you have the money, you can do it7. Does adding CNG to a diesel engine improve mpg and performance?How can it improve fuel mileage when it is another fuel your adding to the diesel8. how do you stuff a diesel engine in a ford model a?A Cummins 4BT would fit pretty well and is not hard to fins, a lot of delivery trucks use them. I do not have the dimensions on hand but I think it would be a good choice9. Why do you think the the Nazis choose to use a diesel engine rather than a wood gas generator to gas people atMuch easier to obtain diesel fuel than that much wood. Gathering wood would require lots of manpower, which they had, but would raise a lot of suspicion as to what all that wood was being used for. The death camps were not really publicized to the rest of Europe until they were liberated by the Allies.
My Car Burns Oil Badly, Can I Change My Oil Filter Without Changing My Engine Oil?
You are driving an automatic oil change, clean oil int he top dirty oil out past the rings. I doubt in much gets to go through the filter1. How to get a oil filter off thats stuck on?Hi First off make sure your turning it the right way counter/clock wise or to the Left.. things look different from under the car/truck. If you do not have a filter wrench then a long screwdriver used as stated above.. also when you put the new one on, oil the rubber gasket on the new filter (make sure the old gasket cam off with the old filter or it well leak bad). good luck tim2. Oil filter socket for 3.5 olds?Got ot autozone or any other major parts store, find your filter, then go buy the correct size socket for it. That's what I've done many times in the past. And screw that belt crap, a socket is the way to go, I've got 3 different sizes.3. Why would the wrong oil filter cause engine knock?i would try to get the same oil filter as the one you had before. oil filter have diffrent oil passages. some car engines require certian oil pressure and that oil filter may have restricted oil flow enough to cause a knock. good luck4. new oil pump still no oil flow even with oil filter off engine running on my 2006 jeep wrangler?Larry is right, use a drill to spin the oil pump. this could assist you pump oil via the engine without actually spinning the motor or you are asking to interrupt something without oil pass and a working engine5. is it worth spending extra money to have oil and filter changed at toyota dealers?depends on, in which country u r in, I mean if u r in a country were the resale value of Toyota is good, for e.g., UAE, it is worth doing it at a dealer, when u sell ur car u can say it is agency maintained, which will increase the value of ur car, otherwise it does not matter were u change it, unless u give it to a professional6. who makes the best oil filter?I use K&N they have good pricing on Amazon! Just make sure they have the valves in them so you do not burn up your motor at high RPMs. Some of the Cheap filters do not have the feature and I speak from experience about blowing a motor because I save $3 by buying the cheaper filters! Filter Bypass Relief Valve Yes Relief Valve Open (psi) 11-14 psi Anti-Drainback Valve Yes7. should i be able to remove an oil filter without a wrench?Even though I hand tighten mine, I still have to use a wrench to remove them8. My oil filter it stuck and tore up?tell him to finish tearing the filter up. there should be a big nut at the oil filter base. he needs to put a big socket on it and twist the rest of the filter off. someone put it on too tight and did not put oil on the gasket. those filters are just hand tightened and your suppose to put oil on the gasket before installing it9. I have an Oil Filter on my car that won't come out! Help please!?DONT DO THE OLD SCREW DRIVER TRICK...YOU'LLL TEAR OFF THE HOUSING,AND THEN YOU ARE IN TROUBLE. SCREW DRIVER THROUGH THE FILTER IS THE WORST THING YOU CAN TRY. GOT ROOM ? A " BIG " SET OF SLIP JOINT PLIERS WORKS WELL A STRAP WRENCH10. In order for the dealer to honor the warranty, will a receipt of purchasing motor oil and filter suffice?NO. I change my oil myself and the dealer justt replaced my transmission at 60k miles. Its not about a brand. Its about mechanical failure11. I've seen tons of opinions, but tell me straight...does oil filter brand matter?Building and repairing car and trucks for many years.I buy the cheapest one i can find.I think it makes no difference on the normal auto's we use. Now if I had $20,000 plus dollars in an engine on the race track.I would be asking the same question. Have a good day !
Why Engine Oil Indicator Is Turned on While the Oil Level Is High?
The light has come on to indicate low oil pressure.You should get this checked by a good mechanic - not the same one you have already seen.Some cars will use a pressure gauge or led display to show oil level but most likely not a 2009 fiesta. ..I suggest you do not drive it until the pressure has been checked - you can cause a lot of engine damage1. Does the car have to be parallel to the ground when changing trans. and engine oil?It should be parallel to the ground to facilitate draining of the old fluids2. Engine oil temperature. How to reduce running temp in detroit 60 series engine?That engine uses 2 thermostats side by side. One of them is stuck closed. There was a recall on some of them. Check with your local dealer for the TSB. (Technical Service Bulletin)3. What type of engine oil is used in a Suzuki Swift /Geo?Suzuki Swift 20004. PLZ Answer this Q ASAP!! regarding engine oil?if you have no oil maybe you have fried the engine? any oil at this point will not hurt, 20-50 wt sounds on the heavy side but if high mileage and leaking badly should be OK. Be sure to not over fill, so check capacity before adding5. How does an engine oil improve the performance of engines?It decreases friction and forms a layer between moving metals to avoid wear and temp builtup.It acts as a medium to keep engine cool by absorbing heatfrom metal parts6. what does color of car engine oil tell you?This Site Might Help You. RE: what does color of car engine oil tell you? My car had dark brown oil but I only changed it about 1,000 miles ago. Does the dark color mean there is something wrong? Thanks.7. 350 ENGINE NO OIL UP TO THE ROCKERS?need distributor housing installed to channel the oil to the top end at the back of the engine hope you are using a stock replacement oil pump if in doubt then try another pump8. After 5000 rpm powerloss occours.engine oil was very low and black in colour when I checked.if I replace the engine oil will it resolve the problem?try replacing the oil ; oh and fill it to level.if the engine was run in lube starved condition damage is likely to have occurred.still try replacing the oil and keep monitoring the oil level u can expect increased oil consumption and white smoke from the tail pipe . the white smoke would indicate a worn cylinder.BTW what is the make and model?it is always nice to do a weekly check on your motor on a sundayAfter 5000 rpm powerloss occours.engine oil was very low and black in colour when I checked. if I replace the engine oil will it resolve the problem?9. What do you think about the synthetic engine oil?After 10 years you said? I would not . If you have even just a pin hole in any of your gaskets or O-rings, it will turn into a big mess. Full Syntheticis much more viscuous which does protect much better, but at this point I would not try it. I have only used full synthetic in my Camaro, and my engine shows almost no wear after ten years. So yes it is worth it, but BEWARE!10. Bad thermostat and engine oil drop fast?An engine might burn a little extra oil when it is cold since things do not fit quite as tight, but it sounds like you have other problems11. Do I need TC-W3 engine oil?Richard c is absolutely right, with one exception. If you have a DFI motor, Mercury Optimax for example, use only the DFI oil recomended for your motor. I have a pile of Opti powerheads out behind the marina that used standard TC-W3 oil, and they are now worth about $1. 25 a pound.12. what type of engine oil should I use?A higher viscosity will produce more pressure until it gets hot. Stay with the grade recommended for the engine and your climate and change every 2500 miles or three months max13. Is jet engine oil eatable?Many types of oil are both edible and useful for lubrication, but modern high-tech lubricants are only safe for the latter purpose. I do not know what Russian jet-engine oil was like in the 1970s, but presumably it was not fit for human consumption, as commercial lubricants have long contained all sorts of inedible additives, and sometimes they are inedible themselves, as when they are petroleum-based. It sounds like a typical urban legend.
What Type of Engine Oil Should I Use?
I would use the Harley approved oil from the dealer. It has better shear properties and wo not void your warranty1. does engine oil go bad in a car?yes and no . First oil is always oil but time is not good for the additives in it . They will dry into a waxy sludge and it is very hard to rid the engine of it without disassembly and cleaning. Therefore drain the oil and remove the filter , then fill with synthetic oil and a new filter and crank it over to disperse the oil SYNTHETIC OIL WILL FIX MOST STORING PROBLEMS. The gas is another thing . They sell an additive called gas stabilizer that will help with this also be sure the tank is full to keep any dampness out. You will have to run it for 10-15 minutes after you put it in to be sure the stabilizer is all through the system. this will also keep all the gaskets in the system from drying out and causing leaks when you want to get the car going again. Putting the car on blocks and airing down the tires will keep them from flat spots and unnecessary weather cracking . There are probably other things I am not thinking of right now too. But I wish you luck Check with a transmission shop to see what they recommend. Unhook the battery.2. im losing engine oil but no signs of oil leak. Whats going on?If you do not see any external leaks, then either your oil is leaking in with your engine coolant... this can be confirmed if you pop open your radiator cap and see a milky, dirty white substance on the bottom of it... or the engine is burning the oil... which is evident if you have large amounts of bluish smoke coming out of your exhaust.3. Oil coming out from Engine Oil filler Cap and some white smoke?You have blowby entering your engine block form either a stopped up PCV line or the rings are worn and letting compression leak into the lower block. The biggest, easiest place for the stuff to escape is your oil filler cap, provided the PCV hose is partially blocked. I would replace the PCV hose and valve before I panicked because if that's all it is then you are 'home free'.4. How to get engine oil/grease spots off of paved driveway?Sounds strange, but try kitty litter. It will absorb the oil and remove the marks on the driveway. Works best on "fresh" spots5. What engine oil should I get for an '88 GMC S15 pickup?It should tell you on the oil cap on the valve cover or in the owners manual if you got one. I would use 5w 30 if it were me. I live in pa and its about the same temp. here I use 5w30 in my 350 engine6. can adding petrol instead of engine oil for small time help engine clean?mixing oil & petrol?...100% mistake just do regular oil changes and you have nothing to worry about7. How to Check Your Transmission FluidRegular maintenance is an essential part of car ownership, and one oft-neglected component of maintenance is checking your car's transmission fluid. Learn how to check your transmission fluid, as well as how often you should check it, to ensure that you are taking care of everything on schedule. Rely on the knowledgeable experts at our service center for additional maintenance tips & tricks! How Often Do You Check Your Transmission Fluid? It's a good practice to check all the fluid levels in your car at least once a month. That includes checking your transmission fluid, power steering fluid, engine oil and even windshield-washer fluid. Of course, you can always consult your vehicle's owner's manual for a more detailed service schedule. Here's How to Check Transmission Fluid in Your Car Now that you know how regularly you should be checking your transmission fluid in Austin or Pflugerville, here's how you will get this DIY job accomplished: Make sure your car is in park. Turn on your engine and let it warm up for a few minutes. Then, pop the hood so you can get inside the engine bay. Locate the transmission fluid dipstick. For most front-wheel-drive GMC vehicles, this will be found to the right of your oil dipstick. For the exact location in your vehicle, refer to your owner's manual. Remove the dipstick and touch the fluid, moving it around between your thumb and forefinger. It should be clear, with a pinkish hue. If it looks dirty or gives off a burnt smell, or even feels overly gummy, then you should schedule automotive service right away. Use a rag to wipe off the dipstick. Put it back, but pull it out again immediately after to check the level. (If you've ever checked your oil level, this process is very similar). If the level is less than "full", you should add in more. Before checking your transmission fluid, there are several things you should know about the role of transmission fluid and your transmission itself in the normal operation of your vehicle on Killeen roads: There are many types of transmission fluid - types for automatic vs. manual transmissions, types for older vs. newer models, and more. Your owner's manual will be your best bet for finding out which type to buy for your car when running low. Checking the transmission fluid in a vehicle with a manual transmission often requires a jack to access a plug located underneath the car. In these cases, it's usually better to bring your vehicle in for service to get your transmission fluid checked. Low transmission fluid can cause hesitation when shifting gears with an automatic or manual transmission, but other issues could also be at play. If you experience this issue, it's best to schedule service now. How often should transmission fluid be replaced? About every 50,000 to 100,000 miles. Consult your owner's manual for more specific information. Nyle Maxwell GMC is Your Destination for Transmission Service Ready to get the transmission fluid level checked in your car? Want to diagnose transmission issues or get your transmission rebuilt? No matter the transmission service, we can help here at Nyle Maxwell GMC in Round Rock! Looking to service your transmission or learn other service tips like how to bleed brakes or the meaning of TPMS? Be sure to take advantage of our service & parts coupons or our diagnostic & repair coupons!
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