Expenses of a Horse Trailer?

Insurance and registration for the trailer varies state by state. Try a website for insurance quotes, and also try the bureau of motor vehicle site for your registration and plates information. Make sure that the floors are not rotted, pull up the mats if there are any. Also check the amount of rust on the frame of the trailer and if it requires any attention. Make sure all access doors move freely and are sturdy. Check the ramp, or walk up area for safety. Tires and axles are important,tongue weight for the ratio of the trailer to your pulling vehicle. Also, think about how much you are going to be using it, what size the trailer is for the horse you are accommodating, and any storage areas.

1. Can anyone give me advice about a home repainting job on a horse trailer?

Home paint job is not too easy to do if you do not have the proper tools like a decent spray gun. If you are planning on spray painting the trailer, I would recommend you scotch brite the entire trailer (or sand with 150 grit paper) and clean off all the sanding dust. I like to use Rustoleum double coverage paint. It says 2=1 on the can. It covers great! Paint it with nice even strokes that overlap a little. 2 light coats are better than 1 heavy coat. It took 4 cans to paint my VW Thing. I would guess you will need 6 to 8 cans to do a horse trailer (assuming it is a double rather than a longer stock trailer). The best thing about spray paint is you can keep a can in the trailer and if you ever need to touch it up, it is easy.

2. Horse trailer loading problems! Please help!?

Had this problem with my barrel pony years back. Do you have lights in the trailer? And the food idea pretty much works. Just having the trailer in a pasture or a round pen connected around the trailer and working bit by bit getting him to eat farther and farther into the trailer takes time but he will feel more at ease. Then just work with him of you being there and loading him. Get trainers ideas and options as well. Email a few big trainers in your state or area and get different ideas

3. What is your advice for getting my horse in the horse trailer?

Try putting feed in the very back of the trailer. Have the person she is most attached to in the trailer holding the lead rope. If she does not get in get another lead rope and two people behind her ( one on each side) pulling her back end to the trailer. Also try putting her front two feet on the trailer to encourage her to get on. That's all I have sorry. Hope it helps

4. can my 2007 escalade tow a 3 horse, horse trailer with 3 average weight horses?

GVW is not what you want to look at. The Tow Weight rating and the Combined weight rating are what you want. The GVW is the gross weight allowed for the vehicle when the vehicle is internally loaded. The Tow weight rating is the max the towed load can be and the combined weight rating is the max that the vehicle plus the tow can weigh together (combined). And just because it has a V8 does not mean it's going to pull anything you throw at it. Also the ability to stop is essential. A three horse trailer should have electric brakes and the tow vehicle needs to have a brake controller to interface with the trailer's brakes. ## A three horse trailer, with horses and tack aboard is going to be pushing the weight past a lot of hitches. I would make sure that the draw bar is rated for 10,000 Lbs. Some of those on Suburbans and other SUVs are only rated for 5K. Not what I would want to tie my horse trailer to.

5. which is better: buying or leasing a horse trailer?

you would be better to just buy a horse float, when you own one yourself you know how it has been looked after and always know it will be in good mechanical condition. leasing a trailer they sometimes can have bent axles and they are shocking to tow. if you buy your own you would be best to get electric brakes on it rather than the hydraulic brakes that are normally on them, braking is much smoother and you can get it back under control by applying the trailer brakes if it gets a sway up. when we tow ours we just use our normal family car, nothing special, i am in Australia so our normal family car might be a bit different to a normal family car over there. we tow with a 4.0lt inline 6 ford falcon.

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