Fast Charging Battery Born: Charge 70% in 2 Minutes

According to foreign media reports, researchers at Nanyang University of technology recently invented a new type of fast charging battery with a service life of up to 20 years.

Nowadays, batteries that support fast charging play an increasingly important role in our life. While providing energy for various devices conveniently and quickly, their service life has often become a short board criticized by people: "why do you always change batteries?" to solve this problem, researchers at Nanyang University of technology have developed a new type of lithium battery, The battery can be charged to 70% of the maximum capacity in 2 minutes and can be used for up to 20 years, several times the service life of rechargeable batteries in various devices. The innovation of this battery is to use titanium dioxide nanotubes instead of traditional graphite materials as the cathode of the battery. Both materials can accelerate the chemical reaction in the battery and provide electric energy. The difference is that the former can be used for 1000 times, while the latter has a service life of only 500 times.

This new battery has no clear timetable for large-scale production and market, but the titanium nanotube used in it is an easy to process and relatively low-cost raw material, so the prospect is very bright. Obviously, the promotion of this new battery will greatly change the whole science and technology industry. Leaving aside some wild ideas, even from the most basic level, it will prolong the service time of many devices, especially those with non replaceable batteries. Now users often have to abandon them because they can't continue charging rather than damage other functions. Such things may never happen again in the future. The most far-reaching impact of this battery may be in the automotive industry. Imagine that you can fully charge a Tesla in minutes rather than hours, and you can drive until the car is eliminated without replacing the battery.

The difference between the new battery and the traditional lithium-ion battery lies in the material used for the anode. The traditional lithium ion battery uses graphite anode, and the new battery uses titanium dioxide gel as anode to accelerate the speed of chemical reaction in the battery, which means faster charging speed. To do this, the researchers made titanium dioxide into nanotubes - thousands of times the size of human hair.

Researchers believe that this technology is particularly important to promote the popularization of electric vehicles. Science Daily reported that "compared with the current technology, this new generation of lithium-ion battery may increase the charging speed of electric vehicles by 20 times. The new battery eliminates the need to replace the battery frequently, and the charging times can reach 10000 times, 20 times that of the existing battery 500 times.

Chen Xiaodong, an associate professor at Nanyang University of technology, said, "with our nano battery, the electric vehicle can be charged in only 5 minutes, which is equivalent to the current vehicle refueling time, which can greatly increase the activity range of electric vehicles."

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