Ferris Wheel Question From Checkpoint Book 11-14

Ferris wheel question from Checkpoint book 11-14

Ferris Wheel Question From Checkpoint Book 11-14 1

Hint: use the law of cosines. What is the angle between carriages 1 and 4?

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The original ferris wheel, designed by George Ferris, was 250 feet in diameter. Making 1 revolution for every?

It will happen when sin(0.175t - pi/2) = 0. Let's see if we can find that. If 0.175t - pi/2 = 0 then 0.175 t = pi/2 which gives 8.9 seconds about. I can try another one Suppose 0.175t - pi/2 = pi That gives 0.175t = 3/2 pi t = 26.9 which is too big. Looks like you need someone with more incite. Edit ==== Oh!! The brackets are in a different place. Sin(0.175t) - pi/2 = 0 So sin(0.175t) must equal pi/2 which is not possible. Sin(x) never gets above one. So A is sort of right if your equation is right, but is it? That makes the result worse.

Ferris Wheel Question From Checkpoint Book 11-14 2

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POLL: You are on a GIANT.... TOWERING 96-foot high Ferris Wheel...?

I would say that this is way too long for me to read. I am sorry. I am sure it was interesting.

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Ferris wheel proposals

The Solent Eye Ferris wheel was proposed by Billy Manning Ltd for Clarence Pier in 2007. On 17 October, permission for a 130-foot tall (40 m) wheel was granted, but two days later it was revealed that Portsmouth City Councillors wished the wheel was bigger. As a result, the original plans, which were for a 180-foot tall (55 m) wheel, were revived and conditional planning permission subsequently granted on 19 December 2007. It was expected to cost 2 million. The plans were scrapped because the wheel was too large. In 2015, a revived plan for a 110 ft wheel was sent. It was approved and opened in Easter 2016. Despite the popularity of the wheel, it was confirmed in September 2016 that the Solent Wheel will be taken down and sent elsewhere, which was later revealed to be Ireland. In March 2017, Clarence Pier's website was updated to say that the wheel would return in 2018. The wheel still stands on Clarence Pier as of 2019.

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Calculus - RELATED RATES! Pretty easy 10 pts!?

Let's put the center of the wheel at the origin. Then it forms a circle around it with radius 15 meters. When the ferris wheel is 24 meters above ground it is 24 - 15 = 9 meters above the origin. Let be the angle with the positive x-axis. sin = 9/15 = 3/5 cos = (1 - sin) = - (3/5)] = 4/5 We are given: d/dt = 1 rev/min = 2 radians/min = 2/60 radians/sec = /30 radians/sec y = rsin = 15sin dy/d = 15cos = 15(4/5) = 12 m/radian Solve for dy/dt. dy/dt = (dy/d)(d/dt) = 12(/30) = 2/5 m/sec

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do u think it's scarry when u go on a ferris wheel and you're at the top then the ride stops?

yes, because i m scared of heights. Even though i L U V roller coasters.:)

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One of my biggest friends loves seeing a huge Ferris wheel. Who am I? And why?

You are:Hi. My name is five letters long, usually.One of my biggest friends loves seeing a huge Ferris wheel from across the river.My grandfather has a cool-looking swinging thingy in the house.I have kind of an OCD when it comes to "p" and "a".Some of my friends still use roman numerals in the 21st century. Old-fashioned, I know...Some of us have a bird in the house. Luckily, they do not sing incessantly.I rarely sleep (perhaps, only once in a few years?), but you can make me sleep any time.I love training my arms, but not legsNow that most of you have mobile phones, you do not need me as often as you used to. Sad!The longer I cry like a baby, the more you will hate me and want to dump me. But you can not live without me.Most of you do not want to see me on Sunday mornings.English-speaking people may call my name when eveything has gone according to plan.Your parents used to tell you not to point fingers at strangers, right? But I can not help it. At least, I do not do it to strangers, though...

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