Floor Outlet Protruding Under a Rug

Those outlets are for putting a desk above them, and now you have power to the desk. I gather you've changed the usage of that room and now it is open space that is traversed by people, or you have a rug that can't fit without overlapping that floor outlet. Well, then, you don't use the floor outlet. It is illegal to use extension cords (cordage) as a substitute for the permanent wiring of a building. I once saw a hefty 6/2 cord going to a powdercoat oven, drywalled right into the wall. On my next visit a few months later, there was EMT conduit and a receptacle there instead. Fire marshal had been by, I guess. Running extension cord under carpet is a bad idea for so many reasons, as manassehkatz discusses. They do make special under-carpet cable, you might try researching that, but how you terminate that cable at the floor box will still be a major safety issue. What's at stake here is the fire inspector finding the bad installation In the ashes (it's what they do), and declining your fire insurance, leaving you on the hook for the mortgage when they call it. (Even a non-recourse loan becomes recourse at that point, and worse, it can't be cleared in bankruptcy, nor can civil liability for injuries). The penalty is rare but harsh. Speaking of rare but harsh, manslaughter charges are also possible. The right thing is to install additional wall outlets, or other floor outlets, where you actually do need them.

.. Or if appropriate, hang a pendant from the ceiling. -Although if your building is built to recent Code, it will already have wall outlets strategically placed so any appliance with a 6' (2m) cord that's along a wall can reach an outlet with its own cord.I hardly need to tell you how to plug more than 2 things into a receptacle.

I have an in floor outlet (under a rug) and I don't want the plug sticking up under the rug. Can I cut off the plug of an extension cord and directly wire it in with the wires of the outlet? Thanks in advance for your reply

Floor Outlet Protruding Under a Rug 1

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