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My school is having a 90's day next week. I need hair, clothes and make up ideas. I have no clue! Any ideas?

ummm for the 90s...placed on dishevelled pants w/ a plaided shirt or some form of neon colored strolling suits.....for the 80s the problem with the leggings....etc....or u might desire to do like an 80s exercising recurring host with the only piece swim greater wholesome with leggings and a head band.


Why is one supposed to avoid white shoes after labor day?

i have these cute white bermuda shorts and the other day my mom was like " you cant wear these after tomorow" and i was just lyk " what ever, lyk i care about some stupid rule" i make my own fashion rules!.... of course still following the basics and all the in stuff


Good ways to wear legwarmers?

How about over high-heeled boots or shoes, like this: Instead of tights you can do skinny jeans as well. I think it looks cute. I saw a woman wearing black high-heeled boots with charcoal grey leg warmers over and indigo skinny jeans, and it looked great.


Hey im a gay guy and need some info on heels?

I think guys sizes are two sizes smaller. I found some men's cowboy boots that I had to own - I wear a size 9 boots and the men's boots were 7. In a narrow width, they fit just as good as my others. Maybe try two size larger in a wider width? Hope this helps.


Could someone who loves and is really into shoes try to explain it to me?

when i was around 10 i didnt get it either.. but as i grew older i understood why. Sometimes when you try on normal clothes they dont always fit the way you want it to, it gets frustrating. But its different with shoes, you just get your size down and they fit perfectly, with ease.


Would nude colored heels look good with black and white dress?

Mmn- nude shoes with a black dress makes it a difficult one. Colours that 'Go' with black are Yellow, Red and obviously white but none on those really help nude shoes. Gold is yellow so that doesn't solve anything. Try black shoes and you can pick and choose your second colour (Perhaps make a statement)


What should i wear with this dress?

OK so for the first one i would suggest wearing a long, black beaded necklace, or just a necklace. And other than that it's up to you.

For the second one i would suggest a necklace. Also earrings would go great. For a purse, i think a clutch (black or Grey) would be good.


What to buy for homecoming?

I recommend taking a look at the prom dress section on DressMob. DressMob is an online fashion community focused on dresses. You can chat and ask questions. Anyhow, if you look in the prom section and choose only cocktail length dresses in the search filter, I think you'll find lots of cute homecoming dresses!.


What kind of shoes should I wear with a red cocktail dress? Do women still wear fur coats?

The sadals are prob fine as long as it is still pretty warm where you are. But wearing sandals and then a fur coat contradicts each other, so I would pick one or the other. Also, I wouldn't wear the fur coat as it would might offend some people that you might not want to.


How to train for a stiletto run (Girls please help)?

inserts - Those are the secrets - you have to be very careful. If the heels break and you land the wrong way. are there any purely rubber stilettos? com - Just jam them into your foot if they do not fit. It wil help reduce the pounding that happens to your foot


Can you give fashion advice to help me win this bet?

nice. sometimes there are just things you've got to say no to.

sorry, i don't have any ideas of suits that would fit you in the shoulders (if you're a man your shoulders are obviously bigger) or dresses that would fit you well.

perhaps borrowing a pair of your mother's panties?


Can anyone help me find combat boots!!!!!?

Amazon has a few knee high, but thigh highs are a stumper. Hope these might help and good luck.


yo girl, what to wear for retail interviews?

Do NOT wear 5 inch heels to an interview. That is very unprofessional! I would go with the skirt and panty hose just make sure that when you put the panty hose on that you do not rip them because then it will not look very good! Do not wear such high heels to an interview!


What would you wear with this?

Black hand bag or purse, black high heels, two black bracelet's on the right arm with a white bracelet in between and a silver long necklace. And if you feel adventurous a matching belt.

All can be bought in Penny's (Primarks) and Swamp.

Take my advise iam a gay guy :P x


Which dress do you like? (details inside)?

The first one; the black and white one.

IF you wear black leggings with it.

It's playful and youthful though also has a slight "serious look" to it.

Not to mention you could have some serious fun with the accessories for that dress.

The black one is just "too typical".


Are these shoes appropiate for a 15 year old to wear? Golden Globe AwardsJennifer Lopez en la alfombra roja de los Golden Globes 2013, tambin en blanco con transparencias.

Fiesta en el Pure Nightclub en el Caesars Palace19 de agosto: Jennifer Lopez lleg a un evento luego de su concierto en Las Vegas luciendo un fantstico diseo de Edition by Georges Chakra.


Any pregnant women or mothers who have any advice about this?

if you really want to wear them just wear them. but remember. if they hurt your feet before you where pregnant. imagine what they are going to do to you now that you are pregnant. your back will be hurting too im sure. and them heels arent really going to help that! good luck **


What shoes will go with a red dress?

Your right that trying to find something that is not a sandal or an open toe is difficult. The shoes below are mostly variations on silver, but they have some interesting features. Any will work.


What should i wear with this dress (FOR TONIGHT) ?

THE SHOES YOU SHOULD WEAR ARE THE DOUBLE STRAP STILETTO HEELS! and by the way that dress is.......GORGEOUS! You should have your hair down and curled and you should wear foundation,blusher,outline your eyes with gold eyeliner and wear green eyeshawdow tell me how you get on :) i hope you have fun :) x


Do you I look slutty? 10 POINTS?


"Slut" is a word that people created in order to shame women for their sexuality, for looking "sexy", for showing a bit more skin than the arbitrary norm, for being pretty.

You have the right to dress however you want without people getting all up on their high horse about it.


do you think its okay to wear wedge shoes in high school?

They'd look super cute in hs but I wouldn't wear them every day or on the first week of school. Wear toms, sperrys, or converse at first and check out what the other girls are wearing then break out your wedge booties later. They'll be super this winter since they're suede!! : .


Where can I get leather boots with no heels?

I know exactly what u mean, i was having a hard time finding some boots myself. the ones i bought are exactly like u described them, u can find some at Off broad way shoes, also at a store called bakers , they have wide variety of boots :) im sure you will find them there



the first shoes don't go with skinny jeans. skinny jeans are more for "emo" people, or high fashion people where you wear them with high heels. the other ones would go great with them. i think the brown vans are my favorite personally, the slip ons. but i like your shoe choice.


what color shoes to wear?

Search up 'black stilettos' on Google and you'll see loads of different kinds of styles of black high heels. I think you should wear black stilettos but not the plain ones, a pair that has some kind of design like this: But obviously not as high :P


what can i match with this floral dress?

Because there are already lots going on, on the dress you wouldn't want to over accessorize.

Perhaps pair it with black high heels, and a dark coloured earring (emerald, sapphire, etc) to put the whole ensemble together.

Extra opinion: leave your hair down and straigthen it for that sleek look, very classy.

Hope that helped :)


Want to wear flare jeans and heels!! Girls only!!?

Cowboy boots are desirable to bypass with flare denims. yet once you do purchase new ones try switching it up and choose for black pants and a advantageous Jean jacket. some warm solar glasses could bypass somewhat nicely with your accessory line. i'm not so specific approximately different heels for a guy nonetheless


survey for guys: HOT or NOT???? 10 POINTS!?

1. Yes.

2. Sometimes

3. Not too strong

4. Eh not really

5. Eh not really

6. Yes, hot. Shows shes dressing for comfort

7. Sometimes, tho i dont like really really dark tans

8. Yes, like.

9. Yes, like.

10. Sometimes. Usually if the straps are black.

Im 23

Can you answer mine now? thanks:)


Teen girl Halloween costume- too slutty?

Truthfully this outfit is more for an adult Halloween party. The fishnets alone put it into this realm. People whose door you are knocking on won't consider it a joke. If you really want to wear the dress then wear black tights with the black shorts and flat ballerina shoes carrying your duster


Need a answer,'s about pantyhose:)?

I say see how it look with and without or just wear them no body notices tbh or you can cut off the toe bits and it will seem like you natural legs but be careful if you cut off since too much/too little may make them look weird and unnatural. Good luck :-)


Ladies, what kind of high heels do you like to wear?

Hey there! I don't follow any brand names but when I go to work I am usually in a pair of 3" heels. I have different types for different outfits. When I go out with my hubby or we just are having sex, I wear the 5" stilettos! I have 6 different pairs of them.


Wearing high heels to high school?

If I was at school I'd prefer to wear lower heeled shoes because of safety reasons. the boots you have sound nice but only for going out or something,

you people are so lucky you don't have uniform, I'm from Australia and I wear the same thing everyday -.-"


What comes to mind when I say..?

Third grade, my teacher, Valentine boxes, Valentine candy, and a crush I had on one of the boys. Good lunches, good schools, fun walking home with girls in my neighborhood and stopping by the drugstore for ice cream or a Coke in a glass with ice and THIN straws, not shotgun barrel sized ones


Quick Survey: Black hat, shoes, car, ...?

1.keep it nice and shiny

2.hold it and love it

3.wear it and put hat pins on it to decorate it to see a woman in

5.make something out of wood

6.use all of it's features must be going to rain

8.WOW baby you look good

9.going to a funeral it


what do you think of these shoes?

I think they're great - I cant walk in big heels either so this is the type of heels I'd buy.

If you dont usually walk around in any heels, I wouldnt suggest buying heels at all. Try and find some nice, fancy-looking flat shoes - there are loads of them around!


Which shoes should I wear for school?

I'm sorry, I don't have any other suggestions but 3 is deff, out of the question, looks a little too older for you. My personal favorite is number2. Looks more schooly to me, but number 1 is alright, I'd go with number 2, it still has a thicker heel, but more simple and classy


Women! Why do you need to own so many pairs of shoes?

LOL we don't need so many shoes, well at least i don't, but i guess its fun to try out different styles and experiment with them. And also it depends on your mood because if your feeling lazy...well you wouldn't wear high heels, but if you feel flirty you would wear heels :.

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