Funds Bloom for GrowBox

Hanover Park resident Renshia Manuel is set to crowdfund her award-winning community project during the month of March with the aim of accommodating more people in her community. The single mother of four walked off with third prize for her local business, GrowBox, at last year's Engen Pitch and Polish entrepreneurial workshop and competition ("Growing the future", People's Post, 19 December 2017). Manuel say her aim to take basic food nutrition and sovereignty to the people who need it the most, while fostering the development of sustainable and eco-friendly agricultural practices, can only materialise with the help of the public. She aims to raise R150 000 for her backyard nursery that she wants to move onto a vacant property nearby. The proceeds of this fundraiser will be used to purchase much-needed equipment to start off the project at the new location­. "We all know that most disadvantaged households from urban and peri-urban settlements are solely dependent on government social grants but at the same time these households have limited to no land spaces around their homes. Even if spaces are available, the land available between informal homes is not conducive for food gardening," she says."GrowBox therefore supports and educates disadvantaged households to sustainably grow their own food organically at their own homes. "Our services include weekend food gardening workshops, vegetable and herb seedlings, veggie boxes and permaculture­ consultancy­."Manuel says the funds raised during this crowdfunding campaign will be used for fencing and gates, grow tunnels, netting and poles for the net houses, a table saw and woodworking machinery, shipping containers, and for the purchasing of necessary inputs such as water tanks, a borehole, irrigation and pumps.With this, she also aims to employ and empower other unemployed mothers through the nursery by growing vegetable seedlings in larger quantities to be sold to retail nurseries, communal gardens and commercial farmers in and around Cape Town.


For more information, visit GrowBox on Facebook­.

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Broken Exhaust/muffler on Scooter?
Moped Exhaust Pipe1. Car Muffler: Which one should I get?Look for Flowmaster or something similar in a performance muffler. Go to a place where they sell them and ask to listen to the sound. Somebody there is sure to have one fitted to his own car.2. What caused my muffler to blow a hole?i own a repair shop,and it wont pass a smog test like this,,you,ll have to have a muffler put back on it,,and it usually cost around 50-100 bucks,,depending on which type of muffler you have put back on it,,you ,can count on spending at least a 100 bucks on it probably,,good luck ,i hope this help,s.,,ps ,age probably got it,,that and rust will do this,,good luck3. is open exhaust or no muffler bad for carburated-motorcycle?You have to rejet as the bike will run lean and burn out your valves and piston tops4. my muffler completely cracked while on a trip to DC.can i make it back to NY without dying?Mark is absolutely right. As long as you are moving the wind going under your car will carry any exhaust gasses away from the underside of your car. It's going to be loud, and you may even get pulled over for having an open exhaust, but it's not going to hurt you or your car. Now if you want to try a little trick, to put a temporary patch in place, go get two coke cans (any soda or even beer can will do) and two "worm" clamps. The clamps have to be large enough to go around your exhaust pipe ends where it's split. Now cut the top and bottom off the cans. Cut the cans from top to bottom (long ways) to create a rounded flat piece of sheet aluminum. If the pipe that is cracked is small enough, and the can will wrap around it all the way then just use one can. If there is a gap where you cut the can use the other can (cut the same way) and just put it on in the other direction so it covers the split in the first can. You can cut the sheets of aluminum to any length you need to cover the split in the exhaust pipe. Now undo the worm clamps and put them around the can(s) at each end making sure the the crack in the exhaust pipe is covered. Tighten the clamps and you have a patch that will last you till you get home. Granted, this only works on open sections of pipe. If a weld or flange is broken then this technique wo not work.5. what muffler should i get?Thrush6. is it true that every car has platinum in the muffler?Not the muffler. The catalytic converter is what it is in. Yes, it is there and that is why thieves steal them off cars7. What type of exhaust/ muffler will make a 4 cylinder sound the best?The Pontiac GTO is an vehicle built via Pontiac branch of time-honored autos contained in america from 1964 to 1974, and via GM subsidiary Holden in Australia from 2004 to 2006. it is seen an resourceful, and now classic muscle vehicle of the Nineteen Sixties and Nineteen Seventies. From 1964 until halfway with the aid of 1973 it became into heavily concerning the Pontiac Tempest/LeMans and for the 1974 sort 12 months it became into based on the Pontiac Ventura. The twenty first century GTO is largely a left-hand force Holden Monaro, itself a coupe version of the Holden Commodore8. 1956Chevrolet,210 series L6 engine. Changing the exhaust/muffler system to flow-masters???I would not wast my money you want a flowmaster muffler on a inline six that is in a three ton car WHY????9. Cutting or gutting the stock muffler on a 2004 grand am?An open pipe on a Grand Am is going to sound horrible. Buck up and buy a muffler. They are not that expensive10. Non functioning muffler on motorcycle ticket?Did they just tell you it was too loud or did they have a decibel reader? If they did not measure the decibels, then you can fight it and win in court11. Do I need a performance exhaust system or just the performance muffler to make my car sound better?all you need to do is change the mufflers to a performance muffler such as a flowmaster super 44, go to their website and you can hear all their mufflers they offer and you make the choice of the sound you like
A Bat in the House. Should I Be Worried About Rabies?
A bat in the house. Should I be worried about rabies?You should be totally OK. You get Rabies from the bite (passing saliva) of an infected animal. That did not happen in your case. Pick something else (like Ebola) to worry about. Relax !!— — — — — —Can a Cat get Rabies From A Bat?touch your vet relating to the single that is a splash late on the rabies - its probably ok if its no longer probably late on rabies vaccine - yet you could desire to get the cat in to take transport of photographs— — — — — —how do i know if my dog was infectected with rabies?There is no way to test for rabies until after your dog is deceased. This is why it is SO important to keep your pets up to date on their rabies vaccine.— — — — — —Just got bit by cat. Rabies?see a doc. rabies would be rare, more likely you will get an infection. next time, grab by scruff of neck. she probably wont take her kittens back, her scent pases through the kittens while nursing, her scent has been replaced by the formula, so she probably wont pick up her scent on the kittens.— — — — — —Does my cat have rabies?yes he defintily has rabies and stay away from him and get him to the vet, as soon as possible— — — — — —Can you get rabies from food that a cat licked?WHAT cat ???If it was your own cat that has had it's rabies shots ... then NO.IF it was a cat you have no idea where it belongs.. MAYBE— — — — — —Dog throwing up after rabies shot?Call your veterinarian - I work as a vet assistant with an equine (horse) vet, if clients have vaccine reactions we urge them to call us, we give the horses an anti-inflammatory and monitor their temperatures and we do this free of charge. The horses are usually fine in the next 24-48 hours but we record that they had a vaccine reaction so we can be more safe in the future. You should be able to call your veterinarian, tell them about the symptoms and they should be able to give you free advice since there was a reaction to a vaccine they administered - and at the least you should tell them so they can put this in your animals record so it is recorded in her medical history. Good luck, getting in touch with your regular veterinarian is the most important thing to do to keep on top of this situation!— — — — — —Is the rabies vaccine effective before rabies symptoms occur even if it invades the peripheral nerve (not in CNS yet)?The vaccination is useless once the symptoms occur. The first symptom of Rabies altering from the silent or sleeping (nerve creeping??) mode into the clinical form, is a paresthesia at the original skin breach (bite, scratch, licked wound), e.g. coldness, heat, tingling, shooting pain, numbness... From that moment on rabies has breached the brainblood barrier and there is no way back. A handfull of people, out of the 55,000 that die each year, have survived the clinical form (hydrophobia) thanks to an aggressive protocol called the Milwaukee protocol— — — — — —how old do kittens have to be to get rabies shots?If you have a good vet, they will let you know when it is time. I took my 8 week old kitty for a complete check. At that time they scheduled her for her rabies vaccination at about 3-4 months. If you are planning to get your kitty fixed, she/he will need the rabies vaccination before they can do this— — — — — —Could Rabies virus live on the bag for seven days?No Viruses can only survive for a few minutes outside of a host. The reason you are sick is because you left the milk out. Milk has to be in the refrigerator. The lumps should have given you a clue that the milk was not drinkable. You are scaring yourself over something that likely never happened as far as the dog goes. Next time put the milk where it belongs and keep a hold of your bags.— — — — — —Is 3 days after exposure to rabies too late to cure?Depends on the following factorsSite of biteNumber of bitesBiting animal ( usaully a rabid dog in indian scenario )Initial local treatment in form of cleaning the woundImmune status of the individualHowever the patient must be administered rabies vaccine and anti rabies immunoglobulin and kept under observationPS - rabies usually ends in death within 5-7days
9 Best Unisex Baby Clothes That You'll Love
We hope you love our recommendations! What we suggest is selected independently by the Kidadl team. If you purchase using the buy now button we may earn a small commission. This does not influence our choices. Please note: prices are correct and items are available at the time the article was published.Are you looking for super cute and functional unisex baby clothing?Although there is a demand for gender-neutral baby clothes, typically brands will still tend to push the old binaries of blue for boys and pink for girls (even though there's significant evidence that, historically, pink was actually associated with men as a more fiery, powerful colour and blue with women as a more calming option).This binary characterisation of colour with particular genders, however, is being increasingly challenged by brands, and there are loads of very cute unisex baby clothes that are the perfect option for any newborn. Looking after a baby can be complex enough without worrying about finding particular styles of baby clothes, after all!As well as this list of newborn baby unisex clothing, we at Kidadl have loads of useful resources to inform you along the path of new parenting - consider us your helpful friend and guide. If you are baffled by baby bottles, we can help; we've also got a list of the best sensory toys for your newborn, to help develop their curiosity and keep them stimulated.What is your Something old, new, borrowed, blue?Something old - my great-grandmother's thimble. Something new - my jewelry. Something borrowed - my great-grandmother's thimble. Something blue - my garter. And a sixpence (penny) for your shoe!i have recently bought sony erricson T250i.It has infrared but no blue tooth.?You need to have a infrared port in your computer or laptop and its very simple you just place the cellphone inf point infront the black glossy slot which is the infrared point of your computer and wait for like 20sec and it will indicate that your computer is requesting access for connecting to external just have to acceptWhat color jeans does a purple shirt go with does it go better with light or dark blue jeans?If it light purple the dark blue jeans if it dark purple the maybe light ...but The dark slims you so ....dark is usally the way to go !!!!but remember there is exceptions for the shoes !Keeping the sex of the baby a secret....?Nothing wrong with that. We plan to keep it a surprise. It's really one of the only true surprises left in the world. I agree with you and choose to not follow the traditionalist blue/pink stereotypes. What is wrong with green or yellow? Why can not little boys wear pink and little girls wear blue? Sadly enough, stereotyping does truly begin at birth. I would tell people that you want to be surprised. If they ask what to buy for the baby tell them to buy whatever they want.Why is fire blue on the bottom carrying the orange on top?Why Is Fire BlueHow do I get rid of pit stains on a light blue shirt?Those stains are mineral deposits...deposits of Aluminium chlorohydrate minerals from perspiration. You can get rid of them with white vinegar. Pour undiluted white vinegar over the underarm areas. Allow to sit for about 20 minutes. Then launder as usual. The acids in the Vinegar will break down the deposits, allowing your washer to wash them away. Plus, Vinegar is safe for all colors. Do not use bleach on them....bleach makes those stains worse. -What's the matter if the computer turns blue screen everyday?Cause blue screen of death varied: 1, cooling efficiency, monitor, CPU power and long working hours can lead to crashes, to fan dust, oil, or replace the fan, desktop plus temporary fan within the host chassis, auxiliary heat, cooling pad plus books. 2. the machine too much dust, bad, clean the cabinet and all the connections firmly inserted firmly seated. 3.Aging hard drive or due to improper use bad sectors, bad sectors, use software tools for troubleshooting process, such as serious damage will have to replace the hard disk. 4.Check the latest drivers and software installation or upgrade, remove or disable newly added programs or drivers.
Brushless motors are generally more efficient and so can make better use of the limited power available. However you still need to match the motor to the power source and load to get best efficiency. A few basic calculations can tell you what motor specs to look for:- First calculate what rpm the wheels must do to get the speed you want. A 12cm diameter wheel has a circumference of 0.377m. To get 2.5m/s linear velocity it needs to turn at 400rpm.Your motor has a Kv of 1400rpm/V, so if powered by 12V it should spin at 12*1400 = 16800rpm without a load. Under load its speed will drop due to voltage lost in the resistance of the windings. Loading depends on a lot of factors such as rolling resistance, aerodynamic drag, bearing friction etc. however assuming you can get the motor running at peak efficiency its speed may drop to 85% of no-load or 14000 rpm. Therefore you need a gearbox ratio of about 14000/400 = 35:1. The 11.5A maximum output current of your solar panels could be a problem with this motor because it draws over 1A just to turn over. Under acceleration it will try to draw even more current, but the solar panel may not be able to supply it so its voltage will drop and the speed controller might cut out. You should use a lower Kv motor that has smaller no-load current, eg. Scorpion SII-2212-885Kv which draws less than 0.5A at 12V. This motor only does about 9000rpm (12V * 885rpm/V * 85%) so for it you would need a 23:1 gearbox.1. How do you put a slip ring commutator in a homemade simple DC motor?You do not need slip rings; you need a commutator, which consists of segments that switch the rotor current flow as it turns. Make one out of a cork forced onto the axle, with coils of bare copper wire threaded through small holes in the cork. Brushes to feed the commutator can be made out of spring brass or other metal.2. Can you control a 12V Solenoid Valve using motor dev kit MCLV-2?Most likely something intended to drive a basic brushed DC motor can drive a solenoid, assuming the driver can output the required voltage at the current the solenoid will draw. However, if this "motor driver" is assuming there will be position feedback signals, like from a brushless DC motor, then it wo not work.Anything called a "motor driver" should be able to scale back the drive level to the motor from the maximum voltage it can put out smoothly to 0. If the motor driver can put out up to 24 V, then running it scaled back to drive a 12 V solenoid should be fine. This is usually done with pulses, where the duty cycle sets the overall drive level. A solenoid will be fine with that kind of drive. However, using a motor driver for a solenoid is gross overkill. If you have a sufficient power supply, which you need for the motor driver anyway, you can drive the solenoid with a simple low side switch and reverse diode. There is no need for the more complicated H-bridge drive configuration the motor driver probably has. The IRLML0030 is a nice little FET for the low side switch in this application as long as your power supply does not exceed 30 V. Its gate can be driven directly from a 5 V digital output3. Identify DC motor parameters using Least Squares EstimatorYou need to find out how the input and output relate in the FREQUENCY space. The transfer function is your frequency model.Here is the equation you should use if you want to fit your data to a first order filter. The input is a voltage you control. The output is the value from the encoder, which you probably have to convert to rotational postion or rotational velocity.What your doing is called system identification, and it's easy to do if you have a model with a low order.So take your data, vary the input perhaps by incrementing the voltage in steps (like 0.5V). Then get the output in rotational velocity. If the motor speed starts to trail off as the voltage gets higher, then a first order transfer function would be great to describe this behavior. Then in matlab, figure;plot( Input, Output) (I think I have the axis right) if you see something that has an amplitude like the picture shown from your data then you are on the right track. (remember the input is volts, the output is rotational velocity.)Now you need to come up with parameters from your low pass filter model. You could start punching values into tf([a],[tau a]) by hand to match your data, or you could use an algorithm. Here is a good tutorial on how to do thisMake sure you pay attention to units, your units will be in volts vs rpm or something like that. If your model does not look like a low pass filter and it has a resonance point, then you need to switch to a higher order model. The motor may respond like a bandpass (it does not turn at low speeds and then has a flat passband and then falls off the more voltage that you put into it) Then you would need to switch to a bandpass transfer function.
16 Epic Motorcycle Rides Across America We Can't Wait to Take
This iconic 68-mile pass is not known for quaint towns or relaxing cruising. What you will get is a dizzying climb and descent, abundant twists and turns, and some of the nation's most dazzling mountain scenery. "You can make a pit stop or two to photograph the scenic mountain lakes or to make a few snowballs deep into summer," says Melanie Musson, an insurance expert for and an avid motorcycle rider. "There's a possibility you may see wildlife like mountain goats, grizzly bears, or black bears. And since you will cross through so many habitats on your climb, there will always be a zone of abundant wildflowers." The pass is typically open from the end of May through mid-October, but check weather conditions before you go, since snow is possible well into June. Ca not -miss stop: At the western end of Beartooth Pass, Yellowstone National Park beckons. Close to the entrance is Lamar Valley, a prime spot to spy bison, elk, bears, and even wolves. Related: 23 Scenic Roads You Can Drive Only Around the Summer1. Do any of you recall using cooked starch before the spray fabric finish or starch?I used Niagara spray starch. Mom used Niagara cooked starch. The first things to get the "full strength treatment" would be Dad's white shirt collars and cuffs, then she would water it down some for the bodies of Dad's shirts, our blouses, bros' shirts, hankies, pillowcases (no sheets, tho), etc. She also used the Pepsi bottle/corked metal top for sprinkling clothes before ironing. Plus, she was a master of rolling up the clothes & packing into an oilcloth-lined bushel basket! She had a wringer washer & tubs, too. That wringer scared me to death, but she was very careful with it. She really had the knack of slinging it around over a tub, tho, & could feed sheets into the rinse water with the best of them. She was a petite woman & when I recall all the physical exertion required to haul wet clothes up those basement stairs, hang them outside to dry, empty the tubs. ..well, not sure I could've done it. Thanks, Mom, for all the work you did to keep us in clean clothes, come rain, shine, heat of summer, cold of winter...I think our clothes smelled cleaner and fresher than anybody else's in the world. :) Oh yes, and on rainy days & during winter the clothes dried on a fold-up rack over the floor furnace vent!.2. How do I work the reception venue's colors, centerpieces, tablecloths?You can get inexpensive tablecloths at a party store or at a place like Sam's wholesale . Get a neutral color, like the white or cream.Most of these are made of paper, but no one will notice. Put them over the black tablecloths. Sometimes you can get it in a roll and cut square pieces. If the tables are square, drape the paper cloths with the points of the squares where the chairs are. If the tables are round, still use squares for contrast. I do not know what your colors are, but match the flowers with the tablecloths and add accent pieces in your wedding color. Since it's summer, you might incorporate tropical fruit in the centerpieces. Even small pieces can be effective. Use tea lights instead of candles. They are safer and you can put them about anywhere.3. The Absolute Best Straw Bags to Buy for SummerThe summer trends of the moment are, first and foremost, controversial. My pointy cat-eye sunglasses and chunky dad sneakers upset my grandmother and attract funny looks from people on the street. I mean, I love them. I just know and accept that, to many, they are confusing. There's one trend, though, that's neither controversial nor confusing-one that everyone seems to be in agreement on. And that is the straw bag. Straw bags are pretty. They are beloved by cool people including Alexa Chung and Beyonc. And like that one leopard-print midi skirt, they are everywhere. They look good with bathing suits at picnics. They look good with floral dresses at weddings. They look good with carefree off-the-shoulder tops. No matter your style-or whether you "need" it-you could probably fit one into your summer wardrobe. Shop the best straw bags for summer below, from an affordable Jane Birkin-esque Etsy option to an upscale Coach one. (Because yes, even Coach makes straw bags now. Convinced yet?)
How to Make an Excel Formula Which Totals Several Adjacent Rows Based on Cell Values
You want SUMIF (for a single criteria), the Microsoft SUMIF page on it, is pretty good. as is the OfficeArticle's SUMIF.Or just SUM with an array function (see above article from officearticles) for multiple criteria. For instance in the sheet below I entered the formula without curly braces into G2, and helt CtrlShiftEnter, then I drug the formula down.If you have many many rows, then you'll need to move on to using DSUM for speed reasons. As you noted in your comment, they have to have their own little faux-table somewhere.Really it sounds like you're quickly moving past what Excel can do without busting into VBA. A database, or targeted application may be in your near future.edit: added information on array formula, pretty pictureI have an Excel sheet with three columns: date, person and percentage. I would like to put in a data validation that flags cells if the total for a given data/person combination do not equal 100%. Is that possible?In other words, in the custom formula of a data validation, I would like to make the following type of formula. if(sum( cells with a (date the date on this row, person person on this row))1)Is there a function which will return the cells in a range conditioned on certain values, or will sum the cells.Note that if it is not possible to do two cells, I have no issue adding a cell which combines both values for the purpose of affecting the lookup.·OTHER ANSWER:I have an Excel sheet with three columns: date, person and percentage. I would like to put in a data validation that flags cells if the total for a given data/person combination do not equal 100%. Is that possible?In other words, in the custom formula of a data validation, I would like to make the following type of formula. if(sum( cells with a (date the date on this row, person person on this row))1)Is there a function which will return the cells in a range conditioned on certain values, or will sum the cells.Note that if it is not possible to do two cells, I have no issue adding a cell which combines both values for the purpose of affecting the lookup.
Size Wodent Wheel for My Syrian Hamster?
Wodent Wheel1. does a tighter wheel reduce lateral flex?To a point it will correct some lateral flex. You still should make sure it is not your seat and chain stays that are flexing and causing wheel rub. It also could be you are too heavy or strong of a rider for this particular design. What is the spoke count and what type of spokes are you using? If they are two small of a gauge or the count is too low for you, overtightning will put you at risk of a spoke failure at a bad time. Like in the middle of a fast hard turn. If you have a straight cross two or three wheel (both sides) and the wheel is rubbing to the left (non-drive side) you can try tightening both sides a little. The higher (like 28 or 32) your spoke count the more you can risk by tighten up the spokes because these are safer builds. If you are still rubbing on both sides, and the wheel is true, then you probably have some frame flex. If you have a radial non drive side then try tightening the drive side spokes only but watch your dish. These are not hard and fast rules but should get you close.2. Santa Cruz Chameleon tire and wheel choiceI assume by 'hybrid tire' you mean a wide slick or semi-slick suitable for street use. You can fit any tire that is not too narrow for the rim, and not so large it interferes with the frame. The rims are 40mm so anything above 1.75" will work (although putting a narrow tire on this bike is not necessarily recommended). The stock tires are 3" but you would not want to go above that for street use.As the bike has disc brakes you can swap the wheels out for smaller diameter ones. Going to ISO 599 rims will drop the bike 12. 5mm in addition to whatever effective wheel diameter reduction you get by fitting smaller width tires.I wo not question why you want 26" wheels, but I will question why you would buy a new bike then swap out a expensive major component ... err, well, I guess 26" wheel XC mountain bikes are not really available any more, but then have to consider if you will have a hard time finding 26" disc brake MTB wheels (unless you wanna have a set built of course).3. Why is it not advisable to remove the lug nuts before jacking the car, since the wheel stud is still supporting the wheel as it was before?It actually is advisable to loosen the lug nuts, while the car is on the ground. The reason is that it's far easier with the wheel held in place, which prevents it from rotating, it doesn't destabilize the jacked car and it's the machined center hole of the wheel, which carefully corresponds with a raised boss in the wheel hub, which actually centers and supports the sheer load of the wheel.While the lug nuts shouldn't be removed from a wheel, while the car is sitting on the ground, it's perfectly OK to break them loose that way, and in-fact that's how most people do this. In reverse, when you put the wheel back on, you put all of the lug nuts back on and hand tighten them before lowering the car. You do a final tightening sequence once the car is firmly on the ground.The exception to these rules is if you're in a well-equipped shop and are using a rattle gun (air gun) to loosen or tighten the lugs. In that case, the entire car can be serviced, with it safely secured on the lift or service jack.Why is it not advisable to remove the lug nuts before jacking the car, since the wheel stud is still supporting the wheel as it was before?4. Rear wheel squeek Motorcycle(video link)Could be a few things... This can cause similar noises sometimes especially if the chain has tight spots. The load from the chain can really pull on the rear sprocket if tight & load up the rubber sprocket/hub cushion which can bind. If the chain is too tight, adjust it to the correct specs.The new pads could also be binding causing this noise, especially if the caliper/pads are not floating/sliding freely, or the pistons are sticking. Although this should have been checked and lubricated properly when the brakes were done.Try 'very carefully' to push the pads/pistons back into the brake caliper a little bit with a small prybar or screwdriver, just to create a small gap between pads and disk.. Is the noise still there? If the noise has gone then the brakes need looking at again as they are binding which is giving you this noise. They may not be operating correctly, or as smoothly as they should be.If the noise is still there after you've checked the chain and made sure that the pads are not binding on the disk, then it could be a bearing that's causing the noise. Brand new bearings do not normally give issues, but they can be installed incorrectly, sometimes ending up misaligned or overcompressed etc which means that they do not rotate smoothly.
Why Do They Burn Off the Gas at the Stacks of Oil Refineries?
Usually the gas that you see being flared off is there because there is an upset in the process at some point and they cannot run all areas of the plant at full capacity, so they have to flare the excess gas. Sometimes they can throttle the flows back, but many times they cannot. These are usually just temporary operating conditions. If this was a permanent condition they would install a good waste heat boiler and use it to produce steam or electric power to use elsewhere in the plant. These plants cannot afford to waste their energy anymore than anyone else.1. How to access the full capacity of hard drives larger than 2TB with OS X Yosemite?I read on another forum that there is an issue with Yosemite reading Windows formatted exFat drives.I do not seem to be able to find any workaround, so I am faced with the only viable option I can see: which is to copy stuff on disk to a Yosemite formatted hard disk.I do not know how Windows reacts to Yosemite formatted exFat drives, though.2. How big of a solar array would it take to equal a 2500kw wind turbine,if both produced there full capacity?This answer depends on which Solar panel you use to answer the question along with the numbers for Standard Test Conditions (1000w/m^2 of irrdiance, 25 degrees C panel temperature, and 1.5 Air Mass) or NOTC (closer to actual field number) you use. I will assume a Sharp ND-245QCJ solar panel which lists 245 Watts at STC on a panel that is 16.9 Sq-Ft or 14.5 Watts/Sq.-Ft. Now assume NOTC will give you 80% of that or 11.6 Wats/Sq-Ft. You want 2500 kW or 2,500,000 watts so the area you need to cover with solar panels then is: 2,500,000w / 11.6w/sq-ft = 215,517.2 Sq-Ft or about 5 acres of land. The wind turbine will require a much smaller foot print of land of about 0.5 acres but it will stand some 460 feet in to the air and may require additional permits if located in any flight paths of airplanes, birds, etc. Further it must be placed in a location that has a lot of constant wind blowing. Last you will not get 100% power all the time since the sun does not shire 24/7 and wind does not blow 24/7. Since the solar average depends on where you live as does the average wind speed, location is the next worry. If we assume (and this is a big assumption) that we can get 50% of the units output 6 hours a day we get a total energy of 7500 kilo-watt hours of energy per day. Since I use on the average of 126 kilo-watts hours of energy each day at my house (based on a two year average) your systems would supply the needs of about 60 homes. Hope this helps, Newton1Law3. Do humans know how to use their brains to full capacity?it's a myth that we only use a fraction of our brain. Brain is very demanding issue, and we would not have evolved it if we did not need all of it. But yes, we can train our brains and use them better. It's called learning.4. has yahoo reached full capacity for IM...IM supposedly from Pres. says so and we will pay $10 a month...true?Just imagine the JERK who sent you that IM, now if you and all your friends do it, Surely yahoo Would become overloaded! I dont know why people send (and worse yet Believe!) these kind of things5. Can the United States survive without foreign oil?You are wrong about the reason for the war. The reason for the war is to stop terrorism. Have you forgotten about 9/11? But as for your original question- Yes it is possible, but not for a while. There are plenty of places in the US where oil can be drilled. We need to get these oil fields up and running at full capacity. As a kid I remember driving through Western Colorado, there were miles and miles of oil rigs- seems like they were still working at that point. I remember driving other places in the US and seeing oil rigs working. Now you do not see them anymore and if you do, they are not working, they are still and rusty. We need to reopen these oil fields and start producing our own oil. I believe that there is enough oil in the US to keep us going, we just have to start drilling for it. I do not know that we can entirely cutoff our dependence on foreign oil right now, but give us several months to get us up and running to full capacity and get some reserves, then we can cut off our foreign oil. Who knows- that may even shut down terrorist organizations- because many of them get their funding from oil. It really is not good for us to be completely dependent on ANYTHING foreign. That does not mean that we should cut off all foreign trade- just make sure that we can depend on America's supplies. So Yes I believe that we can survive without foreign oil- it will just take some time to get there.
What Fuse in a 2005 F150 Controls Tail Lights and Dash Panel?
What fuse in a 2005 F150 controls tail lights and dash panel?Of direction, it's obvious that you both have a brief someplace on the apparatus to which the fuses concerned are blowing, or you possibly utilising reduce rated fuses than what is recomended by means of the company. Nevertheless, keep something in mind for future reference. Do not keep altering the blown fuses, or you might turn out to be destroying the phase that the fuse is protecting! Just trade the fuse as soon as, if it blows, do not trouble to try hanging an extra fuse, until the challenge is constant. Additionally, at all times ensure that you simply exchange all fuses with the unique equal rated fuse as the manufacturer recommended for that financial institution. Do not use lower or better rated fuses, and certainly not join the fuse terminals with aftermarket wires or conductors— — — — — —my fuse box names are in german, any idea what the fuse name for the windscreen spayer is in german?wischer is wiper in german so look for that and check the fuse— — — — — —My interior car fuse box isn't working properly?Probably you have another fuse in the wire to the radio. Look behind the radio if you can. If the wire has come loose on the fusebox, (or if the terminal is somehow broken) you can put the radio terminal on one of the vacant spade pins and then the radio will be on that fuse whatever it is. The radio does not take much juiice so it should be no problem. But I thinkj most radios have an inline fuse as well as the fuse that controls the whole circuit. This is why the other things work. You need to find out how to remove the radio.— — — — — —Is using a fuse puller necessary?you don,t need a fuse puller ! i use a pair of needle nose pliers to remove my fuses !— — — — — —Dashcam Blown Car Fusethe fuse in your lighter socket should be 10 or 20 amps - the adapter states 2.4A per port, so even if you had three things charging it should only be drawing 7.2A (say 8 to allow for inefficiency). If you are blowing the fuse, that suggests to me that, as you suspect, there is a problem with either the charger, the cable or the camera, that is causing a short and blowing the fuse. It's a shame it's not a standard USB-USb cable, as my usual advice here would be to try a known-good cable.— — — — — —Solution sprinkler that keeps blowing a fuse.?If you are sure there are no shorts, then it is possibly the transformer. Irrigations systems generally work on 24volt system. If the transformer goes bad, it may possibly blow the fuse. But double check for shorts. Disconnect all the leads to the valves and then run the clock. If it blows a fuse it may be a controller/transformer problem. If that does not blow the fuse, then connect the valves one at a time and run the zone. This will narrow down the problem and possibly isolate which valve or wire is bad. The problem may also be in the solenoid of one of the zone valves.— — — — — —Summon a PrimedTnt with a very long fuseThis is actually really easy to do, but there's a caveat, which I will get to. All you need is a scoreboard objective and three commands running off a 20Hz clock.The scoreboard objective is a timer that allows you to extend the fuse time beyond 127 ticks:The commands running off the 20Hz clock are to increment the score of every PrimedTnt, keep the Fuse from counting down to 0, and finally, once the desired time is reached, blow up the TNT:If you want different fuse time, simply adjust the value in the second and third command blocks to be 20 times the time in seconds that you want for the fuse. Now the caveat. The animation for PrimedTnt is such that it can only match up for TNT with the default fuse value of 80 before disappearing. This means that after the animation is finished, but before the TNT actually explodes, the TNT disappears. I do not know of an easy way around this, though there are definitely complicated ways around it.
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