Furnace Blower Motor Is Stuck!!!???????????

Not sure what you mean; but you can try jamning the motor and turning the fan cage clockwise then counter clockwise and pull them apart at the same time. Be careful how you jamn the motor; you do not want to damage the windings. Take a good look at the fan cage where it attaches to the motor. Does it look crooked. If it is crooked, you will have a difficult removing the fan cage from the motor until it is straightened. Good Luck.

1. Baddest Harley Motor Based on..?

personally, i am a sportster fan as far as harley performance goes. not only was the sportster born out of the harley racing team, they are compact, light and incredibly fast if built right. i finished my 77 ironhead buildup in 2001 and i love picking on the jap bikes. i cant beat them all but even the ones i lose to dont come back for more. i started racing the ironhead 3 years ago at the local track and there isnt a big twin out there has beat me yet. not even close.lotsa money and ingenuity but well worth it. and i dont have near the money in my sportster engine as the ( big twins ). make noise, go fast. the turbo kicks *** blowing alcohol. i am carbureted but might try injection later

2. teaching children gross motor skills?

Have children stack objects like books or pots. In addition, yoiu can have the children sort and stack the books in any group they want. This will give you insight into their thinking. Are they sorting by size? Color? Others? Check out this book: The Ultimate Preschool Playbook by Dorothy Einon. It has lots of activities for two to five year olds. Good luck.

3. rebuild or replace Mustang Motor?

if you can find a low mileage engine and hear it run then get it and put it in. even if you do get yours overhauled you can,t tell how long it will last either. but a good low mileage engine is your best bet.

4. Adding regular motor oil to synthetic motor oil is ok?

I do not even mix BRANDS of oil. They just do not mix right. Drain your oil, change your filter, and put in the oil you want. Write down the brand and weight you used on a piece of paper tape and stick it to the inside of your glovebox and stick with it. Good Luck

5. Is it really bad for my motor to rev it up high ?

If you run the car like this all the time and you keep it up good it is no harder on it than any V-8. The small 4 cylinder cars were made with a high revving engine. That is the only way they can compete in today's car market. My son has a Talon that is a turbo car and he runs it regularly and it has 185,000 on it and it runs very well

6. in an escort with the 1.9L motor?

I do not know a great deal about cars but i once did a 2 week mechanic course and id say it does not matter, if its automatic or not as long as you match the correct gear box with the engine, as the automatic does not have a clutch

7. Electric motor ?

A 5 hp motor is powerful enough to carry the load of an inclined conveyor. A 220Volt motor rated 5Hp would be approppriate so your wire size will be lesser. A 2HP motor may also be sufficient to drive small water pumps and carry heavy objects depending on your drive mechanism.

8. Is it possible that the Motor City Machine Guns come to WWE?

hard matter. browse in bing and yahoo. it may help!

9. what is the difference between a 350 motor and a 4.3 motor?

That's right! Basically, the 4.3 engine is a 350 V-8 with two cylinders removed. GM was too cheap to create a whole new engine, so they just revised the standard 350. Buick did the same thing with their 305 engine. It became the 3. 8 liter V-6. It only took them 3 incarnations to get it right. WOW!!

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