Gas Fireplace Or Space Heater?

Space Heater Fireplace

1. What is thermal efficiency water heater?

Thermal efficiency is on a Gas boiler what you get out of the boiler in heat compared to what your boiler used EG. A modern Condencing boiler will give you upto 92% efficiency. Where as my old Vaillant Combi boiler 23 years old is only about 78% efficient. So basicly you have to put more gas into the boiler to get the same heat out. Which can cost you a bit more. But the most modern boilers are not as robust and have more technology within them which can go wrong. Plus to change to a more efficient modern boiler would cost me around 1,700. And that buys a lot of gas. So sticking with my old boiler as it's running like a clock and not costing me a fortune as only pay 67 per month for my central heating gas and all the Electricty I use.What is thermal efficiency water heater?

2. I just bought a 27 year old car with low miles, what should I check?

All fluids need to be replaced; brake, steering, cooling system, transmission, motor oil. Belts and heater and cooling system hoses. Tires of course. You Toy does not have sealed bearing joints, so the suspension system will need a lube. CV and ball joints? All look clean and rust free underweight Motor mounts? Have fun!

3. Mazda Miata cabin heater

I suggest posting this question on a Miata forum. You might want to get a car with heated seats.

4. Tankless Water Heater?

They work on the principal of heating what you will use. When the unit calls for hot water, the burner lights and heats the water that go through coils, cold water in - hot water out. If you have high water use (2 or more people) do not install a tankless. The demand will never keep up. There is a common fallacy with tankless heaters being an endless supply. Sure you are only heating the water when you need it, but if you are doing laundry and washing dishes at the same time, it's not for you and will cost more in the long run. Cost wise, they are 2-3 time more than conventional tank heaters and cost more to install, especially if you get a plumber not familiar with a tankless. Additionally, you will find that most plumbers are not in agreement with the "endless" theory. Hope this helps.

5. Do my fish need a heater?

Nope... You do not need a heater for goldfish

6. GMC suburban heater core ?

probably via removing the completed sprint. Carmakers could be compelled to make an exterior heater center, yet they insist on burying it deep interior the sprint. I even have had 2 vehicles .... a Ford and a Jimmy, the two had to take the sprint out.

7. Best Sauna Heater | Review of the Electric Gas Wood Heater

Sauna was first introduced to Americans by Finns in the early 1600s. Since then, it has been a part of their lifestyles. With the growing number of sauna heaters, you might find it difficult to find the best sauna heater for your sauna room. Read through our reviews to know more. Most saunas today use this type of heater. An electric stove is used to heat the stones. This stove comes with a timer and a thermostat to regulate the temperature of the stones. This type of heater is ideal for an outdoor sauna. It can be also used in an indoor sauna, which has an exterior wall vent. This is the oldest type of heater. Many people are still using this today to get a feel of the traditional sauna experience. This is a good choice for a barrel sauna. This is the newest technology in sauna heating. An infrared sauna heaters makes use of ceramic or carbon heaters. The infrared sauna is not considered by sauna enthusiasts as real 'sauna'. They prefer to call it a 'therapeutic room' than a sauna since it does not produce 'loyly' or steam. This type of heater is commonly used by athletes to help relax their muscles. The first thing to consider before buying a sauna heater is your residence. If you live in the country where there are plenty of woods, a wood-fired sauna heater may be the best option you have. This will cost you less in the long run. If you live in an urban area, it is wiser to have either a gas or electric-driven heater. Unlike wood-fired heaters, these heaters do not create ashes. A gas heater might also be a better choice if your house has a gas heating system or a low supply of electricity. Other things to consider when choosing your heater include the following: This type of heater does not warm up the surrounding air. It can only heat up the surface it is pointing to. Some of the benefits of sauna include the following. Review of the Best Sauna Heater Harvia Manufacturing of Finland made this electric sauna heater, which can heat up 300 cubic feet (L x W x H) 7' standard sauna room. We like this heater's interior and heating elements because they are made of stainless steel. Stainless steel does not rust, which contributes to this heater's Other products in the market are only CE certified, which means they have only passed European's safety standards. Finlandia FLB-60 Sauna Heater is ETL certified, which means that it has passed the US OSHA's safety standards. Another good thing to like about Finlandia FLB-60 Sauna Heater is that it comes with large rocks. So, you wo not have to bother looking for some. This compact mini electric sauna heater from Turku is CE and ISO certified. It is an excellent choice for those who prefer an 110V or 120V unit and to those who have small sauna room. This heater is ideal for use in a 45 to 90 cubic feet sauna room. We like this product's versatility because it can be either used for a wet or dry sauna. This product has a built-in controller, which is great because it is much easier to wire it that way. This electric heater comes with a stainless steel modern design, which makes it a durable product. It can be used for wet and dry sauna, but not with infrared saunas though. Other good features of this product include its aluminum thermostat sensor casing and high grade Teflon coating elements. We also like this product's digital controller, which does not produce any ticking sound. Unlike other heaters, this heater can be pre-set up to 12 hours. This product is CE and ISO certified. This heater features a 100% stainless-steel body, which prevents corrosion or rust formation that can be caused by exposure to elevated temperatures and moisture. This product comes with an extra large tray, which can hold 160 pounds of rocks and eight gallons of water. This capacity turns your sauna into a steam sauna in a short span of time. We also like it's built-in thermal cutout, which protects this heater from overheating. Another good thing about this product is that its sealed combustion heaters do not need flue or gas connections inside the sauna. This wood burning sauna heater is a product of Harvia of Finland, and is a great choice if you have a small sauna room. A unique feature of this product is its dual function. This can be used as a fireplace and as a wood burning sauna stove. We also liked that this heater comes with 2 boxes of genuine Harvia sauna stones. This means that you can start using it once you received it. Another good feature is its stainless steel outer casing, which adds up to this product's durability. This product can work well with accessories like chimney kit, chimney pipe, chimney pipe extension, and water heater. See HOW TO - Installation Of Harvia Wood-burning Stove on Youtube All of the products we have reviewed have quality features, but based on our standards we pick Finlandia FLB-60 Sauna Heater as the best sauna heater. This heater is durable for its stainless-steel casing. This is also the only product with ETL certification, which means it has passed the standards of US-OSHA. We also liked that this heater comes with the sauna stones.

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2021 Cost to Repair a Solar Water Heater | Solar Water Heater Maintenance
2021 Cost to Repair a Solar Water Heater | Solar Water Heater MaintenanceThe national average cost for repairing solar water heaters is between $150 and $750 , with most homeowners paying about $400 for replacing a damaged or broken coil. This project's low cost is $50 for repairing a leaky pressure valve. The high cost for this project is $2,000 for replacing a large water tank. Maintaining and repairing a solar water heater is important to guarantee an uninterrupted hot water supply for you and your family. Regularly scheduled maintenance usually includes lubrication of parts, replacement of antifreeze and corroded parts, cleaning of solar collectors for maximum efficiency, and repair of blemished or bent connectors. Regular maintenance is a way to extend the life of your solar water heater, but issues can still arise and need to be repaired by a qualified technician. Various parts make up the overall system of a solar water heater, and damage can occur to all these parts. The cost of your solar heater repairs largely depends on the affected parts. The table below shows the main repair types you might need, along with average repair costs for each one. Solar water heater insulation repairs average $100 to $500. Insulation is necessary to maintain the water temperature and improve efficiency. Fiberglass 1 blankets and other forms of insulation can be placed around the tank and hot water feed pipe. Repairs to the collector of your solar water heater cost between $100 and $800. The collector is the part of the system responsible for collecting solar energy, so this is where the solar panels and tubes are. Collector panels and other components can get damaged, which may interfere with the water flow and system efficiency. For example, dirty panels may need to be cleaned, or resin applied to patch any cracks or superficial damage. Repairs to the water tank of solar systems range from $400 to $1,000. The water heater tank is responsible for storing the heated water, ready for use in the home. Tanks are made from sturdy materials and last many years, but they can get dented, cracked, or damaged in other ways, requiring patching and fixing by professional technicians. Solar water heaters contain a wide range of parts, from thermostats 2 and valves to the water tank. Problems can arise with all these parts, and each one may need to be replaced if the damage is too great. The table below shows common solar water heater parts, along with the average costs for replacement: Thermostat replacements for a solar water heater cost between $100 and $250. The thermostat is a vital component because it monitors and controls the temperature of the water and keeps the system running smoothly. Replacement thermostats are relatively easy to install, and the process can be done in less than an hour. Replacing a pressure relief valve in a solar water heater averages $100 to $250. This valve is essential for controlling the pressure in the water tank as the water inside heats up or cools down. It works to prevent leaks and tank ruptures, and it is relatively cheap and easy to replace. A professional first drains the pressure of the tank before removing the old valve. Then they screw in the new valve and tighten it before reconnecting everything and checking that it works. Solar water heater tube replacements range from $250 to $600. These tubes, sometimes known as evacuated tubes, are a key part of the solar collector system. A collector can still function with a couple of broken tubes, but it will be less efficient. If you want the best results from your collector, remove and replace any cracked or broken tubes with fresh ones. Costs vary depending on how many tubes need replacing. Solar panel replacement for a solar water heater costs between $300 and $500. Panels are a key part of the collector system for your solar water heater, helping gather solar energy from the sun, which is used to heat your water. Since they are exposed to storms, the elements, and open air, they can become damaged over time. Solar panel glass replacement ranges from $300 to $500. Usually when the glass in a solar panel breaks or cracks, the panel continues to function, but it will not be as effective. Professionals cannot replace the individual parts of the glass directly because of how these panels are constructed, but a new glass panel can be purchased and installed to replace the damaged one. Replacing the coil in your solar water heater averages $350 to $750. The coil, or heat exchanger, is what helps heat the water, taking heat energy into the tank and allowing the system to function as intended. A broken coil can lead to your home having no hot water, so this part needs to be replaced quickly once any issues are detected. Replacing the solar water heater pump 3 costs between $500 and $800. The pump is one of the most important parts of your solar water heater system because it circulates the water through the collectors and into the home. When the pump fails, the entire system essentially becomes ineffective, so broken pumps should be replaced as soon as possible. Solar hot water tank replacement ranges from $750 to $2,000. The tank is one of the biggest and most expensive parts of any solar water heater system. So clean and repair it whenever possible because full replacements can be very expensive. If the tank is damaged beyond repair and causing leaks, a replacement will be necessary. A wide range of problems affect solar water heaters, from mineral buildups to leaky valves. These problems affect different parts and have varying causes, which require specific steps of diagnosis and repair. The table below shows common problems you may encounter with a solar water heater and the costs to fix each one. Fixing a leaky pressure relief valve costs between $50 and $250. Sometimes, leaky valves simply need tightening or resealing, which is inexpensive and can be done in a matter of minutes. Other times, they may need to be replaced, leading to a higher repair cost because you have to factor in the price of the new valve and the extra labor required to remove the old one. Fixing a solar water heater that is leaking on the roof ranges from $50 to $500. This is a common problem with heaters and is usually caused by a damaged or broken pressure relief valve. Have the valve repaired or replaced to fix this issue. It could also be caused by pipe leaks within the solar panels, which can be more costly to repair. Fixing faulty sensor 4 wires averages $100 to $200. Sensor wires could be reversed, connections loose, or controllers faulty. To fix this, the technician tightens all loose connections, cleans and seals exposed areas, and connects the sensor wires properly. Removing mineral buildup in your solar water heater tank costs between $100 and $250. Minerals from hard water 5 can form scale and blockages in the system, which have to be flushed out. A technician inspects your system, replaces any corroded piping, ensures that the isolation valves are open, and flushes the buildup of minerals to remove the blockage. Fixing loose panels for a solar water heater ranges from $100 to $250. If your solar panels have not been installed properly, they could come loose. Regular inspection and maintenance of solar panels are important to ensure there is no damage. Refitting loose panels should never be attempted by inexperienced homeowners because there is an increased possibility of damaging the panels beyond repair. To keep the solar water panels firmly in place, a qualified technician will check them to ensure that these elements do not loosen to the point of malfunction. The technician will also tighten or refasten the screw fixings and install additional ones when necessary. If the panels are loose because of corroded fixings, the professional replaces these with new ones. Dealing with scaling in your water heater system costs between $100 and $250. Scaling occurs when a mineral film, which is formed of mineral salts from calcium, magnesium, silica, aluminum, or iron, coats the entire surface of a heat exchanger. These salts are the impurities that reach the deposit site in a soluble state. They precipitate out of the water directly on surfaces that transfer heat or by suspended deposits in the water precipitating on the metal and becoming hard and adherent. To deal with this, the system will usually need to be flushed. Fixing a solar water heater that is making banging sounds averages $100 to $800. There are many potential causes of this issue, and a banging noise is not a good sign regarding your heater's health. It may indicate a problem with the sensors, pump, valve, or temperature controller. If it is a simple valve issue, the repair costs should be minimal, but prices can rise for more severe system damage. Fixing panels with the wrong orientation ranges from $150 to $500. Panels need to be oriented and angled correctly to get the most light and be as efficient as possible. But some panels can be improperly installed in a way that puts them in the shade for large parts of the day. The technician will check if the solar panels are properly oriented and remove or trim any vegetation obstructing the system's sun exposure. Repairing freeze damage to your system costs between $150 and $500. The greatest risk to a solar water heating system, which uses liquids like water as heat transfer fluids, is freezing. Freezing occurs when the temperatures fall below 32º Fahrenheit. The water collector supply and return pipes are more vulnerable to freezing, especially if they run through an unheated space or outside. Freezing causes the pipes to expand and burst and could damage the water heater. Pipes that have been damaged due to freezing usually need replacing. Fixing a water heater that is losing heat ranges from $250 to $600. This issue might be caused by a lack of insulation around the tank or pipes. To fix it, solar professionals might use insulation blankets. They will also insulate the pipes and seal the tank, joints, and pipes. Making improvements to a water heater that is not working at full capacity averages $250 to $850. Solar panels must work at 80% capacity or greater for water to be heated to the maximum temperature. If the capacity of the solar panels drops below that threshold, replacements or repairs are needed. Low-efficient solar water heaters increase energy bills, whereas highly efficient water heaters minimize the energy bills by almost 20% and warm your water faster. Solar water heater professionals will inject foam insulation between the water collector and its outer membrane for increased heat retention. Other components that a technician may recommend replacing are glass liners for making water tanks less prone to corrosion. For increasing efficiency, a new conventional storage unit may also be recommended. Professional solar water heater maintenance costs between $100 and $250 per checkup. Technicians who are experienced in working with solar water heaters visit your property, inspect the system, carry out various diagnostic checks to ensure that everything is working, check the valves, tighten any loose fittings, look for any signs of wear and tear, clean the panels, and flush the system of minerals if needed. These checks and maintenance visits are a useful way to keep your water heater in good working order. Have an annual inspection to extend the life of your water heater.
What Kind of Heater Is Good for a Hermit Crab Tank?
You can use either an Under the Tank Heater (more commonly known as UTHs) or you can choose to get a reptile heat lamp. It's a matter of personal preference, really. I personally have a UTH, but most of the crabbers I talk to have heat lamps. Before I go any further on your options, let me stop first and say that unless you have at least a 10 gallon glass tank, that you can not use any kind of heater on your 'tat. Plastic KK's or open air cages will warp (and make absolutely horrible homes for hermies). Even if you have a 5 gallon tank, it's still too small. Last I checked they do not make a 5 gallon UTH (and if they did it would probably not give off nearly enough heat that's needed), and the heat lamps would be too large for the tank--there would not be the needed "hot" side and "cool" side. Now that I've gotten that out of the way, your two options as I've said is the UTH and the Heat Lamp. If you choose to get a UTH, you will need one for your gallon size. Most packages say "for x to y gallon tanks" so be sure to get the appropriate size. Getting too big a UTH will bring too much heat into the tank, and might crack the glass. Also, I've heard some crabbers complain that UTHs do not really hold enough heat to do any good. I personally have one and at first it was not helping with the heat, but now it seems to be fine. It's just something to think about. Your other choice is a heat lamp. You will need to get a lamp and bulbs. You need a day glo and a night glo so as to not screw up your hermit crabs day/night cycles. However, I've also heard (but I am not 100% sure) that if you get a red bulb, they wo not see that light, so you could use that as a sole bulb. Be sure to only put it on one side of the tank. What goes for UTHs also goes for heat lamps; there needs to be a hot side and a cool side if your hermies choose not to want to bask in the light. However, the problem with heat lamps is that as the heat goes up, the humidity usually winds up going down. And humidity needs to be between 70-80%. This is not impossible to maintain, it just becomes harder with the lamps. Oh, and just one more thing about heat lamps--do not substitute regular light bulbs for heat lamps. They can be used in a pinch, but not as a substitute! So, the choice is yours. Both have their pro's and con's. My advice to you is this: UTHs may be cheaper in the long run, but if you need to get the heat up drastically they wo not be a good option. UTHs work best if your room temperature is already close to the ideal temperature for hermit crabs (between 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit), and you just need to push it up a few degrees. If you need to raise it up more than that, I would suggest investing in a heat lamp.1. What are three or four items or substitutes to light bulbs that were based on light bulbs?fluorescent lamp or CFL. sodium lamp. mercury lamp. LED bulb. neon lamp. Argon lamp. carbon arc lamp.2. types of light bulbs and there uses?hard stuff. browse with the search engines. this can help!3. Are homebase light bulbs any good ?I bought 3 led lights and use them for my outside lights. They work fine and use way less electricity. I cant help you with brands names as I honestly do not know which brands are better.4. how do I fix the rear brake lights that don't come on on my 2004 chevy malibu?That could be alot more difficult than you would think for that car. I believe the brake lights run through the BCM body control module. I ran into a problem on a 2001. I sold it before I ever figured it out. But yeah, check the pedal switch, fuses, and bulbs first.
Which Is the Best Room Heater, Quartz Based Or Ceramic Or Oil Filled?
Idk to be honest1. where can I buy a cheap rose quartz crystal in ga?The pink translucency of the rose quartz bespeaks of the divine beginning and serene nature of this angelic image with the help of Taomi and Fernando. Rose quartz is seen to be the sacred stone of the planet Venus, believed to advance interpersonal relationships at artwork. At abode, rose quartz creates a welcoming ecosystem stimulating emotions of love, tenderness, and quietness. Rose quartz is likewise seen to heal emotional wounds2. Why don't new batteries keep my quartz wall clock going for more than 4-6 hrs?Take a pencil eraser and clean the electrodes where the touch the battery3. How to fix a basic quartz clock?Quartz Clock Repair4. How To Clean Quartz CountertopsAs quartz countertops have climbed to match the popularity of Granite, more people are asking, "What is the best way to clean quartz countertops?" Today, we will discuss the proper cleaning methods to use on your quartz counters. The number of quartz countertop installs will continue to rise due to the materials durability and beauty. Quartz is a manmade product and constructed with resins and recycled materials like glass and other materials. This production process not only creates a durable surface, it allows for endless beautiful designs and colors to be created and repeated. Also created in this process is a hermetic seal, this seal keeps bacteria and other bad elements from seeping into your beautiful surfaces. This is a nice advantage over natural stones, as these natural materials need to have a seal treatment to help stop staining and possible bacteria seeping down into your countertops. Although we have touched on a few basic perks of choosing Quartz countertops, we need to establish that a consistent cleaning routine be put into place. This is the only way to ensure that your quartz counters stay in pristine condition. Below, we will walk you through, our guide on how to clean quartz countertops, and the best practices for keeping your quartz surfaces clean and brilliant for years to come. Our recommendation is that you clean your quartz countertops on a daily basis. Creating this simple habit will help ensure that spills will not stain and food will not become stuck to your beautiful quartz surface. For cleaning, all you will need is a solution of mild dish detergent and warm water. The process we suggest to use is as follows; Fill a medium size bowl with warm water, then add a generous amount of the mild dish detergent. Gently combine the two ingredients until the detergent is dissolved in the water. From here on it is wetting a towel and wiping the surface in a circular motion until the entire surface has been wiped. To dry, just grab paper towels or a fresh towel to wipe away the excess water and detergent solution. Sometimes accidents happen and you might run across a tougher spill or stain on your quartz countertops that warm water and mild detergent will not remove. There are some other cleaning methods that you can try. Although these are generally safe to use on quartz surface, always refer to the owner's manual or your installer to avoid any permanent damages while trying to remove these tough stains. If you come across needing to remove a pen mark or the accidental permanent marker marking isopropyl rubbing alcohol could help remove these marks. Since the rubbing alcohol is a solvent it should break down the inks and marker and make wiping away easy. Start by pouring a small amount of the rubbing alcohol on the mark, with a clean towel rub the surface in a circular motion to remove the stain. Once you have accomplished this pour a small amount of warm water on the area and dry with a clean towel. Let's say your surface develops a soap stain or hard water deposit, well we have a solution for those situations. To help remove these types of issues we recommend a vinegar and water solution mixed 1:1. In a medium sized bowl mix one part warm water and one part vinegar, stir the mixture, then pour a generous amount on the affected area. Wipe the area down with a clean towel. After you have removed the trouble spot wipe again with warm water to remove the to mix solution from completely from the surface. End by drying with a clean towel or paper towel. Now the dreaded grease residue, you can use a degreaser cleaning product. However, only use such a product designed specifically for quartz countertops. Please head all of the instructions laid out by the products manufacturer as product is different. After using one of these products rinse thoroughly with warm water! Again, please exercise extreme care while using any of the aforementioned methods. DO NOT leave your surfaces unattended while working with these methods. Always, rinse your quartz countertops thoroughly after using these cleaning processes. Above all else, reference your quartz manufacturer's guidelines for cleaning your particular quartz surface. The majority of quartz countertop manufacturers provide their recommended cleaning methods and supplies to use on their surfaces. A quick summary of their products to avoid are sponges, pads, and abrasive cleaners. These products can cause irreversible damage to your countertops. Also, harsh scrubbing will lead to a dull finish on quartz countertops. Concentrated bleach should be avoided while cleaning your quartz as this product can leave stains. Any cleaner that have a high pH level should be avoided, examples of these cleaners are grill cleaners, oven cleaners, dishwasher detergent and paint removers. Most of these methods will void any product warranty you have on your quartz. Now we will discuss other good habits to incorporate with the cleaning habits we began with. We have a few tips that will help with the longevity of your quartz countertops. Quartz is a very resilient material, however, it is not indestructible. Always place a protective barrier between hot pots and pans. Heat damage can be a scary topic as quartz does not stand up to heat as well as its natural stone counterparts. If you do not use a trivet or pot holder under a hot pot or pan you can create discoloration on your surface. Avoid placing hot items directly on your quartz countertops. Another tip, do not cut or chop anything directly on your quartz. These motions will add cuts and scratches into the resin leaving your countertops vulnerable to stains and other issues. Finally, we will end with where we began. Creating a daily habit of wiping down the quartz surface with a mild detergent and warm water solution will help keep your countertops beautiful and help in their longevity.
Is It Ok to Put a Short Extension Cord on an in-line Heater for a Whirlpool Tub?
go up one gauge to be on the safe side. FYI ... 10 gauge is LARGER than 12 gauge as far as wires are concerned1. Why only hot water comes in a whirlpool washer? Is it the inlet water valve or the hot/cold button broken?There is usually a screen in the hose that goes into the machine that gets clogged with mineral deposits. Check that and clean it2. How do I Amana/Whirlpool/Maytag to repair or replace products when they are out of warranty (free)?There is not much you can do four years ago Maytag/Amana put out what we call the searcy washer design, it was nothing but trouble from the get go, even though you are dealing with Whirlpool no they did't own it when you bought the maching. Maytag was bought by Whirlpool in March of 2005, but the designs of maytag machines were not changed to whirlpool units until november of 2006, however in response to some other answers roper is also owned and made by whirlpool, not much better - buy a ge3. what is a whirlpool ?A whirlpool is caused when ocean currents, whether caused by tides or wind, flow in such a way that two opposing currents interact. This causes the water to swirl. As you can try yourself in a bathtub, when water begins to move in a circle, the water to the outside moves faster than the water to the inside, which creates a downward funnel shape to the whirlpool. Whirlpools are most often seen in coastal areas where tides create inflow/outflows around land masses. Although it is also a brand of washing machine...4. Between Maytag, Whirlpool and Bosch, which one is more popular?This Site Might Help You. RE: Between Maytag, Whirlpool and Bosch, which one is more popular? more reliable and dureabl for the washer and dryer.5. My whirlpool tub leaks when the jets are turned on, what could the problem be?Tilex mildew and mould Remover and for cleansing soap scum Tilex cleansing soap Scum Remover. I many times commerce the two one time sparkling with the mould remover and the subsequent with cleansing soap scum remover. With the cleansing soap scum remover spray the bathe and bathtub down then scrub enable the product sit down on the outdoors till you utilize the bathe or bathtub and then rinse it.6. which brand refrigerator is good and can u tell me the model also?I can help you out as far as refrigerator brand. I asked the repair guy who came to my house to fix my crappy Frigidaire (do not get one of those) which brand was the one that he rarely ever had to service and he told me Whirlpool is probably the best brand with the least amount of problems7. We all know a Whirlpool washer/dryer does; what other appliances have more charisma than John Cena?my blender does8. Do you use bubbles in a whirlpool?nope if you do you will probably get evicted9. whirlpool topload washer won't fill with water, but it will spin?As TAD and Fred have reported, its the lid swap. Sears has not bought a beltchronic Whirlpool in 30 years now, so i am VERY valuable its a directchronic. If it the place a badchronic coupling, the timer might nevertheless advance in spite of the undeniable fact that all the cycles and the water might drain, in basic terms the basket would not spin or agitate. i replaced right into a Sears provider Tech some years in the past, and in case you instructed me this on the telephone, i might carry a lid swap with me and anticipate a achieved call. this is definitely a extremely effortless fix, and a solid do-it your self venture. to not point out it is going to avert approximately $60 doing it your self. No. .. LOL. .. do not purchase yet another washer. .. those direct drives are solid machines, this one certainly has yet another 8 years left in it10. What is the difference between soaker tub and whirlpool tub?whirlpool has jets....soaker does not11. i have a whirlpool electric dryer.........?No Meter No for sure test....they cost $5 or $6 at harbor freight once you pull it out use a multimeter set to ohms to check the resistance.....check it across the 1 or 2 thermal bi-metal fuses first they are on the side where the wires hook up..if the are open(no conductivity) you must replace them...usually the whole heater assembly must be purchased.....use your meter to check the coils as well the resistance should be less the 125 ohms....good luck
How to Adjust Temperature on Electric Water Heater?
Ruudglas Pacemaker Electric Water Heater1. Water heater leaking, what is the best home repair?If the leak is from the heater and not just one of the pipes there is no way to repair it. You just replace it with a new one2. Water Heater and the Landlord - Las Vegas, NV?Yes, your landlord needs to pay the entire bill; a house is not habitable without hot water, and every bit of the bill was necessary. Unfortunately, if you withold the $375, you can be evicted. You cannot withold rent without a court order or your landlord's explicit permission. You will need to sue your landlord for the portion. When you win, he will also have to reimburse your court/legal fees. If he wrongfully witholds $375 of your deposit in order to make up for the difference, you will again have to sue him in small claims.3. What would cause a water heater to increase in temp?Either somebody changed the thermostat, or the thermostat needs replacing4. Replacing a hot water heater: tank or tankless?Without natural gas or propane, your only source of heat is electricity. Electric tankless water heaters would probably require a new circuit to be run. This requires #6 wire. If your incoming temp is 40F and desired out temp is 110F, you need 70F of temp rise and the RTE13 will provide 1.27 GPM.Many people think they want tankless because the mfg tell them tankless is more efficient. There is some truth to this for gas fired water heaters but in the case of electric water heaters, the difference in efficiency is very small.5. Why is my water heater not working right?your bottom element is bad it will heat water until t-stat calls for bottom element then it shorts to ground also need to look at size of wire needs to be # 10on a 30 amp breaker if your handy turn water inlet off and power get your new element before you start i take out old element and put in new one without draining you got to be quick and it cant be open anywere6. What is the right gauge wire for the incoming DSL phone line to my router?Either get better quality/correct (stranded vs solid, eg) terminations or work some "high voltage grease" (silicone grease in a small tube, available from an auto parts place) into the connection -- probably coat the wire and inside of the connector heavily with it before termination if using crimp-ons.And check your furnace, water heater, and other "combustion appliances" -- a likely cause of this problem is fumes in the house. (Another likely cause is Chinese drywall. ).7. which is more efficient for water heater, the propane or electrical?taking into consideration the distribution losses and thermal efficiency of the electricity generating station I would say propane at 80 % would be better. Note waste co2 rich exhaust could also be used tn northern latitudes to heat a greenhouse in winter.8. Where is the thermostate for my hot water heater?you have to remove the foam and the stat is under that9. Tankless water heater not functioning properly! HELP?it is complicated to assert what you will easily save on the utilities, yet you will possibly save something. you will additionally save some area. you will by no ability run out of warm water. and that they final longer than a tank water heater. $900 is absolutely the maximum inexpensive cost for an put in tankless i've got ever heard - it is fairly below the cost of a good unit via itself. be conscious that the extra beneficial gadgets are from Noritz, Takagi, or Rinnai10. Home hot water heater losing heat?It could be hard water deposits or rust in the tank. The tank might need serviced or drained and refilled11. why is the alarm on the water heater going off?This Site Might Help You. RE: why is the alarm on the water heater going off?12. Hot Water Heater Pressure Release Valve Leaking?You might want to check the water pressure in your home. If it is too high, when the water is heated it expands and may exceed the pressure setting of the TP valve. You may need to lower the incoming pressure or install an expansion tank. Good Luck.
99 Escort Lx Idle Low When Heater Is Turned on Just Started to Do This After I Replaced the Serpenti
timing belt has absolutely nothing to do with the heater, there is an idle-up solenoid that keeps the idle from decreasing when the fan is turned on(whether it is the heater or AC), check this solenoidHow to replace a Passenger side window for a 1989 Ford Mustang LX Hatchback.?Get a Haynes manual and call your local auto shopwhere can i find a repair manual for my 1993 ford escort lx wagon?the best thing i did was to buy an subscription. It was as cheap as the book at the store and more completeCost to replace exhaust/cat manifold and o2 sensor for honda civic 96 lx?Shops would cost you $200 for o2 sensor replacement. Oxygen Sensor ranges from $40-$50. Exhaust Manifold Gasket replacement cost $250. Exhaust Manifold Gasket ranges from $25- $30 Check the links for further details.What type of gas to use for the 2012 accord coupe lx?Use exactly what the owners manual spec's, in this case, for this year and engine, 87 Octane regular. Using higher octane fuel will actually do no good for the car and generally make it run more poorly in the winter and while the engine is warming up. Using high octane fuel in a low compression engine can lead to coking problems. Higher octane fuel is harder to ignite (that's what makes it higher octane!) and so will run poorly when the engine is cold. As to brand of fuel, any quality supplier is just fine. Shell, BP, HEB are all good brands. Mostly you want to be sure you buy gas at stations that do good volume. Stations that move a lot of fuel are less likely to have issues with water in the fuel. Astrobuf94 Honda Accord LX Power Windows (Passenger) Not working!?Bigmac01 is correct. Did you buy a brand new motor, used, or aftermarket. If you bought a new one or a used one then you will probably have to pay for another one, but if you bought an aftermarket or rebuilt one from an auto parts store they usually carry a warrantyIs the new sidekick 08 any better or worse then the lx?Well tht's debatable if you want a business phone than get the 2008 but if you would like just a regular phone for texting and such get the LXMy 94 Honda Accord LX still overheating HELP?The radiator might need to be flushed and the proper coolant/water mix added. If this has not been done in a few years that might be the problemDriver Window Honda Accord LX 97?Sounds like the master switch maybe faulty and I would suggest that you start with checking the owners manual and fuse box covers for any fuses or relays in the electric window circuits.According to that vehicle has no relays in the electric window circuits but again check and see. One test probe I like to suggest that you use is a positive and negative 12 volt auto test probe.This would help a lot since it reads both positive and negative voltage.For example it has a red positive alligator clip wire that you clamp onto the the positive battery post or another constant 12 volt positive feed.Then you clamp the black lead wire to a clean/solid metal ground surface or a the battery's negative post.How if you popped out the master window control switch you could then slightly puncture any of the wires for example you select the wire on one side of the drivers side switch.Now you might see a green led light on the test probe light up or a red light or no light.Try moving the switch now in the upper position and lower positions you should be seeing those lights come on.So if you say saw the green light on with the switch off and then when you turned switch on for up window function the green light went off but the red light is now on.This would suggest that the switch in that position is working. Once you've tested all 4 switches in the up window and lower window positions then you also could note the colours of the wires you tested for the drivers side window switch.Take the door panel off and test those wires at the motor for the window and at the regulator.See if the led tester responds the same at the motor end etc of the same coloured wires as on the switch.Now you could take a look at the passengers side. See if those readings are the same at the master switch for the passengers front window wires as the motor wires.This should be enough to know whats going on and what part/parts need replacing.
My Boyfriend Has a New Water Pump, Coolant Tank and Heater Core and He Is still Leaking Coolant Ever
Leaking head gasket, cracked head, cracked or leaking hose (check around clamps)1. Would a bad heater core make an engine sound likes it's revving? (2003 Pontiac Sunfire)?If your heater core is leaking you could be running low on coolant and if your in park you may be hearing your cooling fan cycle, since your running your defroster harder and longer due to lack of warm coolant flow in heater core you may also be building high pressure in your air conditioner because your car uses your AC pump when in the defrost mode all off these things would cause your radiator fan to cycle every few minutes. Just a thought2. How to tell if heater core is bad, or just leaking?"Just leaking" is bad. And you are risking the engine because the cooling system wo not build pressure as long as it leaks. You need to bypass it right now and replace it when you can. Head gasket sealer is snake oil that does not work and risks trashing the engine.3. can i change out a heater core without taking it to a repair shop?In order to get to the heater core... you have to take out the majority of the dash and it is very time consuming... but it is possible4. What all does bypassing the heater core in my car affect?If we knew what style of automobile you have there may well be extra help. some autos used short rubber hoses between the traces and the middle and that they are infamous for leaking and might get replaced for plenty decrease than a center. the different option is to in basic terms pass it. If the leak is not too great a small can of black pepper will paintings better than any of the aftermarket supply up leak stuff5. is it safe to drive with my heater core leaking water?Do not know what car you have but a lot of them, if you move your temperature control for heat/AC to the coldest setting, it shuts the flow of coolant to the heater core, causing the leak to quit at least while it's in that position. Make sure you radiator is full, check it when engine is cold, before you start the drive and you should be okay. Keep an eye on your temperature gauge for signs of overheating.6. 1994 buick roadmaster how to replace heater core?One of the components driven by the belt that is coming off is not in proper alignment. You need to have the vehicle checked to make sure that all of the components are running straight and that you don,t have any misaligned accessories. The most common things to look for are bad belt auto tensioners and idler pulleys that can become worn and cause the belt to run at a slight angle and come off or even a bad water pump but you would probably have some noise associated with that. Just take it to a good shop or dealership and explain your problem and they should be able to quickly locate the cause of your problem. Good luck7. I want to replace my heater core in my 99 dodge ram.?The whole dash has to come out it takes book time 4 hours 1 hour to evacuate and recharge the ac system. One of our techs just did one on monday. Auto Tec 13-years8. heater core/wet floor "quick fix"?Are you smelling coolant? Be sure the core is leaking before you spend a boatload of money fixing it. A plugged AC drain tube will also wet the passenger side floor (simply a matter of locating the tube under the car and cleaning it out). If you are indeed getting coolant (antifreeze) in the car then the only real fix is replacing the core. A temporary fix is to pull both heater hoses off the attachment pipes and place a metal tube connecting them together, clamping them tight. This will completely bypass the heater core and buy you some time to save up for a core replacement. It may get VERY cold inside your car next month.9. Does my heater core have 3 hoses?That's a strange one - a heater core, that according to the picture, has three hoses. I guess the only thing you can do now is visually check the firewall area of your Saturn and see if it does indeed have three hoses. Note: For what it's worth, often times these web sites will use a generic picture for different components.
I Am Trying to Figure Out How to Hook Up a Heater Core Since the Previouse Owner Bypassed It?
He most likely by passed it right in front of the fire wall where the coolant lines go through. He most likely did it cause the car has a bad heater core, you might have to take the dash out to replace it. good luck1. i have a 1990 tercel there is little or no heat I'm pretty sure its not the heater core?try putting cardboard in front of the radiator. If it warms up then then it is definately your thermostat. Good luck and God bless2. Honda civic 1998 lx having coolant problems?It could be ur heater core inside your car it's located in and under ur dash these often leak coolant inside ur car and you smell it also it can be leaking ur coolant to the point where your car overheats cuase it has no more coolant. Do a pressure test on your cooling system also3. Our car has a heater core leak, any way to minimize the steam while we get it someplace to have it looked at?to avoid the problem temporairly open hood and take out inlet and outlet hose from heater core and join both of them with one another with help of some metal pipe. this will bypass the coolant from core and get it fix when u got time4. How to loop heater core in a 1998 pontiac grand am 2.4 ?If the heater core has already been disconnected it's probably because it was leaking. Why do you want to loop them together if you've been driving like this since you bought the car? If you want to drive in cold weather and have heat get the heater core replaced. If you just have to have these hoses looped, follow them to where they connect to the motor and just run the right size hose to both connections.5. My 1994 ford ranger is leaking hot water and coolant from passenger side.?Heater core is leaking, very easy to replace yourself. Get a new one at a part store. Then drain your coolant, lower the glove box remove the hex head screws use a 8 mm or 5/16 socket, might be 10 of them, remove the heater hoses under the hood, pull the core out and reverse procedures6. how to change a heater core on a 1995 buick regal?if your cooling equipment is low on water (it relatively is in all probability what is incorrect right here) the water pump can not flow the coolant, which incorporate into the heater middle. additionally, there is no coolant working against the temp probe fooling into thinking the temp is low. Flush and fill till now you warp a head7. my car heat won't work. how do you replace the heater core in a 1996 honda accord?i cant quite explain all of it. go to your local auto parts store and pick up a haynes repair manual for your car make and model. it will give you extremely accurate and clear directions to doing it yourself8. What is the typical cost to replace the heater core on a 2000 GMC Jimmy?well the heater core usually does not cost the most in the repair as it is usually only about $30-$50. what costs the most is the labor to do it. you have to take out the whole dash just to get to it and i mean the whole dash. if you are good with stuff like that than you can do it your self and save alot of money. i would guess that a shop would charge you about $500 at least to put one in9. hi 98 dodge ram does not get up to normal operating tempand will not get hot back flushed the heater core ?Well, if the hoses are getting hot, then you can eliminate the water pump and theromostat. You may have to invest in a new heater core. Or you may want to check your heater cables for proper operation, and adjust if necessary. Also check all of your vaccumm lines. .. Espically those having to do with the heater and controls. Usually there is a temperature valve somtimes located in the heater hose, which controls the air being blown into the heater itself. But if the hoses are getting hot, I would not think this valve is acting up either. Still, none the less, it would not hurt to give the entire heating system a complete once over. It is possible that the temperature door in the heater is not moving properly, either. This would cause a no heat condition also. You can have hot hoses, but if the temperature door is closed or only partly open, well then you would have a little or no heat condition. Cause the hot air cannot get by the closed temperature door. While if it were open, then the heat would pass right through and into the heater to be blown into your interior.
Fuel Solution Has Inuvik Residents Struggling to Pay Bills
Andre Ouletteowns seven townhouses in Inuvik, but he says the high cost of living is driving tenants out."Two tenants left last September, it's too expensive to live here. It's really hard for the people," he says.Oulette says he's almost ready to sell up and leave town too, even if he has to sell his property at a loss."I'm completely screwed up with my budget. I can't fix my buildings any more."Oulette says he's now paying about $72,000 a year to heat his townhouses -more than $10,000 per unit per year."The landlord business here was affordable before, I survived. But now it costs me money every month, because the gas prices are really extreme," he says.The increase, up about $30,000 from the previous year, is thanks to an 83 per cent increase in the cost of heating fuel in 2013.That's when Inuvik was forced to make an unexpectedswitch from local natural gas to synthetic natural gas.Residents are now paying $35.34/gigajoule of energy.Inuvik a 'unique situation'The general manager of Inuvik Gas says the town is in a "unique situation."Since about 1999, Inuvik has relied on two nearby natural gas wells to heat homes and business, and to power cooking appliances, hot water heaters and dryers.In recent years, one of those well became contaminated with water, and gas reserves in the remaining well are dwindling.That prompted the town to come up with an emergency back-up plan.In late 2012, they decided to begin trucking in synthetic natural gas, or SNG."We take liquid propane, vaporize it, mix it with air, and use it for heating," MacKay says.Originally a back-up plan, the SNG solution is now the primary heating source. MacKay says the solution works because it doesn't require any change to the heating infrastructure to homes in the community.And if for some reason, the supply of trucked SNG from Alberta or B.C. is interrupted, Inuvik can easily revert temporarily to the limited supply of local natural gas.But people in Inuvik are having a hard time swallowing the price."I know it's disappointing for everybody that we have to pay the rate," MacKay says."The big cost is the energy and the cost of getting it here. If we didn't have to truck it in, it'd be a lot different."Synthetic natural gas is supposed to be a temporary solution to the town's energy problem, but it's not clear what will come next."The idea was to bridge us to a longer term solution, and the long term solution just hasn't materialized yet," MacKay says."We think we'll be able to get through this heating season and the next. Then we're working on a plan B."New fees, same old gas?While Inuvik Gas is pleased the system allows them to switch back and forth between synthetic and natural gas, many customers dislike the idea of paying the new, higher rate, even when the system is running on the same old product.MacKay says they factored that into a unified price, approved by the Public Utilities Board, which reflects the fact that the fuel source will change.Inuvik Gas estimated they would 75 per cent SNG and 25 per cent natural gas in an average year. So far, he says, they've actually relied on about 85 per cent SNG. Synthetic gas damaging appliances?People in Inuvik have also complained that the synthetic natural gas is damaging appliances."More wear and tear on your boiler, more wear and tear on your burner and (they) don't do nothing about that," says Oulette.MacKay disputes this. He says Inuvik Gas went to all gas-fired appliances in the town last year and found no indication that the synthetic gas was doing any damage.He says the issues were related to maintenance and age."You have to imagine that the appliances in town, in Inuvik, in the North, work pretty hard throughout the year," he says. "We couldn't find any evidence of SNG affecting appliances."
No Heat, Blows Cold Air. Both Hoses to Heater Core Are Cold After Car Reaches Normal Operating Tempe
If the heater core is completely clogged or the temp control valve is shut both hoses might feel cold. No flow through the hose to heat them up1. I have condensation on the inside of my car's windshield. Is it the heater core problem?Fogging on the inside of the windshield is typical sign of a bad heater core. Unless you have a mechanic friend, unfortunately there is no cheap way to fix it but to take it to a shop and have it repaired. Only other option is to take it to the local vo-tech school and let them use it as a prodject car, that way you will only have to pay for parts.2. HOW DO I CHANGE A HEATER CORE ON A 2001 PT CRUISER?This Site Might Help You. RE: HOW DO I CHANGE A HEATER CORE ON A 2001 PT CRUISER? I NEED TO CHANGE THE HEATER CORE IN MY 2001 PT CRUISER, AND WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHAT ALL I HAVE TO TAKE OFF TO GET TO IT.3. Heat doesn't work and temp rises at stand still in 97 civic dx...thermostat, pump or heater core?Is known to be a quick fix when your heater core leaks, to by-pass it. Meaning the heater core is isolated or separated from the cooling system by joining both hoses (inlet & outlet) not allowing coolant to flow through the heater core. When this is done, the heater is no longer there. Now, there's a chance that your heater is ok but your blower switch is not working. As far as the engine overheating at idle then cools off while driving sounds to me like the cooling fan is not turning on when it needs to. All this assuming you have enough coolant in the system, if level is low then it will act the same way. Hope this helps. Good luck! R D.4. where is the heater core located on 98 chevy blazer?you may pull the heater field out of it to get to it,and that's an all day activity to do on that one,i replaced one in gmc jimmy appropriate to an analogous motor vehicle you purchased and it too the extra efficient area of the day to get it finished you opt for handbook on that motor vehicle there lot of steps in touch in doing this,stable success5. how do i put i a heater core in a 97 chevy blazer?Yup, the heater center is leaking into the vent gadget. So the water evaporates, and condenses on the chilly living house windows and guages. no longer on the back, by way of fact the heater is up front. you are able to try some thing like Bahrsleaks, or Alumiseal, and it may artwork. Altho made to restoration radiators, it is going to each so often seal cores for a on the same time as. Lord help you in case you have tochange the middle. I swear they placed one interior the midst of the floor and build a automobile around it!6. Will bypassing the Heater Core help with overheating?replace your radiator it is clogged internally and no amount of flushing( cleaning ) is going to unstop it7. How do you change out the heater core in a '95 Chevy S10?Please call some of your local auto parts stores in your area and ask them if they have a haynes or mitchell manual for your S-10.Both of these manuals are really good and will give you step by step instructions and pics on how to remove and replace your heater core and tons of other repairs for your S-10.Best of luck8. What else could it be? If my heater core is fine, what else could it be?Most leaking heater core drain out the A/C drain when they leak9. How to replace 98 chevy heater core?replace it before it cost lots of money10. Can you continue driving a car when the Heater core is bad if you dont use AC/ heater?Broken Heater Core11. how do i replace the heater core in my 1994 jetta?The dash and the heater box do have to be removed to do it properly12. where is heater core located in a 1994 Honda Accord?Where The Heater Core Located
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