Global Permanent Magnet Motor Market (2021 to 2026) - Adoption of Cost-Effective Ferrite Permanent M

Global Permanent Magnet Motor Market (2021 to 2026) - Adoption of Cost-Effective Ferrite Permanent Magnets Presents Opportunities

Global Permanent Magnet Motor Market (2021 to 2026) - Adoption of Cost-Effective Ferrite Permanent M 1

Increasing demand for energy-efficient motors and growing implementation of permanent magnet motor in industries such as automotive are the key factors driving the permanent magnet motor market. The high initial cost of permanent magnet motor can restraint the growth of the permanent magnet motor market. However, growing robotics technology offers promising business opportunities in the permanent magnet motor market. However, growing robotics technology offers promising business opportunities in the permanent magnet motor market.

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How can magnets be used to generate electricity?

A rotating coil of wire in a magnet field (generated by a permanent magnet) will generate a voltage. or A rotating permanent magnet with a fixed coil of wire will generate a voltage. .

Global Permanent Magnet Motor Market (2021 to 2026) - Adoption of Cost-Effective Ferrite Permanent M 2

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Design of Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor Control System Based on dsPIC30F4012

The brushless DC motor has been promoted rapidly with the rapid development of the power electronics technology, microelectronic technology and rare earth permanent magnet materials. The brushless DC motor has a series of advantages of small volume, light weight, high efficiency and energy saving, easy speed regulation, simple structure, reliable operation and easy maintenance, etc, and it has been widely used in all areas of industrial control now. This paper mainly introduces the working principle of the permanent brushless dc motor and Microchip's motor dedicated digital signal controller-dsPIC30. The brushless DC motor control solutions with dsPIC30F4012 for control chip is proposed according to the fans and pumps load requirements, the hardware circuit is designed, and part of the source program is given. By designing hardware, writing control software, debugging and improving experimental system, it can be concluded that this system has superior control performance, reliability, and the product design requirements are achieved. Brushless DC motor is composed of three major parts, motor body (the armature at the side of the stator, the permanent magnet at the side of the rotor), position sensors and electronic commutation circuit . The working principle is as follows: with output signal of the position sensor which reflects the position of the rotor, electronic commutation circuit drives the corresponding power switching device with the armature winding connection, in turn makes the armature winding feed, thus generates jumping rotating magnetic field in the stator, and drives the permanent magnet rotor rotate. With the rotation of the rotor, position sensors constantly send signals, change the power state of armature windings, and make the conductor current direction remain unchanged under a pole. At present, with the extensive use of brushless DC motor, some internationally renowned semiconductor manufacturers have targeted this market, introduced the DSP chip for motor control system, also integrated together the microcontroller (MCU) control functions. In these chips ' platform, a high performance brushless DC motor numerical control system can be produced expediently. And as a rising star, Microchip Technology Inc has promoted a dsPIC30F digital signal controller with the PIC16 position monolithic integrated circuit as the core and in inlays DSP engine's. In the brushless DC motor control areas this controller has occupied a dominant position . 2. Design Of Control System Based On The dsPIC30F Brushless Dc Motor Control system's DC motor uses the rare earth permanent brushless DC motor developed by Microchip Technology Inc. The brushless DC motor control program uses the typical three-phase six state circuits , and its main circuit diagram as shown in Fig. 1. The working principle is: 270V voltage supplied by the input power is applied on the three-phase power bridge formed by power MOSFET through a filter circuit. The three-way rotor position signal which is produced by Hall commutation detection and shaping circuit is processed by the PICF4012 and then the PWM control signal is produced. Through the power actuation module, three groups of electrical machinery square-wave slaving voltages are output, and then give the motor three-phase winding electric conduction in turn, thus actuate the motor rotating. The peripheral circuit mainly contains the simulation connection, analog input connection, oscillating circuit, reset circuit, correspondence connection and so on. And the circuit is shown in Fig.2. The experiment proved that this peripheral circuit can make the chip work stably. In order to protect the logic circuit trouble-free service and produce enough large electric current to driver power MOS tube, certain installment to satisfy this function must be used. Infineon production, 6ED003L06-F is the special gate drive integrated circuit for MOS power components with the largest positive peak output drive current 440 mA. Through the internal bootstrap technique, external three high back pressure and fast recovery rectifiers D2,D3,D4 and the bootstrap capacitors C37-C42 can create enough current to drive the power MOS tube. The scheme uses a typical three-phase full-bridge power conversion circuit and the high voltage power SPW47N60C3 MOS tube. The maximum current is 47A and the maximum voltage is 650 V. The circuit is shown in Fig. 3. In order to control the current effectively,the project may adopt current loop control,and need real-time accurate measurement of the bus current. And the specific circuit and parameters are shown in Fig. 4. The form of differential amplification circuit is used, and the errors caused by problems ranging from level Between DGND to AGND can be solved effectively. On the hardware platform completed debugging, we prepared the commutation and speed control PI program of control system, and carried it out with load debugging. Commutation logic table is as follows: volatile unsigned int StateLoTableClk[] = 0x0000, 0x0210, 0x0801, 0x0810,0x2004, 0x0204, 0x2001, 0x0000; volatile unsigned int StateLoTableAntiClk[] = 0x0000, 0x2001, 0x0204, 0x2004,0x0810, 0x0801, 0x0210, 0x0000; PI speed control program is as follows: void CalculateDC(void) unsigned int i; else if ((i-speederr)> ActualSpeed) if (PDC_buffer

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