Gome Launches a New Xingyao Intelligent Voice Air Conditioner

In May, the temperature rises all the way. As the weather gets hotter and hotter, the purchase of air conditioners has also been put on the agenda. However, while the air conditioner brings cool to people, some use pain points are slowly exposed: for example, the cold air of the traditional air conditioner blows directly into the human body, the actual use experience is uncomfortable, and the performance in temperature control and mute is not ideal... How can we reasonably buy a good air conditioner?

Gome Xingyao · intelligent voice air conditioner

Gome recently launched a new Xingyao · intelligent voice air conditioner, equipped with many characteristic technologies: intelligent voice interaction and 3D soft wind technology, which have better performance in terms of appearance design, temperature control, energy consumption, control and comfort, bringing a refreshing use experience! How does it actually work? Today, the author brings you an in-depth evaluation of this air conditioner. This paper is divided into four parts: overview of appearance design, characteristic function technology, data performance test and summary of use feeling.

â—† overview of appearance design

For air conditioning, in addition to performance, appearance design is the most intuitive first impression, so "appearance" is very important. The appearance of this Gome Xingyao intelligent voice air conditioner adopts Nordic aesthetic design language, with white body, round arc and simple design style, which can be more integrated into the home environment and various decoration styles.

Front appearance design of fuselage

The surface is mesh textured

Carefully, the front panel surface of the fuselage adopts the grid texture design, which presents a pearl like glittering and shining from a certain angle, more beautiful and fashionable, and highlights the quality at home. The display screen is hidden in the front panel of the fuselage, the light is soft and not dazzling, and the font is large and clear at a glance.

Display control panel

115 ° ultra wide angle air supply and sweeping range is wider

Under the front of the fuselage is the air outlet, which is different from the traditional hanging air conditioner. The machine adopts the ultra wide air outlet design. After starting up, the wind deflector protrudes first, and then can rotate up or down. This design creates 115 ° ultra wide angle air supply, with a wider sweeping range, making every part of the room comfortable.

Built in filter screen of air conditioner

Level 1 energy efficiency and remarkable energy saving effect

Located in the upper right corner of the front is the China energy efficiency logo. It can be clearly seen that this air conditioner is level 1 energy efficiency, and its annual energy consumption efficiency is as high as 4.75, which has a significant effect on energy conservation and consumption reduction. Briefly, the annual energy consumption efficiency refers to the ratio of the total heat energy produced by the total cooling / heating hours of the air conditioner to the total power consumed. The higher the value, the higher the air conditioning efficiency, that is, more energy-saving.

More circular arc elements on the side

Looking to the left, the side adopts more circular arc elements, with transparent acrylic edging, which is very high-grade, making the whole machine look more round and elegant. Openings are reserved on the left and right sides to lead out pipelines, so as to be suitable for different house structures and more flexible installation.

Remote control for air conditioner

Finally, let's take a look at the remote control equipped with this air conditioner. It adopts an integrated design. The white appearance is relatively simple, and the keys and fonts are relatively wide, simple and easy to use. It is worth mentioning that the remote control button adopts the luminous design, which can be easily controlled without turning on the light at night.

Gome Launches a New Xingyao Intelligent Voice Air Conditioner 1

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