Haier AI Smart Speaker New Products on the Market Can Control the Whole House Appliances in One Sent

What is the most "deadly" in summer? It's not hot, but you have to look for the air conditioner remote control everywhere in a sweat when you're hot! If one day, you can turn on the air conditioner and adjust the temperature by moving your mouth, it's great! Now, the newly launched Haier AI intelligent speaker turns all these "fantasies" into reality, allowing you to enjoy the wisdom experience of "a gentleman moves his mouth without doing anything".

This AI intelligent speaker is designed with a gray cylinder. The quiet white is matched with elegant gray, which is very fashionable. There are lines on the surface. The texture is revealed in fashion. The shape is simple and flexible, which is absolutely in line with the aesthetics of fashion experts.

Although it is simple in appearance, it is a powerful role in function. It has built-in 6 high-precision MEMS microphone ring arrays and deeply customized iFLYTEK (29.760,  - 1.69,  - 5.37%) speech algorithm scheme to realize 360 ° omni-directional pickup. Most speakers on the market have the basic functions of weather forecast, listening to songs and checking information, which can be achieved by Haier AI intelligent speakers, and have a large number of audio resources, whether crosstalk, music, children's stories, radio and news. Not only that, it also has a wealth of "life tools". It knows the weather, recipes, calendar, and even the stock situation and constellation fortune!

In addition to the basic functions of entertainment information, the coolest function of Haier's AI intelligent speaker is the in-depth service and control of life scenes, which will be introduced below.

First, you can control the smart items in your home through this AI smart speaker. For example, you can complete the control of all intelligent devices through the wake-up word "Xiaoyou Xiaoyou". As long as you move your mouth and say a word, the whole room equipment from air conditioner, washing machine to water heater, light, curtains and so on can respond to your commands.

Secondly, there are more difficult functions. It can complete a life scene by linking multiple indoor equipment, and can be customized. When you come home from work and say, "Xiaoyou, Xiaoyou, I'm back", the smart speaker will automatically turn on the home mode. At this time, the lights, curtains and air conditioning will automatically turn on according to your settings.

As a qualified family life "assistant", this Haier AI speaker stores tens of thousands of home appliance knowledge bases. If you have any questions you don't understand, you don't need to use your mobile phone to query, just ask the AI speaker. In addition, if you need manual help in an emergency, AI speakers can also be directly connected to Haier customer service to solve the problem of home appliances, which other speakers can't do at present.

Finally, it also has the advantage of semantic recognition for cohesion. For example, when you say "Xiaoyou Xiaoyou, the air conditioner is adjusted to 24 degrees", if you want to increase the temperature again, directly say "Xiaoyou Xiaoyou, increase 2 degrees", or "Xiaoyou Xiaoyou, I'm a little cold". The smart and considerate speaker will automatically recognize the air conditioner you want to control according to the semantics of the previous voice command, and will not mistakenly think it is water heater and other household appliances.

Haier AI Smart Speaker New Products on the Market Can Control the Whole House Appliances in One Sent 1

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