Halloween Movies, Scary Stories, Crafts, Recipes, Decorations. Any Suggestions?

heavily? there is no frightening video clips indexed so far. those are frightening to me. The Omen, each and all the Nightmare on Elm street's, Exorcist, Poltergeist, The Texas Chainsaw bloodbath, Friday The thirteenth, The Shinning, Stephens King's IT, Psycho, The Grudge, Halloween, observed, Childs Play, Jeepers Creepers, The Blair Witch project, The Amityville & the hoop

Halloween Movies, Scary Stories, Crafts, Recipes, Decorations. Any Suggestions? 1

1. patterns for halloween decorations?

why not- skull, pumpkin, black cat, skull, pumpkin, black cat, skull, pumpkin, black cat, skull, pumpkin, black cat, skull, pumpkin, black cat, EXT.

2. The garbage collectors in my town threw out my decorations. It was a big

If you can prove they did it, then yes. Was it sitting by the curb? If it was it could be argued they thought you were throwing it out

Halloween Movies, Scary Stories, Crafts, Recipes, Decorations. Any Suggestions? 2

3. Can you think of a creative Halloween costume and decorations for this theme?

Just walk into the back room of your maet dept. I think you will get so many ideas your heads will spin

4. When is a good time to take down holiday decorations?

I would answer January 6, the Feast of the Epiphany. However, are not these kind of polling questions a violation of the community guidelines? Should not you have to suspend yourselves?

5. Wedding decorations: Which option looks betters. Please help?

Option 2. It will make the centerpiece and napkins pop out with themebing pink, and you table covers being white

6. Those who wait till the last minute to put up their tree and other decorations?

I was asking this just the other day. I put my real tree up the day after Thanksgiving...and then we put up our outdoor decor the first week of December. I want to be able to enjoy the decorations as much as possible before having to take them down again.

7. decorations for a halloween party?

Carved pumpkins up your driveway. Freeze water in a latex glove and put the ice hands in punch

8. My bridesmaids dresses are black, my decorations are ivory & gold. Should I try to add black?

i dont think you should add any black at all. your bridesmaids should stand out from the decor but NOT you. but if you have to i would say to have black napkins or candle holders.

9. Have you got your decorations up yet?

I am going to put mine up sometime this week because my boyfriend does not get back until Sunday night and we always decorate together

10. What are some plants, animals, and decorations for a creek?

definitely ferns, moss, and anything that keeps humans away; poison ivy

11. Where can i find cheap teacher decorations?

Try a local dollar store, Big Lots, or the discount department at major retailers such as Target or Meijer

12. What kind of decorations should i have at an 80s party??

Go to a thrift or second had store, there you will find your jackpot of all things 80's! You will find old 80's clothes to either wear or pin to the wall as a display. Use old t-shirts with 80's characters and slogans. Shows like "Alf", Diff are nt Strokes, etc.. had memorable catch phrases that many remember. Next is 80's music. You will find an endless supply of old 8o's albums, or even better cassette tapes! Hang these on the wall for added effect. Have a TV with a dvd player or even VCR playing old 80's videos in the corner with the volume off since the main music will be on anyway. 2nd hand stores usually have a good variety of old music vids on tape or you may have find them on dvd at target. 80's toys! Set up an 80's table and put old toys like cabbage patch kid dolls, an old nintendo console, board games, and action figures. Have fun!

13. Are your decorations still up?

Except for the ones the wind blew away.... BQ: if the wind keeps up...I wo not have to worry! They will be blown away on the outside of the house! On the inside, not sure. Have to get on it soon.

14. WHat store can i get cute decorations for my room?

Michaels Arts & Crafts Store has a ton of decor and craft stuff. You could get candles and candle lanterns, woodwork stuff, ceramics- anything! Wal-Mart has some stuff.....and target has great things too like baskets etc.

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