Heat Exchanger (coolant) for Hot Water/Shower?

Heat Exchanger (coolant) for Hot Water/Shower?

Heat Exchanger (coolant) for Hot Water/Shower? 1

I have a 60 plate in mine in the location you have been discussing. For on demand I have to have it on high idle to keep good temp for a shower (Or I have have the Espar on if not running the engine). I have the fresh hot water going into a 10l reservoir under the sink. Then a TMV to the shower. The sink I have at full temp and you need to be careful not to scald yourself. I have been meaning to rig up a one way valve circuit and pump so that I can recycle the 10l reservoir back into the HE continuously. That would give me 10l of piping hot water every time I stop the van. At the moment I have an auxiliary tap which flows back into the main fresh water tank. So I can siphon off the 10l of cold water in the reservoir and replace it with hot water from the HE, but there is some mixing so its not as hot and I often forget to do it before we stop..

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can I get my furnance repaired if I have a cracked heat exchanger?

No. It is expensive to replace the heat exchanger. It is usually better to replace the entire furnace than to spend that much money fixing an old furnace. Sorry that you do not have any money. I can not help you there.

Heat Exchanger (coolant) for Hot Water/Shower? 2

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What is the best way to eliminate nicotine odor from duct work?

Probably do well enough in the summer, when ducting is kept cool. Come winter, the oils will soften, and the smell will be back. You will need some sort of solvent, scrub the ducting, and the heat exchanger surfaces to get it off. You could perhaps coat or line the ducting, but you would still have to clean the heat exchanger.

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what is the schematic representation of a heat exchanger?

There are too many styles of heat exchangers. Look up symbols for them and pick one. The most common is a square box with a dashed X from corner to corner

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Heat exchanger efficienccy

Unless you are going to pump water removed, true counter flow will be difficult due to low pressure drop to support flow velocity on discharge. Perhaps you could coil up thin gauge tubing in an overflow bucket or drum. Run the supply water through the tubing. For heat transfer you can get good heat transfer on tube side but on return side it would be low due to low velocity unless you are going to pump the return as well.For overall heat transfer coefficient, it's the inverse of the sum of the inner and outer convective resistances conduction resistance and any fouling factor. For convective losses there are correlations called Nusselt number correlations. It is a non-trivial effort to figure out but can be done with some assumptions. The big obstacle is return flow is not the same as supply flow due to evaporation losses so this may make heat recovery impractical.Without having done the calculation of the overall heat transfer coefficient for this problem I wonder whether there is much savings to be hadAs for efficiency, the commenter above is correct: it depends on surface area, and I think also on ambient heat losses to environment for hot/returned fluid.For $1 fracmathrmlmathrms$ flow, l from the author comment above, neglecting any heat recovery the heat load would be $$ beginalign Q &= dotm , C_textp , Delta T [10px] &= 1 fracmathrmlmathrms times left(20sideset^circmathrmC-1 sideset^circmathrmC

ight) times 1 fracmathrmkgmathrml times 4.18 fracmathrmJmathrmkg cdot mathrmK [10px] &= 79 , mathrmWatts endalign ,.$$ This is the heat requirement before any heat recovery.Assuming you are saving electric heat in the United States, this is worth about $$ 0.13 fracmathrmUSDmathrmkW cdot mathrmhr times .079 , mathrmkW = .103 fracmathrmUSDmathrmhr approx 900 fracmathrmUSDmathrmyear ,,$$if you could recover 100 percent.

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How does a plate and frame heat exchanger work?

Plate and physique heat temperature exchangers artwork on the thought of putting as lots floor ingredient of one tempature fluid in touch with yet yet another. The plates that are bolted mutually advance the exterior area the fluids have in touch with the flow fabric subsequently increasing the quantity of heat temperature transfered. See the appropriate internet internet site to substantiate the truthfully explaination of the type.

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